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“Billy-Ray Sanguine”

A brief bout with a razorblade cut me
I freaked out thinkin’ people didn’t love me
I watched closely as the you I knew forgot me
In letting go I am so proud of what I’ve done


Stay safe everyone, from me and mischievous girl


Even if your side misses the spike, even if your side can’t block, as long as the ball doesn’t hit the court… in volleyball, that means you haven’t lost. And the one best suited to do that… is the libero.

Happy birthday, Jun! ❀ @buokuto

To my Trans guys & gals, & nonbinary pals

You are still valid if you respond to a dead name

You are still valid if you respond to your old pronouns

You are still valid if you relate to a post referring to your birth assigned gender

You are still valid if you never relate to things that are supposed to be relatable to your gender

You are still valid if you mess up your own gender out of habit

You are still valid if you occassionally mess up your own pronouns

You are still valid if your pronouns change

You are still valid if your gender changes

You are still valid if you sometimes feel like your assigned gender

You are still valid of your dysphoria isn’t a 24/7 thing

You are still valid if you don’t have problems with your body even if it doesn’t match how you have been lead to believe gender is

You are valid even if you have to pretend to be someone you’re not all the time

You will always be valid. I will always accept you. You will be okay. Good luck to all of you.

Lipstick Prince

A/N: this is my first time writing anything like this so i’m like shookth. huge thanks to the @smols-n-tols bc admin jinyoung helped me sososo very much with this fic. without her “gracefully shoved his tongue down my throat” might’ve actually been a line. Also this is kim donghan aka the loml, please support him lots when jbj debuts!

Pairing: Produce 101′s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: ,,,,,fluff? kinda? kinda steamy? idk, i’ll figure it out

Word Count: 2k words

Summary: Interning at FAVE Entertainment? Great! Being the lead stylist for JBJ? Awesome! Having to help one of the members with recreating an old picture? Well, that’s a different story…

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Sometimes I see some of you post really sad things and I truly want to reach out and let you know that your feelings are valid and that if you need to talk I’d be more than willing to listen but I’m kind of a coward and I’ve been ignored a lot in a lot of RP/meme prompts and just I’m sorry - I don’t want to come off nosey or overbearing so… I hope you feel better soon and that what you’re going through doesn’t hurt you too much longer. Hang in there… and if you do need an ear for listening - I’m here if you like. ^^

I’m Sorry

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 2,480

Warnings: Just angst, a little fluff

Summary: You get hurt on a hunt. How does Dean handle that? 

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

“Okay, Sam, you find their bones and Y/N and I will keep them busy long enough for you to torch them.” Dean commanded. You always thought he was gorgeous and sexy but when he gave orders like that, it really made your heart race and heat to spread all throughout you.

“Okay. Good luck.” Sam stepped out of the car when you arrived at the cemetery. He knew the name of the person but there were, like, a million graves to look at so it would take him some time to do it. Dean sped away to the house after Sam got out. He got there in a record time of 10 minutes when it really was a 30-minute drive. Nonetheless, you got there and that is all that mattered. You stealthily walked inside the house that the ghost was haunting. It was a big house; it belonged to some rich family who you made sure was out of the house for the weekend.

“Follow me.” Dean whispered. When you were hunting, Dean never liked you to be on your own. You were always with Sam or Dean. He was being pretty protective but you didn’t mind at all. At least he cared enough about you to be concerned. You followed him into what looked like the main dining hall. Everything seemed quiet, too quiet, for your liking. You knew this ghost was dangerous because it killed one of the family members in the household. You knew what it could do so why was it so quiet?

You walked a bit more until something popped up in front of you. It was the Ghost of Marie Sanders and she was pissed. She didn’t look so good either as she threw Dean into the wall and you into the table. You grunted out in pain and looked at Dean to see him already up and swinging at the ghost with an iron rod. Marie disappeared and Dean reached to help you up.

“You okay?” He asked. You nodded and he pulled you close. “Come on. We got to keep moving. We have to distract her long enough to buy Sammy some time.” You nodded in agreement and kept on moving. You walked into the kitchen area and looked around for the ghost.

You heard her before you saw her. You heard her screeching and coming at Dean. He was going to shoot her in the head but she used some of her ghost voodoo magic crap and flung a knife in Dean’s direction. He jumped back to miss it colliding with his face. He succeeded in doing that but the knife was lodged through his jacket and into the cabinet behind him. He struggled to get out of the knife’s hold and apparently wasn’t quick enough to get the jacket off because she was so close to hurting him. You had to do something to distract the ghost so that Dean could free himself. You lost your gun after she flung you to the table and Dean dropped his while he was dodging the knife.

“Hey! Marie! Over here!” You called out her name. She turned to you with a snarl and made her way over to you. You had no time to react before she flung you against one of the counters. You hit it so hard that your shoulder got dislocated and pain spread through your body. That seemed to give Dean enough time to get out of his jacket before picking up his gun. He aimed it at the ghost but he didn’t shoot her. She screamed in pain and agony when her whole body went up in flames. Sam must have found her bones.

You cried out in pain when you tried to get up and Dean rushed over to you. You knew that he was mad but he didn’t say anything. You saw it in the way he was clenching his jaw and the anger that flashed in his eyes. You knew that once you got to the car, he would pick a fight with you. He’s been doing that to you lately, whenever you two were hunting, he would point out some flaw and fight you on it. Of course, you ended up apologizing and tried to fix what he pointed out but you weren’t sorry for this. You saved his life and he would have to accept that you got hurt.

“This is going to hurt.” He said after he checked the injury to make sure it was only a dislocation of the bones. He steadied you with one hand and grabbed your injured shoulder with the other. He popped it back in place and you screamed out in pain.

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anonymous asked:

Today is my first day of student interning at an elementary school and I'm really nervous. /.\

Mark: Good luck! You’ll do a really good job, so don’t be too nervous, okay?

Jaebum: Yes, good luck. Remember all of your training and do everything you can do to make it a good first day.

Jinyoung: You have all of us rooting for you now, so just go in and do your best! I’m sure you’ll do great!

field test

words: 1.14K
pairing: Tony Stark X Reader
warning: swearing
summary: Nick Fury asks the reader to take simulated field test where a few things accidentally go wrong and Tony is the one to blame (?)
a/n: that was a shitty summary, whatever. enjoy! (REQUESTS ARE OPEN)

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

“Miss (Y/N),” JARVIS calls out as you lace up your sneakers.

“Go on, I’m listening,” You say as you get on to your feet and exit your room.

“Mr. Fury has requested your presence in the Examination Room on level six.”

“Okay, tell him I’ll be there in a few.” You thank JARVIS and step into the elevator, ducking past a pair of S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

“Morning, (Y/N),” Tony smiles as you enter the lift. You return the smile,

“Mr. Stark,” You greet him. Tony sighs,

“For the last time, call me Tony.” He nudges your elbow softly. “Anyways, what’re ya up to this morning?” He asks casually.

“Field test, Fury’s orders,” You pick your polished nails. Tony nods,



“See you there, sweetheart,” Tony smirks as the two of you step out of the elevator.

Before you can ask what he meant by that his phone rings and he rushes off somewhere. You check your watch and let out a sigh of relief, you still have ten minutes until your meeting with Fury.

You make your way towards the library, slipping in a quick ‘hello’ to Natasha as you pass by her. You head to the very back of the room and set all your things down, crashing into the nearest armchair and pulling out your phone.

“If you’re nervous, we can talk,” You look up to see Tony chuckling at you. You arch your eyebrows,

“What makes you think I’m nervous?”

“Well, first of all, your hands are shaking, you’re biting your lip, tapping your feet on the ground, and you’re doing that cute thing with your eyebrows-” You cut him off.

“Got it, I’m just a wee bit nervous,”

Tony barks with laughter, “Wee bit,” he mocks you. Rolling your eyes you get up and shove your phone back into your pocket.

“Yeah, I gotta go now, so uh…” You trail off inattentively and begin to walk away from Tony.


“Okay, so, consider this a matrix. Nothing is real keep that in mind. You will be tested with a series of obstacles based on your biggest fears and will be judged upon how well you react to these situations.” Director Fury informs you.

You glance over to the corner where Tony is standing, his arms folded across his chest, staring at you intently. “Right, got it.” You breathe in sharply.

Fury opens the door to the examination room and you walk in. Once you invert your earpiece you hear Tony say, “Okay (Y/N), you got this. Good luck.” The reassurance in his voice removed all your doubts.

At first, the dimly lit room was empty. You closed your eyes for a few seconds, and when they reopened the scene changed. You were surrounded by a mob of angry looking people on a rooftop.

“At least it isn’t clowns,” You shudder to yourself as you kick the nearest person away.

“You’re doing great kid,” Tony whoops as you swat away another group of people. You sighed in frustration, for every one enemy you wiped out came another five.

You wipe the sweat off your brow and quickly tear past the people, making an effort to lose them.

“More haste, less speed,” You hear Fury say through gritted teeth.

“Okay, I’m trying,” You say as you fend off a line of oncoming foes. You begin panting, clearly tired, and look up. “I can’t get rid of them,” You breathe into the comm link.

“You’re going to have to find a way to-”

“I can’t.” You say curtly.

“Agent (L/N),”

“Your system is crappy, it’s not doing anything that’s-”

Agent (L/N),” Fury says sternly. You shake it off and jump off the roof of the building.

“(Y/N)! What the hell are you doing!” Tony yells frantically. You roll your eyes,

“It’s not real, Stark. That’s exactly what Nick said,” You say exasperatedly as your hair whips your face in the wind.

“That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt!” Tony lets out a yelp. Your eyes widen as you near the ground,

“Well someone should’ve mentioned that! I thought you guys were professionals-”

“Well, we didn’t think you’d be that stupid, not even-”

“Now you’ve sent me plummeting to my own death, this is absolutely-”

“…Irresponsible and-”

Tony just stop the damn machine,” You say in pure annoyance and agitation.

Tony doesn’t respond and just as you’re about react, your eyes force shut and everything goes black.


“I assure you, Tony, she’s going to be okay,” You hear Bruce say. You shift uncomfortably and hear Clint’s voice this time,

“Tony, I think she’s awake,” You let out a loud groan and open your eyes.

“What the fuc-” You stop yourself when Steve catches your eye. “W-What the fuchsia..” You quickly cover up.

“Glad to see you alive and well Agent (L/N),” Bruce interjects as you glare at Tony.

“Oh shit, you are so dead,” Natasha winks at you and you nod your head vigorously,

“First of all, I would like to ask you why you didn’t tell me that I could’ve died in there?” You snap.

“Well in my defence-” Tony starts.

“Defence?” You sneer, “At this rate, you’ll need a whole lot of that,”

“I think we should go…” Steve says awkwardly. You give him a seething look,

“You better leave, unless you want to experience what I’m going to do to Tony,” With that Steve shoots up and urges everyone out of the infirmary,

“Yes ma'am,”

Once everyone has left and you and Tony are alone you turn to him and give him a dirty look. “What?” He asks, throwing his hands up.

You take a step towards him, “Boy, are you in trouble.”

“Yeah? Well, I’d love to be in trouble with you.” He winks as you smirk.

“I could’ve died out there,”

“I am aware of that, and to be very honest, that might’ve been easier to deal with than this.” He looks at you.

“But you do realize that if we weren’t here, then I wouldn’t have done this,”

“What do you mean by-” You cut Tony off by kissing his lips passionately. You pull away and press your foreheads together.

“God, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that,” Tony whispers.

“Then why didn’t you?” You ask, “we’ve been dating for almost a month." 

"You make me nervous, in a way, I can’t explain..” He tells you.

“That’s cute,”

“I know I am,” He says as he pulls you in for one more kiss.

“About time,” You hear Clint say to someone and you smile as Tony groans,

“I thought we told you guys to go away,”

from my personal opinion if you’re working retail tomorrow night, or on Friday for the sales, and it’s your first time, it’s okay.

It’s not as crazy as it seems, because all stores will have every available register open. At my old walmart, my line got only 6 people deep, which, can and usually happened regardless of the day.

It’s okay. The time is going to go really fast, because you’re constantly working!

I know, with some electronics though, the Serial Number is really small, so hey, don’t get frustrated when you can’t get it scanned. Take a deep breath in, try again. It’ll scan eventually. The customer can wait an extra moment if they really want it.

Stay hydrated, trust me. You’re going to need that when you’re moving around the register, and constantly greeting and answering peoples questions.

If you’re working on the floor, stay hydrated as well, because you’ll be all over the dang store. Don’t let yourself get stomped on by crazy people. If you don’t know where something is, it’s okay to tell the customer that you can get someone else to help them. If you can, before the sale starts, walk around your store and familiarize where things are. If you can, scan through the ad for your store. It’ll help you in the end.

It’s okay. It’s really not all that scary. You’ll do great! Good luck!

If you want, send me a message and we can talk it through :)


‘If in the flesh I’d travel there, 

How many a mile, how many a mile!


Surprise! We did a collaborative project combining @septembersprring‘s beautiful lettering with my colours and line drawings (and rendering of L’s hair)!

You could say that it’s just in time to celebrate the launch of the Relight, but that really is lucky timing on our part. ;) We had fun doing this, coordinating time zones and the like, and I think we’re both surprised it came out okay!

Good luck with the reboot, Sara. Hope all is well where you are.  

Quote: (pdf) p.24 Stories About Stars ~ @lawlietismyfavorite

Lettering: @septembersprring

Drawings/Background: @zenthisoror

27 Squees About Glee

I mostly abstained from liveblogging tonight. Instead, please accept the following (and yes, “27” is right; you’ll see):

  1. Walter was even more of a gentleman than I expected. Maybe now people will stop circulating that gif of Mickey Milkovich decking you, Harry Hamlin.
  2. Why is there an Instagram filter on the running segment? Is this a way create a narrative link from Walter (“I thought that was an Instagram filter”) to Blaine? No? I’m overthinking it? (By the way, Kurt Hummel, you’ve got stamina. Do you jog?)
  3. I know it was ridiculous, but I was totally nervous that Dave was in the apartment and going to come out at any moment and go … “Hey Kurt! Why haven’t you gotten back together with Blaine yet?”
  4. Awaiting the gifsets that juxtapose all of this season’s Klaine kisses, and the ensuing disappointment that this one did not include tongue.
  5. Tina, don’t listen to Blaine. He just got very well laid, and his judgment is impaired. Also, do I sense Artie being a little jealous that he’s not the apple of your eye?
  6. Santana, why am I surprised that you’re so adamant about Sue not being in the wedding? Because you’re right, that whole outing you thing was pretty fucking awful. Still, I think it’s an overstatement to say, “You perverted the idea of marriage by marrying yourself.” I think it’s awesome that Sue married herself. And her dress rocked.
  7. OMG Barole are the cutest. That is all.
  8. No, Burt, not everyone gets like that when they officiate weddings. I certainly don’t. But that’s okay, talk all you want. I missed you.
  9. “It’s good luck to put a spider on your dress.” I agree 100%, Brittany. Not just on your wedding day, but every day.
  10. Cue worldwide disappointment that no tongue was evident in the Brittana kiss.
  11. Santana is the Godfather. Never before have I heard a more perfect metaphor uttered.
  12. Ummm, I was spoiled for this part within five minutes of last week’s episode ending. Too bad. Because I remember when Karofsky got elected Prom King and I started kicking the air and squealing in delight and surprise and my roommate ran down the stairs and started jumping up and down and going, “Oh my god what just happened on Glee!?!?!?!?!” and I couldn’t even talk, all I could do was flail my arms and squeal some more. It would have been nice to have one of those moments over something that is much happier. But as we learn in Glee today, time spent wallowing in regret is time wasted. So let me just say: Kurt, I saw you fishing for a ‘yes’ without even meaning to, and Blaine, you sincere puppy dog.
  13. Rachel is adorable in that dress. Why is no one else wearing that style?
  14. Who picked out Kurt’s tux jacket? They know him very well. In fact, I think the whole reason he was hesitating at all was because he didn’t want to wear a plain tux jacket (in his state of surprise, he didn’t notice how swell it was, as neither did I). Of course he wanted to marry Blaine. It was just a matter of doing it in the right clothes.
  15. When Burt talks, it’s because the writers have something they want to say to America.
  16. Kurt’s speech was so perfect for him. Talking about how people try to forcefully pull him into the light or push him deeper into the shadows, but Blaine does neither; he just removes the brambles that were getting in the way of the sun – that’s the kind of thing we write in fix-it fic. But we didn’t have to, because canon Kurt said it.
  17. And Blaine’s was so perfect – “I honestly thought no one would love me” – that’s what he’s been saying in fic for years, I can’t even.
  18. SUGAR MOTTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. “Watch out for the candles, because with all that dry wood and haybales, this place could go up like a blowtorch and we’d all be gone in minutes.” Pierce Pierce: like father, like daughter.
  20. The OTP caps are a little much.
  21. I don’t even understand the point of the Chang-Chang plot. Why have a Tina sad in the middle of all of this? I want Tina happy.
  22. The boys being embarrassed by their moms dancing - win!
  23. Pierce Pierce jumping into his wife’s arms was the cutest ever.
  24. Blaine, watch out! Your mom is dancing with Puck. You know what that leads to …
  25. This song is way too high for Blaine. Kurt should have been on the melody and Blaine on a lower harmony. Who made this call? And what drugs were they on?
  26. Sweet moments between Carole-Burt and Rachel-Sam. Notice they also did the switch-off usually associated with bride&father(-in-law) and groom&mother(-in-law). Nice touch.
  27. I squeed when I saw Artie’s picnic in the choir room. Tartie and Artina forever! I guess that was the point of the Chang-Chang plot. (Also I find it so interesting that Artie the misogynist gravitates toward strong feminist women.)
  28. Oh Kurt and that kitten shirt. The intersection of tumblr’s favorite things. (Also, what was that thing to the upper left of the kitten? An Izod alligator? A piece of lint. I kept squinting but couldn’t figure it out.)
  29. The honeymoons: I predict that Klaine will continue to be around this season, and Brittana will not – and all that without being spoiled for anything beyond next week’s preview.

hello my fronds hope you are having a nice day just lettin u know i’m still here. still kickin’. still getting questionable anons. just the way i like it.




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