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And holy fuck I’ve just learned something I should’ve known for years. He never loved me. He was my first love, but i wasn’t his first, second, or tenth. I was nothing. When it hit me it was like a tsunami. It hurt, but I survived. He just kept me on a leash. I don’t even know if he cared about me at all. I was in denial. I wanted to hold onto the hope that one day he would realize I was there from the beginning. And I hope that still happens but when it does I will look him in the eyes and say that he is too late.
—  I am worth more than the way he used to make me feel.

cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to

We needed like 40 more episodes with Near to use all of his story potential

Still salty

Shit My Theater Professor Said (Part Three):
  • "Learning is for chumps."
  • "If you can squint at it and it looks okay, you're done—it's good enough."
  • "Then we put chains up."
  • "We jump through so many damn hoops."
  • "It smells like popcorn, where the hell's my popcorn?"
  • "Do I want to? No. Could I? Yes."
  • "Oh there's a chandelier, I wonder when that's gonna fall in."
  • "Tell Nathan to stop scuffing up my floors."
  • "I don't hope not."
  • "I'm not asking for any personal favors here."
  • "That's not true, I'm not that mean."
  • "Good luck, or find a bucket."
  • "Fine."
  • "Do whatever you want."
  • "Nobody's gonna see it so I don't give a shit."
  • "I can't even take credit for that one."
  • "Sucks to suck."
  • "That what flasks are for."
  • "I still get paid."
  • "It's a fucking column that I can't move."
  • "I built the rocks."
  • "He didn't sue, thankfully."
  • "I don't wanna be That Guy."
  • "Tech is really good at fixing shit."
  • "Fuck you, I'm picking it anyway."
  • "You don't need your parents' permission."
  • "Greek meth."
  • "Bring your own bottle of wine."
  • "That was done mostly to confuse you."
  • "It can be whatever you want it to be as long as you found it."
  • "Their break is running long. Jerks."
  • "They're just trying to go to the bathroom."
  • "Literally it can be anything."
  • "The entire thing is kinda wordy."
  • "You should not be graded for art."
  • Shepard: You still haven’t told me what I’m getting.
  • Jack: You’re getting this. Hope you like it ‘cause it’s too late now.
  • Shepard: It’s nice.
  • Jack: Nice? It’s not about nice. On this one bad drop on Palaven I had to pull Rodriguez out from under a pile of husks. And if I hadn’t recognized her ugly fucking boot I wouldn’t have seen her. She’d have died under there. Yeah, okay. We’re done.
  • Shepard: Good enough for an ID?
  • Jack: Good enough so that if you’re ever hurt, barely breathing, lying under a pile of rubble at the ass end of this war, you’re gonna have… you’re gonna have something that tells the galaxy that you belong to me.
  • Shepard: Come here.