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Connor McDavid - Polar Opposites

Hi do you think (only if you want to Its cool if you don’t i understand) you can maybe do a Connor mcdavid one where like you are a really happy positive smiley and talkative and friendly person and everyone’s like ?? Cause you and Connor are somewhat opposites (not that he’s not smiley and friendly it’s just in the secret santa video I remember them saying he was somewhat boring not that I think that okay I’m gonna stop rambling now cause I do that when I’m nervous sorry bout that)

Polar Opposites With a day off under your belt, you decided to go out to lunch with your parents for them to meet your boyfriend, Connor. Your family was very brash and loud, and you wondered how your parents would react when they met him. He happened to be very quiet and reserved, tending to his own business. Of course, you didn’t know that if he would appear rude to them. They hated rude people in general. 

 “They’re gonna love you I swear it. My parents are a little intrusive at first but once you get to know them they really come around. Just answer their questions honestly.” Connor nodded. 

He had heard, but looked a little anxious to be there. Meeting people wasn’t his favorite hobby. As soon as you parked the car and walked inside, there were the parental units. They were smiling and waving you over, so you dismissed the help of the waiter and took a seat. Connor was nice enough to pull the chair out for you, too. 

 “Such a gentleman, Y/N! So, how’s my baby boo been?” Red flushed your cheeks. That was a very old nickname that you have been called by your mom since you were very, very small. 

Smiling awkwardly, Connor snickered under his breath. Glaring was your only defense mechanism. After ordering something small to munch on and share with your boyfriend before the main course, your parents suddenly bombarded your date with a bunch of questions. What he did for a living, where he worked, went to school, everything. He answered like it was no big deal. 

When the food arrived, he offered you the first bite. It was actually quite delicious, and by the time it was finished the main meal came out. It was mostly silent, until your father struck up a conversation about, well, hockey. Of course, then trades came up and by the time the waiter came back with the check their arms were flailing and they were exasperated to the point of no return. At least they both liked the same teams. No rivalries was a good sign.

“They’re so similar! I never expected this. He plays hockey, right?” 

 “Yeah, he does. I like to watch him most of the time. One time, he tried to teach me to skate with the team. I failed. He said it was like walking on stilts, but I’ve never even done that before sooo… It was an adventure.” You laughed, and so did your mom. 

She was very easy going, but when she got into it oh boy. There was no stopping her. After your father graciously picked up the check, you all walked out of the restaurant. This was hardly the end of your day, but you’d had a lot of fun catching up with your mom and somewhat your dad. Hopefully, Connor made a good impression. 

 “I like your boyfriend but I’m surprised. He’s super quiet! You’ve always been so outgoing, he just settles you right down. I thought he was going to be a bore but honestly, as long as your father got along with him, I wasn’t too worried. I love him!” Your mom remarked as soon as the men shook hands and got into their respective cars. 

You simply smiled. “And that’s exactly how I like it.”


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