okay going to sleep now because i'm exhausted

anonymous asked:

I know you meant well but that pic is all over Twitter. Did you really expect people not to share it because you asked nice? I get what you were trying to do but if I owned that op I would be so angry. You really need to stop sharing it at this point. I'm sorry if I'm coming off rude, I don't mean to be. Ops cost so much money and it's awful to do that to someone.

i don’t know, okay? as of right now i have literally been up for 24 hours after a really fucking exhausting weekend and i honestly just wanted to spread some happiness. i was sincerely trying to be respectful of the owner, but there were also people telling me they couldn’t go to sleep because they were desperate to see the photo that i had unintentionally created a huge deal about.

if i fucked up, i’m sorry. i want to believe that we’re a family and we can be respectful and share something that makes us all happy. people have been expressing a lot of gratitude and joy about seeing the photo, and i think that is worth something. i didn’t mean to ruin anything, but it’s not as though i tore up or stole the photo from her either, alright, i just wanted to share the excitement and happiness, and i think, or hope, that she’ll understand that.

i can’t think anymore, so i’m going to go to bed. i’m sorry if i did something wrong.