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nem’s voice/roki’s voice is actually how i sound like when im all chirpy n dying at the same time so there u go

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Request: “Can I request where reader is friends with damian and jon kent, but crushing on billy”

Pairings: Billy Batson x Reader, Damian Wayne x Friend!Reader, Jon Kent x Friend!Reader

Warnings: none..?

a/n: i’m so sleepy wtf gn

“Okay, so (y/n), if you had to go on a date with either me or whatever that creature is who would you go with.” Damian asked pointing at Jon. You giggled at his ‘hatred’ towards his friend. Jon couldn’t let him just do that so he replied “Says the infamous demon spawn of the Wayne Manor.” You now laughed at their tiny feud. It was amusing to see their fights now and then, but when it got of control you had to step in.

“Whatever, Kent. I’m still the better fighter. Anyways who, (y/n)?” Damian growled.

“I choose Billy.” You stated simply which hushed them.

You’ve had a crush on him for quite or at least ever since Damian introduced you to other superheroes by that you mean Jon and Him left at you at the watch tower with Shazam. You both got to chat and had really fun time together. You both agreed that you would come everything you got the chance to hang out. During one of those hangouts he finally revealed that he was a kid about you, Damian and Jon’s age. His name was Billy Batson.

At first you were baffled and didn’t understand at all, but you got used to it and just went along. That was when you developed emotions for the young boy.

“Really?” Damian asked staring at you refusing to believe you’ve just said that.

“I think it’s awesome! I mean I support you.” Jon said happily. Damian raised an eyebrow at both of you wondering why Jon deemed it ‘awesome.’

“What do you mean, Kent? Our best friend has a crush on one of the members of the justice League.” Damian continued. He did fully approve of it and neither did he deny it. He just was still in shock as of the moment. “Well, Billy is a nice guy, she could have liked someone worse.” Jon trailed off making a good point.

“Uhm. Guys, I’m right here.” You raised your hand reminding them of your existence.

“We’re just judging your decision.” Jon said smoothly, but after a few seconds he realized the mean defense statement. Damian just face-palmed and put a hand on Jon’s shoulder.

“Just stop, kent. You’ve made it bad enough.” Damian advices as you laugh in the background

How the Signs say goodnight

Aries: “HAHAHA OKAY GN” *leaves chat* “but what do I do now its only 12:41 in the morning”

Taurus: “GN BB ILY U 2”

Gemini: “…yeah so that’s how I managed to shove an entire jar of jelly beans up my ass ok gn ttyl!”

Cancer: “goodnight bby ♥️”

Leo: “But what would you do if I was laying right there beside you 😉😎”

Virgo: “Goodnight, sweet dreams!”

Libra: *someone says goodnight to them before they could tell their story* “hahaha gn!!!” *internally screams bc it was actually a good story*

Scorpio: “Sweet dreams 😊😴!!!!!”

Sagittarius: “GooD 😜👌🏽 nigHt 🌚🌚 you mEmE loVing 🐸☕️♥️ fucC ??!!!”

Capricorn: “Night”

Aquarius: *leaves you on read*

Pisces: “Okay sorry but I have to sleep now 😭 sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bite 😴 good night 😊”