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come join the “this is it” fandom AKA me and @bmcrich making memes about the the 5000 word WIP story of my ocs, a bisexual ex-biker dude with a shady past and the gay small town bartender/emo garage band singer he falls in love with (also feat. characters such as a nervous nerdy nerdy son whose secretly hardcore, a trans daughter soccer player who just wants a slice of real pizza, wild kevin, and an evil stepmother)

Listen. it is guaranteed that when Damen and Laurent have kids they’re gonna invite uncle Charls around. Good old uncle Charls. He always has sweetmeats and stories of the places he’s been and long descriptions of cloth and weaves and prices and love advice even though they havent even gone through puberty.
They trust him around their kids more than anybody else (and u KNOW how protective damen is of his loved ones and how fierce Laurent is about children. These are the facts, yet Charls has proved himself worthy enough for them not to be breathing down his neck all the time).
When Charls gets too old to be a merchant he settles down with his fortune. He watches over the kids whenever young Charls and Lamen go off galavanting around for some noble cause (which is less often bc they miss their kids too much).
When the kings leave, they smother their children with love; when they return they smother their children with gifts and love.
The kings commission a statue of Charls to be made, located at the center of the most popular market so that everyone remembers the great deeds of Charls the Veretian cloth merchant long after he is gone, and it becomes tradition for merchants to leave a sample of their wares draped on him for prosperity in their travels.

allura x shay: soft-hearted ‘the princess and the pauper’ gfs from different worlds but with the same selfless heroic spirit, everything is sweet words, cuddles, and allura being carried bridal style, and gazing up at the sky, picking flowers, holding hands and long distance gossip

allura x nyma: ‘rich sheltered girl meets abandoned girl from the streets’ gfs with very different world views, butting heads but admiring each other’s resilience and passion for life and falling for each other despite themselves, everything is never staying out of each other’s space despite claiming that they’ll ‘never get along!!’ until being forced to work together for a shared cause and confessing their romantic feelings when stakes get high

allura x shay x nyma: a medley of chaotic good (allura) meets lawful good (shay) meets chaotic neutral (nyma), a perfect system of lesbian checks and balances

imagine lotor giving a terrifying monologue about dominance and power as he slowly descends a large staircase in a dark chamber, and his chilling voice echoing off the high ceilings, as he twirls a sharp edged sword in his gloved hand. but then he stumbles mid-speech, the heels of his boots sliding two steps, and he yelps loudly as he drops his sword and grabs onto the railing before he falls

Just because you arn’t able to work, study or do much of anything due to mental illness doesnt mean you dont deserve to live. You’re never worthless or useless. You may be stuck now but things will change. Thats whats so great about the world…its always changing. Life is hard and aslong as you’re here and alive thats doing something, thats living and sometimes that can be the hardest thing to do. Youre never worthless and never a burdern on society. You’re always wanted and appreciated. Its okay to need time to recover and need to take care of yourself, its okay to find things hard even if theyre considerd ‘simple or easy’
Your life isnt a failure.