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sparrabeth + an au
               a marriage interrupted or fate intervenes?



James: “Okay, so now to the real business. Harry, you just recently announced that you and your long time girlfriend, Y/N, are now engaged.” 

Harry: “Yeah. We got in engaged a few months ago actually, but yeah, we just announced it to everyone.” He nods. 

James: “Well, first off, congratulations.” He starts. “But secondly, I do need to ask you something Did you-” 

Harry: “No.” He says quickly. 

James: “Hang on, let me finish the question.” He laughs. “Did you ever think- Did ever cross your mind that this might not be a good idea. I mean marriage is a huge commitment.” 

Harry: “No.” He says again. 

James: “Not even for one spilt second?” He laughs. “I mean, come on, there had to be a time where in your head, where you asked yourself if you were ready to be with one woman for the rest of your life especially being as young as you two are and the fact that you could probably have any girl out there.” 

Harry: “I mean.. No.” He says. “It’s just one of those things that I’m just sure about. Y/N and I have been together for over 3 years and I can’t see myself without her in my life. I think when people talk about someone being too young to get married, I don’t think it’s more of the fact that it’s because they’re young and can’t be in love or something, but more of that people at a young age, you might not be mature enough to make that decision of being with someone for the rest of your life or mature enough to deal with the outcomes of marriage. For some people that might be the case, but for us, it’s not. We’re ready for this and we know that we want to be together, so why wait another 5 years or so, when people think we’re “old” enough, when we can do it right now. So, No, I never thought to myself that this was a bad idea or that I wasn’t ready for this. If I had, I would have never put that ring on her finger.” 

James: “That is absolutely beautiful, Harry, but now we must go to a commercial break and we’ll hear the true off screen answer.” He jokes causing the boys, including Harry to laugh.