okay getting back to commissions now

So… I don’t usually like talking about my stuff here or asking things but it’s kinda important I guess. As of Friday I’ve been busy moving. Hence the mass amounts of stress that’s been plaguing me this last while. And really I’m still stressed as hell. But suppose moving out on your own will do that.

But as it stands now I have no job. I’ll be working on that here soon but till I can find one I’ll need some form of income. That’s where commissions are going to come in. Till I’m able to find a job I’m going to have to rely on commissions a bit more so anything is helpful. Commission prices are here and I’m going to try and do more livestreams as well.

As for the blogs I’m going to really try to get those done too. Hoping that the move will help some things mentally for me so I can get back to them full swing. I really miss working on them and I’m sure you all miss seeing them.

Suppose that’s it. Not a huge update but it’s something. Blogs are still alive and commissions are going to be a bit more important now so if you can help out great, but if not that’s okay too. Anything helps

Thanks for reading and your patience with the blogs as well as any kind words you’ve sent my way. I really appreciate it 

An update with the struggle (the college dropout ft. america)

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? It’s been a long while since I haven’t updated any of you with how I’ve been doing or whats going on in my personal life. I just had a talk with my landlord/familyfriend. He’s been helping me a lot ever since I got back to america. I’ve been residing in one of his townhouses he owns. Things have been getting a little rough around the edges and it’s been placing me in a very tough economic situation. It’s getting to a point I might have to live in a car that I still don’t own!

Ever since I got here around 2 years ago. I’ve been doing a number of odd jobs, at first it was exciting, back into my home country and seeing opportunity everywhere I went. But it’s been taking a little toll on me. Physicaly, a little bit mentally I won’t lie. 

It sucks, it really does. From a young age I was self aware, very self aware. I knew what I wanted in life and where I wanted to be. And because of that, I’ve had to make many sacrifices. Many. Some which may have affected others, and some that might be a little destructive to myself. (social life, my grades, my health, etc.) Because I was poor and had nothing to lose, it was a bit easy to shoot for the stars back then.

But now that I am in america, having to deal with rent, food and transportation, while also handling my personal issues such as trying to get better with my art and build a professional portfolio, doing commissioned furry work (thank you commissioners) and trying to stay in shape with my poor inconsistent diet and routine. I feel like I’m handling a lot of things at once, I’m doing fairly okay on all of the points. Though, I have not been able to pay full rent and keep myself fully fed. I owe a grand amount of money to my landlord and have been a bit troubled into convincing him I’m a responsible young man. My current day job is unable to cover all the expenses and the pressure into getting another full time day job that will require my full attention is getting closer. I feel like I’m killing it, I feel accomplished with my work with how much I’ve learned and improved. Though it sucks having those around you not see the effort, weather it is because they don’t understand what you do or they see success in their own way. “Furstang, you’ve done nothing with your life, I don’t see any interest in you into doing anything!” “Oh yeah!? Look at my art!!!!” “Oh yeah? Why haven’t you been paid yet? Wheres that studio job? Get back to work!”. I’ve been through this before though, with my parents and teachers. I don’t worry about it too much anymore. All worrying does it take up mental space that won’t do you any good. It blocks your progress and creativity. I’ve had to learn that the hard way. Might sound a little smug, but I know who I am and my reasons in why I focus on my art so much. I am very humble and I know what my parents did for me. The fact that they decided to migrate to america can’t even explain how grateful I am. I feel like I won the lottery of opportunity. So It’s my responsibility to take full advantage of it.

“But furstang, couldn’t you have done the same thing back home? Comfortable in your home and all of your family around you?” The in-n-out burgers are worth it. I am in the middle of the industry, I’ve never been this close to the fire. I feel like I’m home. Although I am not one to give advice, since I really don’t have much professional accomplishments. All I can say is even if you’re going through very tough times, having blind confidence in yourself and a big passion plays a big part of where you’re headed and how you’ll get there. The nay-sayers, the starvation and the job rejections are all a temporary part of it. I know, it’s hard, your reality doesn’t revolve around having your work being loved by the many, the skill improvement, the girls, the money. You probably can’t even see the light because of how deep you’re into the hole. That’s how I felt, starting out the artistic journey. But I got a very, very tiny taste of success, and that’s all I needed.

I don’t like spreading false hopes or fake positivity, although I am overly optimistic, I keep myself in reality checks. Which helps me find solutions to my problems clearly and I don’t get stuck in the “why”s or “why not”s. All I want you to know is that if you’re going through the struggle many of us go through. You’re not alone… man. It just depends how passionate you are, and how much you’re willing to sacrifice. 

“The kid that made that deserves that Maybach!”

Edit: No I am not pursuing furry porn, I have a professional portfolio I am working on for the industry. Furry stuff is a part time hobby to make some extra cash. (Again, thank you commissioners)

tl;dr: I’m starving but i’m alright and so should you!

Okay my dudes if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t filled out many requests yet it’s because

A)I have a dorky puppy who EATS MY ART SUPPLIES AND SKETCHBOOKS- so I’ve had to keep all my stuff out away

B) I got a real life commission from a real life lady who’s gonna pay me real life money for a painting of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (she liked my Clapton Jesus candle)

C) all my friends are back home from college so we will be getting up to shenanigans and that will take up some free ArtiNg time

Now that B is done I’ll be able to focus my ArtiNg efforts on requests. But A and C are still problems- so bear with me 💛
Thanks guys
They WILL get done
It gust will take me a while 😅

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hc for the paladins while their s/o is in labor? who passes out? who cries when they see the baby? who tries to put on a brave face for their s/o? are any of them an A+ perfect labor coach?

finally getting to my pregnancy hc yasss so good. Also, if anyone is interested in commissions, I’m still open until the end of the summer. I now do watercolor if that interests you B)


  •  okay i think it’s a given that he passes out because he’s never seen anything like this in his life
  •  not only does he pass out, but when he comes back to he gets to see the baby crowning and vomits 
  • the doctors basically have to sit him in a corner with a bucket bc the poor baby is just so squeamish 
  • gets a brown paper bag when he hears the baby cry for the first time
  •  is sucking into that thing even as he gets to hold his child for the first time
  •  the doctors asked if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord by that was a hard nope from him
  •  but when all that is all said and done he does cry and apologizes for being so useless, especially if s/o was in an unusual amount of pain


  • is definitely really shaky and sweaty, might be chewing on his lips or nails while he holds your hand
  •  he babbles when he’s nervous so when you’re pushing he’s just listing off these facts like “you’ll probably poop yourself but that’s okay i’ve dealt with your shits before”
  •  lord help him if you’re screaming because he will flinch out of his seat and hit the ground hard
  •  but he’s still really comforting with his hands, rubbing your head, even if his mouth is running a mile a minute 
  • he’s got this deal where he’s so excited to cut the cord he keeps asking if it’s time yet and almost gets knocked out by you
  • literally hogs the child after the doctors give them back to you lol


  • he’s the type of guy that probably told a whole lot of people that you were pregnant
  • so don’t be surprised if you go into labor and there’s a whole lot of strangers waiting with flowers for you outside lmao
  • he’s the best labor coach!! puts everyone else to shame because he’s just really calm and reassuring
  • is loaded down with gifts when he walks through the room so you’ll have a soft, stuffed animal to strangle instead of him
  • is really good with taking all the cursing you’re directing his way
  • “You son of a bitch you did this–” “yes honey i know, just hold my hand


  • tells you how good you’re doing while you’re in labor while petting your head and getting you whatever you need
  • but mostly he’s quiet because he’s nervous and he’s so invested in this child
  • he baby proofed the house and built the nursery before he even knew you were pregnant–he was just so ready to have a family
  • so he thinks about all the horrible things that can go wrong and tries to suppress them because he knows he doesn’t need to worry you
  • he’s a grown man he totally doesn’t faint when he sees the baby crowning hahaHAHA
  • it’s a given, but he cries when he sees how perfect the baby is and realizes that he helped create that
Home for Christmas (1940s!Bucky x Reader)

Okay, couldn’t help myself so I did another 1940s Bucky fic. 

Summary: This one takes place as if Bucky hadn’t fell off the train and if Steve hadn’t crashed his plane. They get commissioned a short leave from the 107th to go back to Brooklyn for the holidays, and the first thing that they do is come and see you.

Warnings: mainly fluff, some mentions of Bucky’s wartime memories

Characters: Steve and Peggy (briefly), Bucky, and Reader

Word Count: 825


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Hey ya all!

I don’t know how to break da news for ya, so I’ll just get right to it. Ya sittin’ down? Okay, good….
I’m goin’ away for a while.

Now ya are probably cryin’ and screamin’, but don’t even worry my sugarcube! It’s just for couple of weeks! I am needed to cap some points, steal RED’s briefcases and make love to some extremely - definetly real - attractive chicks! It ain’t easy bein’ a Scout, lemme tell ya!

I’ll be right back with ya all, so keep ‘em asks comin’!
I just might get some new cosmetics while I’m out… Ya will see!

Okay crap gotta go, see ya soon again!

The Usual: Bruce Wayne x Reader

We made it to the weekend! I hope you’ve all had a great week, and if not then I hope something happens to cheer you up soon! :D 

Anyway my life is even more chaotic than usual right now because I’m applying to colleges and doing scholarship essays and stuff so updates might be slow for a little bit. Hoping to get one or two prompts done over the weekend though~ (also this is super self-indulgent sorry)

“Are you okay?” you gasped, sitting up in bed as Bruce flopped through the open window. Slipping out from under the sheets and running barefoot across the floor, you helped him to his feet. “God, what happened?” Even in the dark, you could see that his face was scratched and bloody.

He shrugged stiffly. “More of the usual.”

“But more than usual,” you sighed. “Why aren’t you back at the Batcave?”

“Here was closer. Wanted to see you…and the Batmobile is out of commission for now.” 

“Something wrecked the Batmobile? That thing’s practically a tank,you said, rummaging around for the first-aid kit. “You’re going to need to take your shirt off.”

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ok so i finally defended my thesis yesterday and i’m still yet to receive my diploma but i’m officially done with uni now like i don’t have to go there ever again which is something i’ve been dreaming about for 4 years now and it’s great but now i’m just here like:

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I truly love your blog, and I'm so happy you're back! I was worried something had happened, or if you just weren't in the MM fandom anymore. I so glad you're okay!!

✿ I’m just fine! I’m admittedly in not the best of health, generally speaking, but I’m out of school for now so I get a bit of a break!  Of course, I have to work (gotta make sure I can eat next year) so don’t be surprised if you see me hawking commissions at some point to pad my retail-worker income.

@ihavenotfallenyet said:  Vanderbabe I adore this blog so much okay I literally have it set for notifications so don’t u ever think ppl won’t care bc like even if its only me I will always care about this blog. Also because this is like the only source for Vanderwood, my secret agent (maid) husband

✿ Vee… are you trying to propose to me? What would Folke think?


Okay so. My aunt came back from abroad and apparently surprised me with a laptop way better than what I was trying to get??


I’m fricken doing my best to help her out with unpacking as payment XDDD

If you made an emergency commission/donation, just tell me if ya wanna get ‘em back or cancel it. It’s all good nao guys X3

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I gotta cry because. HOLY SHIT. THIS THING IS BEAUTIFUL TTvTT


I was looking back through my commissions folder, as I sometimes do, and came to a sudden realization that I never posted these. My excuse was that there were a number of life changes going on back then, BUT LOOK AT THESE OKAY.

To the left is my grumpy as hell caretaker, Icarus, who’s hair I could never get right and @kohikki masterly nailed for me. And his face, and beard, and nose, and expression and clothes, and OMG THIS OLD MAN. I have only vaguely thought about him in the last two years and now I just want to have him show up and slap Yan and Fayte across the head.

To the right, is my black hole life sucking Fritz. He is supposed to look scary af, but my drawings are super cartoonish and Hikki just took it and…the greasy hair with it’s beautiful shine, the bags under the eyes, the scars under the patch, the scars over the ears, the specific way the mouth is covered that I still can’t even properly explain and Hikki just jumped in and saved the day and translated my babbling.

@arthikkicommission info | he is amazing.


Okay, guys, so here’s the deal:

Yesterday, I was laid off work for an indefinite amount of time.

It was a shock. I’m still kind of reeling. My depression and anxiety are running wild. I have just under $1000 worth of bills that have to be paid every month (car payment, insurances, student loans…) And that’s not counting things like gas and groceries. There is a small chance I will get my job back. My supervisor said she would fight for me to come back to work. But until then, I am doing everything I can to make sure I don’t get in trouble with the bank.

I am currently filing all my necessary paperwork, and will begin a job search as soon as I get a little more recovered.

That being said, I am making a decision to open commissions. I will not be accepting any sort of donations. I am using these strictly to help pay for things like gas and groceries, as well as to give me a little buffer in case of an emergency such as medical or mental health related.

(((Please contact me via PM to discuss commissions, or via my email ahopelessdreemurr@gmail.com)))

Turn around times vary, but for most artwork, I expect the turn around to be from 5-10 days. For sewing, this may be a few weeks to a few months, depending on complexity of the project.


Con Badges ($25): Full color, fully shaded waist-up drawing of a character of your choice, plus a name/username. These will be given to you digitally so you may print and laminate them at your convenience. I will not ship these.

      (currently no example available!)

Sketch Page ($40): 5-7 small, pencil sketches – styled to your liking (realistic vs cartoony etc), colored background, and one sketch fully colored and shaded. Sketches may vary as far as head shots, full body, etc – but you will get as many as can fill up a 8x11 page.

      (example of my colored sketches)

Reference Sheet ($70): included front, back, three expressions, and one outfit – as well as a simple, themed/patterned background (ie, flowers). Fully inked and flat-colored digitally. Additional expressions $5 each, additional outfit designs $10 each.

      (example of my references)

Full Color Painting (Starts at $100): fully digital, colored, shaded piece complete with simple background and “accessories” such as flowers, skulls, etc. Starts at $100 for a headshot and goes up from there. This is something I would quote a price on, rather than setting something standard because each piece will be unique.

       (example of my digital painting)


Fursuit/Cosplay Tail ($100-$250 depending on complexity – includes stuffing, a belt loop and shipping).

     (no example available yet)

Fursuit Head ($600 and up – depending on complexity and type of fur requested): Will feature a foam base, lined with moisture wicking material, custom follow me half globe eyes, hand made tongue and teeth (materials are commissioner’s choosing), as well as an additional “fit me” kit to help you get the perfect fit for your head. I will not install electronics inside my heads (I don’t have enough experience with fans yet). I will, however, leave spaces should you want to add these items yourself! Final quote will include a shipping cost. Buyer beware! Shipping is extremely expensive and will run anywhere from $40-80!!


Custom Doll (??? Will quote based on size desired and materials needed): will feature an oven-bake clay head, hands, and feet, a soft squishy body (can be made pose-able), stuffed and shipped.

      (no example available yet)

circus camp for beginner adults was amazing, and it’s ALSO amazing how many of my muscles now hurt & are sore SO MUCH. Like idk what I did to get my upper sides / ribs under my arms sore??? zero idea, but sure did something.

I’m just gonna. whine a little bit and I’ll be okay. xD The headache is mostly gone at least but it doesn’t really help because upper shoulders/neck are so tense that it’s just gonna come back. :sob: my heat bag is brokennnn I can’t relieve it in any significant way hhhhh.

This ate half my painting time as well. :/// I was gonna paint sO MUCH commission stuff and now it’s 7:30 pm and I still feel awful.

Ayvee’s 1000 Follower Giveaway

Okay so I now have over 1000 followers and I am. Overwhelmed with joy. I’m really, really happy. So I thought I could give something back to you guys.

I will be picking two winners, and the two winners have a choice of either a free art commission (painting or lined) or a free short story commission of around 2,000 to 3,000 words. I would much prefer to draw/write about Lazytown stuff (especially writing - it takes a bit of research for me to fully get a character’s voice and I already. know the Lazytown characters. Plus this blog is very Lazytown focused!) but I can totally work with original stuff too!

I won’t draw/write sexual stuff whatsoever. Just to establish that. Not happening.

I’ll be picking the winners via a random generator, and contacting them via Tumblr asks. 

To enter, just like and/or reblog this post - each one counts for an entry. Only 1 like and 1 reblog per person. No more than that. You don’t have to be following me but I would be very happy if you did.

Thank you all for everything ;;

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I have been a big fan for some time and have been wanting to ask this for a very long time (hopefully it isn't too odd to ask). Do you by chance do regular commissions? Saw the Blizzcon badges, but have always wanted to commission something outside of that option if the opportunity ever came up.

Hi there Anon! 

It’s not odd at all. I very rarely do regular commission slots these days, though I’d like to get back to doing them. Unfortunately I usually have a lot on my plate already. Generally if I do offer commission slots, those on my Patreon get first dibs. 

I have been known to take the odd commission now and then if someone approaches me and I like the idea though, so feel free to contact me! I mostly keep them closed because I hate the idea of taking money and not being able to produce the art in a quick and timely manner. So if you’re okay with waiting a bit, I might be able to work something out. :)