okay getting back to commissions now

Okay, so I really need money to tide me over until I get another job. I’m doing 15$ headshot sketch commissions, because I need the money asap so I can keep paying my bills and feed my animals, and also pay for gas to get to new job.

I will take as many as possible right now, because I’m just.. freaking out. I’m applying to so many jobs right now it’s ridiculous, but I don’t know when I’ll hear back from them.

Anyways, please spread the word.

My email is ambrosia.sky.cain@gmail.com

Here’s my art tag.

Home for Christmas (1940s!Bucky x Reader)

Okay, couldn’t help myself so I did another 1940s Bucky fic. 

Summary: This one takes place as if Bucky hadn’t fell off the train and if Steve hadn’t crashed his plane. They get commissioned a short leave from the 107th to go back to Brooklyn for the holidays, and the first thing that they do is come and see you.

Warnings: mainly fluff, some mentions of Bucky’s wartime memories

Characters: Steve and Peggy (briefly), Bucky, and Reader

Word Count: 825


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Ayvee’s 1000 Follower Giveaway

Okay so I now have over 1000 followers and I am. Overwhelmed with joy. I’m really, really happy. So I thought I could give something back to you guys.

I will be picking two winners, and the two winners have a choice of either a free art commission (painting or lined) or a free short story commission of around 2,000 to 3,000 words. I would much prefer to draw/write about Lazytown stuff (especially writing - it takes a bit of research for me to fully get a character’s voice and I already. know the Lazytown characters. Plus this blog is very Lazytown focused!) but I can totally work with original stuff too!

I won’t draw/write sexual stuff whatsoever. Just to establish that. Not happening.

I’ll be picking the winners via a random generator, and contacting them via Tumblr asks. 

To enter, just like and/or reblog this post - each one counts for an entry. Only 1 like and 1 reblog per person. No more than that. You don’t have to be following me but I would be very happy if you did.

Thank you all for everything ;;

hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm hm  okay…. i’ve been thinking about re-opening my store for a while now, and making some small zines perhaps?? in addition to the stickers/prints i used to make?? and also re-opening commissions…. its time to get back on that horse………

Delivery! Before Orchid 317

“I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning! Not only was it the first big commission reveal I had to do, but most importantly, Kiki and I were going to Orchid 317 together! I was excited at the prospect of maybe turning this friendship into a little something more, but when I went to check the mailbox…”

“!!! Oh no! Is she okay? What kind of illness? Oh now I have so many questions. I only just saw her and she seemed okay! Of course, there was that thought in the back of my head. The thought that she was just trying to get out of going out with me tonight. Did she only say yes because she didn’t want to disappoint me? I grew a little saddened thinking about the worst case scenario…but that’s roughly when the 10 boxes of high quality rolanberry cheescakes came pouring out of the mailbox and nearly belted me in the face.”

“Gods, she made all this for me when she was sick!? And lugged it all the way to the mail? I think my heart is fit to burst…”


Alright so.

My life is as stable as it’s going to get and I no longer have homework so I really want to get back into writing fanfiction.

Problem is, it’s been months since I’ve written anything. And mental health being what it is, not immediately having inspiration for what i wanted to do and also not having recently completed anything means that writing anything I’ve already started/thought of seems impossible. I know writing/publishing something will break me out of this rut, but in the meantime I’m running low on inspiration.

So I’m opening up fic requests. They’re free and crossovers are totally fine but:
- I will probably only write 1000 words max for each
- I may only write for the 1-3 prompts that connect best in my brain, which isn’t a reflection on you or your prompt, but given that my brain is already not cooperating, I don’t want to make any promises.
- you’ve got a better chance of me being confident enough to write the characters if you prompt me with su or dcmk characters/scenarios. (but if you know we share any other fandoms, or if you’re hoping I know a series that doesn’t have a fandom, feel free to ask for it anyway. So if you’re into, idk, Orson Scott Card’s mithermages series (begins with The Gate Thief) and you had a headcanon you really wanted written, you might be in luck because I’ve read the first couple of books, enough to know the world pretty well. But just because I don’t reblog things about it doesn’t mean I haven’t read something. I’ve read a rather eclectic assortment of series though, so idk how to tell you what I would or wouldn’t be familiar with)
- depending on how many prompts I get, if I discover I am able to write them all, it might be a month or more before yours in particular gets posted
- I will try to communicate when I’m closing requests and at that point if I already know i can’t follow up on any requests I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I just try to communicate in general, whether on my progress or limitations

If you want to request something, I’d prefer that you respond to or reblog this post with the prompt, so in a couple of days when I check what requests have come in, they’re all in one place. If you’d rather be anonymous I suppose you can also send an anon ask, but I’d rather be able to follow up with people and to credit you when I publish it on my ao3. (linked so you can see my writing style. The Truth was a previous commission.)


((OOC: OKAY, completely unrelated to the koopalings, I have a temporary tablet working for me right now! Snail is letting me borrow their old tablet till I get a new one: as it turned out it WASN’T the drivers causing the issues, like it had been for a lot of people, but the tablet’s pooped out. >:0! So I might, after I finally finish the commission I have, open them back up to start a fund for a new tablet. qvq

So, for practice, I started drawin’ squids for a super secret project I’m doing. eve Which is not actually a secret, it’s right here. Or at least the blog is. The content remains a secret.

More koopz to come in the near future, however!))

Due to house and uni bills I’m in a really tight money spot right now and my work/studies aren’t letting me open my usual commissions, so I’ve decided to take emergency 5 USD commissions for the time being! [click here to get a preview of the sort of pics I’ll be drawing!]

How will they work?

  1. You send me an email at ppxieril@gmail.com with your commission request and any references I might need for it, along with your paypal address so I can send you the invoice
  2. I send you the invoice for the $5, and you just pay for it!
  3. You get an email back with your brand new horse picture drawn by yours truly!

…and that’s all there is to it! Since they’re simple sketchy commissions I won’t be sending progress shots for these, and won’t have backgrounds with much detail. No slots need to be reserved. Due to the nature of these commissions I need to specify what I will and won’t be willing to draw:

Will do:

  • Ponies
  • OC’s
  • SFW and suggestive content
  • Other creatures (like gryphons, bulls, etcetera although these might take a bit longer to draw !!)

Won’t do:

  • Multiple characters (only one character per commission, sorry!! [E: Extra characters are okay, but I’ll charge $5 for each extra character!])
  • Anything too detailed (very intricate armour, backgrounds, and such)
  • NSFW stuff that I’m not comfortable with (I have my boundaries)

Thank you for reading this & for your help!


Hey hey everyone, I’m in need of a little help! Recently my hours at work have been cut back and I’ve been getting pretty nervous about money, so I’m opening up bust commissions for now.

I think the only thing I may have some complications in drawing are mechas/detailed robots. I can attempt them, but like I said, they are NOT in my specialty zone. 

The way I usually do commissions is, I’ll sketch out the bust first and send it to you to see if it looks okay. If it all looks right, I’ll complete the image after receiving payment (I’ll send my email to you in the message).

I think that’s all. If you’re interested, or have any questions at all, send me a fanmail/ask!

Okay so, more I looked at her legs more I hated it, so I had to fix it. I removed the old version because heck it was weird. That’s what you get when you can’t draw for a long period and suddenly anatomy gets all kinds of messed up. Sorry for the double-post.

From the original:
Since exams are finally over I can get back to drawing again.
I’m going to pop Christmas gifts now (in no particular order), and when I’m done I might open for commissions again. I have to get back to both the labs and have to start writing my thesis, so we’ll see. MAYBE.

The first one is for Leon. I would like to add here something emotional, but I can only think of inappropriate sexual humor, so let’s skip that before I’ll embarrass the both of us.




IM GUNNA BE THE PIRATE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donations For Lily

I hate to ask for donations. I would so much rather work for money. But at this point I don’t have much of a choice. So there’s now a donation button at the top of my tumblr page, and if anyone can possibly help out, I would really, really appreciate it. Every penny counts.

I’m currently working on a gofundme page for this as well as getting my storenvy up and running so I can hopefully make some more commissions and sales of various things, but for now the donation button is there until I get everything else going. (I’m hoping by Wednesday night the other two will be live.)

But please, if you’re thinking of donating more than like $5 contact me and at least let me write something for you, okay? :<

This is Lily. I took this pic about ten minutes after we got back from the vet yesterday; you can’t really tell how sick she is in this, but her kidneys are shot and she’s having trouble walking or even just standing properly at this point. She’s not in any pain yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

I need to raise almost $600 for the ultrasound to even tell exactly what’s causing the kidney problems (and hopefully the mobility issues at the same time), and then however much it’s going to cost for treatment, which could range anything from just medication to major surgery. There’s also a possibility that I’m looking at just keeping her comfortable as long as possible until she needs to be put to sleep, but I don’t want to think about that.

Lily is my baby girl. She was SO tiny when I got her, she literally fit in the palm of my hand. And she’s QUIRKY and FUNNY. She legit YELLS AT ME if I sneeze while she’s sleeping. Even if I’m two rooms away, if I sneeze and she’s trying to sleep she gives me a “GOD BLESS YOU DAMMIT.” She jumps and hugs door frames when she gets excited for some reason, and she knows the sound of me opening a package of cheddar cheese over EVERY OTHER SOUND IN THE UNIVERSE. And so many other things that I don’t even have videos of because she’s only FOUR and I thought I had plenty of time to snap pics and capture that kind of stuff…



Like I said, I’m pretty much desperate here.

So even a dollar or two… or if you could just signal boost. I need to do everything I can for Lily. She deserves that. And when I get the gofundme and my storenvy going, the same thing. Take a look and signal boost if you can…

Okay im getting kind of desperate for money im moving out but none of my family knows yet.
I need to get money for a car and for everything.

I will draw anything. I will sell stuff from old cosplays. I will sell the clothes off my back.

Right now my mom is going through a rough time and shes really disappointed in me and im a burden so im going to open up commissions and a gofundme whenever i get to a computer tonight.

But i really need some help to be able to afford a car because after i move im going have trouble getting to work. Not only that im having trouble with my current place of employment. Plus im going to be responsible for paying the internet bill when i move out. That and probably food.

Ill link the gofundme when i make it.

Commission Time.

Okay so I figured its time to update my commission page now that I am getting the hang of digital work with the tools I have now, so might as well update.

I draw just about anything, just no incest or rape/sexual assault, just send me a message so we can get things sorted out. Please, if you can’t afford them, signal boost <:)

I was doing gemsona requests back when I was in an art block//and still owe people some// but I will be charging for them now. And If you want it in my style they will fall under the prices listed for normal bust/full body color/Black and white. If you want it in the style of Steven Universe it will be a whole $1 less!

-only for gemsonas!-

Some examples and prices:

Bust Color- $15 (+$5 for complicated bg) /// $10 BnW

Full body- $25/color (+$7 for complicated bg) /// $20 BnW

Doodles- $7 (lineart/sketch) //$10 color

Sketch- $10

Scene (Black and white +1 color) $30

Scene (full color) $50