okay getting a little obsessed with this project

im so fucking SICK of people having this savior complex with mentally ill people. im getting real damn tired of people trying to “fix” my chronic mental illnesses. and trying to uncover my “tragic backstory” so they can treat me like im their damaged little reparation project only to abandon me once they realize that i CANT be fixed and my symptoms are too much for them. my trust isn’t a fucking trophy for you to put on a shelf just to say “look! i got the girl with trust issues to love me!” stop obsessing over me bc u think ill fit into ur tragic sad girl aesthetic!!! thats not who i am!!!!

You’ll never know what hit you Won’t see me closing in
  • Hello, I would just like to say that I love your Darling Pan fics c: They’re written so beautifully I could read them over and over again! I was thinking have you ever tried to write something with paranormal themes? Because a Ghost!Pan and Wendy as an average girl/paranormal investigator/or even ghostbuster (ehehe) comes to mind and I’d love to see your take on that. Anyway, I hope to read more stories from you :3

Hi ! I wrote a random prompt I got sometime back. To make up for the lack of Apocalypse AU for now :) ALSO THANK YOU NONNIE YOU ARE SWEET. That was a good prompt. I hope I did it justice ? 

You’ll never know what hit you Won’t see me closing in (x)

It’s an old house, filled with an air of mystery – the windows are cracked and the doors creak, even when they don’t move. The ceiling is high and vaulted, with amber, shaking lights that spreads a yellowish glow through all the rooms. The carpets are old, dark green velvet and golden embroidery, and the very air is heavy, like there’s always a suffocating warmth seeping through the oxygen.

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