okay genuinely posting it now


I’m honestly so proud of Karamatsu and Todomatsu for standing up to Osomatsu in this episode.

While it would be expected of Karamatsu, as the second eldest, to act as sub leader when things go wrong, Todomatsu did not have to confront Osomatsu.

But he chose to, even though they usually get along swimmingly and despite the fact that he looks up to Osomatsu a great deal.

As the youngest, he isn’t usually taken seriously and it was very brave of him to challenge Osomatsu, even though he knew what the result would be. I’m proud of you Totty.

As for Osomatsu, after this episode I’m sure some people will start being harsh on him; Don’t forget that he’s extremely upset right now. He’s witnessing his whole life, his “comfortable nest”, falling apart. It was obvious how distressed he was from the start of the letter episode. He probably had a feeling things would end up the way they did and didn’t know how to deal with it. So he lashed out instead, but to his credit he was suffering in silence and only blew up when people kept ignoring and (not on purpose) provoking him.

Jyushimatsu was the very unfortunate victim and I’m sure Oso hates himself a little for what he did. While I can only imagine what Kara and Todo said to him, he most probably clammed up and only reacted in anger when/if one of them went too far. I can picture Totty accusing him of being the heartless monster of the family and not caring about his brothers. Wrong move. While it’s both a blessing and a curse to him, he cherishes being the oldest brother and loves them so much and is so used to them relying on him, he doesn’t know what to do with himself now that they’re leaving him behind.

You can clearly observe how much he suffers from this situation, the most obvious signs being his silence and lack of reaction to anything in the second part of the episode. He’s basically lifeless at this point. He doesn’t even react to Totoko’s date proposal! Also did you notice? Even though smiling/grinning is one of Osomatsu’s trademarks, he didn’t smile even once in this episode.

In conclusion everyone is suffering and we’re all dying. :)