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Everything Will Be Fine (Craig x Male!Reader)

Everything Will Be Fine

Craig x Male!Reader

  You laughed as Clyde told the story of how he got rejected. You loved sitting with the guys at lunch. Clyde was always having a misadventure of some kind or the other, Tweek would spaz at nearly everything, Craig was always getting detention, and Token tried in vain to keep everyone in line. Yes, these guys weren’t perfect, but they were your friends. Ever since you moved to the little mountain town in freshman year, you immediately clicked with them. The five of you stuck close through thick and thin through high school’s crazy moments. Now in junior year, you were all even closer. You five told each other practically everything and looked out for each other. However, there was one thing you haven’t told them. It was a secret you hadn’t told anyone. You had a crush… on Craig.
        You snuck a glance at the chullo wearing boy. He had his usual stoic expression, though rolled his eyes at Clyde. He had the whole ‘bad boy’ thing going for him. Everyone knew not to mess with Craig, he’d kick your ass in a heartbeat. But since you hung out with him, you knew he was more than that. He was actually really cool and definitely had a soft side. He just hid it really well. Craig was guarded and not really one to show much emotion, even when the five of you hung out. It’s just the way he was and why he hung out with the group. You guys accepted that’s just the way he was, and though he’d never say it, Craig really appreciated it.
        At first the strong feelings you had for him were strong admiration. He always stood up for himself and didn’t give a shit about what others thought of him. He didn’t let things get to him. You wished to be like him, but you were quiet, shy. You were a pacifist, and had trouble standing up for yourself. Maybe it’s because you just want things to go alright and therefore avoided conflict whenever you can. However, this means you kind of get pushed around a lot. Perhaps that’s why the guys took you under their wing.
As time went on, though, those feelings of admiration began to turn into attraction. It started out small, growing slowly but surely. Before you knew it, you were full blown head over heels for him. The thing was, you knew how cruel your peers could be. You could already her the insults. Fag. Gaywad. Fairy. Besides, you didn’t know if Craig even liked you. Hell, you didn’t even know if he swung that way! Your fears made you even shyer and as a consequence, you didn’t really talk to Craig that much. Hell, every time you looked at him you had to fight down a blush. Yes, you knew it was pathetic, but you couldn’t help it! He was just so… fucking amazing.
        Craig’s gaze caught yours. He arched an eyebrow and you quickly looked away, feeling your cheeks start to burn. Fuck, he caught you looking at him. Now what’s he going to think. Thankfully for you, the bell signaling the end of lunch rang. You quickly got up and left the cafeteria before he could say anything. Craig turned to Token, who just shrugged.
        The rest of the day went by and the final bell rang. Craig was talking with Token, who was putting his things in his bag. “I don’t get it. He’s been acting really weird lately, almost avoiding me! What did I do?” Token shook his head and closed his locker.
        “I don’t know, man. It’s pretty weird. Did you say something to him or something?” Craig shook his head.
        “I haven’t talked to him in weeks!” Token shrugged.
        “I don’t get it either. I’ll talk to him.”
        “Let me know what he says,” Craig said. Token nodded.
        “I will.”
        It was a short walk to your place, only seven blocks, and he was soon at your door. He knocked and, after a few moments, you opened the door and smiled. “Oh, hey, Token. What’s up?”
        “Can I talk to you?” You blinked.
        “Uh, sure?” You stepped aside and let him in. “What about?” Token sat down on the couch and you sat next to him.
        “Craig.” You paled instantly.
        “W-what about Craig?” you asked, failing epically at playing cool. Token rolled his eyes.
        “Give it up, Y/n. You’ve been avoiding Craig for the past few weeks. He’s starting to think you hate him.” Your eyes widened.
        “I don’t hate him!” he exclaimed.
        “Then why are you avoiding him?!” You looked down and Token grew concerned. “Dude, Y/n, what’s going on? I know you really look up to Craig, which is why I don’t get why you suddenly won’t talk to him.”
        “It’s… complicated,” you mumbled.
        “What’s complicated? Did Craig do something?” You shook your head. “Did someone say something?” Again, you shook your head. “Then what is it?”
        “…It’s me,” you whispered. Token furrowed his eyes in confusion.
        “What about you?” You bit your lip.
        “Token, can you keep a secret?”
        “Sure, dude.” You looked up at him.
        “No, I’m serious. You can’t tell anyone! Especially not the guys! Especially not… Craig.” Token nodded slowly.
        “I won’t tell anyone.”
        “Yeah, I promise.” You looked down again, gathering up your courage. You took a deep breath and looked up at your friend.
        “Token, I’m gay.” Token’s eyes widened in surprise.
        “Oh, um, okay.”
        “Yeah, dude. It’s fine that you’re gay. I don’t care. You’re still the same Y/n.” You shook your head.
        “You don’t get it.”
        “Get what? The other guys won’t care either.” You wanted to facepalm so hard. Token was supposed to be the smart one in the group!
        “God damn it, Token! I have a crush on Craig!” The boy froze.
        “Yeah, oh! You see my problem now?”
        “That’s why you’ve been avoiding him.” You nodded. “Well, you shouldn’t. If anything, that means you should hang out with him more.”
        “The fuck? No!”
        “Have you seen me around him lately? I get all awkward!”
        “You’re not awkward.”
        “Token, I can’t even look at him without blushing.”
        “Well, you need to talk to him. He thinks you hate him.”
        “What am I supposed to say? Hey, Craig! Sorry I’ve been awkward. I just have a huge gay crush on you.” Token rolled his eyes.
        “Now, you’re overreacting.”
        “I’m not overreacting!” you yelled. Token raised an eyebrow and you slouched in defeat. “It’s just weird, Token. I mean, he probably doesn’t even swing this way.”
        “How long have you liked him?”
        “Since the middle of sophomore year.”
        “Well… just calm down. Take it one day at a time. I got your back, alright?”
        “You’re not going to tell him right?” Token shook his head.
        “Not if you don’t want me to.” You smiled.
        “Thanks, Token.” He smiled.
        “No problem, man.”
        The next morning, Craig found Token by his locker. “So?”
        “So what?” Token asked, getting his biology text book.
        “Did you talk to Y/n?”
        “Did you find out why he’s been avoiding me?”
        “Yep,” Token said, shutting his locker and walking to class. Craig, confused, quickly followed.
        “Okay… So are you going to tell me?”
        “Why the fuck not?!”
        “I can’t.”
        “What do you mean you can’t?!” Token sighed and stopped at the door to the biology classroom. He turned and faced his friend.
        “Because I promised I wouldn’t.”
        “Promise who? Y/n?” Token nodded.
        “Why wouldn’t he want you to tell me?”
        “You need to ask him yourself.” He turned to go, but Craig put a surprisingly gentle hand on his shoulder. Token turned back to find Craig looking… scared?
        “Just tell me… Does Y/n hate me?” he asked in an uncharacteristically quiet voice. Token gave him a kind smile.
        “No, he doesn’t, far from it.” And with that, he walked into the classroom, leaving a confused Craig alone with his thoughts.
        For the entire day, you were nervous. Sure, Token promised not to tell anyone, but what if something accidentally slipped? No, you trusted Token. What if the guys guessed? No, Clyde’s too self-absorbed and Tweek spazzes so much he misses half of what goes on around him. The person you were worried about was Craig. While he was quiet, the boy was observant. He was really good at figuring people out, especially people he knows. Needless to say, you were stressing most of the day. You even went so far as to skip lunch and hang out in the library. You didn’t have any classes with Craig, but that didn’t stop the raven haired teen from seeking you out after school.
        Gym was your last class of the day. You felt awkward undressing in front of people, so you usually waited for everyone to leave before changing yourself. You were sore from weight lifting the day before, so it took you a little longer than usual to get changed. By the time you had changed and got your things together, it was ten minutes after the final bell had rung. The hallways were pretty empty as you walked out of the locker room. Adjusting the bag strap on your shoulder, you walked down the hall. Just as you rounded the corner, however, you froze as you came face to face with Craig Tucker. He was leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets, a blank look on his face. “Took you longer than usual,” he stated in his usual monotone. You blinked, nervously gripping the bag strap.
        “Uh, y-yeah… Sore from yesterday, you know?” You mentally cringed at your wavering voice. Craig nodded. The two of you were silent before Craig pushed himself off the wall and stood only a foot away from you. Being a good head taller than you, and just being Craig in general, he looked pretty fucking intimidating. Your hand gripped the strap so hard your knuckles were turning white.
        “Why have you been avoiding me?” he asked. 
        “I haven’t.” Fuck, your voice cracked. Craig raised an eyebrow slightly and you averted your eyes. Craig muttered something under his breath before gently pushing you against the wall, caging you with an arm on either side. You felt you face heat as you stared up at him with wide eyes. “Craig?” you asked, your voice pitching. He silenced you by pressing his lips to yours in a surprisingly sweet kiss. You let out a weak eep in surprise and he chuckled. He pulled away and smiled at you softly. If you weren’t blushing before, you certainly were now. Your mouth moved, but no sound came out. Craig chuckled and leaned his forehead against yours.
        “You should have said something, you dork,” he said.
        “H-how did you…?" 
        "I’m good at reading people. I didn’t know for sure, but when you skipped lunch, I was convinced. Plus, after I mentioned it to Token, he nodded.”
        “He said he would say anything,” you mumbled. Craig smirked. 
        “He didn’t say anything. He only nodded.” You scowled and Craig laughed. “So…uh, are we…like…” Craig smiled.
        “Y/n, will you go out with me?” You smiled.
        “Yes.” Craig’s smile grew and he leaned down to kiss you again.
        The next day, you nervously stood outside the school doors. “Maybe this isn’t a good idea.” Craig looked at you.
        “It’ll be fine, Y/n.” You shook your head.
        “No one really needs to know. I mean, it is a rather… personal thing, relationships. No one likes the couple flaunting or making out in the hallway. Maybe we should just keep it to ourselves…” Craig sighed and put his hands on your shoulders, turning you so you faced him. 
        “Look, there is nothing you need to be ashamed of. Being gay isn’t a bad thing. A lot of people are and we just happen to be two of them. And there is nothing to be scared of. I won’t let anyone hurt you, okay?” He moved a hand to hang by yours. “Do you trust me?” You smiled and took his hand, interlocking your fingers.
        “Yes.” He smiled and nodded. The two of you walked into the building hand-in-hand. As you walked, you felt peoples’ stares burning into you, but you kept looking straight ahead. 'It’s not that bad,‘ you thought, 'Just ignore everyone, Y/n, just ignore them.’
        “Holy fuck! Look at the gaywads!” You visibly cringed as Cartman’s voice echoed in the hallway. Craig shot the overweight teen a piercing death glare.
        "Listen here, you annoying, tub of lard! If I hear you talking shit about my boyfriend, I will rip your balls off and shove them so far up your ass you’ll taste them!“ Cartman stared at him in surprise and fear. Craig gave your hand a gentle squeeze and you smiled, squeezing his back. Yeah, people will talk, but who gives a shit? After all, you have the best fucking boyfriend in the world who threatens those who talk shit. Everything will be just fine.

Wendy or Kyle, huh? Nope! Some much needed SP M/M RI love because there aren’t a lot of  them, something that definitely needs to be changed. I will write a F/F one soon (either Wendy or Bebe). This one’s for all the shy boys out there.  

Lost (Jimin x Reader) Part VI

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Anger coiling up inside, Jimin ruffled his own hair in frustration - letting out a low growl as he tried his best to not latch out. You wanted nothing more but to hold him in your arms, reassuring him that things would only get better but, even you knew that was a lie. Things weren’t going to get better, they would only get more and more complicated as time passed. Though, what pained you the most was to know that all of this was your fault, there was no one else to blame but yourself for Jimin’s sudden breakdown. Your silence was what caused this mess yet, here you were … Once again … Staying silent.

You couldn’t even bring yourself to move a limb, you were completely frozen. Whether it was out of fear or shock remained unresolved. It felt as though millions of tiny daggers were pricking at your heart. A sidelong glance was thrown your way as you remained almost motionless, witnessing Jimin in this state before your own eyes pained you to an extent in which words itself couldn’t possibly describe. His eyes were all puffy and swollen. The last time when you had seen him like this was when he had too much to drink, but knowing that you had this sort of affect on him absolutely tore you to pieces. 

Alas, the silence was shattered by his broken whimpers. A sound that was much worse than silence itself, a sound that made you wish this was all a part of the nightmares that visited you in the dark, a sound that failed to move you from your defeated position. It was Jimin’s cry for attention and still, you failed to give him what he needed. 

“Who are you?” Jimin said in barely a whisper.

“Jimin, don’t be like this” You tried your hardest to avoid his intense stare by fixating your own on to the floor but, that didn’t stop you from feeling his gaze piercing right through you.

“Well, what did you expect?! Did you think I was going to move past this happily without asking you any questions? Did you think that I would be rushing to go arrange another wedding date? Huh?!”

“I’m sorry” 

“Wait so, did it ever cross your mind to even let me know?” 

“I’m sorry” Tears were beginning to well up in your eyes as you found yourself incapable to answer his question with a full response, you could hear him but you weren’t listening properly. Jimin came closer to you, totally invading the little personal space you had left. He gently lifted your chin up so that your eyes stared directly into his own as opposed to the floor. “I’m sorry” you said once more as fresh tears rolled on to your cheeks. 

“Stop. _____, stop apologising, just don’t say anything.” He swore to himself that no matter how much he wanted to hold you, he just wouldn’t do it. But unlike you, Jimin knew you needed him just as much as he needed you therefore, without even having to think twice - he instantly wrapped his arms around you, holding on to you as tightly as he could - fearing that if he let you slip from his grasp it would represent the current state of your relationship and how he felt that you were slowly drifting apart from one another.

“Jimin~ are you mad at me?” 

“It’s not that I’m mad, I’m just finding it hard to process what I’ve been told. I went on thinking one thing and then finding out that it was all a lie, just really pained me. I’m hurt at the fact that you didn’t tell me sooner because now, I keep thinking about how different life could have been if you told me. Firstly, I wouldn’t have been stuck in an abusive relationship with someone else. Secondly, we could have been married by now and who knows we could have started to think about starting our own family … I don’t know, I just wonder what would have made you not want to tell me.”

“I honestly wanted to tell you but, Doctor Kang told me to give you some time considering you haven’t fully recovered yet.” Jimin let out a deep sigh as he felt little beads of cold sweat beginning to trickle along the skin on his forehead, your eyes examined his face wondering why he was becoming so pale. At first, you thought that he was falling ill but, little did you know that he was merely not reacting well to a certain thought that had triggered itself in his mind. 

A couple of seconds later, you brought him back to sit on to the couch with a cup of water on the coffee table. With your hand, you brushed back the hairs that were sticking on to his sweaty forehead “Wh-” You didn’t expect him to cut you off abruptly, neither did you expect him to know what is was you wanted to ask him. It was as if he read exactly what was going on in your mind.

“You see how I told you that I kept having these weird dreams or flashbacks of the accident. Well, I just had another one. I’m not really sure what caused it but, this one has accomplished to mess with me more than the others ever could. Before getting in the car, I remember the first car I saw was a red one that was parked on our road that night. And as soon as I had left, that red car trailed behind me for a while but when I arrived at the traffic lights it was no longer there … Instead of going on a path I knew, I tried taking a different direction and out of no where another car came close behind ours, by the time I had realised that it was purposely bumping into me, the first car I saw came speeding at me and then the next thing I remember is being taken away in an ambulance vehicle.” 

“What?!” you said as your eyes widened in profound astonishment.

“It makes me wonder if it could even be considered as an accident … Well, in the flashback it definitely felt as though the whole thing was planned. Maybe I’m losing my mind but there is the possibility that someone out there has tried to kill me and I will stop at nothing to find them.” 

Your eyes shifted from one of his eye to the other, you had the sensation that your heart was sinking all the way to the bottom of your stomach as you held on to his hand - carefully caressing his smooth skin under your gentle touch “Then I want to help you.” 

Jimin took a moment to take a deep breath whilst closing his eyes as though something else was troubling him. Once he opened his eyes, he removed your hand away from his own “No, I don’t want you to get involved.” 

You were taken aback by his refusal, even though, you knew he only meant well, you failed to understand because you didn’t want to understand. All you’ve ever wanted since the day you first started dating was to be by his side for as long as possible. “What do you mean ‘no’? I’m going to help you find them whether you like it or not. Even though, our situation is complicated -  in my eyes you’re still my fiancé - I want to be there for you the same way you’ve always been there for me, I want to be by your side when the times get rough and I won’t let you go through this alone. But, most importantly, I want to find the person that tried to take your life and make them pay for it.”

Jimin exhaled deeply, as he felt his heart beat faster in fear. He was just as scared to lose you as you were for him … The only difference was that he would do whatever he could to protect you. “_____, I said no. I don’t want you to get involved, I won’t let you.”

“Why not?” you sighed in disbelief.

“Because I love you, I don’t think you realise how in love I am with you despite everything that happened and this is why I’m doing this, but, I don’t want you to get involved with me. Maybe some day in the future we could pick up from where we left off but for now it’s best if I could focus on finding the person who was behind the ‘accident’. It seriously kills me to do this but I think that this relationship will just distract me from my main focus.”

You let out air through your nose as you shook your head lightly “So I’m a distraction? Do you know what? It doesn’t even matter. It’s okay for you to push me away, I’m fine with that but I’m still going to help you, I’ll still be there for you and there is nothing that you can say that will ever change my mind.”

“Why are you so stubborn?” He said as he held his head in frustration.

“Because I love you, Park Jimin” You could see him holding back his tears, silencing his sobs and it crushed your soul, you should have been bawling your eyes out by now, yet, you didn’t even have the strength to shed another tear. “Anyways, it’s getting pretty late so maybe we should go to sleep and then tomorrow we’ll talk some more about the ‘accident’. Oh also, I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight … If that’s okay with you?” 

He simply got up and muttered “Goodnight” before making his way to the bedroom. 

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Prompt: Monty is always stealing Miller's shirts (even though they don't fit at all and he has plenty of his own to wear) and everyone thinks it's cute. Miller tries to act annoyed but it's clear that he likes it.

I hope this turned out okay! (It kind of became the five times Monty stole Miller’s shirt and the one time Miller gave one to him, but only kind of.)

The first time Monty stole one of Miller’s shirts, it was at an impromptu group sleepover after a fun night of drinking.  Monty had gone to bed on the floor in Miller’s room, and woken up early, the only one to do so.  He figured Miller wouldn’t mind if he just took a shirt, he felt sticky in his own shirt.

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Thoughts on the Petyr/Sansa situation going on in the season 6 finale episode…

I’m going to put the majority of this under a cut to avoid any spoilers just in case someone scrolling through the petyrxsansa tags comes across this and hasn’t seen the episode yet.


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Imagine Dean gets jealous part two

This is a continuing of the Dean X Reader imagine,
Part one is here: http://deanxreader-spn.tumblr.com/post/124618376773/imagine-dean-getting-jealous DEANS POV
It was three days after the incident with y/n and I was in my room, and my room had y/n’s room on one side, and Sammy’s room on the other side, and they were together. All. The. Damn. Time. Like at night, y/n stayed in Sammy’s room, and once I even heard them fucking. Fucking! Loudly too! So I stayed in y/n’s room, so I wouldn’t hear them through the thin walls of my room. But that night y/n returned to her room while I was in her bed. I was hugging one of her pillows to me, it was incredibly hard for me to sleep without having something to hold onto, I know it sounds weak and sensitive but it’s the truth. But she only owned two pillows and I had one under my head and the other I was wrapped around. “Dean” you heard a whisper. I sat up, rubbing my eyes, it was dark in the room. “Y/n?” I asked unsure. “Yeah..” She replied. Her voice sounded uncomfortable, very very uncomfortable. 
“Hey I’m coming to sleep in my bed so I need one of my pillows if you’re staying. Anyways why are you hear?” She sounded skeptical. “Because you and… Sammy were…. Having sex in the room next to me. You know the walls are VERY thin.” I replied sarcastically. You could imagine the dark red blush crawling to her cheeks as you said that and smiled to yourself but then remembered that she was with your brother. Not you. Your frigging baby brother. “You can stay if you want, but give me my pillow.” She said finally whispered. I pushed the blanket off of myself, deciding that if she was going to take my cuddle pillow I would just go to my own room. “ nah it’s okay.” I replied, standing up. “What?! Why not?!” I swore I could hear disappointment in her voice. That was different. “Well, you’re taking my cuddle buddy from me,” I said pointing to the pillow she now had in her hands, she giggled and jumped onto the bed shoving the pillow under her head and snuggled under the covers. “Poor you, you’ll just have to survive. You’re staying.” She said seriously. I sighed and laid back down, “fine.”
you and Dean Winchester, sleeping in the same bed. That was weird. Well, you still haven’t gotten over the crush, on him if anything it had grown bigger. You and Sam, you didn’t have much together, the sex was good and he was Damn adorable but, you thought you loved Dean, and you had told Sam after having sex, and he totally understood. You guys decided that that would be the end of the relationship and that was that, there were no tears, nothing, like it didn’t really matter. Dean kept squirming around, and finally you gave up, “ for gods sake Dean! If you need something to cuddle with just use me!” You realized what you said and instantly regretted it. But he ended up wrapping his arms around your waist, you flipped over so your cheek was pressed up against his smooth hard chest, you hadn’t realized he was shirtless until that moment, “wait, aren’t you with Sam?” Dean had doubt sneaking into his voice, “no, I told him that I had feelings for someone else.” You whispered back unsure of what you were going to tell him, especially remembering how he had turned you down by saying you were like his sister that night when you got drunk together. You felt his heart speed up and became curious. “ what are you thinking about?” You whispered against his chest. You felt him shudder. “You.”
I felt her lips moving and her breath against my chest and my heart sped up. “What are you thinking about?” Y/n asked me and I couldn’t lie. “You” I replied, and I knew that once those words left my lips they would be out there, and they couldn’t be taken back. “Dean… I need to tell you something.” She said breaking the silence. You were nervous, expecting her to say something about how I was like a brother to her, “Dean I’m in love with you.” She finally whispered. I couldn’t feel her breath on me anymore, she was probably holding her breath. “Y/n I love you too princess.” I finally breathed out, getting the words off of my chest. She hugged me tightly to her and I kissed her on the top of her head, and that was how we fell asleep

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You know I'm not worried for Victor and Yuri's relationship cause like every other time this anime has done soemthing dramatic it never ends up being as bad as we think. Makkachin chokes on buns, we all think the pup's gonna die, turns out Makkachin is 100% okay next episode. Victor shows up to coach Yuri out of nowhere, everyone makes theories about how Victor wants to manipulate/use Yuri, turns out Victor just has a giant loser crush on him. So yeah, I'm sure things will get settled just fine.

exactly, we should know this by now and tbh i don’t see yoi having a sad ending given the opening song and also yuri on ice song, i mean i understand why ppl make drama but still


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Summary: You finally managed to be alone with Mark, but things don’t go as smoothly as planned in the beginning.

Members: Mark x You

Type: Fluff

I hope you guys enjoy <3

-Admin Min

“I’m almost there, i’ll just meet you upstairs okay?”, You were on the phone with your friend, a friend who happened to work at JYP as an assistant and occasionally let you come over to hang out and sometimes gawk at the idols who worked there.

You were now standing in one of the elevators, happy that you were the only one in there since  you were slightly claustrophobic and you just really liked having a lot of space to yourself. “Today i’ll take you to one of the practice rooms, maybe we can stop by and visit Got7, you know Mark will be there of course”, you heard the mocking tone in your friend’s voice and you felt your face getting hot, since you knew what she was saying was true. You had developed a small crush on Mark over the times that you had visited the company, but you swore in your heart that it would be unrealistic to think that anything could happen between you two, so you tried not to obsess over him too much.

You were going to the top floor, so you had a little time to enjoy your little alone time in the quiet elevator, until it stopped and the doors opened. You watched as Mark stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for his floor, and then quietly find a corner of the elevator and stand in it. “I have to go.” You quickly hung up on your friend and stared at the ground,too shy to look up.

The elevator was slowly making it’s way up when you felt a slight jolt, and the contraption completely stopped. You stayed calm at first, desperately hoping that  this was just a small malfunction and that it would be up and running in a second, but you were wrong.  You wanted nothing more but to remain calm around your crush, but your claustrophobia began to kick in you and you felt your body tensing up.

“This is just great…”, you heard Mark whisper under his breath.  You were now beginning to breathe a little heavier, trying to calm yourself down, but to no avail, you were growing more and more nervous. “Hey..are you okay?”, Mark looked at you with pure confusion on his face. “Yes, it’s just- i’m a little claustrophobic but i’ll be fine”, your face was really hot now, you were finally alone with you crush and you were having a panic attack.

He leaned over and pressed the emergency help button, managing to connect with the front desk. The worker at the front desk said that he was sending help, but that the wait would be about 15-20 minutes. You heard that and immediately sunk to the floor, eyes closed and still breathing heavy. 

“You know, I don’t really think you’re okay”, he smirked and looked at you, earning him a side eye glance from you. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh”, he cleared his throat and looked away for a second, and then back to you. “Umm..do you mind if I sit with you?”, he shyly asked as he gestured to the empty space next to you. You were nervous since you would be so close to him, but on the other hand, you really needed some help calming down.

You both sat in silence for a few seconds before he broke the silence once again, something you thought he wouldn’t do since he was normally so shy. “Do you work here? I feel like I’ve seen you around here a lot.” You gave a small grin, happy that he happened to notice you. “No, a friend of mine does actually, I just hang around the office sometimes.” It was now silent once again. “I was actually going to meet her and we planned on going to see your group practice, but I guess we’ll both be late.” You both chuckled in agreement.

You just couldn’t believe it, you were stuck in an elevator with your crush and you were talking, you were actually having a great time and you completely forgot about your panicking. “This is embarrassing, but every time I happened to see you around, I wanted to talk to you, but I just didn’t really know how.” You were shocked to hear that he not only noticed you, but he actually wanted to get your attention. “Well then I guess getting trapped in this elevator together must have been fate.” You laughed and he looked at you and smiled and you just felt nothing but butterflies in your stomach. 

“You know, even though being stuck in here is kinda nerve-wracking, i’m glad I got the chance to talk to you finally and I was wondering…if I could get your number?”, you saw him staring to blush a little. You two were exchanging numbers when you felt the elevator jolt again and you ended up getting scared, causing you to grab onto Mark. “Sorry..I just-”, he stopped you. “It’s okay, It scared me too”, he laughed and gave the arm that was on him, a soft pat.

You were still on the floor when the doors opened and standing in the opening was your very concerned friend, the worker from the front desk, and some members of Got7. “Well I see that you two were pretty cozy in here”, you heard Jackson laugh at you two and you both felt your faces getting hot and decided to quickly get up and out of the elevator. 

Your friend had decided to bring you to her office for a second to get the details on you and Mark’s encounter so you said your goodbyes and began to head separate ways. You had just lost sight of Mark and his members when you got a text from Mark.  “I’m sure that was a bad first date so how about we have a do-over. Meet me after practice later?”. You really couldn’t believe what had happened earlier but you were just glad it happened, and even though getting stuck in an elevator wasn’t so bad today, you kinda had a feeling  that it would be best to take the steps next time.