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Things I hate about summer/warm weather:

  • the warmth
  • humidity
  • bugs
  • sweating
  • all the PEOPLE walking around aka crossing in front of your car without using the cross walk
  • bugs
  • seriously the sweating
  • Trying to dress while considering the temperatures outside/in your car/at work/at home/etc.
  • BUGS
  • humidity yes again because like a) it’s annoying but b) I can’t breathe well when it’s humid bc I had asthma as a kid and I always start wheezing again ugh.
  • all those people going OMG IT’S SO NICE OUTSIDE!!11!!! 
  • (and also you know those’ll be the same people in like 2 months all OMGGG when is summer gonna END, they think I’ll forget but I will not.)

Things I like about summer/warm weather:

  • ?????
  • fruit gets really good
  • ????
  • i mean maybe ice cream and sorbet and froyo but lbr you can enjoy that when it’s like pleasantly 60 or 70 and not muggy and like doom
  • heck I enjoy that in WINTER whatever
  • ???????? 
  • seriously nothing else

Inspired by the Naritai Aquarium PV & episode 11 (+ beginning of 12) with the globe. The animals represent each girl and taken from this post.

HC: Witch You has been lonely all her life, but finds a magical friendship orb!! From there, she summons 8 new friends (who transform into humans later on)!!

Anyways….. I love her pls keep her smile protected thanks.

  • Lance: *blows a kiss into the desert* For Keith.

Three Days of the Citadel: 3 chapters, 6352 words, illustrated

As the Reaper War rages and the Crucible enters its next stage of development, Hackett summons Shepard to the Citadel for what she thinks will be a routine business call. But he has some disturbing news about how the superweapon will actually work, and the Alliance has noticed her starting to crack as the conflict takes its toll. Between dealing with the revelation, fighting to stay at work, and getting dragged into a mystery involving a Cerberus spy, Shepard learns things are about to get much harder - and more personal.

This is a rework/expansion fic for ME3′s volus ambassador mission, trying to give it some more flesh than the brief assignment we got ingame. I also lay some of the groundwork for my headcanon ME3 ending, and there’s a hint of some future Shepard/Zaeed at the end for the shippers. Enjoy!

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@jazzietazziethepunlord (shhhh im in high key denial rip)
last we saw him he was chillin in the void™
like, did he ever actually get taken to the astral plane?? is he just kicking it in some weird limbo?? I need to knowww

You think you can write a few words, call them beautiful, and that’s it? You think that you can write something that means nothing to you, and hope someone else finds some cryptic meaning hidden behind it? You can force your work, but never, ever, write something you don’t take pride in.
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Prompt: Childhood friends Killian/Emma. They get separated cause of the system and when Killian becomes a famous musician, he dedicates one song in each of his concerts, hoping to find Emma.

A/N: angst, just angst… (with a happy ending of course, i’m too weak to leave it on a bad note.)

They first meet in the second grade. Both of them are stubborn and frustrating, according to the teacher. Killian’s persistent to be her friend, but Emma’s isolated and likes to keep to herself. She’s already been tossed around three times in the last two months, she already knows better than to hope any better than she already has been. She knows better than to grow attached to friends because what comes after is more than disappointment - it’s loss and abandonment, it’s sadness and goodbye.

She doesn’t speak to anyone besides the teacher when in class, sitting quietly at her table, ignoring all the looks and whispers from the classmates around her.

They’re told to draw their family.

She doesn’t draw anything - she doesn’t even know the definition of family.

“I only have an older brother,” he tells her, a smile on his face. It’s sad though, a look she’s seen before.

“At least you have him,” she murmurs.

It’s the only few words that come out of her mouth that day, refusing to talk to anyone else. When school is over at 3:30, she waits for her foster parents to come pick her up. She sees Killian run toward another man, supposedly his older brother. The view is better than many. At least his brother cares for him, she thinks to herself.

She sits on the front step in front of the doors, waiting and waiting.

No one comes so she decides to walk home herself.

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“would have solved cold fusion but did fashion instead” is one my favorite lines in phineas and ferb because like. if you want a summary of the flynn-fletcher boys in one sentence, that’s it. and i don’t even mean this in a bad way, like these boys are so sweet and so kind and so smart and they could do anything they wanted, and the things they want to do are… fashion and mazes and rollercoasters and waterslides and animal translators. like these boys are absolute geniuses but they use their smarts to have fun and to let others around them have fun? they’ll solve cold fusion one day, of course they will, but they’re going to set that aside for the day to start a fashion line because that’s what they feel like doing and because why limit yourself? there’s always tomorrow to solve all the world’s problems and for today, let’s just do something fun, and do it well