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Lance has been on mission for two weeks, and Keith’s been waiting up.

He’s been listening closely to each transmission, and Lance sounds okay. He sounds happy, even, at first, since the planet has beaches everywhere, and the locals love to show them off.

“Man, I’m swimming five hours a day, easy, and then we have meetings that last, like, two at most, and then food. Wow, the food is awesome.” Lance laughs as Keith makes a face. “Yeah, be jealous, I’m living it up over here.”

“My last mission involved crawling around mining shafts for three days,” Keith grumbled. “Of course you would get to go to Luxury Resort Planet.”

“Your mission involved you being a big damn hero and saving fifty people from a cave-in,” Lance says, and he’s beaming with pride as he speaks. Keith can’t help the smile when he sees it. “It was amazing.”

“Pidge and Hunk came back already, how come you’re still there?” Keith asks, curious, maybe complaining a little.

“Because they trust me above everyone else, I guess. Something to do with Blue and mine’s affinity for water? Should be done soon.” Lance’s grin is edging into leering territory now, and Keith flushes, annoyed at how easily Lance can do this to him. “Don’t train yourself to death while I’m gone. I know you probably have a lot of, ah, pent up energy —

“Yeah, okay, Shiro’s calling us for dinner, bye now. Keith rolls his eyes, gives Lance a chance to laugh and blow him a kiss before he ends the transmission.

And then a week passes by with nothing, no calls at all. Allura assures him that everything is fine, that she’s still getting Lance’s reports every day, but that negotiations for the alliance are tougher than expected. Lance is refusing to leave until they agree to help protect the smaller, less technologically advanced planets in their system — they have plenty of ships and shields to spare.

Keith falls asleep every night on one of the couches in the observation lounge. Their bed is a little too empty for him, not as warm or as soft for whatever reason …

He’s drowsing now, on that thin edge between light doze and deep sleep, when he feels a tender pressure against his temple. He opens his eyes halfway, sees a flash of deep brown skin, blue eyes, and Lance’s smile. “Hey there, stranger.”

Keith will blame the fact that he’s not completely awake, that he hasn’t been sleeping well for weeks, for the way he jumps up, wrapping his arms tightly around Lance’s shoulders, sending them both crashing to the floor.

“Ow. Hi. But ow.” Lance rubs at his head, but he’s still smiling. “Missed me, huh?”

Keith glares, but he knows it’s not nearly as intimidating as it should be, considering his own lips are up at the corners. “Took you way too long. Should’ve just threatened to shoot them and be done with it.”

“And that’s why Allura sends everyone but you to these things,” Lance laughs out. His hand reaches up, brushing the bangs from Keith’s face, running through the rest of his hair over and over. “I definitely missed you, mullet brain, so tell me how much pining you did while I was gone. All of it, right? All the pining?”

“Nope, nada,” Keith answers, burying his face where Lance’s neck meets his shoulder. 

They lie there for a few minutes, Lance’s hand still stroking through Keith’s hair, his other hand running up and down his spine. Eventually, Lance tugs a little, prompting Keith to lean back.

“C’mon, I really need our bed right now.” Lance sits up so that Keith is straddling his lap. His hands slide down and before Keith can say or do anything, he’s standing up, and Keith has his legs wrapped around Lance’s waist, clutching tightly to keep from falling.

Keith inhales sharply. “Since when —”

“Since years of training, and a few weeks of non-stop swimming,” Lance answers, looking smug. “Yeah, I’m coming for your role as the buff one in our relationship. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

Keith pretends to think as Lance walks them to their room. He raises his eyebrows after a few moments. “Remind you of your place tomorrow when we spar and I kick your ass. But for tonight? Nothing. This is pretty h— nice.”

“Hot? You were going to say hot but you chickened out at the last second!” Lance crows. “Man, I’m gonna get some sexy talk out of you, some day, you’ll see. And then I’ll probably die, but it’ll so be worth it.”

Keith twists a bit as they reach their door, palming the panel so it slides open and Lance doesn’t have to risk dropping him to do it. As soon as they’re inside he’s using his weight to force Lance back against the door, and Lance struggles to keep a firm grip on him, keep them both upright.

“Who’s the more muscular one?” Keith asks, breathes out right against Lance’s ear. He’s rewarded by a shudder, and Lance finally dropping him — Keith lands easily, grinning at Lance, who glares playfully, his blue eyes tired but warm.

“Yeah, yeah — gimmie a couple more weeks, then I’ll be able to bench press you,” Lance says, yawning as he strips down to his shorts, yanking on Keith’s shirt. “Querido, dale. Sleep now.”

Keith is down to his own shorts and in bed with his boyfriend inside of a minute. Lance curls up against him, resting his head on Keith’s chest, and Keith takes his chance to run his own hand through soft brown hair, watching how it curls around his fingers. A soft, happy sound vibrates into Keith’s skin, but no words come from Lance — he’s out.

“I did miss you,” Keith whispers. “Way too much. It was embarrassing.”

Lance just breathes deeply in response.

Keith presses a kiss to the crown of his head, murmuring into his hair, “I love you.”

He’s floating away into sleep himself, and he knows that in the morning, Lance will be there, and he’ll refuse to get up right away; he’ll whine and tease and seduce Keith into staying in bed. And Keith will complain and argue and give in begrudgingly except not really. Because he’d really, truly missed all of this a depressing amount. He’s almost afraid of how happy he is right now.

Lance mutters something about Slav, no, the pancakes exist in this reality and Keith snorts before he’s finally resting for good, a smile on his face and the boy he loves back in his arms.

Notes: I have a paper due tomorrow, and this is what my brain decides to do. Look at this disgusting pile of fluff. C’mon, brain, priorities. *sighs* If anybody reads this, I’m sorry if it’s unbearably sweet — I guess I needed some soft, happy boys to distract from my imminent doom when it comes to this school thing I haven’t even started. *more sighing*

First of all... Yes

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A/N: This was actually requested by @allipotterhead1 (my first request, may I add) and I got a bit carried away but I didn’t want to miss anything out, I hope you like it, I tried my best!

Request: “Jughead x plus size reader, where their relationship is a secret. In which the reader is Kevin’s sister and one time they have a heavy make out session and Kevin, Veronica, Betty and Archie just walk in on them and Betty and Veronica are losing their shit because they ship it so hard, Kevin is totally sweet but excited and already plans their future but Archie asks him why he would date someone like her? I know it’s really specific but I can’t get this idea out of my head and I’m an awful writer… (And I don’t mean to hate on Archie, I really love him, but I love me some good angst)”

Word Count: 2,761 (jeez, this is long)

Warnings: Angst, Archie’s a bit of a dick, there is a swear word, and some makin’ out.

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😭I Like You Okay? (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You and Grayson have feelings for each other it’s obvious but you guys never came out to say anything to one another. You finally built the courage to tell him but when he was in an interview earlier when he was asked about you he said you’re just a friend and weren’t his type and it kinda broke your heart. So you kinda gave him the cold shoulder but he eventually realized and ended up confirming his feelings and idk give it a sweet and fluffy ending

Warnings: None

A/N: So This has 3 parts! The others will be posted soon! Sophie Kaczynski, is a character played on 2 Broke Girls and I felt the name fit for a model!

Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4

“Grayson stop.” I pleaded as he was tickling my sides. Grayson, Ethan, and I were hanging out today and we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast but about a quarter of the way through, Grayson got the idea to start tickling me. Ethan continued to eat his popcorn and watch the movie trying his best to ignore Grayson and I.

“Now why would I do that Y/N?” Huh?” Grayson teases as his finger press and curve into my sides. I giggled and tried to kick him off, except I kicked his cup off of the armrest and on to Ethan, covering him in soda.

“That’s it!” Ethan shouts and he stands up turning to Grayson and I. His white t-shirt now had brown wet splotches from the soda and oil from the popcorn. Grayson leans off of me and looks up to Ethan.

“Sorry about that E. You know how ticklish Y/N is.” Grayson points to me which I smack his hand away.

“Shut up Grayson. You shouldn’t have tickled me in the first place!” I argued back at him.

“I would do it again too Y/N. Don’t test me.” He teases at which he begins to tickle me again. This time he’s tickling more of my lower stomach regions which is one of my more ticklish spots.

“Stop it! Both of you! I’m so tired of this!” Ethan says storming off to the kitchen. Grayson and I exchange a confused look before we got off the couch to follow him.

“Ethan it’s just a little soda calm down.” Grayson says calmly.

“It’s not just the soda. It’s the constant third wheeling of you two. I don’t care if you two like each other, but fucking tell each other instead of making me third wheel everything. I’m tired of getting junk spilled on me.” Ethan peels his shirt off and grabs a washrag to dry himself off.

“What are you talking about? We don’t like each other.” Grayson defends as I feel my heart being ripped out of my chest. Ethan gives Gray a sarcastic are-you-serious look which causes me to chuckle. Ethan looks between Grayson and I and starts to laugh.

“Okay you two keep lying to yourselves, but I have eyes and so does everyone else. I guarantee you’ll be asked about Y/N tomorrow during our interview and ask if you two are dating or something.” Ethan claims as he throws his semi damped shirt back on.

“And I’ll say we aren’t dating. Simple.” I wish we were. I’ve liked Grayson for as long as I can remember. We’ve all been friends for about three years now and I just absolutely adored this man and part of me felt like he felt the same way. Ethan has never been this bold about our flirting, but hearing him say it made me realize he sees Grayson’s flirting too. Knowing that Ethan has noticed our flirting made me feel more confident to tell Grayson I did like him. Ethan scoffed and walked back into the living room.

“Okay while you two keep lying to yourselves, I’m going to go pick an outfit out for tomorrow. Y/N are you still coming to the interview with us tomorrow? I think Gray will be less nervous knowing his girlfriend is backstage.” Ethan teases us which we both rolled our eyes.

“Yeah definitely I’ll be there, if that’s still okay?” I asked shyly. I didn’t know if after all of the teasing that Grayson would still want me there.

“Are you kidding? Of course it’s okay! I need my best friend there because I might fight Ethan on stage.” Grayson wraps his arm around my neck and kisses my temple which creates butterflies in my stomach and leaves me smiling.

“Then yeah I’ll see you two in the morning!” I hugged both of the boys and they went to their apartment down the hall from mine. I walked to my room and flopped on my bed. My phone buzzed and I had a text from Ethan

Ethan👑: Yeah so Gray totally likes you don’t let anything he said tonight discourage you or anything okay?

Ethan knew I liked Grayson. I never even told him, but he knew. When rumors were going around that Grayson was dating Sophie Kaczynski, an instagram model. Ethan saw how I changed. I didn’t hang out with the boys as much as I did before. Ethan and I started to hangout more one on one and he just figured it out. Since then he’s been basically my best friend. Always looking out for me when it came to Grayson. I texted him back ‘okay no problem. See you in the morning’ and I rolled over and drifted off to sleep.


“Let’s go Grayson! I told you to pick your outfit out last night! We’re going to be late and the Uber is here!” Ethan hollers as we wait in their apartment for Grayson to get ready. Ethan was wearing a black shirt with green camo pants and a black leather jacket. I was wearing black ripped jeans with a the twins merch hoodie on. Anytime I went with them to anything I always made sure to wear their merch as a sign of support.

“I’m coming!” Grayson races out of his bedroom wearing a black shirt and a brown leather jacket with black ripped jeans. He looked so good. His hair was even up done in his famous quiff. “Nice hoodie Y/N.” Grayson says and I nodded. I wanted to tell Gray how I felt, but I wanted to tell him after the interview just in case things go down like him getting upset and not being able to focus or me getting upset and not wanting to be around him.

“Let’s go guys!” Ethan pushes us out the door into the Uber as we drive about 20 minutes to the building. The boys showed their VIP pass and I had to show my guest pass to security. We all raced up the stairs before we met with Ellen.

“Hey you guys! Are you guys ready? We’re on in two.” Ellen asks the boys and they nodded with excitement. “Okay you must be Y/N? Wow you’re even prettier in person than on their snapchat with the dog filter on your face.” Ellen says which makes me blush. Ellen called me pretty.

“Ellen! Less than a minute! Go!” A producer shouts before walking away.

“Alright boys let’s go. Y/N you can follow us just stay behind the stage okay?” Ellen asks and I nodded. Grayson looks back at me and flashes me a smile. I flashed one back at him which causes him to giggle. “Wait here.” Ellen says to us as she walks out on stage. She talks some and introduces the boys before they follow after her. They all sit down and talk about many different things. The warehouse, a tour, and what the twins were planning for 2017.

“We have a lot of great things coming this year. We’re so excited to share everything real soon. The warehouse is just the beginning.” Ethan says as he exchanges a smile with Grayson.

“Now what about relationships? Is that something that will be happening in 2017?” Ellen asks and I peep my head up to see their reaction. “Like Grayson let’s talk about Y/N. When will that be a thing?” Ellen asks as the crowd erupts with gasps. Grayson looks frozen, but he then starts laughing.

“Oh no no no no no no No! Y/N and I are just friends. Besides, she’s not really my type anyways.” Grayson was smirking while Ethan was not. He looked back to me to check if I was okay. I wasn’t. I swallowed hard trying not to cry. I could tell Ellen was sort of in shock too not knowing what to say.

“I mean you guys are always on each others socials. I just figured…” Ellen trails off.

“Yeah it’s because we’re best friends. Nothing more and nothing less. Just friends.” Grayson says sternly. His smile faltering to a firm line on his lips. I couldn’t do it. I needed to leave or else everyone would see me cry. I ran off to the exit and went outside. Not knowing what to do now. I texted Ethan letting him know that I was leaving. I called an Uber and waited about five minutes before one pulled up in front of the sidewalk.

“Y/N wait!” I heard Ethan shout as I climbed in the back of the Uber letting my tears fall down my cheeks.

“Where to ma’am?” The driver asks. I gave him my address as we started to drive. “Rough day?” He asks trying to make conversation.

“Yeah. I think I just lost my best friend.” I said as I wiped my tears with my sleeve.

A New Love. {Nessian}

This turned out to be a lot longer than intended. For all the Nessian lovers out there, like myself. Enjoy. ;)

Also, I’m thinking about doing a part two….Let me know what you think!

“Order for Cassian!”

Cassian shot to his feet and hurried to the counter. “Thank you, Lea.”

“Of course, Commander,” the young High Fae smiled, handing Cassian his bag. She was Cassian’s favorite at Orla’s Bakery and Café. Not that he didn’t enjoy the others’ company, but Lea always had a bright smile and an innocence that reminded him of himself so many years ago. “How is she?”

“Good, good,” Cassian nodded, leaning his elbows on the counter. “She’s a tough woman. However, bed rest is not her friend.”

“I wouldn’t imagine so,” Lea laughed. “Let her know we’re thinking about her and we miss her around here.”

“Will do!” Cassian grabbed the bag off the counter, and gave the girl a wink before he rushed out the door.

The sun was high and bright in the early afternoon sky of Velaris. Cassian loved the season of Summer fading into Fall, the air was becoming crisp and the leaves on the trees were beginning to turn bright shades of red and yellow.

He had stopped at Orla’s on the way home from training with Rhysand and Azriel, knowing it was one of the only places Nesta had been craving lately. He had sensed her agitation through the bond, her frustration. He decided he’d do them both a favor, and drop into his favorite restaurant.

He sensed her despair before he walked through the front door.

“Nes?” he asked, closing the door softly behind him. Sweetheart? Where are you?

A sniffle. Upstairs.

Cassian took the stairs two at a time, and braced himself as he entered their bedroom. She was lying in bed, just as she was when he left early that morning. Bat, their golden retriever, was resting his head next to her feet. She was sporting one of his tunics, her bare legs stretched over the blankets. A book was open, sitting on the top of her bump.

Cassian jumped on the bed, landing on his side, and kissed her stomach. “Hello, baby. Is mommy using you as a table again?”

Nesta nudged his arm. “Hush. I smell food.”

“You smell correct,” he winked, opening the paper bag. “Okay. Soup. Chicken and rice.” He took out the bowl, removed the lid, and set it on the nightstand with a spoon. “Then, because I love you, there are two,” he paused, as he removed a smaller paper bag from within and placed it on top of her book, “chocolate chip cookies. There were three, but I may have eaten one on the way home.”

“Thank you,” she smiled, wistfully, placing a hand against his sweaty cheek. “Although, you owe me for the third cookie.”

“I accept that debt.” He leaned forward and kissed her before removing his shirt. “Do you want to go out tonight? You’ve barely moved today. You need to get up and walk around, you know.”

She sighed, and although she didn’t sound it, he felt her frustration. “I know. I’ve walked around the house a few times, up and down the stairs. The Healer wants me to stay on bed rest, though. I’m not sure how much he thinks I should be walking around. I don’t want to hurt the baby.”

Cassian glanced at her, at the way she rubbed her stomach. Worried. She was worried. “Nes, it’ll be good for you to get out of the house. We won’t be gone long. We’ll just do dinner, and if you’re feeling up for it, a short walk.”

He watched her debate with herself, silently.

“I’ll be right there with you,” he offered. “If your pain returns, I’ll be right there to help.”

It had been a week since Nesta woke up in the middle of the night, crying in pain, holding onto her lower abdomen. The baby, Cass, wake up! She had said, causing Cassian to wake in a panic. He had seen Nesta cry, but it was rare. And to cry because she was in pain? That never happened.

Fear had clouded his thoughts as he jumped out their bedroom window and took to the sky. It was nearly four in the morning when he pounded on the Healer’s door, begging her to come at once. She did, and told them that everything was fine, but to be safe, Nesta should stay in bed.

Nesta hated being secluded to the house, to sitting and waiting and letting boredom control her emotions. But, she did it. For the baby.

“Fine,” she said, defeated. “I would love to get out. But, we’re staying close by.”

Cassian couldn’t help but smile at the excitement that swept through his body. Her excitement.

“Get dressed. I’m going to run through the shower.”

Nesta scoffed. “But, I need to eat my soup first.”

Cassian paused. “I….But, I’m taking you to dinner.”

She blinked, then raised an eyebrow. “What’s your point?”

He backed away, slowly, toward the door of the washroom. “Nothing, sweetheart.”

Shrugging, she devoured her soup.

Turning on the scolding water and kicking off his pants, he left the bond wide open. He did that more often, lately, worried about how she was holding up. Nesta always put on a brave face, but he knew her. He knew she held her emotions in. Not as much with him, not anymore, but every now and then there was a fear she wasn’t telling him, a fear she didn’t want to burden him with.

He let the hot water hit his skin, washing away the dirt and grime. He listened as she finished her soup, then the cookies. He listened as she fed Bat, then told him he was a good boy. He listened as she walked into their closet, and started cursing at everything that didn’t fit.

He only stopped listening when the door was pushed open, and she stormed in, stopping in front of the mirror.

“Nothing fits!” she groaned. “I’m not going, Cass.”

“What? Why?” he opened the glass door and stuck his head out.

She turned to him. The dress was barely able to be pulled past her stomach. “I don’t have anything to wear.”

Now that he thought about it, since her bump had gotten bigger, she mostly wore his tunics around. Cassian turned off the water and stepped out onto the mat. His mate didn’t bother to hide her gaze as he dried himself off and wrapped a towel around his waist. Stopping in front of her, Cassian smiled. “You are more beautiful now than the day I met you, you know that? And the day I met you….you were devastating.”

“Then why do I feel like garbage?”

“Because you’re carrying our miracle baby,” he brushed her hair back, and kissed her forehead. Leaning her head against his chest, she breathed him in. “Apparently, feeling like garbage is a side effect.”  

Nesta sighed. “What am I supposed to wear?”

He narrowed his eyes, and ran a hand through his wet, curly brown locks. “Wear the red one.”

And she did. The long, ruby dress nearly reached her ankles, although there was a slit in the side that allowed the skirt to flow with the wind. It didn’t cling too tightly to her bump, which he knew Nesta appreciated.

Cassian wore a deep, green tunic and a pair of black pants that his mate had bought him on a recent shopping trip in the city with her sisters. He had to admit that they made him look quite handsome.

The people of Velaris stopped and talked to the couple, and Nesta was happy to provide them with answers. She was glowing, a radiant mother already in love with her unborn child.

She clung to Cassian’s hand, as if it were the only thing controlling her fear. As they reached the restaurant they would be eating at, Cassian leaned into her ear and tickled it as he whispered, “How are you feeling?”

Nesta took a deep breath, and nodded. “Pretty good. Starving.”

After checking in with the owner, Cassian led Nesta to a table on the back patio, overlooking the river. For a moment, their recent stress disappeared and it was just the two of them, carefree and laughing about nothing at all as the sun set behind the landscape of mountains and water.

Although, it did not take long before their joy became the topic of discussion.

“Any new names you’ve thought of?” She asked, propping her chin in her hand, pushing her finished dinner away.

“Olivia,” he said, certainly. “I like Olivia for a girl.”

She nodded, considering. “It’s cute.”


She shook her head. “Nothing has felt right yet.”

“Well,” he began, swallowing his final bite of pasta. “Have you decided if you’d rather have a boy or a girl?”

“A boy,” she didn’t hesitate. “A boy with the heart of his father.”

Cassian’s eyes softened, as he took Nesta’s hand across the table. “I want a girl. A girl who is everything like her mother.”

A tear slid down her cheek, and she quickly looked away.

Gasping, Nesta snatched her hand away and slid her chair back. “Um-“

“Are you okay?” Cassian was on his feet in an instant, all his primal instincts kicking in. “Are you hurting?”

“No, I-“ She halted, looking down at the floor, scarlet brushing along her cheekbones. “I think we’re going to be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl sooner than we thought.”

Looking over the table, Cassian’s face turned green at the liquid that had gathered on the floor below her. “Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Can you stand?”

She rose to her feet and took a step toward him. “I’m fine-“

“I’m taking you to Rhysand’s. It’s closer, and everyone is there. They can sit with you while I go get the Healer.”


“Do you want to fly there? I can fly you there. Do you want me to fly you there?”


“How are you feeling? Is it coming now? Oh, shit, am I going to deliver-“


He stopped, and looked into the eyes of the love of his life. “Yes?”

“You’re panicking.”

“Uh, yeah, why aren’t you?”

She laughed, tears pooling in her gray-blue eyes. “Let’s walk. I’m okay with walking.”

Cassian kissed her lips, softly, gently, then nodded. “Okay. Let’s walk.”

Supporting his mate, Cassian walked away from the last evening that was just the two of them. Soon enough, they would become three. A family.

Makeup Voiceover;Johnny

Request: Hiii I loved your Jaehyun voiceover scenario, can you please make one for Johnny if you haven’t already? Thanks! :) ♡

  • i actually love writing this series oh my
  • but in reality i dont know a single thing about makeup
  • so sorry if it gets really boring and repetitive for each member ;-;
  • google’s my best friend, if not i wouldn’t even know a single brand yes
  • okay let’s start with chicago monster let’s go

  • so many of your subscribers wanted him to do the makeup voiceover challenge

  • firstly because he has his own youtube channel too, and both of you are like the power youtube couple
  • and he’s always mentioning about you, so are you
  • but mainly because
  • in your vlog once you caught him on tape once using your eyeliner as a pen
  • “oh my god johnny what are you doing”
  • “i’ve never seen a pen like this before?? omg it’s so watery”
  • “are you serious omg HAHAHA GUYS look at my boyfriend”
  • “what????”
  • “it’s an eyeliner johnny”
  • “a what- OH NO WONDER HAHAHA”
  • “this is what i have to deal with everyday guys- a clueless giant, unlike on his channel where you all only see his cool side”
  • which is why tons of comments started to come in after that vlog
  • saying that it’d be hilarious to see johnny doing it
  • so after talking to johnny about it he agreed
  • because he was confident in himself
  • so one day you push him out of your room so you can film the video
  • and every 5 minutes you’d hear him screaming
  • after 45 minutes you let him in
  • and he has this cheeky smile on his face
  • and you can tell he’s very excited
  • “okay start now!!”
  • so he plays the video and starts recording
  • “hello everyone, it’s johnny seo here and im finally here to do the makeup voiceover”
  • “apparently because you guys are excited to laugh at me over that eyeliner incident”
  • “okay enough talking let’s start”
  • “just look at bare faced Y/N, so pretty”
  • “so first off, foundation”
  • “she’s using the l'oreal paris brand one”
  • “oh she’s taking her beauty blender- SEE GUYS I KNOW WHAT IT IS’
  • “yeah it’s because i told you after you endlessly referred it to an egg months ago”
  • “you all didn’t hear that-”
  • “squeeze a little out on the blender and dab it on your face”
  • “blend and make sure there aren’t any patches”
  • “i honestly dont see any difference?? but oh well you look good nonetheless”
  • “okay moving on”
  • “she’s doing her eyes”
  • “she always talks about this- her favourite palette, the Lorac Pro? is that the name- eyeshadow palette!!”
  • “today she’s using the light pink shade”
  • “with a little bit of nude”
  • “she looks like she’d winking- at me of course HAHA”
  • “oh she’s done!”
  • hears his own shout in the background of the video
  • “wait was that me?”
  • “yes it was”
  • “sorry guys, i was too excited”
  • “over with that,”
  • “oh it’s that pen! oh wait eyeliner-”
  • “why is she laughing”
  • “wait babe why aren’t you putting it on”
  • “just wanted to bring it in for some laughs, didn’t use it for this look hehe”
  • “justice for johnny guys, save me from this evil girlfriend”
  • “but damn she looks so cute laughing though”
  • “okay she’s cooled down- her face’s still red though aw”
  • pinches your cheek
  • “she taking out another stick”
  • “the uh nyc wonder stick that is”
  • “woah wait what it has two ends to it HOW COOL”
  • “baby’s using the lighter end”
  • “drawing lines on her upper cheek”
  • “oh she’s turning to the darker end”
  • “and drawing lines again?”
  • “what is this for- oh she’s blending it”
  • “oH i think it’s called contouring and highlighting?”
  • “you’re right babe”
  • “h a h”
  • “oh look her shining”
  • “god so gorgeous”
  • “my heart’s beating too quickly i can’t do this anymore do we still have a long way to go?”
  • “stop it omg. almost there, babe”
  • “why is she laughing again-”
  • “i think i just heard another shout from outside….”
  • “sorry guys”
  • “okay she’s done again, and applying blush right now”
  • “just look at her rosy cheeks!!!”
  • “did i mention the brand?”
  • “i didn’t catch it oh no i got distracted im so sorry”
  • “but it’s er-”
  • “i’ll just insert a caption don’t worry about it”
  • “my babe’s the best”
  • “oh i think this is the last one- lipstick!!!”
  • “look at those plump lips-”
  • “she’s using the Neutrogena one-”
  • “it looks like a crayon?? IS THIS A CRAYON?”
  • “wow i learn new things everyday”
  • “okay but just look at this cutie pouting her lips”
  • “and…. she’s done!!!”
  • “wow, im in love with a goddess”
  • “this is my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “this video ended too quickly???”
  • “aw anyways thank you for watching and please do continue supporting Y/N!!”
  • “and if you didn’t know, we come in a package so do check my channel out too- kidding”
  • “do subscribe, like and comment, this has been Y/N’s wonderful boyfriend, johnny!”
  • after he’s done he has the most satisfied smile on his face
  • and he attacks you with a hug for no reason
  • and your heart just melts because, he’s the funniest yet sweetest person ever??
  • “babe i think i should delete my own channel and join yours instead”
Second Chance - Nick Robinson


“Nick Robinson imagine where Nick asked out the reader on a date (which is his crush) and tells her to meet him at this restaurant and hours past by and he never showed up and the reader is upset bc she thought that he actually like her, but he stood her up. And the next day at school she gave him the silent treatment and smacked him across the face and he try’s to make it up to her cuz he really likes her and didn’t mean to stood her up. The rest is up to you. Srry it’s so long😁”

“Miss, would you like to order yet?” The smart looking man was once again stood next to my slouched figure, my eyes tingling with tears as the embarrassment settled in.

This was the 6th time he had been over, In two hours. Yep, two whole hours i was pathetically sat at this small table in this stupidly fancy restaurant.

I should’ve left, I know I should’ve. But there was still that small slither of hope tingling within me, the thought that Nick was going to walk through those doors, greeting me with a beautiful smile.

I was pathetic, really. I shook my head at the tall male, gripping my purse in my small hands before hastily walking away from the table and towards the car park. The air was cold and it nipped painfully at my legs and arms, the wind whipping my hair around my face and shoulders.

Clambering into my car I smacked my hand down on the steering wheel in a burst of anger, the action causing the car to move slightly. Taking deep breaths I straightened out my wind swept hair and brushed away the few tears that had left my eyes and raced down my rosy cheeks.

I had been stood up. I should’ve known the moment the notorious Nick, my own crush, had walked towards me and passed me a slip of paper holding the messy scrawl of details for the night.

“A date” he’d said when my face had show utter confusion, “you and me, Saturday night”. The words had caused my heart to pound harder than ever before, a smile stretching on my lips before I found myself nodding. I should’ve known it was too good to be true. How naive of me to agree so soon and believe that Nick actually had a thing for little old me.

Sighing one more time, I shoved my bag onto the passenger seat and started up my car. I ignored the harsh pricking in my eyes and the knot in my chest as I made my way home. Tomorrow was going to be torture.

“Y/N wait! Hey wait up!” Nicks calls echoed in the hallway, dragging unnecessary attention to me and him. I confined to walk, drowning out his persistent calls with my own thoughts. Clutching my books tighter i weaved between students and kept my head down, surely they already knew what had happened.

A large hand gripped my elbow tightly, the action causing my body to jolt and my arms to release my heavy books onto the carpeted floor. They cluttered messily around my feet, the tanned hand still gripping my elbow as I stood still, the hallway now silent.

“Y/N, Please” Nicks voice held desperation yet I still ignored him. He expected me to talk to him after I had waited and been humiliated by him? Huh, No way!

“Go Away!” My voice was harsh as I ripped my elbow out of his grip and collected my books, I knew my face was red with anger and I didn’t even want to look at Nick, it would only fuel my anger towards him more.

“Why are you being like this!? Just-” He didn’t get to finish. The sound of my slap echoed off the hallway walls, followed by people taking in sharp intakes of breath and gasp in shock as they watched on from the sidelines.

“Don’t you dare! Why am I being like this? Oh just piss off Nick!” I had quite frankly, had enough. I wasn’t going to waste my time any longer on someone who wanted nothing more than a joke to play, he wasn’t worth my time.

Nick stood frozen, his hand covering the side of his face that my hand had collided with. He didn’t look mad, just shocked. His dark hair was messy on his head and his other hand was resting slightly on his bag strap, jaw clenched and eyes filled with determination.

I sighed a heavy sigh, “just don’t okay?” I spoke tiredly, Nicks face softening as he watched me turn and walk away from his stiff figure, what now?

“Can I get everyone’s attention.. HEY! EVERYONE!” My head snapped to the sound of the shout, instantly finding the source I groaned and covered my face with my hands. Here we go.

“So recently, I asked a beautiful girl on a date” cheers erupted from the cafeteria as Nick stood high on one of the tables. “She said yes, go me!” He laughed heartily as his eyes searched the room ,skimming over everyone before he reached me.

“I was excited as hell, I mean who wouldn’t be? I booked a reservation and planned how I was gonna look handsome as fu..dge” more cheers. “.. Only, I never turned up” his head Hung lowly as the cheers and chatter turned to boos and “what the hell Nick!” He started to smile slightly at the response carrying on nonetheless.

“I know, I know. I’m an ass” I nodded along with the groups of people, he really was.

“But I want to make it right. Y/N I really am sorry, and I wanted you to know that I really do like you, I have done for a while” scratching the back of his neck nervously he looked my way for a reaction. My heart was hammering harshly against my rib cage as my face turned a bright Crimson colour, oh my god.

“I want to make it up to you.. If you’d let me” everybody’s eyes were now on me, the bar now set higher than ever.

Nick clambered down from the table, his feet speedily dragging over to my own table, standing right infront of my sitting figure.

“How do I know you’re not lying? I’m not going to be let down again-”

Nick cut me off, his smirk appearing as he covered my mouth with his hand.

“If I was lying, would I do this?” I panicked, do what!?

In seconds his lips were stuck to mine, the soft skin of his own meshing with mine to make a sweet kiss. He gripped my cheeks in his hands and mine went to his hair, the kiss deepening.

Was this really happening?? Oh my god!

He pulled away slowly, teasing as he held my bottom lip in his teeth softly before letting go fully and looking me in the eye.
We just- oh god I hated PDA! who am I turning into??

“So, what do you say? Will you Y/N Y/L/N do me the honour of going on a- well another- date with me?” His eyes held a lot of hope as he stared up at me, his hands still pressing on my face.

I smiled brightly before removing his hands.

“Nope!” I smiled again, the cafeteria bursting into whispers as they all - still - looked on at the current scene.

“Okay so I’ll pick you up- whAT!?” His face was bright red, confusion clouding his features as he stood up abruptly. He was super tall, his body looming over my own small frame; seeing him wound up was actually hot as hell.

“I’m just kidding you idiot. I’ll go on a date with you. but this is the last chance because I really like you Nick and I’m not going to be mess-” his lips were on mine again in another kiss, his hands gripping my hips as he hugged me closer for the second time in the past 10 minutes.

Maybe there is room for second chances.

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THIS IS LAME AF I APOLOGISE !!! ITS 1:30AM AND IVE HAD A SHIT DAY, I always promise to update and write a lot but so much stuff happens and gets in the way:(( I’m a sucky writer and account holder so I really do apologise. Anyway, this was short as heck but enjoy, sorry for mistakes an crappiness:)))

Just Acting

Warnings: mentions of blood

Characters: J2, actriss reader, Sam and Dean Winchester.

Summary: J2 get emotional during a scene so you help them (idk how else to explain it without spoiling it.

Word Count: 661 (i know it’s short it was just a little something i though of)

S/N/N: sisters name, i didn’t know what name to use for their sister so i’ll let you guys decide.

Y/N: your name

Y/N/N: your nickname

You felt as the thick velvet blood trickled down your head, as tears stained your cheeks you looked up to them. Sam and Dean, one of them at each side of you holding your hand, their eyes equally glassy but they tried to maintain strong for you. You looked down at your abdomen, it looked ripped and torn blood oozing out all around.

“You’re okay, it’s gonna be okay. We’ll get you outta here and you’ll be better in no time.” Said Dean squeezing your hand tightly and kissed it softly.

“De, Sammy…” You choked up blood before continuing, “It’s okay…. It’s my time to leave now…” You finished, breathing heavily between each frase.

“No S/N/N, we’ll get you out of this. We’ll save you, just like we always do!” Sam said sobbing he couldn’t lose his baby sister, not now, not like this.

“Look at me… i want you to promise me something..” You said trying to look at them but a sharp pain in your neck stopped you from doing do. “Promise me…. you won’t do anything stupid..” You said smiling tightly, more tears cascaded down your cheeks rolling down onto the floor.

“Okay” they both said hesitantly knowing what you meant by that.

“Smile for me… if i’m gonna die… i wanna see you happy one last time… even if it’d fake…” You choked out your voice hoarse and soft almost like a whisper but your breathers caught everything. Still sobbing they smiled for you, it was small and pitiful but a smile. With that you were content finally letting the tall skeleton-like man you knew as death take you, leaving your brothers for the last time. They sobbed into your shirt, Dean grasping your face trying to find life in his baby sister, trying to find life in his world.

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Summary: Jessica is relieved that you and Sam got back safe, and the brothers’ reunion with their father doesn’t go as you expected
Words: 4.5k 
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess 
Warnings: episode-related injury

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

Jess was so relieved to see you when you eventually got back to the motel that she started to cry the second you opened the door.

She rushed over to you, pulling you into a rough hug and burying her face in your neck. You were certain you smelled terrible after your time trapped in a cage, but she didn’t mention it or seem to care when her tears were falling onto your shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay,” you soothed, hugging her back and stepping the two of you to the side to let the brothers into the room. “Jessy, I’m here, we’re here, we’re okay.”

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Bob Morley Imagine: Secretly


Summary: Reader and Bob are secretly dating. However, their characters just got together on the show and on a conference everyone teases them about it. It makes them, especially reader, feel uncomfortable. So reader confronts the cast members about it and Bob unintentionally reveals that they are dating which makes cast freak out.

Word count:1353

Originally posted by love-is-equal66

I couldn’t decide if this con was disaster or the best time of my life. It was the first con when I and Bob were a couple. The problem was that no one knew.

We had decided to keep it a secret. In fact I didn’t know why, but it was Bob’s idea. He thought that it would be better because it would prevent us from getting various kinds of reactions from fans. Because this fandom could be really harsh towards the actors and make our lives a living hell.

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Hurt// Zach Dempsey

Requested by: @xwannabequeenx

I’m so sorry its so late I was sick but I hope you like it.

Y/N please stop ignoring me

I saw Zach send what seemed to be the 50th text. I watched as he started calling I stared down at my phone before shutting it off.

“Wow what did he do?” Bryce smirked.

“Nothing just drive.” I stared ahead at the dashboard in anger. It all started this morning.

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Soulmates - (1/?)

Summary: You asked Jeff, a senior you barely knew, for a ride home while he was going on the beer run.

Warnings: Swearing. Angst. It’s kind of sad. Also it’s a little different from the show. It will have a continuation. Don’t give up on it just yet, it will be a nice story.


Jessica’s party was terrible. There was no other word for it. You went there with your best friend, who got drunk and left with some jock, completely forgetting she was your ride home. You were sitting alone on the swing outside, watching stupid teens making out, getting wasted and playing boring games. You couldn’t ask your parents to pick you up, since they were on a date night and you didn’t want to ruin it, so you just waited for someone to go home and give you a ride.

It took almost an hour, but suddenly you spotted a guy getting in his car.

“Hey!” you called. He didn’t seem to listen. You looked at his face, trying to remember his name. He was clearly a member of the baseball team, considering the blue cap on his head. Brown hair, blue eyes… you did remember him. He was a senior. But his name escaped you completely.

He was leaving and you were missing your chance to go home. It was something with a J. James? Jack? Jake?

“Jeff!” You called again, proud of yourself for finally remembering. He looked up to you. “Hi. Hmm… I know we don’t know each other, but I really need a ride home. Is that okay?”

He smiled, kindly.

“Of course, ma'am. Jump in my carriage”

“Thank you” you said, and sat on the passenger seat. He got comfortable on the driver seat and started the car.

“Where do you live?” he asked.

“307 Ave Harrison”

Jeff narrowed his eyes, trying to remember how to get there.

“It’s near Pizza Hut” you tried to help. Something seemed to click on his brain and he smiled again.

“Oh, I know where it is. Do you mind if I take the shortcut near the woods?”

You gasped. It sounded like something a psycho would say. Do you mind if I take you to a shortcut near the woods, where no one will hear your screams while I kill you?

“Well…” you started, a little worried. Jeff widened his eyes.

“I now realize I sounded like a murderer” he laughed uncomfortably. “I mean you no harm, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’m not heading home, I’m on a beer run, and everyone at the party will be really pissed if I don’t get back quickly”

“Oh” you said, still a little unsure. “Okay, you can take the shortcut”

You told yourself he wouldn’t hurt you. Everybody adored him at school. Even you, who barely knew him, heard a few times about his kindness and gentleness. That’s not the description that bad guys (such as Bryce Walker) got. You tried to relax, but the feeling that something was about to go terribly wrong just wouldn’t leave you.

“Are you a senior too?” He asked, trying to break the ice.

“Junior” you answered with a shy smile.

“I see. Do you know Clay and Hannah?”

“Yeah. I mean, I never really talked to them, but we take some classes together” you explained.

“Clay is my tutor” Jeff mentioned, and then seemed really embarrassed. “I-I mean, I’m failing on history and economics but that’s it. I’m not a role model when it comes to school but I’m not dumb, I swear”

You giggled, forgetting all about the bad feeling.

“Calm down. I won’t judge you. I’m failing chemistry and physics” you confessed. “I’m more of an arts person”

“Really? I always took you as a math genius or something”

“Always? You just met me!” you laughed again.

“That’s not true, (Y/N). I’ve seen you around”

“You know my name!” you were surprised. “Well, anyway, I’m not a genius of any kind”

“What about the arts?”

“Oh, that’s even harder. You think you’re doing great and then you remember people like Picasso and Da Vinci, at your age, were doing a thousand times better than you. And that’s just plastics”

“You can’t think like that!”

“But it’s true!”

“What if Babe Ruth thought he could never be as good as the players that came before him and gave up on baseball?”

Jeff seemed really passionate about whoever was it he was talking about.

“Jeff? I don’t know who Baby Ruth is”

“Babe Ruth” he corrected with a giggle. “Jesus, lady, the man was a legend”

“I’ll google it as soon as I get home, I promise”

He glanced at you, smiling, with a charming look on his eyes. Then he looked at the road again and changed the subject.

“We’re near the shortcut entry. Are you sure you’re okay with it?”

“Yeah, go for it”

He turned left and you saw the woods ahead. The road skirted a cliff at the very edge, leaving the drivers dangerously close to the sharp rocks underneath. It looked like the scenery of a horror movie. That awful feeling from before crawled back into your chest. You looked at Jeff, who seemed like he didn’t have a worry on the world, and realized he didn’t had his seatbelt on.

“Jeff, your seatbelt” you reminded him.

“What?” he frowned.

“Your seatbelt, it’s not on” you started panicking. The feeling was getting worse. Something was about to happen, and it would be bad. Really bad. “Please, Jeff, put it on”

“Okay, okay” he removed one hand from the steering wheel and reached for the belt. That’s when it happened.

There was a hole on the asphalt. As soon as the car passed by it, one of the wheels got stuck. You immediately put your arm in front of Jeff’s torso so he wouldn’t be thrown out the window. The car keeled over and stopped upside down on the middle of the road. There were glass shards and drops of blood everywhere.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” He asked, and then looked at your arm. “Fuck. Your arm. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry”

“It’s fine, calm down. Are you hurt?” You removed your arm from the protective grip and took a look on the glass shrapnels puncturing your skin.

“I-I don’t think so. But we need to get out of here” he said, and tried to open his door. It was stuck. “Try yours”

Stuck too.

“Let’s get out through the broken window” you suggested. He nodded. You had barely moved an inch when you saw a strong light coming towards you.

“Wha-” Jeff started.

“Truck” you gasped.

“Get out!” He screamed at you, pointing at the broken window.

“No time! Fuck, fuck, fuck, seatbelt Jeff!” you yelled. He desperately reached for his seatbelt, but not in time.

The truck didn’t see the car on the dark and hit it, throwing the vehicle all the way down the cliff.

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 8

I genuinely feel like I rushed the character development in this story and I hate myself for that.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8 - Here  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15

Your detention soon came to an end and you were quick to question the boys on their motives.

“Ask Jungkook. I don’t know why the fuck we’re doing this.” You should have expected such a reply from Yoongi.

Taehyung bounced into your vision, his rectangular smile present on his face.

“We wanted to hang out with you so we got ourselves in trouble on purpose!” He definitely seemed too enthusiastic for someone who is jeopardising his school records.

“You wanted to hang out… in detention? This is a joke, right?” Either they had completely lost the plot or were desperate to speak with someone they didn’t see every moment of every single day.

“Ignore Tae, he’s being stupid. The real reason is because Jungkook was worried that that girl from before would try to start something again.” Jimin piped up from beside a whining Taehyung, a cute grin spreading on his lips.

“Hyung!” Jungkook shoved Jimin with such force that he disappeared from your sight. Blinking a couple of times, you watched as he jogged back and playfully pushed Jungkook.

“What’s wrong? I’m just telling her what she wants to know.” A glare was what he got in return before Jungkook turned on his heel and walked out of the school gates. The rest of you took that as your cue to leave, following behind.


The boys had walked you halfway home before you all parted ways. When you had arrived home, you explained what had happened to your mother, who had received a phone call over your behaviour. She seemed to understand the situation better than you had initially thought she would and warned you to keep out of trouble.

Making your way to your room, you flung yourself on your bed and checked your messages from Areum.

‘Y/N! Are you okay?’

'What happened?’

'I’m sorry you got in trouble for me…’

Areum was so sweet, it made you question how someone such as herself existed.

'I’m okay, Areum. I’ve got detention for a week though lol.’

Within a matter of seconds you received a reply.

'How can you be so calm about that!? You’re a perfect student.’

'I’m still a good student Areum. Now everyone knows that I’m not all talk haha.’

You could imagine the worried look that was present on her face at this very moment.

'If you say so… thank you for defending me. I don’t know what I’d do if we weren’t friends.’

'You probably wouldn’t have been in that kind of situation but it’s alright.’

She ended the conversation with a laughing face and you sighed to yourself.

Now to try and survive the rest of the week with Hye Mi.


The next 2 days of school were uneventful, although you were the topic of everyone’s discussions. You seemed to be the centre of everyone’s attention as well which made you mildly uncomfortable, mainly because it resulted in conversations being initiated with unfamiliar students. Speaking to new people just wasn’t a strong point for you.

As the end of the day arrived, you speedily made your way to your detention, arriving before Hye Mi and the boys. The teacher supervising the detention stood upon your entrance and beckoned you over.

“Y/N, I’ve discussed the situation with the principal and we’ve decided that you don’t have to attend detention for the rest of the week.”

Confusion spread on your face as you raised your eyebrows in surprise. “Um… can I ask why?”

She smiled at your confused face before nodding at you.

“Well… the thing is, we know you’re not a bad student. It’s just… you seem to be influenced by the wrong students.”

Wrong students? Surely she didn’t mean…

“Are you talking about Jungkook and his friends?”

“Of course. Who else could it be?”

Anger began to boil inside you and you willed yourself to keep as calm as possible. She was trying to pin the recent events on Jungkook and his influence. Did she honestly believe you couldn’t think for yourself?

“Oh I don’t know, maybe Hye Mi? She’s an instigator in case you hadn’t realised.”

“Y/N! That’s not the point. The point is we want you to keep your distance from the boys. They’re just trouble for a good student like you.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“I have to keep my distance from the boys who stood up for me when no one else would? When no teachers took notice of the kind of bullying I had to be subjected to? If anything they’re the reason I’m more confident and I am able to defend myself more these past few weeks.”

She seemed shocked to say the least. Anyone would. You were known to be a compliant student who never spoke back and defied teachers. Despite your calmness when delivering your words, the anger that was poorly hidden was clear in your voice.

“They’re the only ones who cared enough to protect me… no offence Miss but where were you when I needed help?”

Rather than reprimanding you, she instead bowed her head in guilt because as much as she’d like to deny it, she was a bystander to the bullying taking place in the school.

“I’m sorry Miss but I can’t stop being friends with them just because a couple of teachers order me to. Contrary to popular belief this isn’t a prison. Oh, and they’re not bad students, just misjudged a lot.”

Seeing she had no more to say, you strode out of the room only to be greeted with Jungkooks figure leaning against the wall. When he noticed your presence, he turned his attention to you and smirked, satisfied with the 'speech’ you had given.

“Kookie…” Jungkook pushed himself off the wall and sauntered towards you, eyes never leaving yours.

Slightly crouching down, he placed a longing kiss on the corner of your mouth, making you stiffen. Retracting himself, he stepped back, his signature bunny-like grin appearing and a faint pink dusting over his cheeks.

“I’m proud of you…” Not giving you a chance to think of a reply, he drifted into the classroom leaving you standing alone.

“What’s up, Teach?”

His voice snapped you out of your trance and you reached your hand up to where he had placed a kiss.

“That… that jerk is going to be the death of me.” Your soft smile betrayed the annoyance your words held. Shaking your head, you shuffled out of the school and walked home, mentally replaying the scene over and over.


You’d like to think that the kiss was Jungkook’s subtle way of telling you that he felt something for you but you would rather not jump to conclusions. It was an eye opener, however, as it made you realise that certain interactions you both shared were ones that would imply that something was happening between the both of you. Thinking about these actions caused heat to rush to your face and you buried your face into your pillow in a pathetic attempt to calm yourself down.

Your phone chimed, alerting you to a new message and you all but threw yourself at your desk.

'Hey, what are you doing right now?’

The message was from Jungkook which caused an unconscious smile to spread on your face.

'Worrying about the consequences of my 'speech’. Why?’

'Just got out of detention. I want to see you.’ No matter how many times he was blunt with you, Jungkook never failed to surprise you. Switching into a seated position, you contemplated how to reply. You didn’t want to come across as desperate because you definitely were not but you didn’t want to put it off for another day.

'Okay, where?’

You arranged to meet at the local park in an hour. No one would be there at this time so it would be just the two of you.

It wasn’t a date, in fact it’s far from one so why were you nervous?

You dwelled on this for longer than you had anticipated since you received a message from Jungkook, notifying you he was already there.


Dashing down the stairs, you told your mother that you’d be back soon whilst pulling on your shoes.

“Just be safe and call me if there is any trouble!”

“Tell Jungkook his sister in law said hi.”

You didn’t even have the time to snap at your younger sister. Your arguments always lasted minimum fifteen minutes, which you didn’t have to spare. Instead you rushed out of your house and speed walked to the arranged destination, spotting his figure sitting on one of the swings. His head was bowed but soon snapped up when he heard your footsteps approaching. Sitting beside him, you placed your hands between your legs and stared straight ahead at nothing in particular.

A comfortable silence settled between you and you patiently waited for him to break it.

“What are you doing to me?” Uncertainty washed over you at his question and you peeked at his face. He in turn lowered his head again and dug the heel of his timberlands into the ground, waiting for your reply.

“I’m going to have to ask you to elaborate Jungkook.” A deep chuckle left him and he turned his attention to your face, seemingly analysing your next actions.

“You’ve noticed how I’ve changed. How I treat you. There’s no way you haven’t.”

So this is what he’s talking about.

“Yeah, I’m not stupid. What I want to know is if it’s for the reasons I think it’s for.”

“I think you know the answer to that.”

That shocked you a little bit.

“Let me ask you again. What are you doing to me? Why is it everytime you smile I want it to be only for me? Why is it everytime you’re upset, I want to punch the shit out of the person who upset you? What is it about you that makes me want to always be by your side?”

You were sure your jaw was hanging wide open at the out of character things Jungkook was saying. Maybe, just maybe, you were interpreting what he was saying the wrong way.

“Because we’re best friends. Isn’t that what best friends want?” He scoffed at your sentence and for a second you worried that you had given the wrong answer.

“Cut the shit, Y/N. Are you trying to friend zone me or something? We could be more than friends. I want us to be more than friends.”

“You want what now?”

He stood from his swing and proceeded to walk to the spot directly in front of you.

“Are you that slow? Fucking shit, I like you! Maybe even l-lo… you get the fucking point.”

Today was just a day for revelations, wasn’t it?

“Okay, slow down please. Since when?”

A deep sigh escaped his lips and he glanced to the side, avoiding eye contact with you.

“I don’t know… it’s kind of always been there. You’re the only girl who understands me and would never hurt me. You’ve always cared for me even when I allowed other people to treat you like shit. Ah, I’m such a fucking loser.”

Running a hand through his hair in frustration, he turned his back on you pulling out a cigarette box. You didn’t know what to say, the words being caught on your tongue. So you done the first thing you thought of.

Pushing the swing back with as much force as you could muster, you allowed yourself to fly forward and all but flew into Jungkook’s back. Upon colliding, you wrapped your arms around his neck, his body breaking your fall. Bringing your head to the crook of his neck, you yelled into his ear.

“Smoking is bad for you, dumbass!”

Struggling to turn underneath your weight, he managed to rotate his boy and glare at you.

“You’re actually a freak. Did you know that? I don’t understand why I lik-”

Your warm lips connected with his in the heat of the moment, effectively shutting him up. His crescent eyes grew as wide as saucers whilst you shut yours in an attempt to avoid making your first kiss anymore awkward than it already was.

Soon enough you felt his hands on the back of your head, trying to pull you closer, if that was possible. Jungkook bit your lip harder than necessary and you yelped into his mouth. He took this opportunity to deepen the kiss and your teeth clashed several times. He soon parted from you, and instead just stared as if he was trying to commit all of your features to memory.

You grinned at Jungkook and hopped off him, lending him a hand and pulling him up. He returned your grin with half a smirk and dusted himself down.

“What the fuck was that?” You let a giggle escape your lips and shrugged your shoulders.

“I don’t know, I guess I felt the same the way.”

“You guess?”

Vigorously nodding your head, you snatched his hand and dragged him out of the park.

“You know… I’m kind of hungry. Let’s get icecream.”  He raised an eyebrow at your idea.

“At 9pm?”

“At 9pm.”

You spent the next hour eating icecream from a nearby shop before Jungkook decided it was time to leave and walked you home.

“See you tomorrow, babe.”

“Jungkook.” Your warning tone made him pout at you.

“But I need a nickname for my girl now.”

“Well think of a better one.” He smirked at your challenge for the umpteenth time.

“Fine then, princess.”


“I’m sticking with it whether you like it or not.”

Before you could argue back, he placed a peck on your lips and backed away from you.

“Bye, princess.”

“Oh my g-”

“Y/N! Stop standing there and come inside!”

You could only assume your mother had seen everything, judging by the excited tone she failed at hiding.

Waving at Jungkook, he winked at you before heading down the street and out of sight.

Now you just had to live through your mothers fangirling, possibly your sisters and then Areums.

anonymous asked:

Victor, from the roof of a building: I AM ENGAGED TO YUURI KATSUKI!:D!:D!!!!!!!!!!

Yuuri swings open the door to the roof. “Victor, what are you doing?”

Surprised, Victor lowers his megaphone and turns around, one of his heels almost slipping on the gravel below him. His arms fly outward to balance himself and Yuuri gasps, a hand covering his mouth. “Announcing our engagement,” he explains, and nods his head towards the streets below.

Please step away from the edge of the rooftop.”

He does, and then wraps both arms around Yuuri, his megaphone digging uncomfortably into the small of his back. “I love you.”

“I love you too, but don’t risk your life to tell everyone that we’re engaged, okay? A few phone calls will suffice.” He pulls away and brushes a strand of hair out of Victor’s eyes.

Victor puts the megaphone to his lips. “I love Yuuri Katsuki,” he says into it, and Yuuri laughs, covering his ears.

“You’re so ridiculous. Give me that.” He reaches for it, but Victor pulls it away, holding it above his head. Yuuri jumps for it and Victor simply wraps an arm around him, kissing his head. He’s only a few inches shorter, but Victor has longer arms. “Can we go inside now?”

“Let’s go inside,” Victor agrees. “And get hot chocolate. I’m cold.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Then, though, he snatches the megaphone and brings it to his mouth. “I’m engaged to Victor Nikiforov.”

“See, isn’t it fun to use?”

“I see your point.”

Teasers (Ethan Nestor x Reader)

Request: Can I request fluffy Ethan x reader with teamiplier being friends and teasing about them liking each other

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: CrankGameplays x fem!reader

Summary: The reader and Ethan are just friends but everyone knows they like each other, so they mess around with them a bit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A/N- This was kinda vague but I decided to have some fun with this and I’ve never really done fluff before so I hope I did well?? lemme know what you think!!

“Uuuuhhh Amy… what did you and Kathryn need..? And where’s Y/N??” Ethan said, obviously very confused and wondering why he was alone in the kitchen with the two. The girls had never really talked to him alone because you were usually with them. 

As soon as Ethan mentioned your name the girls glanced at each other and giggled. Ethan’s face went pink, feeling flustered. “S-seriously.. what’s going on??” Amy stopped laughing and looked at him with a smirk.

“Well it’s just that topic! Y/N, of course!!” Kathryn gave Ethan a clever yet slightly evil glance before turning back to Amy, with a slight nod in agreement.

“uuhhh wh-what do you mean? Elaborate please haheh-” Ethan could feel his cheeks burning by now. 

“Oh you get what she means Eth, I mean we all do!” Kathryn was right, he did know what Amy meant. He would just rather not talk about it with them. “So do you plan on making a move or not?” Kathryn wiggled her eyebrows, that’s when Ethan stood up and headed for the door. He soon felt himself being jerked back in place by two sets of arms.

Oh shit

“H-HEY what’s the big idea?? Let me leave!” Ethan exclaimed, practically stomping his foot. The blue hair boy heard the door open and looked up. 

Great, now Tyler and Mark are here. Now I’m really gonna get messed with.

“What? Why won’t you just talk to us about your giiiiirlfriend??” Amy pouted her lips, knowing exactly what she was doing. Mark had a playful grin plastered on his face. Tyler simply snickered.

“Oh you mean Y/N? Man you two are so CUTE!” Mark jumped in, as expected, with some small hearty laughter. 

Ethan whined, “She is NOT my girlfriend!! Can you just leave me alooonneee??” Everyone was laughing now. Amy perked up.

“Hahaha I’m sorry Ethan, we’ll stop don’t worry… we’ll juuuust go BOTHER HER INSTEAD HAHAH!!” Amy ran out of the kitchen cackling, going up to your office, with everyone soon following after. Except for Ethan, he had to process for a moment. His eyes widened and he too ran out yelling for people to stop.

You were completely oblivious, just sitting in your office, jamming out to some awesome songs. Until the door opened, well more of slammed.. You completely fell off your chair and landed back first onto the ground. Groaning, you sat up and saw everyone with a wacky smile on their faces as they crowded your door, you also saw a jumping up and down Ethan, who was trying to get through. You backed up a bit.

“uuuuh heeeyyyyy guys… what’s up? eheheh..” You gave a nervous giggle.

“OH we just reaaally wanted to know about your boyfriend.” Amy stepped forward and helped you up. You dusted yourself off, and looked up very confused. 

“B-boyfriend??” You looked at them for an explanation. This time, Tyler piped up. 

“Ohhh you know.. the blue hair little man by the name of.. Ethan is it? Yeah..” Mark nodded with him, playing along and the two men pushed the younger of the three out to you. Your eyes widened, feeling a blush creep onto your face.

“H-he’s not… we’re not..aaahh what??” Stuttering, you looked at Ethan who had practically the same expression as you. He smiled at you awkwardly and you did the same.

“Awwwww look they’re blushing…”

“Young love is so cute!!”

“YOU TWO SHOULD KISS OHMYGOD!!” Frightened, you jumped from the sound of Mark’s yelling. In the corner of your eye you saw Ethan shift uncomfortably. You furrowed your eyebrows. 

“Mark we’re not gonna kiss, I-I mean we’re not even dating! Just leave us- OHF” You felt yourself being cut off by a pair of lips. The room was dead silent, you closed your eyes, as you slowly kissed back. After a few seconds you pulled away, looking Ethan in the eyes, you finished your sentence, “…alone”

“wELP you heard her, guys! It seems they want to be alone. Soooo let’s go.” Amy pushed the other people away, despite their whining, closed the door and said, “use a condom, hahah okay BYE!!” With a wave and slight slam everyone was gone. 

Ethan spoke up, “Hey I am SO sorry about that, it’s just they wouldn’t shut up and I don’t know what came over me! It felt like the right time and my feelings over came my senses, I get if you don’t feel the same way or you’re just really comfortable ahhh i can go now if you-” As Ethan nervously rambled, you giggled and kissed him again. 

“Don’t worry about it, I loved it… we should do it more often..” You laughed and walked away from Ethan. Turning to give him a grin, you saw his awestruck face. 

God she’s such a teaser.

Player: Auston Matthews - Maple Leafs 

Prompt: You and Auston fight after the leafs are eliminated from the playoffs.

Mentions: Mitch Marner, Morgan Rielly Matt Martin 

Warnings: Anxiety & Slight Cursing. 

Preview: The last thing you remember was crying into Mo’s shoulder when suddenly your chest felt heavy and you blacked out. The next thing you knew you were awoken by bright hospital lights.  

Characters: 733 Words.

 Part One & Part Two

Originally posted by laurastacey

I’m fine! Can I just be discharged already?” You were pulling on your jacket and trying to get the monitors off your chest, against Morgan’s wishes.

Will you stop being so stubborn Y/N? The doctor wanted to check on you again! Morgan said pushing you back onto the bed. You huffed and leaned back on the bed crossing your arms against your chest.

The last thing you remember was crying into Mo’s shoulder when suddenly your chest felt heavy and you blacked out. The next thing you knew you were awoken by bright hospital lights.

“I am sorry to put you through all this, especially on a night like tonight Mo.” You sighed and looked down. You hated feeling like a burden to anyone, especially people you cared about.

“Y/N, I don’t care what kind of night it is, no matter what happened, family comes first.” Morgan began to rub your back.

 “Thank you Mo, I just wish Auston felt the same way.” You stated looking down feeling the tears already in your eyes. Morgan pulled you into a hug.

 “He will learn Y/N.”

You sighed as suddenly the door to your room was flung open. You were met with an obviously disheveled Auston. He was out of breath and his eyes were red dimmed as if he had been crying.

He ran and threw himself at you, quickly wrapping you in his arms. You wanted to badly to be cold to him after everything he out you through tonight but you couldn’t help but melt into his arms. Morgan excused himself and you watched as he walked out into the hall with a concerned Mitch and Matt.

 “My god Y/N, I am so sorry! I was the selfish one. I didn’t see what I had right in front of me. I let my dreams come before you. You are always my number one supporter and I took it for granted. I took out my anger on you when I could have just turned to you for support. I am such an idiot.” He looked at you, tears flowing down his puffy cheeks.

 Your heart ached for him, even after tonight he was still Auston and even though you wanted so badly to stay mad at him, you just couldn’t. You had a soft spot for him and you just could not deny it.

 You just smiled slightly at him, you could feel the hot tears running down your own cheeks. “You better not let Ema hear you say that I am your number one supporter, she might kick your ass.”

 “If she hears about what happened tonight, she just might. She loves you, you know.” Auston smiled wiping away your tears.

 “Well maybe we just don’t tell her?” You shrugged slightly giggling.

 The door swung open again. “Too Late!” Ema exclaimed walking in and giving you a hug. Your hug was followed by a whack to the back of Auston’s head. “What’s wrong with you!!?”

 “I’m not really sure Mom” Auston replied rubbing the back of his head as you giggled. “How did you find out?”

 Ema went to respond until Mitch stuck his head into the room, “That would be my fault, I might have called everyone on the way here…”

Your room was suddenly filled with Maple Leaf Players.

 You looked at them all, shocked to see everyone mostly in sweats and pajamas. “Mitch, I’m fine you didn’t have to call everyone on the roster!”

 “Well Auston didn’t say anything but Y/N is in the hospital lets go” Mitch responded doing his best Matthews impression.

 “Well I am fine, thank you all for coming, sorry to wake you all up.”

You were answered with a bunch of It’s Fine and as long as your okays.

 “Midnight Pizzas at Our Place? Auston’s Treat?” You asked everyone.

 This was met with a bunch of cheers and everyone shuffled out of your room. You looked at Auston.

 “I love you Y/N. Don’t ever doubt that, even when you promise my whole team pizza on my dime” He laughed, running his fingers through your hair.

 “It’s the least you can do babe, now can you get me out of here so we can go home and feed a hockey team?”

An Unforeseen Delight

Title: An Unforeseen Delight
Summary: Sherlock’s desire and plan to see your glorious assets on display takes an unlikely turn of events
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit)
Words: 2600
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x reader, John x sister!reader
Warnings: None I think. Partial nudity?

Request: Heyy, what about a Sherlock x Reader in which the reader is John’s sister and she ist visiting the Bakerstreet Boys for the first time? She arrives in a pair of mom fitting/skinny jeans that accentuate her god damn beautiful ass and Sherlock likes seeing her in them. He just steals all the other ones she brought with her and hides them so she is forced to wear the ass accentuating ones for the whole weak.
- @sherlockourhero

Author’s Notes: I finally did it, I got a request out! There will be another one tomorrow and then there are a few more to do over the next week. If you want please send in more requests we’ll be happy to write them! Thanks for your patience lovlies! I absolutely loved this request!! It was super fun to write and I loved writing every word of it. Thanks so much for this awesome idea @sherlockourhero, it was amazing!


When John had said that his sister was coming out to Baker Street for a week’s visit, Sherlock had thought nothing of it. Harry must obviously be sobered up otherwise she wouldn’t be coming and John must have been trying to help her along as she makes it through the next week before moving back with Clara, obviously. Not obvious however, was the possibility of a third Watson and that it was in fact John’s second, and youngest sister coming to stay. When you climbed out of the cab in front of 221B late one afternoon, Sherlock had frozen whereas John had ran up to you with the biggest smile Sherlock had seen on his face ever, his arms outstretched for you to step into and be engulfed in a strong bear hug. You were obviously his favourite of the two sisters he had, or the two Sherlock knew about at least, and you were stunning. The afternoon sun shone through your hair, turning its natural hue into a golden sheen and your skin became soft in the light. Your slightly reddened cheeks brought out the iridescent colour of your eyes and your full lips had been curved into the most beautiful smile Sherlock had ever seen. So enraptured by your beauty he was, he didn’t realise John had let you go until you had turned to him, your hand extended ready for him to shake.

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Moments. Chapter 6: Date

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 6: Date

She looked in the mirror one last time. She had picked at black outfit that she had combined with a light pink hijab she had been reserving for a special moment. She had decided to wear natural makeup, only a thin eye line and no lipstick. On her feet she wore her favorite sneakers, he had said that they weren’t going anywhere fancy so she decided to keep it casual.

She got out of her room and walked to the kitchen where her parents and Elias were.

“Hi” she greeted them smiling

“Hi, you look really nice” her father said

“Are you going out?” her mother asked

“Uh, yes, actually I was about to ask you, is it okay if I go out with Yousef today?”

“Right now?” her dad asked

“Yeah, he’s supposed to pick me up in a few minutes” she said looking at her watch

“Where are you going?” her mom asked

“I don’t know” she sighed “He won’t say, it’s a surprise”

“I don’t know how to feel about that Sana” Mama Bakkoush said

“Believe, neither do I. But he won’t tell me” Sana said

“I know where he’s taking you” Elias said smirking

“He told you?” Sana asked frowning

“Don’t act so surprise, he’s my best friend, of course he told me” Elias said “I know what he has planned”

“Tell me, then” she said

“No, he trusted me. I’m not going to tell you. I won’t break my promise” Elias said solemnly

“Well, you can tell us” his dad said

“That I can do” Elias said shrugging.

He stood up from his seat and walked to his parents. They came closer to him and he started to whisper his friend’s plan. Sana just stared at them half pissed for being left outside half curious about what he was saying

“Okay, you can go” Sana’s dad said “But be careful”

“Be careful? Why? Where is he taking me?”

“Sana, don’t ruin the surprise” her mom said smiling.

Sana was about to protest when someone knocked at the front door.

“I’ll go” she said

She opened the door and Yousef was standing in the other side smiling at her.

“Wow, you look beautiful” he said looking at her in awe.

“Yeah, yeah whatever, where are we going?”

“Okay, rude” he chuckled

“I’m sorry, it’s just…everyone knows except me” she whined

“Elias couldn’t keep his mouth shut, could he?” Yousef said smirking

Sana crossed her arms on her chest and turned around to lead the way to the kitchen.

“Hi Yousef” her mom greeted him as soon as they entered the room

“Good afternoon” Yousef said looking at both of her parents “Hi Elias”

“Hey” Elias said

“Oh, habibti, what’s that face?” her mom asked

“Everyone knows except me” she said almost pouting making everyone laugh, which of course only pissed her even more

“Okay, I think we should go before she changes her mind” Yousef said “We won’t be home late, I promise”

“Good, take care” Sana’s dad said


“Okay are you ready?” Yousef asked once they arrived at the place

He had made her close her eyes and of course, promise that she wouldn’t look.

“Yes, yes, yes I’m ready. Can I open my eyes now?” she asked excited

“You can!”

She opened her eyes with smiling with anticipation. She took a look around and frowned.

“Wow, we are…at a basketball court…” she said trying to hide her disappointment “I love it, it’s so…original”

She tried to fake a smile but Yousef knew better and rolled his eyes at her.

“You hate it”

“No! No, I don’t, I don’t” she said approaching him “I promise I don’t…I just don’t get why the hype, I mean we play basketball all the time”

“Yeah, but we’re not here to play basketball…not exactly”

“Then what?” she brought her eyebrows as closed as it was humanly possible.

She looked adorable and Yousef couldn’t help but laugh.

“We’re playing roller basketball to get to know each other” Yousef said

“We’re playing what?” she asked confused

“It’s a game I’ve invented”


“Have you ever tried roller skating?”


“Perfect. Today you are. We’re going to play basketball with roller skates”

“What? No we’re not. I’m going to fall”

“That’s the point”

“The point is for me to fall?” she asked glaring at him

“No, the point is to make the game a little fairer. You’re way better than me at basketball, I’m way better than you a roller skating. It works”

“I don’t like it” she said

“I figured. And that’s why there’s more to the game” he said “Each time one of us makes a shot, we get to ask the other person a question. If you make a shot you can ask me whatever you want”

“Whatever I want?”

“Whatever you want”

“No limits?”

“No limits”

“Fine” she said squinting her eyes “But you need to teach me how to roller skate first”

“Okay, but only the basics, if not the game loses its appeal”

“It can’t be that hard, if you know how to do it…”

“Ha ha, very funny”

Sana stuck her tongue out to him playfully.


“Come on Sana, just stand up” Yousef said

He had helped her put the roller skates on but she refused to stand up

“I’m going to fall” she said

“No, you’re not. I’m here, I won’t let you fall”


“Of course! Just stand up”

She sighed and got on her feet. For a couple of seconds she was actually impressed, it wasn’t as difficult as she thought but as soon as she tried to take a step she lost control and almost fell backwards.

Wow, wow, wow” Yousef took her hands and helped her regain her balance “Not  so fast, you have to get used to them first”

“I’m not going to get used to them ever”

“Yes you are, come on, just let me guide you”

He started to skate backwards still holding both of her hands, so she would go forward. He was actually the one doing all the work, she was just letting him roll her around.

“Okay, now try to move one of your feet” he said

She shook her head

“I’m not letting you go, come on, move your left foot”

She did as he told her and even though she almost lost control again she regain her balance before she could fall

“See? You did it, now right foot”

She kept moving her feet, one by one, still holding his hands until they got to the other side of the court, next to the basket.

“I’m going to let go of your hands now so I can go grab the ball okay?”

“No, no don’t leave me here”

“Sana it’s okay” he chuckled “You just need to stand still, I’ll be right back”

He slowly let go of her hands and rolled his way to where the ball was. He came back doing some tricks he had learnt during the years.

“You’re a poser” Sana said shaking her head

“Oh really? Well this poser has the ball and is about to make a shot” he said pointing with the ball at the basket

“No! That’s cheating!”

“Come here and stop me then” he challenged her

She glared at him and crossed her arms.

“Fine” he said shrugging and pointing once again at the basket

“No!” she said taking some steps towards him

She lost control and crashed against his body but he caught her before she could fall.

“You did it!” he said smiling

“I almost fall” she said resting her hands on his chest trying not to fall

“But you didn’t, it’s progress”

She rolled her eyes but smiled at him. Then she saw that he still had the ball on his hands. Before he could react she took it from him and threw it at the basket making a shot.


“You’re a cheater!” he said

“Nei, you were distracted, it’s not my fault. I made a shot, now I get to ask”

“Fine, ask” he said crossing his arms on his chest “I’m already regretting inventing this game”

“Okay, my question is…when did you first realized that you had feelings for me?”

“Wow, I was not expecting that question”

She just shrugged and smiled at him

“Okay, well…we met when you were what…like 10? I was 12 I think when I met Elias. And I have to be honest with you, the first time I met you I hated you”

“What?” she said shocked “You hated me?”

“Well, not hated you, more like…I was jealous of you. You were only 10 years old and you were already so smart, you annoyed me”

She shook her head and laughed

“But then eventually I realized that that jealousy had turned into admiration with time…and if I had to say a particular moment when everything changed for me…I guess I’d say when you were around 15 and I was 17. I don’t know if you remember but that summer I went to Turkey with my family and I didn’t come back until late September. I remember the day I came back. I went to your house to see Elias and you were there. And you looked…you looked amazing. You had changed a lot during summer, you weren’t a little girl anymore, you looked beautiful and strong and you were talking to your father about biology and I just, I was so impressed. And then you smiled at me and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I think that was the first day I saw you as something more than Elias’ little sister”

She had been smiling at him during the whole story.

“You don’t remember what happened later that day, do you?” she asked with knowing smile

“What do you mean?” he asked confused

“Make the shot and find out” she said biting her lip.

He grabbed the ball and rolled towards the basket. She didn’t make a move to try to stop him. He shot the ball and it passed through the hoop smoothly.

“Done” he said approaching her again. “What happened later?”

“I met these friends that summer, well they weren’t really my friends. They spent the whole summer teasing me about my hijab and me being muslim and stuff like that but I just acted like I didn’t care ‘cause I didn’t want to be alone. The day you came back from Turkey I went to my friend’s house after you arrived. I think I was only there for like half an hour before I came home  crying. They had spent the whole time making fun of me and they even said that if I was going to cover my head I might as well cover my whole face so they didn’t have to look at me. I went home thinking about taking it off you know? Just give up so I could fit in. And when I arrived…”

“I was there, in the backyard, you came home with red eyes as if you had been crying and I was the first one to see you. Elias was inside talking to your parents”

“Yeah, you saw me and you asked me if I was okay. I just told you that I had had a fight with my friends. And you told me that I shouldn’t let anyone make me feel like I wasn’t good enough, that I was beautiful and strong and that they were only jealous of me. You told me to be myself and not change for anyone. You didn’t even know what had happened to me and you said exactly what I needed to hear”

“I hated seeing you like that”

“You were my hero that day and that’s when I realized that you weren’t just Elias’ best friend to me” she said smiling

“What are the odds that we both started liking each other the same day?”

“Sound like a story of a cheesy movie couple” she laughed

“We are a cheesy couple”

“You are cheesy, I just tolerate you”


Prompt:  OMG! I’ll be so sweet if you write something about how Sana and Yousef started to crushing on each other I mean in the first episode is pretty obvious that is not something recent. Pls pls

Hope you’ve liked it

Sorry if the date idea is lame, I’ve just been so blocked today and I couldn’t think about anything better

Thank you all for reading!♥

My pastel prince

Summary: Pastel!Dan gets the amazing news that his boyfriend, Punk!Phil, is moving to his town. Dan gets bullied by his classmates and Phil finds out about it, but that Phil knows, doesn’t work out very well for Dan.

Excerpt: Dan had never been the reckless type, always choosing to take the safe route, not doing anything out of the ordinary. That excludes his wardrobe by the way, as that mainly consists of pastel colored sweaters and jeans. Also flower crowns, if he didn’t have one on his head, something was seriously wrong. Dan wasn’t very populair because of the way he liked to dress and he didn’t have any friends because of it. He did have a boyfriend however, but he lived about 250 kilometers away. Okay, maybe Dan did do things that were out of the ordinary, but that didn’t matter, right?

Genre: fluff, little bit of angst
Warnings: violence-bullying, implied smut (but nothing happens really) 

Word count: 13.042 

A/N: Holy shit! I’ve worked on this for half a year, it’s my baby! I really really hope you enjoy this. Giant shout out to Manon for proofreading and being enthusiastic about the story nearly every step of the way, you helped a lot <3
(Sorry about the title by the way, I’m apparently creative enough to create 13k coherent words but cannot come up with a less unoriginal and corny title)

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Requested by Anon #293

Y/N: Julian?
Julian: Y/N, are you okay? Does anywhere hurt?
Y/N: Just my ribs and back. What happened?
Julian: I told you not to go on that mission with The Flash. It was too dangerous.
Y/N: You know me, I’m too stubborn.
Julian: The Flash was on the floor, Savitar was winning and you jumped in front of The Flash and Savitar…he stabbed you. Through the stomach. The doctors said that you can come home within the next two weeks.
Y/N: How are the others?
Julian: You’re in hospital and you’re asking how everyone else is? *laughs* They’re fine. How are you?
Y/N: I was scared, I don’t know what came over me. I just felt the need to protect my friends. I didn’t want anyone to die. Once Savitar, got me, I swear I’ve never felt pain like that Julian.
Julian: Hey, it’s okay, *hugs you* it’s over now. He can’t hurt you.
Y/N: What if I never saw you again? What if Savitar killed you all anyway? What if…
Julian: Y/N, listen to me. Stop wondering what if. You’re here, with me and we’re not going to lose each other. I love you and I’m not letting you do something that stupid again. *laughs*
Y/N: I love you too. *kisses him*
Cisco: *walks in* Ew! You just woke up and you’re already using too much PDA!
Caitlin: How are you feeling Y/N?
Y/N: Good now I know you’re all okay.
Barry: Y/N I’m sorry. I should’ve been faster and this wouldn’t have happ…
Y/N: Barry, stop blaming yourself. You may be a superhero but that doesn’t mean you have to blame yourself when stuff goes wrong. It was my fault. I jumped in front of you. You couldn’t have seen it coming.
Barry: Thanks. Even after getting hurt you’re looking after us.
Julian: Isn’t she amazing?

“Kayla!” Will yelled into the cabin. Where in Hades was that girl? He needed her help with their newest little siblings trying to shoot arrows.

“Kayla!” Will yelled again. Then he saw the worn Canadian flag sneakers with a foot attached hiding behind a blanket hanging from a top bunk.

“Kayla? Are you alright?” Will walked towards the bed.

“Yes! Just give me a second!” Kayla squeaked.

Will pulled the blanket down. Kayla was sitting on the bed, shirtless. Will looked away.

“Kayla! You should have said you were shirtless.” Will said.

“Nothing's​ showing dumbass, you can look.” Kayla grumbled. Will looked back at her and saw that in fact she had something covering her chest.

“Kayla, sweetie?” Will asked.


“Are those bandages?” Will crocked his head.

“Listen, Will, I can explain.”

“You don’t have much bigger boobs than mine so you can wear one of my binders until we get you some.” Will said.

“Wait what?”

“I guess I never told you. Well I did come to camp after I realized I’m a boy and the only people I actually told were Lee, Michael, Chrion and Mr. D.” Will said.

“I’m not a boy. At least not today.” Kayla said.

“Alright. But you still want a binder?” Will smiled at Kayla.

“Yeah… uh can you help me get one on? I don’t know how.”

“Alright but first those need to come off? How long have you been wearing them?” Will asked.

“This is the first time.”


“The green one?” Will rolled his eyes at Kayla. Of course the green one.

“Yes, I love that color.” Kayla smiled.

“Okay, now let’s get this on you.”

“Thanks by the way.”

“It’s no problem, dearie. You’re my little sibling. By the way what are your pronouns?”

“They today.” Kayla smiled.

“Okay. They. You want me to inform everyone?” Will asked.

“No, I can do it if you are there.”

“I will always be there. No matter what. Non cis people stick together​ especially when they’re siblings.” Will said as he handed them the binder.

“We should get Down with Cis t-shirts.” Kayla laughed.

“Sounds like a plan.” Will smiled.


Kayla looked at all sixteen of their siblings. Will was in the center of the group. Austin was right next to him looking confused and bored. They took a deep breath, they could do it.

“So guys, I’m Genderfluid. They them pronouns are good for now. I will tell you all when the pronouns change.” Kayla said.

Will smiled widely at them. Their big brother would always be there for them, no matter what.

(Edit changed trans* to non cis)