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Every Other Weekend pt. 3

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,462

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: well here we go! the next part is here. enjoy (:

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Part 1 Part 2


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“Every other weekend.” You nodded, looking over the plethora of paperwork on the kitchen island. “That sounds fair to me.”

“Okay. What about holidays?” Bucky stood across from you, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Would it be possible to have joint holidays? Can you stomach me long enough to do that for them?” You looked up hoping to meet Bucky’s gaze, but he looked away from you immediately. “James?”

“That’s fine.” Bucky sighed, standing up straight. “Just get the papers signed okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll get right on it.” You rolled your eyes, burying them underneath a stack of mail.

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Forensic Science: what is it?

WATSON REALIZED SOMETHING IMPORTANT!! And by that she means she was hit with the sudden realization that both Sherls and Watson never covered what Forensic Science is. And given the massive influx of new followers (thank you everyone, you guys are amazing!) Watson thought she should define forensic science and cover the sub-disciplines in the field. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of forensics, Sherls and Watson have a pretty general science background, so don’t be afraid to ask us about anything. 

Forensic science, in the most broad definition, is the application of any science to the court of law (both criminal and civil). Essentially, it is using the scientific method to help with court trials. It’s important to keep the law part in mind, because everything we do in the field, scene processing, evidence collection, evidence analysis, all the tasks are done with a goal in mind: to preserve the integrity of evidence so that it is viable in court. Their third job is to search, find, and collect possible evidence in an efficient manner to ensure fragile evidence isn’t lost, but also in a careful way so that the evidence is preserved properly and not contaminated. With that said, we have a very general knowledge of law, and it mainly pertains to the Criminal Code of Canada, while @scriptlawyer​ is the better person to go to for detailed law knowledge. 

The most publicly know facet of forensic science is crime scene investigation. These are the people that come in a scene in full Protective Personal Equipment/PPEs (bunny suit, gloves, goggles, mask, boot covers, etc.). Their first job is to protect the scene, make sure nothing is tampered with. The second job is to record and document the scene in a thorough manner (photography, video tape, hand written notes), to ensure that the scene can be revisited later in the future. 

Below, in no particular order, are brief synopsis of forensics in a given sub-discipline: 

Pathology – they are the coroners and the medical examiners, performs autopsy and is responsible for determining manner of death, cause of death, and estimating Post Mortem Interval/time of death (PMI) 

Biology/DNA – looks at the biology of the scene, including DNA and any other bodily fluids (blood, semen, saliva, urine, etc), when looking at DNA, will be intimately familiar with a process called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), will also look at hair and fibre samples, botanical material, and soil 

Toxicology – the chemistry side of the science, examines compositions of drugs, glass, paint, explosives, soil, determines presence/absence of drugs and poison, alcohol, uses lots of fun equipment, refer to @scriptchemist​ 

Firearms – looks at firearms (we are hoping that is obvious), discharged bullets, spent cartridge cases, shotgun shells, ammunition, gun shot residue (GSR), approximating how far from the target a weapon was fire 

Fingerprinting – studying minutiae of fingerprint, comparing prints left behind in a crime scene to prints from known origin, there’s actually not a lot of work being done on how accurate fingerprint is, and fingerprinting is under a lot of scrutiny right now for lack of organizational structure (some one should change that) 

Computer/Digital – one of the new emerging fields, basically finding, collection, preserving, and examining data from digital devices (computers, cell phones, etc.) Sherls and Watson do not have enough technological background so we will refer everyone to @scripthacker​ 

Anthropology – deals with skeletal remains, differentiating between human and animal remains, determining approximate gender, age, height, race, and any physical injuries or osteo-diseases 

Entomology – uses insect (mainly flies and necrophilious insects), flies life cycle, and the cycle of arthropod successions to determine long term PMI 

Psychology/Behavioural – this is a subfield of psychology/psychiatry. In criminal cases, work tasks might include determining if a person is fit to stand trial, evaluate for behavioural disorders, looking at behavioural patterns to set up a profile. In civil cases, they might determine if an individual is competent to decide when preparing a will, settling property, or refusing medical treatment. Both of us do not have much experience in this field, and would like to refer you to @scriptshrink 

Documents – document analysis studies handwriting, type-writing, type of paper and ink, tries to authenticate sources, basically anything to do with documents, neither Sherls or Watson has much experience with this 

Odontology – this field looks at dental evidence when the body is unrecognizable. Enamel in the teeth are hardy substances and can last for a long time, identification of the person can be made based of characteristics of the teeth, their alignment of the mouth, the great thing about living is the first world country is that almost every one has a dental record. Bite marks compared to dental cast has also been used as evidence in court (see Ted Bundy), but Sherls and Watson are both leery about this particular field, since there are not a lot of research proving that there is a scientific basis behind the field

Engineering – looks at failure analysis, accident reconstruction, and causes and origins of fires/explosions, mainly looks at the structure sides of things (is there an engineering scripty around? Because Watson would love to see one)

Others Watson found while researching: theres units for polygraph and voiceprint analysis too apparently. We do not know much about these two fields either.

*Phew* We know there is a lot of information on this post, we are planning to break down a few things we mentioned here and go into more detail in future posts. Send us asks if you lovelies have any questions.

Olicity: Night Time Comforts

Anonymous said: Hi Sammy!!! I know You’re always really busy, but do You think You can write something about Ava with a pacifier? Maybe Oliver finds Ava sleeping on the couch, or Felicity finds them both on the couch… Thank You for Your time!!!


“Shh, she’s finally sleeping.”

“Oh, thank God.”

“I thought she was never going to go down. What time is it?”

“After eleven.”


“This seven o’clock bedtime is working out so well.”

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anonymous asked:

This is an appreciation post! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends!

Ahhh okay nonny here we go

small simblrs -

  • @theartofqueenie || Omg this girl is so talented and I don’t think she gets enough love and appreciation for what she does. Her work is 10/10
  • @pxelglobes || She is one of the sweetest people I’ve talked to, and I don’t think she gets enough credit on here. She’s amazing
  • @cellblocksimmer || ahhhh i love their story so much. I’ve only been following them for a few weeks but as soon as I started I got hooked and couldn’t get enough. I think they deserve more appreciation for their story line :^)

most active followers -

I appreciate everyone who follows me and interacts with me <3<3<3

  • @literallywhothe || WHO DOESN’T LOVE ALE. Omg shes always in my notifications and shes also the sweetest person I’ve ever come across, I’m happy I’ve gotten the chance to talk to her :”)
  • @rosecoffeesims || Okay, her and I have been mutuals for the longest time and I admire her blog and I love seeing her in my notifications, she’s been following my sim story for so long it makes me so happy :D
  • @wifemomsimmer || I can’t tag her blog but she is the sweetest most supportive blog and I appreciate seeing her in my notifications everyday, it always puts a smile on my face :D

blogs im not mutuals with that id love to be -

there’s more than three oops I broke the rules

@bratsims @cat-nerd-sims

@simcataris @cellblocksimmer

@loniden @tofusaucee

@mummasim @mysteriousdane

Bruises- Pt. 2 (A Peter Pevensie Fanfiction)

(A/N) Here is the second chapter! Warning: Although there is no graphic description, there is definitely heavily implied rape and abuse (from an antagonist). 

Also, these gifs belong to @omginutilidades who is an awesome gif maker!

If you’d like to read the first chapter, here it is. 

Tagging @imaginesandoneshotsandothershit upon request. :) Thank for the encouragement!

I hope it’s okay! Here we go!

The day was a quiet enough one.

The head cook, Mrs. Dolie, had taken a liking to me, and she would sometimes steal me away to run errands for her. Getting out and about was a rare specialty for us maids, so I always jumped at the opportunity.

That particular day, she needed some extra flour, yeast, and produce, so she sent me to the market. Normally, such baking necessities were delivered directly to the castle, but when last minute run-outs happened, trips to the market were in due.

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i dont even know why i try to make myself sit down and stay single

i constantly flirt with people and my hopeless romantic ass is … hopeless

Best Friend’s Boyfriend (Destiel Fic)

“Oh, please come along, Dean. You know if you don’t you’ll just sit in your car all evening. I feel bad that we don’t hang out as much anymore,” Charlie grabbed his hand, pulling him closer to give him her best puppy dog eyes. “Pleeeeaasse.”

Dean rolled his eyes. He knew she was right. That if he turned down her offer of burgers and a movie then he would spend the night- a Friday night, mind you- working on his Baby in the cold winters chill. But, still, that didn’t mean that he wanted to spend the evening third wheeling. Again.

“God,” he huffed, unable to say no to his best friend, “Fine. I’ll come, but no making out while I try to eat, capisce?”

Charlie laughed, pulling her bag up onto her shoulder. “Sure, Dean. We wouldn’t want to taint your pure little virgin soul, now would we?”

Shaking his head in over-exaggerated annoyance, Dean leant back in his chair. The food hall was starting to quieten down by this point. Most of the kids had gotten their lunch and taken their usual seats, rather than their earlier shoving and shouting in an attempt to get the remaining slices of pizza. It was that or mystery meat. Suffice to say, Dean brought his own lunch.

“Don’t you be talking about it like you’re any less a virgin than me, sweetheart.”

Charlie shot him a look. “How would you know that? I, for one, am in a relationship, remember?”

The thought drew a frown to Dean’s face. He did remember. It was difficult to forget when the two of them were always there, always looking so comfortable with one another, and Dean having no choice but to watch as his best friend and the love of his life made gooey eyes across the table.

Honestly, Dean had never actually seen them kissing because every time he suspected that the situation was about to get too intimate for his liking he made an excuse and got the hell out of there, pretending like his heart didn’t feel like it was being ripped out of his chest on a daily basis.

He loved Charlie, he always had. They had been best friends since kindergarten, when they had both acted out a moment from The Empire Strikes Back in the school’s garden on the first day, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t hate her, just a little bit, for having what he wanted.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean said, doing his best to brush of the comment. The thought of Charlie having sex with anyone was vomit inducing, talk about with-

“Cas!” Charlie’s squeal cut him out of his thoughts, and he turned, as casually as he could, in his seat.

Castiel returned Charlie’s smile calmly, pulling his oversized trench coat closer around himself, as he shivered slightly, taking a seat next to her. With a quick glance at Dean, he dropped a kiss onto Charlie’s cheek. Dean let his eyes pull away from them, focusing on the fight two students seemed to be having over Cas’ shoulder He told himself that it was the fight that drew his eyes away, but he knew he was lying to himself.

When he looked back over, he was vaguely aware that Charlie was telling Cas that Dean was, in fact, going to hall his ass out of his car and tag along with them, but Dean had already locked his eyes on the slight stubble that was shadowed over Cas’ chin and the way his hair looked ruffled by the wind. He wondered, for the millionth time, what it would feel like to run his hands through it, would it be soft like he imagined. He wondered if Charlie appreciated Cas’ hair like he did, or Cas’ eyes. Did she tell him how gorgeous they were? She must do.


Castiel’s voice rumbled into his ears, forcing Dean to think straight. Cas was Charlie’s.

“What?” Dean asked, trying to pretend like those eyes weren’t doing terrible things to him, while they watched him with such an intensity.

Glancing at the table and then back at Dean, with a small smile on his face, Cas repeated what Dean had missed. “We were just wondering where you wanted to go for food? Would you be against the place next to the cinema?”

“No, that would be fine,” Dean said, eyes on Charlie. He found that if he spoke to her, rather than Cas, it was easier. Easier to remember their situation.

Cas huffed in his seat. “Good.”

“And your sure it’s okay that I’m here?” Dean asked again for the tenth time.

Charlie rolled her eyes at him. She was dressed in one of her hottest outfits, or that’s what she always told Dean, but that just made Dean more certain that he was third wheeling on a date. Spending time with the two of them was always hard enough, the idea that he was going to have tag along on a date was something he knew he wouldn’t be able to handle.

“Of course it is, you idiot. I invited you and Cas thinks you’re nice,” she said, glancing at him in the rear view mirror of his car.

“He does?” Dean asked excitedly, and then mentally smacked himself. Stupid, why would you ask that? But, Cas always seemed to act so strange around Dean, he figured the other guy didn’t like him much.

Charlie shot him a pointed stare with an emotion behind her eyes that Dean couldn’t pin down. “Of course he does, Dean. What the hell’s wrong with you? You’re acting so strange.”

Dean focused on the wheel and the road ahead of him, he couldn’t bring himself to meet her eye. “Nothing. I’m fine,” but even to his own ears it sounded like a lie. He would have to be more careful from now on.

When they got to the diner, Cas was already sat waiting for them in a booth.. Dean had to pretend to be looking intently at the clock on the wall to give himself an emotional break. Cas was wearing an adorable blue button down that matched his eyes perfectly, making them shine more intently than normal. He wondered if Cas dressed like this all the time, but then he shook himself.

Of course he does, you idiot, he’s here with his girlfriend. Focus.

“Hello, Charlie. Dean,” Cas said, giving them both a nod.

Dean slid into the booth, leaving the spot next to Cas open for Charlie, despite how much he wanted to be the one to fill it, but Charlie seemed to be focused on something else. She turned to them both and told them she needed to go to the bathroom, meeting Cas’ gaze, he gave her a nod.

Weird, Dean thought. He was sure that she’d gone just before they’d left, but who knows with women, right?

A small cough from across the table made it blatantly aware to him that he was alone. With Cas. Panic began to set in, his palms going sweaty, he tried to put his eyes on anything other than the cute boy, but there was no Charlie for him to focus on and eventually his eyes were drawn to the blue ones across from him.

Cas placed his hands in his lap and stared at Dean with such an intensity that he shuffled in his seat. “You seem uncomfortable,” Cas pointed out. “Would like me to leave until Charlie gets back. She’s normally the one who carries the conversation.” Dean couldn’t help but notice that Cas seemed to be looking fairly uncomfortable too and he instantly felt terrible for putting the other boy in such an awkward situation. He must think that Dean’s so irritating, always tagging along on their dates. He would hate someone for interrupting if this was his and Cas’ date.

But it isn’t, he told himself.

“No,” he said as calmly as he could. “Don’t be ridiculous. Look, I’m sorry that I keep crashing your dates, man. You must really hate me for being such a loner and not having any other friends to hang out with. I’m just not a very likeable person.”

Cas leant forward, setting his hands on the table. “ I don’t believe that, Dean. I like you very much.”

Dean almost fell of his seat at Cas’ words. Cas liked him. He liked him! Could that mean- No, it didn’t mean anything. He was Charlie’s. He glanced around desperately in search of his best friend. If she was here, he could keep his emotions in check. But, she was still was no where in sight.

“You like me?” Dean asked stupidly.

Cas smiled and it was one of the most beautiful things that Dean had ever seen. It reached his eyes and lit up his face. Dean couldn’t believe he’d never seen it before. To be in love with the boy before he’d even seen him really smile.

“Don’t ask stupid questions,” Cas replied, still smiling. Dean found himself getting so caught up in it that he had to remind himself where he was multiple times.

He’s Charlie’s. He’s Charlie’s.

“Charlie,” he said to himself, using it as a mantra of self control. But then he realised that Cas was looking at him in confusion, so he stood quickly, wincing when his legs bumped the table. “I should go and see if she’s okay.”

He left before Cas could say anything else.

The bathroom was empty and she still wasn’t back at the table. Dean figured the only other place she could be was outside. Maybe she needed some fresh air, or something.

So, he found the back door and headed out into the side alley of the café. It was pretty dark and the night air nipped at his skin despite the leather jacket that he was wearing. He was starting to worry that Charlie was freezing herself to death when he made out her outline in the dim light.

She definitely wasn’t cold.

In fact, she was pressed up against the brick wall, arms wrapped around the neck of another girl, kissing her like her life depended on it. When she pulled back, Dean saw her look at the other girl with such a loving look in her eye, a look that he had never seen when she had looked at Cas.

He thought he was being quiet, but he must have made a noise of shock because next thing he knew, Charlie was jumping away from the other girl and squinting through the darkness.

“Dean?” She asked, her voice tinged with panic.

Without answering, Dean began to head back into the cafe’s warmth. His head was starting to throb. Part of him was screaming in happiness that this meant that he had a chance with Cas, but that was quickly replaced by the thought of the pain that this would cause Cas, who always had that expression of love on his face whenever Dean saw the two of them together. This would kill him. And then this was his best friend. Would he be able to keep this secret for her, if it meant that he would be lying to Cas?

“Dean!” He was outside the bathrooms now. He could see Cas from where he sat, waiting for them both, looking into the night through the window. He wanted to tell him, to put the other boy out of his misery, but that would be selfish, wouldn’t it?

Charlie stopped in front of him, grabbing his arm, so that he couldn’t go anywhere. “I can explain.” Dean stared at her, waiting. “Okay,” she took a breath and dragged them both into the girls bathroom, which was luckily empty. “I’m a lesbian.”

Throwing his arms in the air, Dean shouted, “Well, I can see that now! But, what the hell, Charlie? What about Cas? Were you just stringing him along to keep your secret? Do you know how hurt he’ll be when he finds out? Don’t you-”

“He already knew, Dean.”

That had Dean silent. He stared at her for a moment in bemusement. “What the hell do you mean ‘he already knew’?”

Running a hand through her hair, Charlie sighed. “I asked him to pretend to be my boyfriend so that Dorothy and I had an excuse to see each other. You know what my parents would say if they knew. They’d never let us see each other.”

“So, what?” Dean asked, totally in shock. “He pretended to date you? Why the heck would he do that?”

Charlie gave him a sympathetic look, eyes dropping to the floor. “I think maybe you should ask him that.”

Cas was still sat, hands on the table, staring out of the window into the black of night. Just the sight of him managed to calm Dean down, letting his thoughts settle in his head. When Dean dropped into the seat opposite him, Cas smiled contently, still with that look on his face. Maybe he had come to love Charlie, Dean thought. Or, maybe that’s why he did it in the first place. He thought that if Cas asked him to be his fake boyfriend, Dean would say yes, just to spend time with him.

“Hello, Dean.”

“Hey, Cas,” Dean muttered darkly. It was like it all made sense now. Not that it made him feel any better at all.

The smile slowly slipped off of Castiel’s face. “You know,” he said simply.

“Yeah. It’s kinda hard to ignore when you find your best friend making out wit another girl, you know.”

Cas bit his lip worriedly, and it took a lot of self-restraint for Dean to not watch the blood rush to the point beneath his skin. “I can explain,” Cas said and Dean rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s what people keep saying.”

Cas focused his eyes on the table between them. “Well, you see, when Charlie explained her situation to me, I had no choice but to say yes when she told me what the job of being her pretend boyfriend would entail.” Dean watched Cas sadly. He was right, of course he was. “She told me that it would just mean that I would have to spend some time with her and then pretend to go on dates with her so she could meet Dorothy. I wasn’t going to say yes.”

Looking up from his spot on the table, Cas met Dean’s confused eyes. “But, then she mentioned you.”

The breath left Dean’s lungs in one pull. He gripped the edge of his seat. “What?”

Cas glanced away from Dean guiltily and stared off into the night. “She said that you would be coming along to a lot of our fake dates. So, I said yes. Because it meant that I could spend time with you.”

Dean blinked. Could this really be happening? Could Cas really have done all of this just to spend some time with Dean? But, that would mean that Cas liked him. That that look was not for Charlie, but him?

Heart throbbing, Dean leant forward slightly, taking Cas’ chin in his hand and pulling his head around to meet his eyes. “You- You did this to spend time with me?” He was fully aware that his eyes were dropping down to Cas’ lips more than they should be. He wasn’t his, for God’s sake.

Cas’ eyes went to Dean’s hand, where it gently cupped his face, to Dean’s eyes were he held them. “Yes.” Dean felt Cas’ stubble brush his hand, when he gulped, eyes dropping to Dean’s lips.

Despite the fact his heart was doing somersaults, he put on his best smug smile. “And why would you do that, Cas?” He asked, leaning in closer, finally letting his eyes drop to the other boy’s lips and then back up.

He felt Cas shiver and the vibration went through him like Cas was an extension of his own body. “Because I like you, Dean Winchester. A lot.”

This time, Dean didn’t stop himself when he thought about kissing Castiel, he just leant forward and did it.

Over in the corner of the Café, Charlie smiled, letting Dorothy pull her closer. “It’s about time,” she said, kissing her girlfriend on the cheek. “I picked Castiel to be my fake boyfriend for a reason.”

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY; A quick “how to” write up by yours truly

So hey guys, this is going to be a pretty huge, heavy write up, but it’s what you guys wanted so bear with me. 

I woke up to a lot of questions this morning afternoon and a vast majority of them were things like “but kenzie!! how do we take responsibility for things that we’ve written that are about sensitive subject material or other things that are often glossed over in roleplay?” or, and my personal favorite “BUT KENZIE!!! RESPONSIBILITY IS SO MUCH WORK!!!!” well…. yeah, no duh it can be a lot of work, it’s called a responsibility for a reason. It is a bit of work but it’s not too much and I think knowing how to be responsible with your writing will help that responsibility not feel like it’s TOO MUCH. It really isn’t, trust me, it just seems like a lot and I think it goes without saying that a lot of us really have some gross feelings about the word “RESPONSIBILITY” thanks @ parental figures and guardians for forever ruining the term for the rest of our lives. 

Responsibility and taking responsibility for things that are considered sensitive subject material can sound like a daunting thing, but it’s not that scary, and honestly the sooner you take responsibility and actively treat sensitive material tactfully, the sooner you can feel better about your writing.

I know, that sounds gimmicky, but seriously. I’ve been there. 

Unfortunately, and I do admit it with a little bit of shame, I used to be one of those writers who unapologetically wrote sensitive material without taking responsibility and I learned fairly quickly that this hurt a lot of people and spread a lot of false information. Honestly though, the second I took responsibility and started actively doing things to be responsible with my writing in roleplay, I found I– and my roleplay partners– were a lot happier and a lot smarter about those sensitive subjects.

I’ve also been on the opposite end of irresponsible writing and let me tell you, it is not fun. Sixteen year old me writing on tumblr for fun coming across a statement in a roleplay saying that their character could die from a panic attack was literally one of the most terrifying things that ever happened to me. I wasn’t that educated about mental illness at the time. I knew I had anxiety and panic attacks but I really didn’t know much about it so understandably, I nearly shit my pants reading that and was legitimately scared for my life anytime I started to have a panic attack, it actually really hurt me and hindered my health all because of misinformation in a roleplay. 

That’s just one example of irresponsible writing having real world impacts. And I’m here to discredit that by saying NO, you absolutely cannot die from a panic attack. 

But do you see what I’m getting at? 

Irresponsible writing does have actual consequences and that is exactly why it is so important to write responsibly. 

You know those beer commercials that are like “always drink responsibly”? We all know why we need to drink responsibly and we know what the consequences of drinking irresponsibly are. Well, I’m the beer commercial and I’m tellin’ ya, always write responsibly.

Here’s how you can be more responsible with your writing:

  • Do not excuse your character’s actions and understand that excusing is not the same thing as understanding. You don’t have to belligerently defend your character and their actions to display your understanding. True understanding is when you know what your characters motivations and reasons are, understanding is explaining, but understanding is not excusing. Be careful when you defend, defending can sometimes be excusing.
  • RESEARCH. I cannot stress this enough. Google is your friend. Google the illnesses, disorders, sciences, psychologies, ALL OF IT, Google the things about your character that you do not understand or are not qualified to speak on and stick to what the research says. It’s okay to branch out and use multiple sources for what you’re looking into, but always do your research. You can Google things, you can talk to people who have experienced what you need information on ( so long as they are willing and consent to being asked about those things ), find scholarly articles, look up the impacts of trauma. I know everyone responds to trauma differently but if you’re portraying something like that it’s good to get a basic idea of some cohesive things that happen in a majority of those cases.
  • Talk about things out of character, engage in conversation and bring up things that you have researched and how that plays a role in your character and who they are. If you character is doing / has done things that are unforgiveable, even if you understand their motivations and reasons make sure you ALWAYS express that you do not condone or excuse that behavior. Say that you understand their reasoning, but know that will never make it okay.
  • When portraying these things in prose, tread carefully. Read over it and use good judgement. Ask yourself questions like: does this gloss over the issue? am I romanticizing / sexualizing / fetishizing this issue? is there anything important I am addressing inappropriately? is all of the information here correct? am I playing into unhealthy or incorrect ideologies?
  • Be open to criticism. If someone comes to you and points something out that they feel isn’t right, don’t immediately vilify them and discredit it. Look into what they are saying, be open minded, take that criticism and engage in discussion about it. It’s okay if you dissent what they’re saying, just make sure you put in research into it and have the backing to say why you dissent it. It’s okay to ask for second opinions.
  • Be open to corrections. If you mess something up, that’s okay. We all mess things up and if someone corrects you that is not a personal attack it is just you being human and needing to correct a mistake. When you step on someone’s toes, you don’t yell and blame them, you acknowledge it and apologize. Take someone’s correction and make it public knowledge that you understand you were wrong and will not be making that mistake again. Make a post or respond to their message saying something to the effect of “thank you for letting me know, it will not happen again” and integrate that correction into the bank of knowledge you already have on the topic. Acknowledge your mistake, apologize, and correct it. That’s all it takes.
  • ASK QUESTIONS. If you don’t understand something and all else fails, you can’t find anything via the world wide web, ASK QUESTIONS. Make a post asking if anyone can help you out or give opinions, use your judgement on which opinions or thoughts are more informed, if you know someone who’s informed on those issues maybe ask them. You can be polite, precede it with something along the lines of “Hey, I hope you don’t mind me asking, I know you are knowledgeable on these kinds of things and I can’t find any information on this elsewhere, but do you know [insert question / thing here]?” And there you go! If they can’t give you an answer, it’s okay to continue doing research and continuing asking questions until you get one.
  • Use trigger warnings!!! I cannot stress this one enough. If you don’t want to use trigger warnings PUT IT ON YOUR BLOG– in your rules, in your description, in your info pages– THAT YOU WILL NOT BE TAGGING CERTAIN SUBJECTS AND SAY WHAT SUBJECTS YOU WILL NOT BE TAGGING. Otherwise, USE. TRIGGER. WARNINGS. It takes barely a second to tag the material. I know triggers are controversial on tumblr and there are a lot of dissenting ideas about them but trust me, it does far more harm than good when these things go untagged and unaddressed. If something isn’t a trigger, tag it as a content warning. Example: blood tw is a trigger warning, blood cw is a content warning. Contents are things that aren’t necessarily a trigger that has to do with a traumatic event, but still applies to things that make people uncomfortable, deal with phobias, or cause general panic and not-god-ness. Contents are just as important as triggers. Keep in mind, as well, that triggers can be anything. Anything can bring up a traumatic event and trigger someone. They aren’t bound to just visuals, sometimes just words alone can bring up a traumatic event and have consequences. You can keep a list of triggers to tag on your blog in a separate page, it doesn’t have to be public, just for your own reference. If someone asks you to tag a trigger ( and this is of course assuming that you do actively tag triggers ), I do not care if they are polite, I do not care if they are rude, I absolutely do not care if it seems dumb to you and you don’t even have to respond to the message, just be polite and tag it. Bottom line.
  • Make it known that you are open to corrections. Say in your rules, in a post, somewhere that if you mess something up you are open to and encourage people to come to you and let you know.
  • If you are not what you are writing– example, you are writing a character who is Roma and you are not Roma– and someone who is what you are writing comes to you and says you’re doing something wrong, you are doing something wrong. Under no circumstances should you shut them down or say “but I researched and found out this!!!” take what they are saying and know that it is valid. Sometimes sources of research are not written by people who are what they are writing about, that makes those things open to being incorrect and if someone who is what you are writing about tells you you’ve made a mistake, chances are very very VERY likely you are making a mistake. That’s okay, just do like I said above and acknowledge your mistake, apologize, and correct it.
  • Do not self-deprecate if you are called out on a mistake. Saying things like “oh I’m so stupid” “oh I’m such a horrible person”, etc. are extremely uncomfortable for people who may be correcting you. It makes it seem like you care more about your self-image than you care about what they are addressing. I know it can be hard not to degrade yourself, some people deal with that, but it’s okay to let go of that and simple say “yes, I messed up, I’m sorry for that mistake, it will not happen again”. Self-deprecation over these topics draws attention away from what is important and what important changes you intend to make and puts the focus on you. It’s uncomfortable and helps validate negative ideologies about making mistakes and… just generally makes people making corrections feel bad. And if you make a mistake in the future, they may be less likely to correct you under the premise they don’t want you to feel bad.

I know this seems like a lot, and you might make mistakes and slip up and forget, but that’s okay. Once you start doing this, it’s not that much in practice, it becomes second nature and it makes things a whole lot easier and promotes a healthier, safer environment on your blog. It seems like a lot, but believe me it isn’t and all of these things are not hard to do. You have a computer and access to the internet, it only takes a few minutes to Google things and do research and it doesn’t take too long to ingrain these things into your behavior.

These are just the greatest things you can do when writing about sensitive material or material that is potentially controversial in nature.

cryingbutstilldesperatelytrying  asked:

What do you think would happen if ALL your blonde boys met somehow? (Joey, Adrien, Felix, Chad, ect) idk I just like the idea of them all meeting up for some reason. How do you think they'd interact?

okay it’s not ALL of them (i don’t have nearly enough time to include EVERYONE in my collection of favourite cute blond characters), but here are six blond sons and one bonus blonde daughter

also if you think mighty max and polly pocket aren’t best friends who go everywhere together then wow do i have news for you

I was tagged by @poe-also-bucky 💜💜💜

Rules: Make an aesthetic moodboard (based off of your personality and interests) with only photos that you have saved in your device! No cheating!!

Okay, I wanted to cheat because I have nothing but nonsense on my phone. But I decided not to. So here you go. A nice moodboard things I felt were important enough to save. Mostly because they were funny or nice enough to save.

I tag @lihgtsabers @reycfhcpe @cvssiansandors @binarysunset @cariefisherr

anonymous asked:

in my entire 4 1/2 years of being a 1d/larrie i have not read O N E fic,, and i think its time. gimme some classics.

4.5 years and no fic??? h o w ,, oh my God okay well now is as good a time as any to do a fic rec so idk what you’re going for this is gonna have a little of everything. before i start tho ~ here is the link to my regularly updated bookmarks (or my constantly updated fic recs on ao3, where you’ll find everything i’ve read and loved enough to save for another time) http://archiveofourown.org/users/poetically/bookmarks and my fic recs i post on tumblr are at ~ cinnamonswirlhair.tumblr.com/tagged/fic+rec

i’ll link you to my faves first
> The Dead of July, captain america au (harry as cap, louis as bucky), 117k words, http://archiveofourown.org/works/3594570
> I hunger for your beautiful embrace, kinda a spartacus au (it’s so good omg), 57k words, bottom louis, http://archiveofourown.org/works/1174912
> Make a run, cause some rebellion, hybrid louis, one of my fave authors EVER, 8k words, http://archiveofourown.org/works/6775978
>>> PIRATE AUS - Drowning in your eyes, 45k, http://archiveofourown.org/works/8301328 • SWIM IN THE SMOKE, by the same fave author from earlier, 101k, http://archiveofourown.org/works/5677141 • Liberté, the one i just reread tonight, 64k, http://archiveofourown.org/works/4610109 • these hands not fit for holding, includes some cool greek mythology, 46k, http://archiveofourown.org/works/6410053
> Once upon a dream, criminal minds au (check out its sequel too), 33k, http://archiveofourown.org/works/8249207

some fandom classics
> Fading, eating disorder tw !!!, 202k, http://archiveofourown.org/works/629683
> just me, you, and this box of matches, a crack!fic but amazing nonetheless, 87k (and have to have an account), http://archiveofourown.org/works/626568
> Young and Beautiful, one of my Faves, from the iconic quote “the moon knows,” 227k, http://archiveofourown.org/works/838537
> Red Brick Heart, college roommates au, 98k (also have to have an account), http://archiveofourown.org/works/969552
and the infamous but oh so deserving of it, > These Inconcenient Fireworks, 190k, you’ll remember it forever, https://www.dropbox.com/s/wq82jbiaujo7o3y/tif.pdf

11 question tag

1. always post these rules
2. answer the questions given by the person who tagged you
3. write 11 questions of your own
4. tag 11 people

I was tagged by @martinandtheirbooks! So here we go here we go.

1. what is your favourite flower?
Cornflower. I like flowers, but I like them being in nature (or embroidery) because I’m not super good with plants.

2. which languages do you speak, and which would you like to learn?
Okay, here we go.
Fluent: Dutch, English. Good enough to bullshit my way through a conversation and read academic texts: German. Okayish: French. Just a little: Japanese. I can also read middle english, middle dutch, and medieval german.
What I want to learn: I want to learn Japanese properly. Actually finish this time. Also Russian, for some reason.

3. how do you take your tea (or coffee)?
I… don’t. Water is good, really. Still, I’ll drink tea (I’ll not drink coffee), preferably as un-bitter as possible.

4. any wise lessons you can tell from experience?
Don’t wait for other people to give you worth. Don’t give people that power over you.

5. would you consider a marriage of convenience with a friend?
Are you kidding me? Yes. Of course. 

6. is there a place outside your residence where you feel at home?
I.. don’t know.

7. what kind of locations do your dreams take place in?
I usually dream narratively, and they can take place anywhere. I’ve had secret magical underground sewers, haunted houses, forest with forest gods, post-zombie ruined cities, a dinosaur park, boats, real life cities, fantasy courts…

8. are you a spring, summer, autumn or winter person?

9. what do you wish you could talk to more people about?
Feelings. I know, yuck.

10. are adventures best shared or enjoyed alone?
Depends on the adventure. I’m gonna say shared, but you gotta have the right kind of adventure and the right person.

11. do you record and share life in writing or in images?
I write. Not usually about myself, but sometimes. Even when it’s not directly about myself, maybe it says something about me.

My 11 questions:
1. Fruit or vegetables?
2. What is the plant you’ve kept the longest?
3. Which of Propp’s archetypal characters would you describe yourself as?
4. What’s your favourite fairytale?
5. Give me the worst, punniest, funniest or most clever superhero you can think of. 
6. Do you turn up the heat or put on a sweater?
7. When you have trouble getting to sleep, what do you do?
8. Favourite mythological character?
9. Do you prefer to think of yourself as made of stars or recycled dinosaurs?
10. What is your favourite branch of science?
11. Name a narrative theme or plot device you hate.

So, first off. You don’t need to do it. Second, I don’t know who to tag so I’m going grab some people from my activity feed (who also follow me):
@wingedyera @brenna-ivy @martinandtheirbooks ( I know you just did this, is this awkward? is this gonna turn into an endless cycle?) @werewolvesstolemybooks @inspiringmatters @geekinthelowlands @inkdrgn @merhippigi-riders @navaeragreenleaf @badassnerdprincess @wildbutterflyblog

Obnoxious shipping behavior
  • Me: I'm not a fan of A/B, but each to their own, I guess.
  • A/B-shipper: You just haven't seen enough of it. Here, let me tag A/B posts with A/C, B/D, D/F, Character C, D, E, F, the actors of said characters and their dogs. Now you can't go anywhere without seeing the awesomeness of this pairing.
  • Me: Okay, so now I hardcore notp A/B with the fire of a thousand suns.
callout for bon enoshimo


previously/also known as:


probably some others i dont know

alright to start off- i know bon has stated not to publically call her out but all the issues i’m going to talk about have been brought to her attention and she refuses to even listen much less apologize for them (that ive seen, if she has in fact apologized for anything here let me know). 

shes even ignored anons (i know because i’ve sent some) about issues or answered in the format of a post without the ask (’@anon i really dont want to talk about that because of drama it will cause’ ((not a direct/actual quote, just an example)) ) which is often used by people as a way to avoid drama/being called out because no one will know what the ask said and therefore wont know about the persons shitty behavior. 

bon also usually deletes drama off her blog shortly after it happens, purposefully making it very hard to hold her accountable for things she says as theres no proof directly on her blog.

so i feel its important to let people know about stuff shes done thats not okay since she wont see that its wrong and wont apologize. she wont be civil about it and right her wrongs and people have a right to know. so here we go

also i’ve never written a formal callout before so if this sucks im sorry lol

getting onto the actual callout. its pretty long, so there is a tl;dr at the end. but please, if you can, read the whole thing. its important and provides a lot of evidence. also all the images are transcribed.  

topics/tws: racism, ableism, guilt tripping, manipulation

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Balconies: Chapter 2 - Pretty Girl

Originally posted by fortheloveofmishacollins

Balconies Series Masterlist

Characters - AU Bartender!Reader x Mechanic!Dean

Summary - She moved into a new apartment, got herself a new job and a few new friends. What she didn’t realize, was that on the other side of her wall was someone who would change her life. A man with bright green eyes and a charming grin.

The neighbors met on the balcony, but can their little world up there survive when it meets the real world?

Word Count - 1063

Warnings - Mild language + Fluff.

After a few mornings, you went onto the balcony again in hopes of seeing Dean. You would’ve gone sooner, but you were afraid of looking too eager to see him. So every few days you would have coffee on your balcony, and most of the time Dean would join you. After a bit of back and forth, it became part of your routine to go out on the balcony for an hour or two every morning. Dean also became part of that routine quickly. The two of you would sit and talk as you sipped on your coffee. You were often more than content to just sit in companionable silence.

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Written based off this ask. Trying to get out of my slump. 

Calum’s never been good with his words. Verbally, at least. Give him a pen and a pad of paper and some time, Calum could write the song of the century. He poured every part of himself into his music; every single emotion, every single experience, every single ounce of energy. His music, his lyrics, they spoke for him; more eloquent than he could ever be on his own.

But then again, Calum couldn’t remember if he had ever felt like this before. Not about another person, at least. He hated to admit it, but maybe he was emotionally stunted in this department.

It wasn’t for lack of trying on his part though. Calum had been trying ever since you’d uttered a “Love you, Cal” against the skin of his neck before your eyelids had fluttered shut, finding it easier to admit your feelings for the brown skinned boy while tangled together and on the verge of sleep.

When Calum realized he wouldn’t be able to give a verbal response, he became so determined to show it. Peeks at his lyric book (a safe space for him, a place where his vulnerability was for his eyes only), kisses seeped in a tenderness that rooted you to the floor, lingering soft touches, cute updates on snapchat if he was away, sitting with you late at night when your panic set in at the oncoming deadlines. The list could go on and on.

He was a little relieved though. You never pushed him for that verbal response; understanding that at his core, he wasn’t a verbal person. And you saw each of his action, understood the emotions behind them. It was enough for you. When he was ready, you’d still be there. It was enough.

And laying in bed with Calum had to have been on your list of favorite things. It was enough to just exist in the moment with him here. He was warm where you’re cold; fingertips searing into your sides, your toes pressed to his shins. It was safe in the confines of his arms, where he tucked you into his chest with your leg tossed over the swell of his hip. It was enough. There’s no place you’d rather be.

The thought bounces around your head. Well, except maybe some foreign country where the two of you can explore and get lost and then it’s really just the two of you. But being here is enough, with your nails scratching at the nape of his neck and Calum’s face buried into your mess of hair.

Calum’s teetering on the edge of sleep, little warm puffs of air slipping past the part of his lips. You can feel the muscles in his shoulders tense and relax as he shifts around, sliding down a bit more in the bed. He ends up with lips pressed to the side of your jaw, eyelashes fluttering against your temple.

“Go to sleep, Cal.” You hum, nails moving to scratch behind his ears.

He grunts a bit, “Not ‘til you do.” His words are heavy, voice thickened by a need for sleep. Calum’s refusing to sleep until you do, one of those little notions of the love he can’t quite verbalize.

You smile, fingers tightening around the extra fabric of his shirt. “Promise I will.” You yawn around your response, “See? Almost there. Sleep, Cal. I’ll follow.”

“Okay,” He hums, eyelashes brushing your skin when his eyelids slide shut a final time. “Love you.” 

Yeah, being here would always be enough.

anonymous asked:

Jay drabble when your his foreign model girlfriend and he says he can't come to your fashion show but your shocked to see him in the crowd fluff please love you

From: Jay Bae
I’m really sorry…I really thought I could make it! But I’m sure you’ll do great, you always do. I’ll make it up to you another time aight? Promise.

You sighed as you read his text message over and over, an even larger wave of disappointment washing over you each time you did. Jay had told you the last time that he would attend the Balmain x H&M show to show you some support the moment you received news that you would be doing an event in Korea so it was only natural that you were more than excited to have him watch you walk down the runway but here you were, sulking over a text message from your boyfriend who had a last minute schedule to go to. Even looking at his name tag on one of the seats in the audience during your rehearsal earlier was enough to get your excited, but now that the seat was going to remain empty it only disappointed you to no end. Who knew when would be the next time you’d have a show in his country?

“Ten minutes to show time!” A staff walked in and announced, interrupting your train of thoughts.

“Everything okay?” Your makeup artist asked as she walked over, doing some final touch ups.

You forced a smile and nodded, getting up from your seat as soon as the models in the room were given the cue to head backstage and stand in line and it wasn’t a long wait before the show started, the first person in line walking out on stage.

As soon as it was your turn, you took a deep breath before stepping on stage, keeping your focus straight ahead and maintained a charismatic look on your face but you couldn’t resist taking a small peep at the seat where Jay would have been sitting at. As you strutted down the runway, you sneakily searched for the empty seat on your right with your peripheral vision but all you could see were rows after rows of occupied seats, though none of them looked anything like the person you wanted to see the most. Nope, no mob of red hair in the crowd.

Did you get it wrong? Did someone end up taking his seat? And well…of course the most impossible question in your head was if he actually somehow made it to the show.  

Then, making use of the turning you had to make at the end of the stage, you took a quick glance again at the seat and your eyes widened a little upon recognising Loco before you shifted your eyes to the person beside him – Jay. That liar. You could barely afford to keep your eyes on him for a split second before you had to shift your gaze back to the front but the way he had to bite back a laugh upon meeting your eyes was more than enough for you to be completely sure that it was him despite the change in haircut.

A small smile couldn’t help but creep to the corner of your lips but being the professional you were you quickly regained your composure, only letting out a huge grin the moment you got off the stage which earned you weird looks from your fellow colleagues.

For the rest of the show you easily located where he was sitting every time you walked out with a different outfit, looking at him at every chance you got. He knew, of course, that you’d do just that and being the dork he is, he made a different expression on his face and waited for you to look at him for each time you came out, Loco laughing at what was going on until it came to a point where he literally gawked at you when you walked out in a feathery outfit and you knew you couldn’t look at him anymore, not if you wanted to burst out laughing and lose your job.

The show concluded not long after and Jay didn’t hesitate to escape from the audience, slipping his way backstage and dialling your number to look for you. It had been a painful long three months of only talking to you through skype and seeing your pictures on fashion articles and boy was he more than excited to have you in his arms.

“I’m in, where are you?” He asked in a hushed whisper the moment you picked up the call, looking left and right into the whole line of waiting rooms along the corridor, almost walking into a clothes rack in the process.

“Behind you.”

He stopped in his tracks, the cheesiest smile appearing on his face the moment he saw you and he pulled you into a dramatic hug, startling you for a bit.

“Not here Jay…!” You said in a hushed tone, repeatedly smacking his chest until he broke away from the hug and pulled you into an isolated room at the end of the hallway, locking the door behind him.

“What a liar.”

“Wow what a loving way to greet your boyfriend,” He rebutted.

You laughed, then hugged him anyways, whispering into his ear, “I missed you, so, so much.”

“Me too,” He smiled, hugging you even tighter as he swayed the both of your bodies side to side. “More than you can imagine.”

“Then why did you trick me!” You exclaimed, pulling away to face him and pinched his cheeks.

“I didn’t trick you, I surprised you!” He reasoned and as much as you wanted to punish him for spoiling your mood before the show, you knew you couldn’t bear to.

Eventually, you simply pulled him in for a kiss, murmuring against his lips, “Fine, you’re just lucky you’re sucha cutie.”

“I know.”

Interrupting the pleasantness to say, again… could we please not tag Lin on original posts of bootleg material. He searches his tag to engage with fans, especially fanart and personal messages. A lot of us like having him on here. Putting bootleg material in front of his face when he comes here to talk with fans is an excellent way to make coming here a bad experience for him, one, you know, he might not want to continue.

Not to mention it’s just unnecessarily rude. I know people aren’t used to this in every fandom and a lot of you are new. Lin is an actual personal presence on social media, both including and apart from Hamilton. And I think we’re very lucky to have him. His name in the tags or his handle on twitter is not just a content marker. It’s potentially addressing him. That doesn’t mean you can’t fangirl the fuck out. Tumblr is for fans. It does mean certain things are inappropriate to tag with his full name. Tagging him on bootleg posts is a really crappy way to repay him for everything he’s given and continues to give.

If you have any questions, please check out my #bootlegs tag first.

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eta welp, there we have it

Promise under the tree (Yukimura X MC)

This one shot fic is based on my imagination of @manju-butt ’s ask here. Don’t ask why I’d wrote this fic, I just feel that my answer isn’t enough to speak my feelings… THE HORRoR…. 😂😂😂 If others wanna read my other fics, please search for the tag sonya writing fanfiction or search for my side blog @once-upon-a-time-in-paradise

Rated PG 13 for Heavy Angst

Also dedicated to @manju-butt as my full answer XD


“Lord Yukimura…”

“Its okay. I will be back, I promise you, Mika.”

A couple, under a tree just beside a river, is hugging tight. He is going to war, where he sworn his life to be. He is looking at the eyes of his beloved, where he sworn his heart to be.

Nothing pains him more than to acknowledge the fact that he’s leaving her behind.

She hugs him back. “I know. You will come back. You always comes back. I will be waiting.” That stung him more, like a hornet sting deep in the heart, the toxic reality of his foreshadowing future enveloping his heart, killing him softly.

He knows this is a road without much chances of surviving.

But he had to.

He cannot die remembering her crying, begging him to not go to war.

With a forced smile, he looks at Mika, and kisses her, not plainly and gently, but forcefully and needy. Wiping all her tears with his lips, kissing all the bare skin he could see, telling her with his heart he knows. He knows. And he hated you for crying because of him.

“I’ll be back. Just wait me here, under the tree, ok?”

You nodded, tears of anxiety and dread lingering marks on your face. You promised yourself not to cry, for he will be back. He will be back soon.

And everything will be the same again.


Are you back yet?

You sat under the tree, looking at the flowing water of the river. It had been long since he went for the battlefield, yet you heard nothing regarding his situation. None.

You closed your eyes. Once, the branches were lush green with the warmth of summer, now, it were brown with the arrival of autumn.

I believe you


You stared at the cold, blue sky. Not a cloud was seen up upon the heavens, giving you a perfect view of winter. The snowy ground mirrored the horizon, making it white upon white with a wisp of mist from your breath. You caressed your abdomen affectionately.

“Lady Mika! Lord Nobuyuki had ordered the maids to brew some tonic for you!” You heard a maid calling at a distance, and you smiled.

“I’ll come, there’s no need for you to arrive!”

Step amongst step you climbed, from the frozen banks to the leafless tree, not noticing a rock, hidden in snow just in front of you…

“….Lady Mika!”

Coldness seeped in your veins as you fell, fell, fell till you can’t stand the pain purging in your arteries, attacking your senses, blurring your thoughts. You felt the chill, from the hard ice, but nothing was more chilling than the silent moans that filled your mouth, the devastating screams in your heart that haunted you till never end.

That was the last time you ever smiled again.


Did I really want you go?

You sat at your room, holding his robe, you sniffed it, his scent assaulting your nose. No more. No more.

You threw the robe away on the tatami floor.

“Why…! Why…!? Why would you leave us…? You promised! YOU PROMISED ME YOU WON’T ABANDON US!”

You cried, screamed, wailed and screeched, but no one came to stop you. No one came.

You gazed at the torn fabric, already crumpled and disfigured by your actions. You remorsed, you took it again and you sniffed it once again, letting the smell wash against you, letting you forget.

The night filled with the scent of sakura trees were a memory to behold, as you remembered the tree. His promise.

Its not till long you screamed your lungs out again.


He’s back?

You heard the maids, you heard Umeko, you heard your heart thumping.

He’s back?

For the first time in a very long while, you finally showed yourself from your little prison you locked yourself in, still wearing the same clothes you had worn so many months ago since that incident…

He’s back!

The maids handled you with care, holding your frazzled hands to the gateway, not even caring to change you into new clothes, for they wanted you back. The old you. The old, cheery, happy you. They knew the one person who could make that happen was right in that crowd. That broken army of people waiting to get home after a year of suffering and torture, to get home to their loved ones, safe and sound.

He is back home!

But where was he?

Not here, not there. All you can see is waves amongst waves of scarred people, terrified looks in their eyes as you passed over. Looks of fear.

Finally you can’t take it anymore. “Where is Lord Yukimura?!”

No one answered.

No one except him.

You looked piercingly at his crimson eyes, hoping that he was joking, hoping that this is a nightmare you could wake up from, hoping that this is a puzzle piece that you could solve. But no.

The rare emotion of pity was mirrored in your eyes by Saizo.

“Take this.”

You gazed at the red headband with the eight coins, his crimson blood like a rose, trampled on the ground, stared back at you. You feel something snap.

This isn’t real.

Tell me, this isn’t real.

You feel yourself shatter, breaking into two as you wish yourself to dissapear from this miserable world.


Finally all the retainers had assumed that you are beyond saving, had gone crazy and hysterical due to that last blow to your mind. The death of your child was already a large hit, but the death of Sanada Genjirou Yukimura was fatal.

Instead of hearing your wails and screaming, there is only slience. An eerie creepy slience that made their skin crawl when they passed your chambers. It was assumed you had already lost the will to survive without him living with you.

One day, the screen doors to your chambers opened. You walked out of it, holding something in your palm. You ordered yourself to be bathed, and the maids readily prepared it for you. Then you ordered yourself to be fed, they obeyed. Lastly you ordered them to apply makeup on you, which made them glad; thinking that perhaps, perhaps there’s hope for your recovery.

You excused yourself into your room, and you opened your palm to sniff in that particular object. The coppery scent of his blood once again assaulted you, and you know what you are going to do. The thought thrilled you.

With a groan, you forced yourself out the screen door of your room to the garden, ventured through the garden and finally, to the tree where he promised you his unfinished promise, never to be finished.

You closed your eyes and gazed at the water of the raging summer river.

I’m coming now. Sorry to keep you both waiting….

You walked into the cool water, sensing his seafoam coloured eyes on you. You smiled as you heard your child babbling on his arms so affectionately, so near, so far. So close, yet so distant. So reminding, so forgettable. So warm. You couldn’t forget his touch that sent you to flames, couldn’t forget his kiss that reminded you of his scent. His closeness. One more step was what it took to be with them again….You heard him calling, and you stretched your arms wide, falling into the water, answering his call.

The last thing you felt was the undercurrent, sweeping you to his arms, to your child’s side, as you are rewarded for your breaking of a promise once upon a time under a tree beside the river.