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the mermaid

drowning or dehydration
under the salty waves
nose bleeds and ripped knees
from running too fast
too far
across the sharp rocks
your skin peels off from the spaces between your toes
the sand scrapes away what you don’t
the wind would fill your lungs if you parted your lips; heaving
voices drier than bleached wood
cracked and broken
drifting for leagues to land ashore
lost no longer


lucid eyes roll back
under the salty waves
the scabs of your skin
carved out by nature and time
peel off to reveal scales
of abalone and dusk
stealing the sun when your parched lips break the flood
to mouth at the sky
your pearly teeth, chipped and cutting
reflect stars underwater
your song is healing
rebuilding; tearing down the dam
which left you speechless


there is peace when you don’t try
under the salty waves
jewels of wrecked ships crust on your skin; light muted by the filtered night
you like them best when you forget
what it was like to care about 

what went on the surface

the scabs scarred over, leaving silver sand and irony in its wake

weeds twine your slender arms

slide amongst the seashells and the coral

you curl your way past the reef

through deep shades of dark

and darker

the foam crests over your head

over your kingdom

you are queen when you would be



your scales dapple in the glow
a heaving pearl parts your lips
resting on your curved tongue

Lust (explicit)

So this is a brand new fic, my first written especially here on tumblr, but i do hope you all enjoy. Jon x Dany. Boatsex. Do I need to say more?

Pairing: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen.

Summary: On a boat, having sex. XD

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Happy birthday to Seventeen’s talented vocal team leader and composer, Lee Jihoon! Thank you for being born 💕

Stuck together

request: Hi! Can you do a scenario with Yongguk? A long one, where you’re afraid that he might cheat on you, End he ends up confessing to you. Btw I LOVE YOUR SCENARIO A LOT A LOT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Okay I actually have a very very important research to write BUT FUCK THIS SHIT I CAN’T STOP WRITING SCENARIOS FOR YOU MY PRECIOUS BABYS but before I’ll write the 3rd part of Bonds I’ll do some requests c:
Here you are precious anon-nim~


Stuck together

Since three weeks it was always the same. Whenever you tried to find time you could both spend together, Yongguk backed up because he suddenly had schedule to do. At first it was normal for you because well he was busy with being the leader of one of the most popular music groups South Korea’s. When you started your relationship you promised him that this wouldn’t stop you from loving him no matter how much time his schedules stole him from being with you. But lately there was something strange about his schedule periods and you couldn’t stop thinking about that and your assumption was confirmed when you met Zelo and Jongup the other day at the shopping mall.

“Noona!” Zelo greeted you and ran up to hug you. Well it wasn’t a hug but felt more like the grasp of a mantis. You smiled and hugged him back. “What are you boys doing here?” you questioned because Yongguk had told you that the group was on a radio show today and that’s why he couldn’t meet you later to have lunch. “It’s our day off!” Jongup answered excitedly, “noona, do you want to come with us? We want to go shopping and then eat as much as we can and even more!”

You had to force the smile on your face because the maknaes looked so happy about having some free time. You didn’t want to ruin it because the fact that Yongguk lied to you felt worse than a punch in your face and you felt sick. They managed it to convince you following them around and though they had so much energy and talked non stop you couldn’t really bring yourself up to listen to them. Why did Yongguk lie to you? What was he doing right now? What if he planned a surprise for you and when you’d reach the apartment you both shared, he’d wait for you?
Quickly you checked your phone but there was no message from him. You sighed and followed Zelo and Jongup in the next shoe store. Once you found the oppurtunity to talk to Zelo you hurried to him and poked his side. “Hm?” he looked down at you (like why had he had to be so tall?) and his grin came back immediately. “Noona, noona! What do you think about these shoes?” He reached up to a pair of really awesome looking Nike shoes and showed them to you. “They’d fit me great, right?”
When there was no answer from you his features grew worried and he narrowed his voice. “Are you alright, noona? You don’t look good,” he whispered and you bit your lip.
“Junhong, I have a question to you,” you started slowly and your giant opposite knew something was wrong because you barely called him by his real name. “Do you know what Yongguk is doing? It’s your day off and he doesn’t seem to want spending it with me so is there some important thing he has to do or-” You immediately shut up when you saw the look in Zelo’s eyes. The uncertainty and the fear to get caught brushed his eyes like a soft feather but you saw it and your heart stopped beating for this second. “Well, he didn’t say anything to me,” he answered slowly, not looking in your eyes.

“Yongguk-hyung? Didn’t he want to do something with Jieun-noona?” Jongup suddenly asked behind you and Zelo spun around; almost throwing the shoes in his hand at the poor Jongup who flinched back. “Jongup-hyung!” he yelled, “shut up!”
But it was enough for you. You stared at Jongup, then looked back at Zelo who had his head narrowed at the ground, his shoulders hung in guiltiness and suddenly he didn’t look as tall as he was.
You bit your lip, fighting the anger and disappointment in you.

“Why are you lying to me, Junhong? It’s not like it should be a secret that they hang out together. He could have told me. If he wants to meet her then he can meet her.” It were all lies but you definitely wouldn’t make a scene here. You saw the relief in Zelo’s eyes and he smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, noona. Yongguk-hyung told us to not tell it to you. But he didn’t explain us why. We were also surprised because we thought he’d spend the day with you”, he told you and you slowly nodded. There was a reason for Yongguk’s behavior but at the moment no one could tell it to you.
But you were patient.
You could wait.

The next time he lied to you was on your anniversary.

You waited for him the whole day after you prepared a dinner and changed into you nicest dress. But after the whole time he didn’t come. You sent him text messages and left him calls on his voice mail but he didn’t respond and you weren’t sure if he checked on his phone either. So when you called Himchan and asked him where your boyfriend was, there was a sudden tensed atmosphere and Himchan was silent. You could tell he wasn’t expecting your call at all.

“Himchan, what’s Yongguk doing right now?”
You weren’t even mad at him – you felt just tired and exhausted. You knew Yongguk was somewhere around Himchan and at the same time you knew that Himchan was going to lie to you.
And he did.
“He’s not here, ______. Ha ha, maybe he’s searching for something he can give you, you know it’s your anniversary after all,” he laughed uncertainly and you felt your stomach twist in disappointment and betrayal. “I see.” And you ended the call though you heard that he wanted to say something else. Your feeling told you that he was with Jieun and though you forced yourself to stay calm you saw your hands shaking. You clenched them into fists until your knuckles turned white and your nails cut painfully in your skin. The tears burned in your eyes and you fought them back, not allowing yourself to be weak. But the grief and the distress were incredible in your heart and when soft sobs left your throat you sunk on your knees and cried. Never since you and Yongguk started your relationship you had felt as much alone as now and you wished him to be there with you, holding you close to his chest in his warm arms. But there was only the cold and in the soft light of the candles you made a silent promise to yourself: This would be the last time you shed tears because of Bang Yongguk.

It felt like centuries passed when you finally saw him again.
Though you suffered from the distance and the fact that you weren’t able to see him he looked fine and good and you felt like he was stabbing your heart with his gummy smile. He wanted to take you in his arms but your took a far step away from him, holding your hands up in refuse.
“Don’t touch me.”
You were surprised and proud at the same time by the cold voice you managed to bring up against him and the surprise and hurt in his eyes was satisfaction and your death at the same time. He was confused and dropped his arms at his sides. “What-“
“I’m tired of you, Yongguk. It seems like you can live pretty well without me and I won’t run after you like a stupid dog. You could have told me earlier that this relationship wasn’t going to be something serious. I could have save so much energy for something else. Something more important.” Your words were withering and with every syllable that left your mouth you saw his body tense and he stared at you in shock and disbelief.
“Jagiyah, what are you talking ab-”
“DON’T ‘JAGIYAH’ ME! Just leave. Go away and let me alone. It shouldn’t be hard for you since you’ve already done it so many times before.” Your voice broke and you turned away from him when you needed to take a deep breath to hold your tears back. You could almost touch the tension in the air but you promised yourself to stay strong and not back up and you knew the moment you’d turn around and see his face you’d go weak.

Firm hands grabbed your shoulders and turned you around fast so that you almost lost your balance and you had to grip Yongguk’s arms firmly. But it wasn’t like he seemed to let you go. Anger glistened in his eyes and you felt fear for a brief second. “You’re gonna stay calm and explain me what the hell you’re talking about,” he ordered with a stern and troublesome composure you never heard before. Your hands shook and it was hard for you to stand his intense stare.

“You could have just told me that you don’t love me anymore, Yongguk. It would’ve been better than waiting here for you the whole time while you’re with-” You didn’t want to say it because at the same time you finally admitted it. “With Jieun,” you finally whispered, avoiding eye-contact.
The grip around your shoulders loosened only a bit before his fingers digged painfully in your skin.
“Jieun?! You thought I was cheating on you with Jieun?!” You sobbed when you tried to free you from his grip but Yongguk was so much stronger than you and he held you close to him. “What let you think that I was dating her or something like that?!”
"You were always with her even on our anniversary!”, you yelled back at him, not caring anymore if you cried or not. All emotions came together and you felt lost and alone though Yongguk was so close to you. “Can you even imagine how I felt? How it was to be all by myself, waiting for you because I really thought you’d come. Because I trusted that you wouldn’t let me here alone.” Your cry became quieter and then you just let your tears tell him the rest of your story. The story how you hated to be alone and that you actually were a person that couldn’t handle herself alone and that you needed company. His company. You stopped struggling from his grip and leaned onto him as you tried to memorize the last minutes you could spend in his warm embrace because you knew after this he’d definitely leave you.

And then Yongguk really did let you go and you tried to cover your sob behind your hand when Yongguk placed his arms around you and pulled you against him.

"Don’t even thing I’m gonna let you go like that,” his voice was hoarse and filled with upcoming tears. “Whatever you thought it ain’t true. Whatever you imagined me and Jieun would have it ain’t true. I love you and seeing you like that because of me … because I did something stupid.” He took a deep, shaky breath when he tightened his hold around you. “I’m sorry, _________. I’m sorry for being selfish and I’m sorry for let you being alone. If I could show you how much I love you…” He pulled away a little bit and looked in your eyes. His own were red and you noticed the tears in the corner of his eyes. “Yongguk, you don’t have to prove anything,” you started but Yongguk immediately shook his head and cupped your face with his large hands.
"No, no. I hurt you. I know that. Really, let me… let me show you that I really love you.” Now you were curious because the way how he emphasized the word love made your heart beat faster and you got a strange feeling in your belly. You stared at him and with him dropping on his knees you thought your heart was going to explode.

"The reason why I was with Jieun the whole time and why the other boys lied to you and hid me and why I threatened our relationship was because of this.” And he slowly pulled out a little black box from his pocket and when he opened it you couldn’t breathe. “I wished I could ask you under other circumstances. But I won’t back up. ______, will you marry me? Even though I am a good-for-nothing who only causes you pain?”
His eyes were big and his hands were shaking when hold the ring up to you.

You couldn’t breathe; the shock and surprise hit you like a wrecking ball and you weren’t able to say anything. Yongguk noticed how you hesitated and it hurt him so he was about to pull back but you quickly fell on your knees in front of him and threw your arms around his neck.
“I will! I will I will, yes yes I will!” you cried when you placed many kisses on his face. He finally laughed and with you on top of him you both fell on the ground and he hugged you so tight like a baby that didn’t want to let his teddy go.
“You don’t know how happy you made me,” he whispered against your hair when he closed his eyes. “I’m the happiest man on earth right now.” You giggled and bit your lip.
“And I’m the happiest woman right now,” you whispered when you hugged him back. “I’m sorry that I became jealous about all that. I should have asked you and well don’t make my own conclusions. I’m sorry.” You hid your face in his warm chest while he softly rubbed his thumb over your arm. “No, don’t apologize. I’m sorry for letting you make those silly conclusions,” he laughed. “I mean if you’d suddenly start to meet someone else the whole time well I think I’d go crazy and even stalk you to know what you’re doing,” he confessed shyly and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Well that would be creepy,” you giggled. “But don’t worry. There’s no way I’m gonna fall in love with someone else,” you continued when he put the ring slowly on your ring finger. You both looked at it and well you had to admit how great it looked on you. “Seems like we’re stuck together now.”
Yongguk smiled when he leaned down to you and softly pecked your lips.
“I doubt that I could think about something else in the future.”

“This music is who I am.”