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Last Game Cast and Staff Message Pamphlet Scans (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

This was a bonus for watching the movie towards the last couple of weeks the movie was in theaters. And no I did not cut off the screenshots it’s like that by default. 

I thought about hiding them under a cut for those who don’t want spoilers but the quality would’ve been smaller (at least you can expand these to full size in a separate tab to read the messages and stuff) so hopefully those who don’t want spoilers just don’t click on the pics and scroll past this post.

I’m? So angry on @steveaoki and his teams’ account. Like. They have been working their butts off for this single. Steve has been mentioning it as much as he can, and his team has been using it as much as possible. So the fact that The Late Late Show is trying to use Louis’ name to promote the single (meanwhile his fans have done more than his team has for this single) is so gross. 

I want a hashtag with Louis and Steve TOGETHER, if not one for Steve alone if you’re going to make the host make one without Steve. The false idea that Louis’ fanbase is just here to blindly promote whatever he does needs to be squashed. We have continued to support this song and promotion cycle because Steve and his team have made us feel like we are being recognized and loved for the effort we put forward. 

The fact that The Late Late Show has been naive enough to think that it has been a blind following is insulting to us as fans and Steve and his team as people. I’m so angry right now.

anyway guy’s loud and obvious about loving kakashi. he’s the epitome of that “yes we know. you love kakashi” meme. literally never shuts up about how great and handsome and smart kakashi is. talks about how every second spent with kakashi is a gift.

kakashi is just someone who likes to keep his business to himself and isn’t really into performative relationship stuff. he watches guy and just kinda smiles to himself and is so utterly smitten. shows his love through little gestures like bringing home food for guy or some item that he knows he needed. privately very affectionate.

and they both understand the difference in their personalities and love the balance that they have!!!!

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Yeah no one knows so they stay low key about their relationship

okay gr8 thanks bud!

original prompt: One where you are on tour with Calum and the guys and you two decide to go out with the guys and walk around but stay back a little and just talk. But you haven’t told anyone at all you two are together so you leave space in between each other. Thanks!

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They’re back…

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Calm down - Montgomery de la Cruz

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Request:  Yo a monty imagine where they’re in the same circle of friends, justin & zach always tease them but they laugh off their crushes on each other, so one day a guy asks her out and monty gets all jealous and kisses her in front of him and says sth like she’s his girl and stuff idk

word count: 1102


“Hey look your girlfriend is coming over!” Justin joked at Montgomery.

“What girlfriend?” Montgomery said while turning around when he saw you coming over to the table he and his friends were sitting at.

“Hey guys! Do you mind if I eat my lunch here? Jess and Sheri have cheer practice and sitting alone is a little boring.”

“Of course we don’t mind, I think Montgomery would even really really love you would sit here!” Zach says to you while you were sitting down next to Montgomery.

“Really Zach, again with the stupid jokes? You guys have been making these jokes for months. It’s starting to get boring.” You smile at Justin and Zach.

“What jokes? We’re just stating the facts about you guys obviously crushing on each other, if you guys can’t do it yourself let us help a little.” You felt that your cheeks were starting to burn. Blushing came very easy with you. Justin and Zach have been playing matchmaker for months, always making sure there was a spot left next to Montgomery, accidently leaving the two of you alone at a party, making jokes.

“It seems like sitting alone was in fact a better idea. See you later guys!” You say while picking up your stuff, and walking out the cafeteria.

“Don’t run away from the loveee!” You hear Justin shout after you with a stupid voice it made you laugh. You had to admit the guys were pretty funny.

Fast forward to Friday night.

It was the end of the week and Bryce threw a party, again.  When you arrived you decided to join Jessica and Sheri, your two best friends. You were playing drinking games an having a fun talk with them when you got a text from Justin that he needed water and he was throwing up in the bathroom. It took you a while since you understood his message, 1 because you were drunk, 2 Justin was drunk too.  You ran upstairs and when you entered you found an empty bathroom, after you a drunk Montgomery running in, also with a water bottle. You were stood up. Justin knew Bryce’s house really good so he knew he could lock the two of you up from the outside and so he did.

“Really Justin?” You shouted while kicking the door.

“Let me out!”

Suddenly Montgomery picked you by your waist.

“Calm down y/n, you really hate me so much?” he said while turning you around his face so close you could smell the alcohol coming from his breath.

“No but I’m done with their stupid jokes.”

“Let’s just wait here until he unlocks the door, we can’t do much more.” Montgomery said while sitting down on the bathroom floor so you did the same. After talking for hours, you guessed,  Montgomery was getting closer and closer. Suddenly his hand was caressing your upper leg, your drunk mind  processed a little slower but when you looked up from his hand to his face Montgomery was leaning in to kiss you. Suddenly you heard the door unlock.

“Are you guys making out???” Justin asked while he put his head through the door opening.

“Nope!” You said while jumping up and running out of the bathroom. You really needed some fresh air right now, and another drink of course. You walked to the table with drinks when Sheri joined you on you left, Jess on your right.

“Where were you? You’ve been away for two hours!” Jess asked.

“Justin locked Montgomery and me in the bathroom, his matchmaking got next level.”

“Aaand did something happened?” Sheri asked with a grin on her face.

“No no no, quit it with the matchmaking. Nothing is happening between me and Montgomery anytime soon!” You said for what you thought was the 100th time.

“Okay calm down, we’ll shut up about it. But you know if you want to hide it better, be a little less defensive.” Sheri winked. You just rolled your eyes at her but in your head you were replaying the scene that just happened. Was he really going to kiss you? After the two of you never talked about it again so you just assumed it was a stupid drunk action nothing more, but you had to admit it kind of flattered you.

Fast forward to Tuesday after your last class.

You were picking the last books out of your locker when suddenly someone decided to join you.

“Hey y/n, heading home?”

“Oh hi Montogery, yes I am, why?”

“I was wondering if you could give me a ride home. I came with Jeff this morning but he already left for a date or something.”

“Ooh Atkins bailed on you for a girl? Must hurt.” You wink at Montgomery.

“Yeah a little, a ride with you could heal it.” He joked while you closed your locker and the two of you started to walk out of school. Suddenly someone tapped your shoulder. It was Kyle, your labpartner from chemistry.

“Hey y/n, sorry for interrupting but I kind of wanted to ask you something.” He stuttered.

“Kind of asking, interesting?” you joke at Kyle. He let out a nervous laugh, he seemed nervous.

“Well so do you want to go on a date with me maybe? Tonight?”

“Okay no, I’m done with this hiding stuff!” You heard a frustrated Montgomery say when he suddenly turns you sideways giving you a deep and passionate kiss. He cupped your face while he caressed your cheek with his thumb, letting go of you very slowly and smiling at you. You were too surprised with his sudden actions to talk.

“Well you see Kyle, there would be a little problem here since y/n is my girl.” Montgomery says while putting his arm around you. Montgomery was a pretty impressive guy so you understood why Kyle ran off without saying another word. You felt a little bad for the boy. Montgomery was known for pushing people against the lockers so Kyle probably thought that was going to happen to him.

“So I’m your girl De la Cruz?” You ask while blushing heavily. You wanted to seem cool but you couldn’t hide the smile forming on your face. Even tho you always fought the jokes you liked him. Montgomery had something special and it made you weak.

“I couldn’t hold myself anymore y/n, I’ve been wanting to do this for so long but I thought you didn’t like me and I –“

You cut Montgomery of by kissing him again.

“Calm down Monty, I’m your girl.”  You say while putting his arm back around you.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading! xxx

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Fred and Lee? For the rare pair thing

  • lee’s hands were shaking. 
  • it was over. it was all over.
  • he heard a choking sob, but he knew it wasn’t his this time.
  • george had been sobbing on and off throughout the evening whenever he could find a deserted classroom.
  • like george, lee needed to be alone.
  • he slid down the wall until he hit the cold stone floor.
  • he closed his eyes and rested his head back.
  • his hands were still shaking.
  • how could this be? he wondered, it was not supposed to end this way.
  • not when it had just began.
  • there was never enough time; that’s what he concluded.
  • as he felt tears slip down his cheeks, a memory came to mind.
  • it was when fred first told him about his feelings.
  • they were sitting out by the burrow in the rain.
  • fred needed to escape from his family; he felt cooped up with all the new protection details.
  • it was in this moment now he wished that fred had never left the burrow.
  • it was the only time he wished fred had not been a risk-taker. 
  • lee remembered watching as fred’s hair dripped, and how he looked into his eyes nervously.
  • “lee, i need to tell you something,” he had said.
  • lee could still hear his voice echoing through his mind; he wondered if that would fade with time.
  • lee remembered raising his eyebrows; he had been perplexed. fred was not one for serious conversation.
  • “what is it, fred?” he had asked him.
  • he watched as fred took a deep breath, he watched as his body shook, much like how lee’s hands were shaking now.
  • lee hoped he would never forget how those words sounded as they tumbled from fred’s lips, but he knew everything faded with time.
  • “i’m in love with you.”
  • lee remembered licking his lips.
  • he knew fred expected him to be surprised; he knew fred was scared.
  • it was so unlike fred, that he had to wipe that scared expression from his brow.
  • lee remembered lifting his hands to fred’s face and attempting to wipe his brow dry, but the rain was falling too hard.
  • his hand soon cupped his face.
  • don’t be afraid, fred,” he told him, “i’ve been in love with you longer.
  • he remembered the relief that spread across fred’s face.
  • he remembered the heat of his breath as it wavered in and out over his lips.
  • he remembered how chapped his lips were; he remembered how his clothes were soaking.
  • but he didn’t mind.
  • all lee felt now was that his hands were shaking.
  • and they wouldn’t stop; not like fred’s shaking had stopped once they kissed.
  • lee had given him security, and in this moment, he knew his memories should be enough to give him security.
  • but they never would be, because like fred’s mortality, they would fade with time.
  • and once they were gone, would it ever feel the same?
  • his hands were shaking, and they would not stop. 
  • fred was right to be afraid; there was too much to lose.
Full Moon [R.L.]

Character: Remus Lupin
Word Count: 1188
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: After a particularly bad full moon, Y/n decides it’s time to admit that she knows all about Remus’ little secret, especially since she’s known for years.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

You were fed up of them treating you like you were stupid. You were supposed to be one of their best friends, for Merlin’s sake! So why did they feel the need to make up the most outrageous excuses every month, just to cover up the fact they were helping out Remus?

It was frustrating, especially so since you had known about his little secret since you were in third year. Remus was a terrible liar, and if you were honest, James, Sirius and Peter weren’t much better.

You knew they were just trying to cover for their friend, but couldn’t they trust you? Did they really think you valued their friendship that lowly that you’d sell them out for something that Remus couldn’t help?

It annoyed you to no end when they’d lie to your face. You’d been friends for almost 7 years now, and the fact that they still didn’t trust you, even after all this time, really hurt. What hurt the most to you was that Remus didn’t trust you with his secret.

Because whether you wanted to admit it or not, you had a huge crush on the boy, and it really pained you to know that he didn’t trust you not to tell anyone.

You sat in the Gryffindor common room - a place where you often resided - waiting for the four to get back from their… late night endeavours.

From your place on the couch, you could see the full moon sitting brightly in the dark night sky, illuminating the Black Lake below, and making you slightly anxious about when they would be returning.

You stood up and walked closer to the window, leaning on the ledge as you peered out to look across the grounds. Everything was silent and deserted, which seemed strange considering in the daytime the grounds were packed with students.

A slight movement near the trees below caught your eyes as your gaze was instantly drawn to the spot. Four figures finally emerged from the forest, two trying to hold another one up, and the fourth simply tagging along at the back, trying to help but mostly just failing to do so.

You heart clenched. You hated seeing Remus so hurt after a full moon. You hated the scratches and cuts that littered his body after a night of trying to rip himself apart. You wished you could make things better for them.

But they didn’t know that you knew.

Every month you’d pretend that you believed their stupid lies, and you knew they probably thought you were the most gullible person on the planet.

This month, however, you wanted it to stop. You were going to wait until they managed to get back up to the common room, and you were going to confront them.

There was a while to wait, as you had expected, due to them presumably stopping to see Madam Pomfrey, who helped Remus out with his injuries every month.

Then they’d be returning.

You sat back down on the couch, holding a book and flipping the pages every so often, though your eyes were trained on the door.

There was the sound of some muttering, and few bangs - probably Sirius - before the door finally opened.

They didn’t notice you at first, busy trying to get Remus into the room, however when James finally saw you sitting on the couch, simply observing the scene, he slapped Sirius’ shoulder and nodded his head towards you.

“Oh hey, Y/n,” Sirius said, laughing nervously, “What are you still doing up? You should be in bed. Let’s get you in bed.”

He began walking towards you but you held a hand up, making him stop in his tracks, “Not another step, Black.”

James and Peter watched on as they held onto Remus’ beaten body, helping him to stay stood up.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” James said quickly. You raised an eyebrow. “And what does this look like to you? Because to me, it looks like you’re trying to hide the fact that your friend is a bloody werewolf!” You whispered the last word, though you knew it was just you five alone.

“W-What? Pfft, no it’s not, why would you even… say… that…” James trailed off when he saw the look on your face. He sighed, “When did you find out?”

“About October,” You said. “Oh that’s not too bad!” Sirius said with a grin, “We kept it a secret for that long!”

“In third year,” you finished, crossing your arms over your chest.


You rolled your eyes and sighed, “That doesn’t matter right now though. Could you please just lay him down on the couch? He’s as pale as anything, and looks like he’s about to pass out.”

James and Peter carefully helped Remus to lay down across the couch you were just sitting on, and looked at you.

“You three look a mess. You’ve clearly had no sleep, and if you want no one to work out why you’re all looking so awful tomorrow, you better get to bed.”

“Hey! I am beautiful all the time! How dare you offend me like this!” Sirius said indignantly with a pout.

James looked hesitantly at Remus’ figure, not wanting to leave just yet and you gave him a smile, “It’s okay. You’ve done enough tonight. Just go and get some sleep, I’ll look after him.”

“Okay… thanks,” the messy haired boy began to head to his dorm, followed by Peter. Sirius gave you a knowing look, winking as he too followed them upstairs, “Don’t snog too much, Y/n, he’s quite worn out already!”

“Shut up, Black!” You grumbled.

When all three boys had finally disappeared, you perched gently on the couch near Remus’ head, as you took in his appearance properly for the first time that night.

His face was completely scratched up, and there was a cut across his lip that looked quite deep. Bruised covered his shoulders, and from what you could see under his ripped up shirt, so was his stomach.

“Oh Remus…” you whispered, stroking a hand through his hair gently whilst the other softly traced the cuts on his face.

You saw the blush forming on his cheeks before he even opened his eyes, but when he did you could see his adoration for you clearly.

“You don’t have to stay here,” he said quietly, in a hoarse voice. You looked into his pretty brown eyes and smiled, “I know I don’t have to. I want to. I want to make sure you’re okay.”

You felt him lean into the hand that cupped his cheek, and gently stroked his jawline with your thumb.

You leant down slowly, waiting for any sign of discomfort, before softly brushing your lips against his. Remus reached up to push your hair away as he held onto you, kissing you properly, pouring all his love into it, as were you.

Suddenly, Remus knew his full moons wouldn’t be as bad anymore, because he knew you’d be there for him afterwards to patch him up and kiss him better. And that’s all he ever wanted.

Purrfect Comfort

Also on AO3
Chronologically follows “I’m Yours.”

Chat bounded across rooftops, eager for his evening visit with his girlfriend. Girlfriend! He had a girlfriend. Secret, girlfriend, of course, but still awesome.

He’d been required to attend a Gabriel vision meeting that took all morning, followed by back-to-back shoots this afternoon. But the knowledge that Mari and her family would be waiting for him to show up for retro video game night was enough to help him power through. As luck had it, he’d been released early, and had wasted no time locking himself in his room and escaping his father’s gilded cage.

He timed a leap just right to catch a light-pole to swing his trajectory back up and to the next roof. As he closed in on the T & S Bakery, he slowed down and moved into the shadows. He’d always been careful to keep his visits out of the public eye. At this point, he was in far too deep to stop, and he had no contingency plan if things went wrong. He should probably do something about that, but to be honest, he was much better at planning on the fly. Ladybug was the team’s longer range strategist.

As he dropped to Marinette’s balcony, he was surprised how dark her room was. He peeked in, half expecting to see her taking a cat nap, but she wasn’t there. She hadn’t minded him coming in through her window that one night, in the rain, so it was probably okay. He tapped a few times, so he could say that he had, before lifting the skylight to lower himself into her room.

“Princess?” he said quietly, looking around just to be sure she wasn’t at her desk or anything. There was no response. Her trapdoor was open, and he hesitated at the top of the stairs, listening before descending. He could hear Tom and Sabine, but Marinette was being unusually quiet. A little worried something was wrong, he took the stairs two at a time, something he’d learned to do specifically because it irritated his father.

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