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The first 15 minutes of Neo Yokio
  • there’s,,,, there’s a bachelor board in Times Square….. of all the eligible bachlors….. wtf why
  • Jaden Smith’s acting is almost as good as Spongebob’s Bubble Buddy
  • “We’re members of the magistocracy and you’re a magistocrat” motherfucker WHAT HE’S A WHAT
  • Honestly a realistically portrayal of someone’s first break up when you’re like 12 but the MC is 20
  • “She’s possessed? That sucks.”
  • “Now eat your tiramasu.” *DRAMATIC ORCHESTRAL MUSIC*
  • I’m gonna be real this is like one long and extended shitpost idea that got out of hand and they tried to make it serious but it’s still a shitpost 
  • “I AM NOT NEO RICHE” *blasts a fuckboy through half a dozen dressing rooms with his magic powers*
  • Neo Riche literally means “newly rich” as in someone who’s worked for their money like wtf that’s a great compliment why the fuck are they so up and scary about it
  • “We’re called Helenists you herb!” 
  • “Shall we get you a giant Toblerone? Chocolate always cheers you up.” “No Charles… I want to visit the grave.”
  • THE GRAVE WAS HIW OWN GRAVE WTF “You designed yourself a beautiful grave.” LAJREBFWELRGBL WHAT KINDA DIVA
  • “I’m tending my wife’s grave with her favorite perfume in the whole world.” “It’s not a very elegant perfume.”
  • “Maybe your wife’s spirit would be better settled with a younger perfume.” why is this shit criticizing an old man trying to memorialize his wife’s memory oh my GOD

I’m not even 15 minutes in and I want to die, be resurrected, and on the third day of my resurrection die again after trying to watch the second episode

anonymous asked:

I love the idea of like Yata and Fushimi getting into a fight or something and then like Kusanagi or Totsuka ( everyone lives) or some homra members see them making out and they're like?? Yata is taking the lead whattt???

I always enjoy the idea that virgin Yata can actually be pretty forceful in taking the lead when he wants to, like when Yata actually thinks about making out with someone he feels kinda embarrassed (especially if he’s in public and people are talking about it, like Chitose’s bragging about a conquest in Homra or something) but when he’s in the middle of actually doing it he’s just fine thanks. Say he also tends to take the lead with Fushimi a lot simply because Fushimi won’t, Fushimi’s actually more awkward about the physical stuff than Yata is simply due to his general issues with being touched and sometimes he needs a little nudge forward. So even when Yata and Fushimi have made up sometimes Yata’s gotta be the one to make the first move because otherwise Fushimi will dance around it and deflect and refuse to actually show how much he wants to start kissing Yata rather than fighting him.

So say one time post-series Yata’s left alone in charge of the bar while Kusanagi does some errands and Fushimi happens to stop by as he’s about to leave. Yata and Fushimi start some good natured bickering and Kusanagi’s just like try to keep it civil kids as he leaves. He’s halfway down the street when he remembers something that he forgot and returns to the bar, just in time to see Yata grab Fushimi by the back of the head and pull him into a kiss. Kusanagi’s just staring a bit as they start making out (somehow I’m just imagining this as really over the top making out too, like they were doing the sitcom ‘arguing while moving closer and closer and then the music swells and they start kissing’ thing). I feel like he wouldn’t be surprised for long, Kusanagi’s pretty perceptive and probably noticed that Yata’s not quite as virginal as everyone thinks but he’s still just watching them in slight bemusement as Yata starts to push Fushimi down onto the couch and is all feeling him up. That’s probably the point where Kusanagi pointedly clears his throat and Yata jumps off Fushimi as if he’s on fire, coughing and stuttering while Kusanagi just shakes his head and is like not on the good upholstery.

So this is something I’ll likely never write, but couldn’t get out of my head, so here goes.

(inspired in part by @queercapwriting and their Supergirl/Wynonna Earp x-over fics)

So, the scenario is this.  Maggie Sawyer and Nicole Haught end up at the same police convention (or any other convention, I guess they could both be avid train enthusiasts, I just figured police convention would be easiest), and because this is fic, they meet, and they hit it off, and they bang all weekend.  They both have the same mindset of, “This is vacation banging: meaningless sex with someone I’ll likely never see again, and thus have no reason to hold back from having as much fun as possible.”  A grand time is had by all, even when Nicole fell off the bed and hurt her ankle, because the ice had a second purpose later.

Next year, they both go to the same convention, and again, they find each other, take some time to catch up with each other (approximately the time it takes them to make it to one of their rooms, which ever is closer), then proceed to relive the events of the previous year, but this time they both came prepared for a weekend of kinky vacation sex, and an even grander time was had by all, even when Maggie got a noise complaint filed against them, because they just moved from Maggie’s room to Nicole’s and kept going.

The third year, however, they’re both dreading the convention.  Obviously, they’re each expecting the other to show up at the convention, ready and waiting for another wild sex weekend.  It’s their entire relationship, apart from some idle conversation between rounds, so it’s not an unreasonable expectation to have, but things have changed.

Between the second and third years, Maggie “Definitely-almost-murdered-by-Cyborg-Superman-no-it-was-not-just-a-flesh-wound-I-nearly-died-and-that’s-why-I-had-a-death-bed-realization-it-wasn’t-just-because-I-woke-up-and-saw-Danvers-and-decided-I-had-to-keep-doing-that” Sawyer got together with Alex Danvers, and Nicole “I-knew-something-weird-was-going-on-in-this-town-but-people-kept-lying-to-me-I-thought-I-was-going-crazy-because-no-one-else-wanted-to-acknowledge-the-obvious-demons-make-this-whole-town-make-sense-thank-you-very-much” Haught found Waverly Earp, so now they’re both in loving, committed relationships, and trying to figure out how to break it to the other that all the wild and kinky vacation sex they were probably expecting is definitely off the table.

Cue Maggie and Nicole avoiding each other at the convention for the whole first day, even though everyone had the same schedule of events. This really presents more of a problem for Nicole than Maggie, since Maggie can just duck behind someone bigger than her, aka nearly everybody else at the convention, and it should be easy to avoid each other, but this is fic, so of course they’re going to keep crossing paths, how else do we entertain ourselves?

Finally, they end up at the hotel bar later that night, they sat down next to each other, not noticing who it was until it was too late.  They saw each other, and it was like a Pokemon Trainer battle.  No more running away from the conversation.

It’s awkward, and after a few false starts, Maggie blurts it out, “I can’t have sex with you, I have a girlfriend!”

“I can’t sleep with you either, I have a girlfriend too!”

Cue laughter and relief, as Maggie and Nicole both dig out their phones and start showing off pictures of their girlfriends, bragging about how awesome they are, and generally being obnoxiously in love. They deal with being away from their girlfriends for the weekend by bonding together, building an actual friendship, and bragging about Alex and Waverly as much as humanly possible.  They promise to stay in touch, and actually do, because being gay and female at the same time does not always make for easy life on the police force, and having someone to bitch to who gets it is nice.

The sequel would obviously be the next year, with Alex and Waverly tagging along.  They knew Maggie and Nicole were friends, but didn’t really know the details about precisely how they met.  Of course, the details come out almost immediately, but Alex and Waverly are secure in their relationships, and trust that that’s all in the past, so they all get a good laugh out of it.  So, when they end up booked in neighboring suites, it’s not jealousy driving Alex to make Maggie scream her name at the top of her lungs over and over, and it’s not jealousy fueling Waverly as she makes Nicole gasp her name faster and faster.

When Nicole sees Maggie walking funny the next morning, exactly the same way she’d seen her walking in previous years, she bursts out laughing.  As soon as Nicole limps two steps, Maggie realizes what she’s laughing at, and joins her.  Everybody else is just staring at them, like what’s so funny about continental breakfast?  Do the lesbians know something we don’t? (Spoilers, Alex and Waverly come down, and they don’t get it either, so the answer is usually yes, but in this specific case, not really.)

Holy crap, this got long, I don’t know where it came from, and I should be going to sleep.