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happy 20th birthday devin!!!! 💙💙
i’m so proud of him and everything he’s accomplished so far in his career. the 5th teenager to have 6 30-point games in a single season?? all-rookie first team? i know his career is only going to get better from now, and i’m so excited to watch 😭😭 i loved and supported him during his days at kentucky and i will love and support him until the end of his career. even though he’s one of the messiest, dirtiest, and hoeish niggas i know, i still love him unconditionally. however, i do hope by him turning 20, he’ll grow out of being a whore (probably not 💀💀💀) anyways, i hope he has a great day & i love him so much ❤️❤️❤️

T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (9/9)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Language Guys

Summary: You and your twin brother Devin work for the Avengers, he’s an active agent who is far from being Bucky Barnes biggest fan, but you’re a simple assistant whose carrying on the secret affair with Barnes. How bad could this get, as long as no one finds out right?

A/N: We’ve come to the end, but of course there will be another Buck series shortly. Hope you all enjoyed the ride!

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Stepping into the elevator you punch in the code to the Avengers floor, leaning back you think over the events of this morning.

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-Anon request

“She’s alright though, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not like I’ve actually seen a girl since I’ve been here, but she is pretty fit.”

“I know right, I mean what I wouldn’t do to hit that.”

“Oh my God, yeah.”

“I would have her.”

“Shut up! If anyone were to get her, it’d be me.”

“No way!”

“Uh, yeah.”

The lost boys continued to argue while you sat up in the tree above them and chuckled quietly as you listened to them. And they were all fighting over you. In truth, though, none of them particularly struck you.

Felix was alright: he was tall and muscular, and you would just love to kiss your way up that scar, but you secretly thought he was pretty into Pan. And plus, he could randomly turn weird, like when Curly asked about his family once and Felix flipped out, beating the kid to within an inch of his life.

Then there was Devin. Devin was okay, if you didn’t actually talk to him and if you ignored the annoying thing he did with his hands when he talked. He was fairly muscular and he was a good fighter if you gave him a knife and something to charge at, but he got arrogant and that got infuriating.

So what about Rufio? Yeah, no, he wasn’t even going to make the list at all. The guy was insane. Sure he had big arms and could run faster than any of the others but he was always the one to get himself hurt doing nothing and he was always the one who refused to shut up even when everyone else was trying to sleep.

Curly? Curly was sweet and cute; he made you laugh when you needed it and he didn’t constantly want to fight, like the other boys. But that said, he couldn’t actually fight and the kid was about as weak as a limp daisy.

None of the lost boys particularly appealed to you.

Well, all but one.

“What are you guys talking about?”

You heard a new -but instantly recognisable- voice come into the conversation. You shifted until you could watch them as well as listen.

“Oh, hey there, Peter,” Devin greeted their leader, the boy king of the island. “We was just talking ‘bout Y/N. She is fit, i'n’t she?”

There was heavy pause. You frowned. Not being able to see Peter Pan’s face, you didn’t notice the scowl that was twisting itself into his features.

“That’s who you’re talking about?” he asked, his voice oddly quiet.

Devin faltered but, being the idiot he was, didn’t realise that that was the perfect moment to shut up. “Yeah, I mean, you see that she’s hot, right? I would seriously hit that, do you reckon she’d be up for it? Well, if I snuck her a sleeping poppy, it wouldn’t matter would it?” he joked, laughing loudly.

Dick, you thought bitterly to yourself, making a mental note to be wary around the sleeping poppies.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” Pan suddenly bellowed, making the boys as well as you jump in shock. Twisting around in the branches, you could see his face now and it shot a shiver of fear down your spine. With his eyes darkening and his teeth baring like that, you could see why they called him the Demon boy of Neverland.

Devin was struggling to comprehend the change in the situation and stuttered, “Umm, well, I- err.”

Swiping forward, Pan had the boy’s neck in his hand in one movement. Gasping for breath, Devin clutched the hand that held his writhing figure just above the forest floor and begged him to release him in a strangled and fairly incomprehensible voice.

You gasped, loud enough for Pan to hear. He looked up and, at the surprising sight of you overhead, dropped the forgotten lost boy onto the floor and searched your face through the branches. Now, you couldn’t read the curious expression on his face. His eyes whispered one thing, while his whole being shouted another.

Losing your footing, without warning you felt yourself tumbling out of the tree with a muffled scream and fell down down down-

Straight into Peter’s arms.

“Oh, umm,” you mumbled awkwardly. “Sorry, I-err- I, umm lost my footing…”

He nodded, wordlessly and set you down with an almost shy look of embarrassment on his face, making you frown curiously.

As he strode away, you thought to yourself, that boy never fails to surprise me.

I’ve been watching this stupid ass gif of this fuckin raccoon for 5 minutes straight and I guess that’s how you can tell I have no life.

Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t//Brand New

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You did good, Tremors. You did good.”

Okay but seriously though, Devin is such a good dad. Rosie desperately needed a bath, her back was sticky and oily, her belly hair was all clumped together, and she had…unmentionables stuck to her butt and she just really, really needed a bath. At first she freaked the fuck out and lunged at him but instead of just giving up and taking her to a groomer, like I told him to, he changed his clothes and got into the tub with the wild, hissing beast, talked to her until she calmed down, and then held her in his lap while he washed her.

She turned the water a dark grey and left a legit ring around the inside of the tub because she hasn’t had a bath in at least the last 5 months she was at the shelter, if not longer, but she’s now all squeaky clean and ready for her new life with us. And I’m just honestly so blessed to have found such an amazing, patient, kindhearted man to be my best friend, my partner in life, and a father to our two fluffy little babies.

You're The Father! ~ Chris Motionless

You and Chris have been married for about two years now and have been wanting kids for awhile now. Sure enough, you’re expecting. You couldnt be happier that your life is perfect for you, the perfect husband and now a little one of your own soon.

You’ve been trying to think of a cute way to tell him, and that just isn’t working. Who wants a boring ‘hey babe I’m pregnant!’? Not you and you bet Chris doesn’t either. So you and Devin have been hanging out a lot lately trying to figure out a way to tell him. 

“So do you think it’ll be a boy or a girl?” Devin asks.
“I’m not sure, I’m hoping for a boy though.” You say smiling.
“Why?” He asks curiously.
“I don’t know really, I just want a boy, but either way it’s going to get spoiled rotten. We all know this.” You say laughing. 

You and Devin decided to have a box that says 'open me!’ And have Chris open it. When he opens it’ll he’ll first see a white baby onesie (white because you didn’t know the gender) and a note saying 'you’re gonna be a dad!’. 

Chris walked in on you and Devin laughing and just walked straight upstairs into your guys bedroom. Not saying a word.

“I’ll be going now, call me and let me know how it goes okay?” Devin says kinda worried.
“I’m sure it’ll end up being fine Devin thanks for all of your help.” You say. 
“No problem (y/n)” he says and smiles. 

You lock the door behind him and take the box upstairs and knock on the bedroom door.

“What do you want?” Chris says harshly.
“Um, for you to open the door. I need to talk to you.” You say confused.

The door opens a few seconds later and you walk in only to be faced with an angry Chris.

“What the hell (y/n) why are you cheating on me with Devin?!” He says.
“I’m not!” You say, feeling hurt.
“Why is he always here then?! Huh?!” Chris says angrily. 

You look at him with hurt in your eyes and tears starting to form. You walk out of the room and close the door, but before you do you put the box on the floor so Chris would see it. You walk downstairs and sit on the couch waiting for him to come down and talk to you.

After about maybe twenty minutes Chris walks down and sits next to you. 

“Baby I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry.” He says.
“I forgive you babe you just have to know I would never do that to you, we’re a team now okay? I’m never going to leave you.” You say and kiss him. 

He smiles and places a hand on your stomach, you laugh.

“So I’m going to be a dad yeah?” He smiles wide. 
“Yes you are babe!” You laugh. 

He hugs you and kisses you again this time with passion and spark like he used to. 

“I love you babe … And I love you too kid.” He smirks and laughs and you laugh with him. 

You smile to yourself knowing that everything will be okay as long as Chris is by your side. 

I Hate You (Part 3)

Ryan Sitkowski x reader

Warnings: Language, Bullying

(Part 1, Part 2)

You sit on top of your desk in Homeroom, your feet propped in the chair as you talk with Cassy, the captain of the basketball team. She was trying to convince you to get back on the team before try outs were completely over.

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wvldorf  asked:

26+65 with pan? :) love your imagines!

Author: peachyxpan

Warning(s): None

Requested: yES (#26: “Don’t test me.” and #65: “Punch me. I dare you.”)

Summary: Y/N wants to learn how to fight, but Pan forbids her and belittles what she is capable of. Y/N tries to fight Pan, but doesn’t have the heart to hurt him after all. Pan, who is feeling bad for her, decides to confront her later.

Words: 746

Notes: Thank you so much for requesting and reading my imagines! I hope you like this! 

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