okay devin


happy 20th birthday devin!!!! 💙💙
i’m so proud of him and everything he’s accomplished so far in his career. the 5th teenager to have 6 30-point games in a single season?? all-rookie first team? i know his career is only going to get better from now, and i’m so excited to watch 😭😭 i loved and supported him during his days at kentucky and i will love and support him until the end of his career. even though he’s one of the messiest, dirtiest, and hoeish niggas i know, i still love him unconditionally. however, i do hope by him turning 20, he’ll grow out of being a whore (probably not 💀💀💀) anyways, i hope he has a great day & i love him so much ❤️❤️❤️

fresh: [punches me in the face] say it

me: never

fresh: say carrie’s crush on devin is interesting

me: [spits in their face] fuck you

Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t//Brand New

(My edit, don’t remove caption)

Okay but seriously though, Devin is such a good dad. Rosie desperately needed a bath, her back was sticky and oily, her belly hair was all clumped together, and she had…unmentionables stuck to her butt and she just really, really needed a bath. At first she freaked the fuck out and lunged at him but instead of just giving up and taking her to a groomer, like I told him to, he changed his clothes and got into the tub with the wild, hissing beast, talked to her until she calmed down, and then held her in his lap while he washed her.

She turned the water a dark grey and left a legit ring around the inside of the tub because she hasn’t had a bath in at least the last 5 months she was at the shelter, if not longer, but she’s now all squeaky clean and ready for her new life with us. And I’m just honestly so blessed to have found such an amazing, patient, kindhearted man to be my best friend, my partner in life, and a father to our two fluffy little babies.

I’ve been watching this stupid ass gif of this fuckin raccoon for 5 minutes straight and I guess that’s how you can tell I have no life.


You did good, Tremors. You did good.”

Dances, Wishes, And The Strike of Twelve


Vanitas was slumped in his throne as he watches his father, Xehanort, get the ball together. So what, what is so important about this stupid ball? Yes it was his birthday, but he had other ideas that he rather use to celebrate rather than waste such good food. With a sigh he moves about in his seat, fixing his collar as it was to tight around his neck. “I am going to get that old geezer for this.” He mutters. 

The close strikes, bells ring, and the music begins. Looking up the room floods with un-needed bodies and heat. Why did his father have to invite so many people? Since when was he interested in…girls?

Okay so I’m 151 followers away from my next thousand and I really want to reach by Halloween. So I’m going to promo everyone who reblogs this until I reach my goal! Please and thank you I love you all!!


Okay this is my first ever household that I’ve adored in TS4. ;-; I’ve been playing them non stop so I’m gonna introduce them to ya. :3

At the top is Ciara Woods. She wants to be a best selling author. She’s creative, a bro and a foodie. I laaarv her. While working on her writing, she’s also gonna be running an art store/photography studio with her sister and their roommate. 

Next is Joanna Woods, Ciara’s older sister. She’s a geek, a perfectionist and she hates children lawl. She’s gonna help run the store while working at the hospital. 

Aaaaand finally, Jordan Devine. He’s active, creative and an art lover. He wants to have a big happy family some day with Ciara lmfao.


Hello!! Okay so i know networks are kind of dead right now but i don’t really care because i think this is a great idea. So i wanted a network where I could get a bunch of people together and help everyone feel better about themselves, problems in there lives, their appears, really anything. I just want to help people feel better, so why not get people together who also like doing that? So this group is to bring people up! :) 

okay so rules:

  • please be following me <3
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  • also actively talk in the network chat
  • be positive, no negativity here please
  • be willing to reblog selfies

to help get a better chance for me to choose you:

  • message me & get to know me more maybe?
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I want to add a bunch of people so I’m not going to restrain how many people i add. I’ll start adding once this gets a lot of notes. That’s about it. if you have any questions please feel free to message me :)