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Kards Against Mortality: Shaolin Expansion Pack

I actually made these before i left on holiday but had no time to upload. More can be on the way if I catch up!

The original deck


Chapter Seven “Terror”

SUMMARY: You were held captive by Hydra for years and had only just escaped when the Avengers find you. You’re beyond terrified of everyone and everything around you, but the thing the terrifies you the most is yourself. The things you can do with your “abilities” are beyond what anyone could possibly imagine.

Chapters: 1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6

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Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, night terror, and anxiety? 

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“She won’t let me insert the IV.” Helen Cho sighed, placing the third bent needle down onto the table.

Bucky released his lip from the punishing hold of his teeth, “I’ll try and talk to her.”

But your eyes had a distant look to them and your breath came out in shuddering pants. Bucky approached you slowly, his hand traveling down the length of your arm and gripping your hand. You jumped away from him, nearly falling off the table if it weren’t for the restraints around your wrists.

“Hey, hey…” Bucky cooed softly, his fingers skimming your sharp cheekbones. “It’s alright, nobody’s gonna hurt you.”

“Buck?” You croaked, sounding so lost it nearly broke him.

“Yeah, Doll, it’s okay. You’re alright.” He assured you softly with a smile. He pressed his lips to your cheek, feeling you quake in his hands.

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23. A large number of ravenclaws flock to the windows every time it rains, and many will run outside in a thunderstorm- either to test how the lightning affects spells, to observe the storm, or simply to dance and goof around in the rain. They’re no longer allowed to hang out the windows or stand on the balconies in ravenclaw tower to stormwatch. Not after ‘The Incident’.

edit: ‘The Incident’ happened the last time Ravenclaw won the House Cup. It involved a handful of 6th and 7th years, a thunderstorm, several psychedelic substances, and a stolen 9-foot tall metal replica of Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem.

submitted by anon (thank you thunderstorm anon for returning to confirm the nature of The Incident. I will be forever grateful)

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chormac and a reason for a breakup-then-makeup kinda scenario?

  • cho hated cormac mclaggen
  • she hated him so much that she didn’t 
  • and yes, they have been known to break-up before and get back together
  • but it was different this time
  • she swore it was
  • he had crossed the line 
  • the fact that he would even think he could invade her privacy the way he did
  • the fact that he even had the audacity to want to try and understand what she went through losing cedric
  • the fact that he went to her parents to find out where cedric’s grave was to find her there on cedric’s birthday was sickening
  • it was so sickening that she realized she was in love with him
  • and that was not going to work
  • because everyone cho ever fell in love with either got hurt or they died
  • and she couldn’t bear it any longer
  • she would not let that happen to cormac
  • it was tearful
  • it was full of rage
  • but not rage toward him like she knew he thought 
  • it was rage at herself for not letting people in anymore
  • it was rage at herself for doing this to him
  • she knew it wasn’t fair
  • but it had to be done
  • and now that she was alone on her bathroom floor
  • she laid her head down to feel the cold tiles press against her cheek
  • and she cried
  • she cried until she no longer couldn’t 
  • and she wondered if anything was worth it at all
  • was falling in love worth this pain?
  • was falling in love and actually keeping someone around worth it?
  • it confused her
  • and as she laid there motionless
  • she closed her eyes to remember the hurt behind his green eyes
  • and how he was so unbelievably calm about the break up that it made no sense
  • and how that must of meant he didn’t love her after all
  • cormac always fought back
  • he was a fighter
  • just like she was
  • but he left without a word
  • was the hurt she saw even there or was it imagined?
  • maybe she wasn’t worth the fight anymore 
  • she had so many questions with no answers
  • she took a deep breath and tried to make these thoughts leave
  • but they wouldn’t
  • she was so preoccupied
  • that she did not hear the turn of cormac’s key as it went into her flat’s door
  • and she didn’t hear him come and sit down on the tile floor with her until she suddenly felt his rough hand stroking her hair
  • she tightened her jaw and tried to not let another tear slip out
  • but it happened unwillingly
  • frustrated with herself
  • she started to bawl again 
  • she cried until she had no tears left
  • but he didn’t leave
  • his hand was still in her hair
  • and she felt him scoot closer to her until her legs were in his lap and he was leaning up against her cold bath tub
  • it might have been days later for all cho knew 
  • but she got herself together and sat up against the bath tub
  • she didn’t look at cormac
  • but he let his hand drop from her 
  • she could tell he was hesitant for her reaction
  • for what she would say
  • her voice was hoarse
  • her throat was dry
  • but she managed to croak out the only word that was on her lips
  • “why?”
  • he turned her head toward his so he could cup her cheek
  • his eyes were soft
  • but they were still fierce
  • they were so vibrant
  • they reminded her of her mother’s favorite jade necklace
  • “because i love you.” 

We’re two trapped girls with nothing but each other on a ship of people who’d be better off with us dead, and somehow on top of that we’ve managed to do the one thing we shouldn’t be able to do.

The Abyss Surrounds Us • Emily Skrutskie • February 2016

Seven Seconds

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Y/n is wild and reckless. She acts upon instinct, and that’s one huge problem that Bucky has to deal with.

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: angst, fluff, violence, swearing

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To say that Y/n hated Bucky was an understatement. She despised him. He was too controlling, too bossy, and too cocky. Whenever Steve wasn’t in charge of a mission, it was Bucky. Y/n wouldn’t admit it, but she was bitter that he was second in command. She knew it was because he was Steve’s best friend, but he was too hot headed and she would prefer to report to Natasha. They were friends and worked well together. Working with Bucky was a different story. They clashed heads way too many times. She didn’t respect authority, or rather his authority, and it pissed him off into next week, especially during training.

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Red & Silver (Part 5)

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Summary: reader befriends Natasha Romanoff in the Red Room, but Natasha has a lucky escape. She manages to join the Avengers, leaving the reader to be recruited by Hydra and turned into an ultimate weapon to replace the one they lost.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Nat x Reader

Word count: 1483

Warnings: angst, swearing, moderate violence

A/N: this one is really sad, but it’ll get happier from here I promise! Bucky x Reader comes through in next part. ENJOY!

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‘ VERSE ’ — torchwood.

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Cho Hakkai—— currently one of the members of the Torchwood Institute of Chang'an. ( Also known as Torchwood Chang'an. ) Their current leader is Sanzo. Genjo Sanzo. A cantankerous man with a questionable past, no one really knows about it, yet no one could ask it as the question would simply be slapped away with a ’ mind your own business idiot. ’, and searching for it is futile when there are no search results at all. Nothing at all.

Hakkai is the occasional caretaker of the Institute. It’s something that must be done with the other members do not bother to clean up after themselves. The other members were Sha Gojyo, Son Goku and Hakuryuu. An alien dragon which was experimented on yet saved because of Hakkai who was willing to save the poor thing.

Despite the occasional caretaking that Hakkai does around the Institute, Hakkai is also the occasional doctor who knows a thing or two as in the past, he was well-educated, basically becoming an A grade student who had a good future ahead of him until Chin Yisou stepped in when he was eighteen.

Chin Yisou, a youkai ( alien ), had changed his life when he stepped into it. A life with a broken future when one specific threat came out of those lips: ‘ You have a twin sister, right? I’ve seen her; pretty, isn’t she? If you don’t wish to help me out, then I must do something drastic. As you’ve heard, there’s a black market operating here, with routes that would lead out to the border of china, and I want you to be an accomplice; partners in crime. If you say no, then your sister’s life will be no more, and you think I’m joking? No. I’m not. I could do worse things to her, and I have my ways. ’

So Hakkai became an accomplice, working as one of the smugglers in the black market trade that ran in China. The smugglers would gain these objects, said they were artefacts that came from other worlds, and they smuggled it out of China. He did it over and over again, sometimes getting caught but soon learned by experience. He gained the knowledge of lockpicking, which was useful if he needed to escape, as he couldn’t waste his life in jail, not when his sister’s life was on the line. So he would keep some bent paper clips that he sorted out himself, giving them in his back pocket, then he would gradually slip his hand in the back pocket, pull the bent paper clip it and then somehow manage to unlock the cuffs that were hurting his wrists, after that, he’ll pick the lock of the door then rushes straight out, out of the building and into some place to hide for an hour or two before heading straight to the black market trade to continue his progress. He did things that he would regret, yet those things were all for his sister, who could be dead any minute of he had chosen to give up. He killed if necessary, and secretly enjoyed the rush that ran throughout his body, giving him that adrenaline rush that pumped in his veins. And Chin Yisou never missed it. He was close by; always close by, keeping an eye out on his favourite puppet.

how ‘ they ’ met:

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