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Neville Has One (1)

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Waving Through a Window

A/N Here’s this… thingie that I wrote for @analogically-prinxiety as a part of the fic exchange. Also huge thanks to @princeyandanxiety for putting up with my constant questions and helping me edit this.

Chosen Prompt: 1 - Soulmate AU

Pairing: Analogical (Anxiety/Logic), side Royality (Prince/Morality)

Genre: Soulmate AU, High School AU, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort

Word Count: many 8.6k (the k stands for kill me)

Warnings: panic attack, like a paragraph dedicated to this One Shove, heaps of swearing (courtesy of Anx) and uh… I think that’s it?


Soulmates share an emotional bond where they can feel what the other is feeling. That has always been just an unimportant  fact that Virge has lived by. It was the same as someone saying ‘water is wet’ or ‘the sky is blue’. When Virgil’s old neighbour moves away and Logan’s family moves in, things start changing.

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@danielhowell -  i thought i wasn’t a freckle person but one week in the sun and my skin has been invaded


Hanakumamii 10 Colourful Days Challenge
↳ Day 6: Green-haired character || Midoriya Izuku

Plance Battle Strategy

SO.  Our little Canoe of Teal Happiness has garnered a lot of attention recently, and a Canoe of Darkness has been established. There’s discourse in the tags. That sucks. Whatever.

ANYWAY.  As far as I know nobody’s received the patented Voltron Fandom Death Threats over Plance yet but… I can’t help but think they’re gonna start at some point, especially if we keep growing like this.

Plance shippers!

May I suggest a game that will help transform your Death Threat experience from an ‘Oh no!’ to and ‘Oh yes!’ ?

BUT HOW?!? You ask?  Simple.

All death threats must be responded to with nothing but a picture of the Plance Child.


(Relatives like this are also acceptable)

I propose that the entire Plance fandom responds to Death Threats in the same, unified manner, because fuck it it will be fun as hell.

Aim: To turn a negative experience into communal squealing over pictures of cows.

How to Play

1. Receive a Death Threat or other awful anon about Plance

2. Find the cutest, most insane or most creative picture of a cow you possibly can to respond with

3. Reblog others’ responses to rate their picture of choice.

3. Compete with each other for the best plance child responses!

Tagging a bunch of Plance shippers here to ask…. Are you in?
@babsignal @myeverlastingship @justpidgance @bel-ina @the-vegetarian-artist @r-i-v-e-r @shiros-sugar @forever-painting-roses @sparklingpidge AND EVERYONE ELSE


mr. tuttle’s just mad he’s too old to wear a hot dog costume in public and get away with it. he already tried that once…never again

Ed from the Ishvalan AU by @shanastoryteller

Starting the year as I mean to go on, by which I mean ‘living a fanfic appreciation life.’ I’ve read this one at LEAST three times this year, it deserves fanart.

When you innocently join a new fandom only to arrive in the middle of discourse

My first follow forever (wOW)!!!! cya 2017!!

It’s so crazy to think that at the start of this year the only Seventeen I knew was the number… and now, whenever I hear the number seventeen, the first thing I think of is the group of 13 boys that brightened up my 2017.

After my introduction to seventeen came my introduction to this fandom and to some really beautiful people. I’m so grateful to all of you for being so welcoming, and filling my dash with posts that are memetastic, creative, beautiful and filled with the awesomeness of 13 precious boys. Oh! Also, thanks for brightening up my dash with awesome tags as well hehheheh. I hope 2018 treats you all with the happiness and love you deserve 💕💕

So for my mutuals I thought I’d write out my first impressions of each of you or the first post I saw from you (i’m really cheesy okay). Most of them I remember, but for the few I couldn’t, I wrote down the post that is most memorable for me or what I love about you/your blog :))

Also, it isn’t in alphabetical order… eep too lazy

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Sexuality can be a phase. Things change.

Okay guys, listen, I know some people are upset when they’re told sexuality is a phase but it honestly was for me (and my girlfriend.)
From 5th grade to 8th grade I was bisexual.
Then before freshman year started I had a genderfluid phase and a Transgender phase. (I was still bisexual.)
Then all of freshman year I was pansexual and for a little while asexual.
And now I’m a lesbian and demisexual and I’m staying that way.

As for my girlfriend she was literally straight up to 8th grade year. Then she had a year of bisexuality then realized she was a lesbian and demisexual. (Im the reason she’s gay.)

So bascially don’t let people make you feel like a fake or an attention seeker for changing your sexuality. It’s okay to wonder and change. You’re growing up. It takes a while.

My entire life I was attracted to girls. I had crushes on princesses when I was 5 and 6. I would kiss my Cinderella doll because I wanted to be the prince. I always had an attraction. I just felt like if I didn’t have boys somewhere in the mix that I wouldn’t be accepted. But I was wrong and I was accepted. (I had like 10 boyfriends and only had romantic attraction to like 1 or 2. All the others were forced bc they liked me so I thought I had to like them back.)
As for my girlfriend she never thought of dating girls until she met me. I’m the only girl she’s ever dated and it helped her find herself.

This post wasn’t made to knock bisexuality or anything else. Everyone’s valid. But it’s okay to change your label or not have a label at all. You do you.

dunno how i feel about people calling what’s transpiring in the lwa fandom a ship war between ankko and dianakko fans, when the former is legitimately not doing anything to anyone besides loving and defending their ship and one of their favorite characters from the latter’s vitriolic portion of their fandom when we have to.

we’re not the ones invading the diana/dianakko tags at high speed, spouting bullshit that tears down diana as a character despite her development, invalidating the dianakko ship, or being downright nasty to the shippers just because they like or defend it. because not only do we not have anything against dianakko, as many of us see the validity in the ship, but we actually really love diana, and respect it/her and the shippers enough not to be dicks about something they love.

this whole mess is completely one-sided, as there hasn’t been a single andrew/ankko fan that said they hated diana/dianakko. we’re just getting fed up with some of its fandom and their inability to “stay in their lane,” so by default, our love of diana/dianakko is waning. the one and only thing we’ve asked, that many of them refuse to comply with, is that they don’t tag their hate in the andrew/ankko tags. that’s it. we don’t care if you hate andrew or ankko, though we wish people would actually give some real, valid reasons other than the usual, subjective opinion of “he’s boring,” “serves no purpose in the narrative,” “is a jerk,” etc., two of which aren’t true at all, because the narrative and his development actually contradict those last two “reasons" and the first applies to whichever individuals that personally feel that way. we just want you to stay out of the tags.

it’d be easier if people just came right out and said that he “got in the way of their ship,” because that is legitimately what it all boils down to, rather than us having to pick apart these strawman arguments every, single time someone finds the balls to enter the tag with a nasty ass attitude. i’m not saying that anyone who isn’t an andrew/ankko fan can’t enter the tags; i’m not the boss of anybody here. but, we’re pleading here, that if you don’t have authentic constructive criticism that we may have a genuine dialogue, instead of the billion and one “i hate this dude/ship because…” lists, then stop entering the tags. many of us have been through enough ship wars to last a lifetime and are getting quite sick of it.

one last thing, there’s a case of hypocrisy that i feel needs to be addressed here, in the case of the diana/dianakko and andrew/ankko fandoms. if you don’t want us to defend andrew/ankko, stop coming in the tag like you have a chip on your shoulder. keep that shit on your blog or find somewhere else to complain that’s not his or the ship’s tag, otherwise you will be met with opposition. you see, because we don’t actively go onto your blog or into the diana/dianakko tags seeking to start drama just because we prefer andrew/ankko. we don’t even send character/ship hate (that i know of). that would literally be us trying to shove our opinion down your throat like an angry mother bird, you know, kinda like what some of y'all do to us, and we don’t want to do that. instead, we block you to avoid it, because life’s too short to be bitching over which fictional character/ship is better, when they’re both valid characters/ships. we don’t invade the diana/dianakko tags at high voltage speed, because, newsflash, some of us are actually multishippers and know how to ship one without putting down the other, and we actually really respect how many of you feel about your preference. again, why? because they’re both good, balanced, healthy ships and help akko grow as a person. now, imagine if we did to diana/dianakko what many of y'all seem so intent on doing to us? yeah, not a pretty sight.

literally all we’re asking you guys to do is leave us alone. you don’t like andrew? that’s fine. you hate ankko? okay, cool. it’s a free country. but please, stay out of the tag with the aggressive/passive-aggressive remarks, blaming us for why you hate him/it even more when all we’re doing is what you’re doing - loving our ship and andrew without invalidating yours or diana.

this is getting beyond gross and old.

One step forward and two steps back, eh, Tumblr?

Adding functionality to the mobile app while breaking other functionality is more than a little frustrating. Let’s look at the latest update.


• We can now change our font styles and do things like bulleted lists.

• We can reply with photos/gifs.

• Removing a tag no longer makes you back out and re-enter the tag editor to continue tagging.


• Setting something to queue instead of post immediately is noticeably slower.

• It takes two taps before you can even begin typing tags, instead of one like before.

• The auto-complete suggestions somehow start with the least used/relevant first. (i.e. I want to tag “jacksepticeye” but instead of getting his name suggested within two characters, like before, I get some full-sentence shitpost tag from a month ago.)

• The tag editor textbox type has changed, so now it triggers autocorrect, which is a goddamn nightmare when you work with a lot of strange/fictional names a hundred times a day. The constant editing slows down posting.

• Editing something already in the queue crashes the app entirely.

• For some reason, I can’t delete extraneous line breaks. Like, I can’t backspace from one line to the one before it.

• As I’ve just learned from this very post, you appear to have removed the ability to manually enter the HTML for line breaks while not fixing the reason everyone had to do it in the first place. Fabulous.

• Additionally, the spacing on the bulleted lists is so weird that it’s easier to read if I manually enter the bullet characters myself.

EDIT: Images. Are. Loading. Slower. Than. Molasses. In. January. Sometimes they refuse to load entirely. Actually the whole app is being sluggish.

Maybe I’m just being cranky, but it seems a bit ridiculous to have to relearn how to use the app every other update.

PS: Fix the goddamn gif browser. Half the images are showing up so tiny you can’t even make out what they are.

PPS: Don’t get me wrong, @staff , I appreciate the long-wanted features and all, it’s just really fucking frustrating to trade other functionality for them.


Its a Mystical Easter!

This took like, somewhere around 6 hours and I stupidly did it all in one sitting ;;

You can watch the speedpaint on my YouTube!

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Please do not edit or reupload.

You can find all of my fanarts here: iezz-art