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First Interactions Meme


Send ✗ for my muse to come to yours out of concern for a mutual friend
Send ♧ for my muse to meet yours at a mutual friend’s birthday party
Send ☺ for our muses to strike up a conversation on an airplane or boat
Send ☂ for my muse to find yours injured and offer their assistance
Send ☼ for our muses to meet when their pets take a liking to one another
Send © for our muses to meet at work as colleagues for the first time
Send ♔ for my muse to meet their new boss - who happens to be your muse!
Send ♫ for my muse to meet yours in a bar
Send ♤ for our muses to be assigned as partners for a mission
Send ღ for my muse to offer yours a compliment as they pass eachother.

(Add ‘reverse’ for our muses’ positions to be switched, where applicable)


“Hey! Hey you, I need your help!”
“Have you seen my dog/cat/pet? Would it help if I showed you a picture?”
“Oh, you know (other muse) too?”
“It’s good to meet you. (Muse) never stops talking about you.”
“Can I have your number?”
“Uh, not to be rude, but we literally just met.”
“Hey, is this person bothering you?”
“Sorry to bother you, but are you okay?”
“You look a little lost. Need help?”
“Here, you can borrow my phone.”

insult sentence starters
  • “You’re the walking personification of a fart.”
  • “Can you do me a favor? Just…stop breathing.”
  • “You uncultured swine.”
  • “Wow, look what the cat dragged in…”
  • “You’re about as useful as an expired coupon.”
  • “Who let you in here?”
  • “And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have the world’s biggest turd.”
  • “Please, shut up. Shut – stop talking. I’m going to kill you.”
  • “Have you ever thought about why no one likes you?”
  • “When I see you, all I think is ‘uuuugh’.”
  • “Shh. Stupid people shouldn’t talk.”
  • “Wanna know why I’m sitting? It’s because I can’t STAND you.”
  • “I hope you choke. Okay, no I don’t, that’s a little extreme. But leave!”
  • “Were you raised by wolves?”
  • “[text] [img attached: garbage can] i found your twin”
  • “How can you see when your head’s so far up your ass?”
  • “If I had a time machine, I’d make sure that you were never born.”
  • “Can do you something right for a change?”
  • “Be quiet. Forever.”
  • “Hey, could you get a little lower? No, lower. Six feet under.”
  • “Your mother breeds like a hamster and your father smells of elderberries.”
  • “If I could, I’d recreate the pie scene from The Help.”
  • “You’re dumber than a pole.”
  • “I hate your face.”
  • “You look awful. Like always.”
  • “I hate you more than I hate myself.”
  • “Think of it like this: I’m Beyonce. You’re Iggy Azalea.”
  • “Hey, jackass. I see you’re more jackass-y than usual today.”
  • “I see that they’ll let just anybody in here…”
  • “Where’s your warning label?”
  • “Look, I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry that I’m just better than you in every way.”
  • “Does your mother ever reflect on her mistakes? Mistakes like you.”
I don’t know what you look like yet. It seems that I don’t know much nowadays. I do know one thing though. I will meet you some day. Maybe you’re blonde with blue eyes, maybe you enjoy late afternoon walks with a quiet complexion to add to the sunset. Maybe you’re into science and believe that faith just means there’s something to look forward to. Maybe you’re into philosophy and the line between male and female is just too damn blurred for you. I’m already intoxicated by you and I have not met you. Maybe you’re super shy and laughing obnoxiously is your way to counter your acute social anxiety. I get it. I do, I do. Maybe you’ve been kissed by the sun for too long and your hair isn’t too long, it’s okay. There’s only more to love. Maybe you’re just like me and your eyes like to chill out, maybe the sun rises just to dip back into your skin. Maybe you’re a drinker, maybe you’re a smoker. I’ll drive you home. I’ll smoke one with you. Maybe you’re drug free and have never smoked. I won’t smoke around you. I might just quit. Maybe you’re an avid book reader with a knack to find the best love quotes– maybe you’re a writer. Poetry and prose likes to slip pills into my drink, don’t worry– I’ll be sober enough to kiss you goodnight. Maybe you’re an artist, Van Gogh didn’t really eat yellow paint and the Mona Lisa is just a reminder that we all need to smile more. Maybe you’re way into science fiction movies, I’ll watch all of the cheesy alien movies with you. Maybe you’ve got a few scars from late nights of self pity and regret– don’t worry, I have those too. Maybe you’re a firm believer that we’re an invasive species and artificial intelligence will end us some day– even if a zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll be sure to leave a poem in your back pocket for safe keeping. Maybe you’re infertile and we’ll never be able to name babies, it’s okay. We’ll adopt. There’s always another option. Cats work too. How about a husky with blue eyes? Maybe you’re religious. I’m not atheist, but there is something out there. Maybe your dad was a drunk and your mother couldn’t cope, maybe you’re not perfect– so what? I’ll accept you. We’ll pull through. It’s okay to have flaws, it just makes us more human than the next. Maybe you’re already in love with someone else, maybe you’re never really going to be mine. Hell, I’d be your best friend. We can talk every now and again. I’ll be fine with that. Maybe you’re into music more than I am, maybe that’s not possible, but if it is– we’re going to get along just fine. As a matter of fact, the more open minded, the more difficult– the more you make me chase after you, the better. Maybe you’re into the same things, maybe you’re my complete opposite. Maybe we’ll never meet until I’m all out of my prime and you’re all out of fire. Maybe we’ll spend a decade in Rome and understand why love has a place anywhere. Maybe you’re lonely too. Maybe midnight walks near downtown city lights are your favorite. Maybe you’re lost. Maybe you’re tired of this fast lifestyle. Maybe we’re both upset about the same thing at this very moment. Maybe you’re finding yourself too. Maybe you’ve been through some pain, maybe you’re drinking it off. You’re probably high right now too. Writing the same poem and dying inside with just the right amount of ow. Maybe you’re not into sex, maybe you’re sexually active. Maybe catching you inside of a bookstore is more likely than finding you in a club. Maybe your favorite element is fire, maybe you’re passionate about everything. That youthful inner flame that just won’t go out. Maybe someone did that to you too. Maybe it never died down. Maybe you’re still burning to find that same feeling with a different person. Maybe forehead kisses are your favorite because he didn’t kiss you enough to make you feel safe. Maybe he was mean to you, or maybe she was. Maybe you’re way out of my league and I’m just bullshitting around to see if I can make you laugh. Maybe you’re reading this right now, if you are then I have something to tell you.
—  I can’t wait to meet you.
Black Cat (Peter Parker x Reader)

Warnings: smut During the day the reader is a shy girl who has a crush on Peter, at night she is a thief called Black Cat.
A/N: So I love Black Cat a lot so I decided to do a story of it. Also sorry for any mistakes and I don’t really know how to write smut so this probably sucks

Peter walked into class and took a seat next to Y/N. She was a shy girl, always blushed when ever Peter talked to her. He found it cute and he had a small crush on her but he was shy just like her so he never said anything about it. The class began and he began to daydream of the event of the previous night. Black Cat. The gorgeous thief that he knew it was bad to have a crush on but just couldn’t help himself. Her tight black suit that made the boy blush just thinks of it. Her smile, her laugh, her everything. She was just so amazing. She was quick witted and a flirt. She took every opportunity to tease Spiderman about something. She got away last night with the a diamond necklace in her hand. She usually won. Mr. Stark gave him so much crap for it too.
Peter was pulled out of his daze when Y/N tapped on his shoulder. “Um Peter we are so post to work on the project.”
“What? Oh right the project…what project?” He asked scratching the back of his head. “The final…” She never looked at him as she spoke. “Oh right.. well how about you come over today and we can work on it.” She blushed, he was inviting her over to his house? “Um okay…”
“Great I’ll see you then.” The bell rang and the two went there separate way.
When she came over they had a great time. She slowly began to open up to him. Soon they had stopped working on the project and was just talking. “Wait why don’t you like cats?” She asked surprised.
“I don’t know I just don’t trust them. Something about them.”
“But they are so cute!” Peter rolled his eyes.
“Nah dogs are way cuter.” They talked hours on end until finally Y/N had to go home. Peter was smiling like a school girl. She was so interesting and adorable. They would have to hang out again to ‘work on the project’ and he was so excited for it.

Later that night Spiderman sat on top of a building looking around for any trouble when he saw a woman in a black suit slip into the museum through a window. “Okay Peter play this cool.” He told himself before swinging off. He looked through the window and there she was. She jumped over the lasers that would pull the alarms. She moved so gracefully. When she finally reached her goal: a blood diamond. The biggest diamond Peter has ever seen. She carefully cut the glass with her nails and took the diamond. He smiled and jumped down so he was standing right behind her. “Well well look at what the cat dragged in.” He said so proud of himself for saying at least one thing cool. She smirked and turned around to face him. “Hi Spidey.” She giggled making him nervous. He used his web shooters to try to take the diamond from her but she was quick. She did a back flip dodging the webs. She put the diamond in a bag attached to her leg and closed it. She came running at him and through a punch. He dodged it and began to fight back. He hated fighting girls so part of him was glad she dodged every single punch he threw at her. She kicked his legs and he fell straight on his back, before he could get up she was sitting on top of him holding him down. “You know you aren’t very good at this.” She taunted.
“That’s no true.” He said struggling and she just laughed. That laugh so familer. She pulled up his back to the base of his nose. “Hey! Stop!” He squealed thinking that she was going to see who he was but instead she began to kiss him. Even more shocking he began to kiss back. He couldn’t help himself. She pulled away, jumped up and ran out of the museum before Spiderman could even figure out what was going on. “Bye Spidey.” She called out and disappeared. Peter bit his lip, he wanted more. “Bye kitty.” His whispered and pulled down his mask.
The next day at school he told Ned all about how he kissed Black Cat. “Dude you got to kiss a hot chick who’s probably older than you! That’s awesome!” Ned shouted. “Keep it down!! And no it’s not awesome I made out with a villain! That’s like rule number one of the things not to do.”
“Oh so it was a make out? Get some Peter!”

Peter had begun to hangout with Y/N whenever you two could. They became best friends and she started to sit with Ned and him at lunch. His crush for her became stronger and he decided he would finally tell her. During the day he hung out with Y/N but at night it was Black Cat who got all of attention. Crime had generally gone down so it was usually not that bad at night, that is until Black Cat came out and decided to have some fun. This game had been going on for months now, always the same happened. She got what she wanted and Spiderman was was never able to catch her. Peter was not dumb, maybe a little clueless but he began to catch on. She had amazing reflexes and an unforgettable laugh. A laugh he heard so much not just from her but from the woman he was fighting at night. He refused to believe that his sweet Y/N could do anything bad so he pushed the thought aside but it kept eating at him. Peter and Y/N sat in her room talking. She stretched and her crop top went up a little showing a bruise. It was the same spot Spiderman and hit Black Cat last night. Peter raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything about it. They continued to talk until she had to go grab something. She left the room leaving him alone. He quickly got up and walked to her closet. He knew it was wrong but if she was the thief he wanted to know. He looked through her closet until he found it. Her suit was in a box hidden away by other things. “You know the funny thing about masks is people become their real selves when they put them on.” He jumped when he heard her voice. No response. He was at a loss of words. “What’s wrong Spidey cat got your tongue?” All of a sudden webs shot out and placed her hands above her head, forcing her against the wall. He was going to make her pay for all the times she teased him. Left him wanting more. He began to walk towards her, never looking at her as he does. She gulped it was weird Peter like this, he was always so shy and sweet. When he reached her she was able to see his eyes. Dark with lust. She took a deep breath and waited for him to do something. Finally he began to kiss her as his hands explored her body. She moaned and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. His hands went to the hem of her shirt and slowly began to lift it up. He pulled away and scrunched up at her wrists. He swallowed hard and his hands began to shake. No more confident Peter. “Please.” She begged not carrying of how desperate she sounded. Peter let out a sigh and unclipped her bra. He moved out it out of the way. He placed his knee between her legs and she attempted to grind herself against his leg but his hands held her back to the wall. “Be good kitty.” He was trying so hard to be dominant. He licked his lips and began to kiss from her neck down to her breasts. He took on nipple in his mouth and the other in his hand, massaging it. He squeezed the other nipple in between his fingers. She moaned and her back arched up. He smirked against her nipple and kissed it. He lightly bit down and she gasped. He flicked it with his tongue before putting his whole moth against it again. His other hand worked on unbuttoning her pants he slid them down and she stepped out of them. He let go of her nipple with a pop and began to kiss down her stomach. He reached her panties and smiled. “Cute.” He said playing with the little bow on them. “Peter!” She cried wanting more than what he was giving her. He giggled and pulled down her panties. She spread her legs and Peter looked at her like he saw the gates of heaven. The blush got darker and the smile on his face got wider. He could stay there all day. He began to rub your clint, his thumb doing circles over the tiny nub. She moaned loudly. “Peter… please.” She begged. He loved this moment for once he was in charge. The boy had never done this before so he was still extremely nervous but he could tell by her reactions that he was doing it right. He licked his lips and slipped two fingers into her. He slowly began to move them in a come here motion. Her mouth flew open in a silent moan. He loved the way she looked at this moment. Hair a mess, sweaty skin, her gorgoues lips all plump. He knew he would have to deal with the fact that Y/N was Black Cat but he didn’t want to think about that now. He groaned, his own desire getting worse and worse by the second. He needed release. He pulled away and stood up. She whined at the loss of contact but smirked when Peter began to take off his clothes. He reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it off him. Y/N rubbed her legs together watching him. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants down, stepping out of them. He stopped at his boxers. He was nervous. What if he wasn’t big enough for her? “Peter hurry!” Y/N growled and he took them off. Her eyes grew wide and she licked her lips staring at his hard against his stomach. He took a deep breath trying to get his composure back. He went back to her and ripped the webs from off the wall. She smirked and pushed down on the bed. “My turn Spidey.” She slowly crawled up on him and grinded herself against him. He groaned and let his head fall back. Y/N began to tease him slowly grinding her hips against his. “Y/N Please.” He moaned out. “You’re so cute when you try to be dominant. Face it Pete it just doesn’t work with you.” He growled. She lined him at her entrance and slowly slid down on his shaft. They both moaned out and Peter put his hands on her hips. There was probably going to be marks from his hands the next day.

Peter thrusted up and she slowly began to rock her hips back and forth. He flipped them over so he was on top of her and pulled out of her. He slowly pushed himself back in and took a moment to move. She was so tight. “Fuck Peter.. move.” She hissed and he did. He began to move in and out of her in a steady pace. She warped her legs around his waist and brought him closer. They were both a moaning mess and Peter wasn’t going to last much longer. He brought a thumb to her clint and began to run the sensitive bud. She arched her back and scratched down Peter’s back. He almost didn’t want to finish, he just wanted this moment to last longer. The way she screamed out his name was his new favorite sound. He felt the tight knot in his stomach he leaned down and began leave hickeys on her chest. He empties himself in her letting out a loud moan. She spasms around him and cums soon after him. He works Y/N through her orgasm and gently pulls out when she is done. He falls on her and buries his head into her chest. Their heavy breathing being the only sound in the room. Peter lifts up his head and gently places a kiss on her lips. They smile at each other and he looks down. His eyes go wide. “Y/N! Did I hurt you!” He asks getting worried by all the bruises he left. “No silly it felt good.” She giggled and Peter placed his head back on her chest. “Oh.” He said biting his lip. She began to play with his hair as they begun to fall asleep until Peter quickly got up. “Y/N!” “Yes Peter?” “You are Black Cat! How come you never told me?” “How come you never told me you were Spiderman?” She asked raising an eyebrow at him. He goes silent and awkwardly climbs back into bed next to her. He wraps his arm around her and pulls her close. She closes her eyes again. “One more thing..” “What is it?” She asked getting slightly annoyed. “Are you on birth control?”

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Road Rage//Scott McCall Imagine

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Author: @celestial-writing

Warnings: Angst (what is new), some gory stuff if you don’t like that, fluff (mostly angst)

Paring: Scott McCall/Reader

Words: 3,185 (It’s long because I love angst)

Request: No

A/N: Hey guys! I’m so so so so so sorry that I haven’t posted! Life happened but here is the Scott fic I promised! It’s real and not a fake promise and sorry for posting so late but it was really the only time I could post! Just thank you to @dumbass-stilinski as always for supporting me and helping through a lot of shit! Also thank you @mf-despair-queen for helping me edit! This wouldn't be anywhere without you! 

Summary: Being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister sucks when your brother is the most overprotective person you kow who has sworn off all dating for you. How is he going to react if he finds out about you and his best friend, Scott McCall’s four month relationship?




The sound of little pebbles being pelted against your window woke you up slowly. You opened your eyes to see your phone lighting up in a message from Scott, which caused you to smile.

Scott ~ Hey babygirl, I’m here.

Scott~ Did you forget i’m coming over?

Scott ~ Hey, I may be pelting pebbles at your window

You opened the window to see a pebble flying towards. You dodged it before it could hit its unintentional target.

“Scott!” You whispered yelled.

“Sorry, (Y/N)!” He gave a sheepish smile and climbed up the tree like he always did when we met on nights like this.

“Hi baby.” He whispered and kissed you softly, his arms wrapping around your waist as you threaded your hand into his hair.

“Hi Scott…since you already woke me up from my beauty sleep, are you going to make up for it?” You smirked, pulling away slightly and he let out a soft laugh.

“You bet, princess.” He smirked, his hands slowly traveling down your back and grabbing your ass, squeezing it to make you let out a small moan. You grabbed the back of his neck and pressed your lips to his feverishly. You traced the seam of his lips with your tongue and he gladly opened. Your tongues battled for dominance as you slowly walked backwards, but you hit the back of your desk, causing the lamp sitting on the edge to fall off it.

You pulled away to see Scott’s shifted yellow eyes and took a breath of fear. You knew Stiles heard. It was a heavy ass lamp and it must’ve sounded like a broken window.

“He’s up..” Scott mumbled, his eyes slowly turning back into the beautiful chocolate brown you were accustomed to.

“Into my closet. Now..” You demanded, pushing your boyfriend into the closet and shut the door quickly behind him.

Stiles opened the door quickly with his bat in hand, wearing only his small Star Wars boxer briefs, ready to attack the non-existent intruders. He looked down to see the broken lamp and gave a sigh of relief, dropping his bat.

“Oh thank god. I thought someone broke in and you got kidnapped or something. I was ready to call Dad and Scott.” He said quickly and jumped over the bed to give you a hug.

“Yeah. It’s fine Stiles… I just woke up and I accidently hit the table and the damn lamp fell.” You lied to him, thanking to god he couldn’t see through your lies.

“You’re lucky dad isn’t here or the whole police squadron would have been here. Let me get a broom so we can clean this up.” He let go, giving a smile and went back to get a broom but a noise came out of the closet and Stiles poked his head back into the room, his whiskey colored eyes matching yours.

“What was that?” He asked suspicious, grabbing his bat for protection again.

You looked at him and gave him a cheeky smile. “Nothing Stiles, probably just Landon messing around in there.”

“O-okay.” He said questionably and left to get a broom. You opened the door to see a smirking Scott holding your black cat, cocking his head slightly.

“Scott! You almost got us caught again!” You whispered yelled at him.

“Maybe I want that to happen.” He looked at you, his gaze unwavering from your own.

“Do you remember what happened freshman year with-” You whispered, your arms crossing over each other until you got cut off.

“Yes. I remember…” He mumbled, his eyes downcasting to the floor.

“Just stay in here a little longer please…then we can cuddle and talk about lacrosse.” You pleaded, giving him your signature puppy dog eyes.

“Okay…” You gave him a kiss on the nose and shut the door before Stiles came in with a broom and dustpan.

“Cat?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, he was messing with my shoes again.” You smiled and helped him the big pieces, throwing them away in the trash.

You finished after fifteen minutes of cleaning up. Stiles constantly looked at the closet door and you bit your lip, hoping Stiles didn’t think anything about it.

“Night (Y/N). Turn the light on when your going around your room next time.” He smiled, the comment joking and heading back to his room.

You loved Stiles. He was your twin brother and was always the person that was there for you but, some of the negatives of being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister is that he is the most overprotective person you know. You don’t take it a bad way, but when you’re trying to have a good night with your boyfriend, it ruins the mood.

Fifteen minutes passed and you let Scott out of the closet. He let out a long sigh, giving you a longing look.

“Why don’t you want to tell him about us?” Scott whispered.

“We have been over this Scott.” You mumbled, getting into your bed.

“(Y/N), we have been dating for over four months. I’m done hiding from your brother. He’s my best friend, (Y/N).” He didn’t crawl in the bed and you looked at him with a pout.

“But you know what ha-”

“With Jackson at homecoming and then with the “date”. Yeah. That happened two years ago, freshman year and Stiles hit his Porsche with a cruiser. I know. He told me. He told me that no boy is allowed to date you until you’re 90 but I’m in love with you, (Y/N). I don’t care if Stiles gets mad at me and doesn’t want to talk to me…I want to be with you…” He looked like a lost puppy and slowly walked towards you.

“Scott…I’m not ready to tell him. Okay…just maybe soon…” You mumbled. “Can we just cuddle…?”


“Scott, he will run you over with Roscoe. C-can we please just drop it, okay?” You let out a shaky breath and he took your hand, rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand.

“Fine…let’s just go to sleep..” he pressed a soft kiss to your hair and your body relished in the feeling and he finally crawled into the bed, wrapping his hands around your waist and pulling your body flush against his back.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He whispered in your ear and nestled his face into your neck.

“I love you too, Scott. I always will.” You mumbled back and fell into a dreamless sleep, the deep sounds coming from Scott’s chest lulling you into sleep.

The bed was cold and empty in the morning, void of him. He always left before Stiles got up, but of course that meant Scott left when you were asleep and it was awful. You hated hiding away but it was needed. Anytime you mentioned a boy you liked, Stiles would shut you down about it, investigate the kid and make some crazy theory that he was out to kill us.

Stiles never let you go out to parties unless it was Lydia’s and even then, he always made sure either he or Scott was by your side. No miniskirts, no crop tops, nothing revealing to get boys to hit on his baby sister (it was by two minutes, by the way). The only good thing was that you were always with Scott because Stiles trusted him. Lucky enough, you had the biggest crush on Scott and he had the same for you. It started with secret kisses in janitor closets, to hiding away for hours at Lydia’s parties, and now spending the night at your house. You wanted to tell Stiles. You wanted to be open, be able to hold hands, and call him your boyfriend, but you were just scared of the repercussions.

Your phone went off. You grabbed it to see the handsome face of Scott McCall holding a puppy at the shelter.

Scott ~ Morning baby, sorry I left earlier than normal. I heard your dad come in so I left.

Scott ~ Hey, I got something for you at school I need to tell you about.

Scott ~ I love you.

There was a small knock on your door so you couldn’t respond to Scott like you wanted to. Opening the door, there stood your dad, holding a small coffee in his hand with his kind smile.

“Hey kiddo. Stiles told me you broke your lamp last night.” He let out a low chuckle.

“He’s up already?” You rubbed your eyes, taking the coffee from his hand.

“No. Texted me last night.” You nodded and took a sip of the burning hot liquid that, just by the smell, woke you up.

“Yeah…sorry dad. I heard a bird hit my window and I accidently hit the lamp.” You mumbled, leaving the door open and putting down the coffee to find a shirt in your closet.

“Could that bird be named Scott McCall?” Your mouth dropped open and dropped the shirt in your hand. You looked back at him and shook your head sputtering.

“I-I don’t know what you mean dad…” you sputtered, your skin starting to turn hot.

“It’s okay…I won’t tell Stiles. I promise. Just be careful next time.” He shook his head, giving you a small smile.

“You knew?” You asked in bewilderment.

“Sweetheart, I am the sheriff. I know almost everything that goes around here.” He opened the door and was about to shut it until he pointed to the XL condoms he left on the desk.

“Also, don’t forget, there will be no little Stilinski’s and McCall’s running around.” Your dad shut the door and you grabbed the condoms, quickly hiding them away before letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Stiles knocked on the bathroom so loudly and profusely that you dropped the curling iron in your hand but luckily, you didn’t burn yourself.

“Stiles! What the hell do you need!” Grabbing the curling iron and putting it back on the counter and opening the door to see your brother with a pissed off look.

“It’s my time for the shower, (Y/N)! Y-what the fuck are you wearing?” He said, looking you up and down with disgust and you rolled your eyes. You’re wearing your shortest shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination and a tight top with a low neckline.

“I’m wearing clothes, Stiles.” You shook your head and walked back to brush out your hair.

“No. You’re not walking out of the house like that. Go change.” He demanded, crossing his arms as he glared at my outfit.

“Stiles, you’re not dad, and he likes the outfit.” You pushed past him and sashayed to your room, grabbing the stuff you needed for school and left the house without a word from you. You knew Stiles was mad and that was exactly what you needed now.

Scott’s POV

Scott waited at your locker before school everyday. It kind of looked like he was waiting for Stiles, since your lockers were next to each other, so your cover was kept.

It was your idea to keep the relationship a secret and Scott, of course, went with it. He loved you so much and he never wanted you to feel uncomfortable doing anything. It was just awful when he could hear other guys talk about you, like you weren’t his…which technically, in their eyes, you weren’t. It hurt that he couldn’t hold your hand in public, and kiss you before class, and see you in the stands wearing his lacrosse jersey.

It was all Jackson’s fault for hurting you. It was Jackson’s fault for tricking you into a “date” and leaving you in the pouring rain, crying your eyes out. Stiles and him picked you up that night, and he remembered holding you in his arms and he never thought you looked more beautiful than at that moment in time. That was also the time Stiles swore off any guy ever being with his baby sister, and Stiles never forgot that promise.

Scott heard the small sounds of footsteps behind him, shaking him away from the small memory. He grinned slightly knowing it was you, hearing your steady heart beat that always calmed him. He looked behind him, but frowned seeing your sour expression.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s wrong?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know. How about you tell me how my dad knows we are dating?”As you opened up your locker angrily.  

He took a double take, shaking his head. “(Y/N), I-I have no idea. I have always been careful-”

“Well you clearly haven’t, Scott!” You looked at him and his head was staring at the ground.

“You know what? I try, but it’s goddamn hard when your own girlfriend doesn’t even want your own best friend knowing they are together. Or anyone for that matter!” He yelled at you and that made you step back from him. Turning, you slammed your locker and walked away, shaking your head and heading to class.

Scott was pissed at you. All he wanted was you and now he was going to get what he wanted and of course, he thought without thinking and ran right to the baby blue jeep owned by Stiles Stilinski.

“Stiles!” Scott yelled and a head popped out of the hood the jeep, hitting it in the process, which was also followed by a string of curses.

“Yeah, Scotty. What do you need?” Stiles asked, closing the hood and walking over to his best friend, who kept fidgeting with his hands. Scott shuffled in place, staring directly into his best friend’s eyes.

“I’m dating your sister. I have been for a while. I sneak through her window at night, we make out under the bleachers. Hell, I’ve fucked her into oblivion a few times! But she wanted to keep it a secret, which isn’t fair to me. To us. I want everyone to know I’m fucking your sister and that I’m so in love with her, it hurts!“ He stopped as quickly as he started, knowing what he did was a mistake. He closed his mouth and looked for Stiles expression but saw nothing but heard his heartbeat rise.

“I-I’ll talk to you later Scott…” Stiles grumbled and walked away into the school. He let out a frustrated groan and hit the car next to Stiles’, which put a large crater into it. The first bell rang and Scott reluctantly went to class, overthinking what he did. Stiles could be fine with it, he didn’t look that upset but, also, Stiles could just be waiting to get off school grounds to get enough wolfsbane to kill him.


You looked for Scott during lunch, your anger subsiding from earlier and the feeling of guilt hitting you. You couldn’t find him anywhere and you kept sending him texts.

Baby ~ Scott? Where are you?

Baby ~ Scott? I’m sorry.

Baby ~ Please talk to me.

You went outside but to only be confronted by Scott sitting on the benches, staring at his bike. His knee was bouncing wildly as he was lost in thought.

“Scott? Hey, you okay?” You asked softly and he jumped as your touched his arm and he relaxed under your touch.

“Y-yeah…i’m fine.” He mumbled looking down like puppy who got yelled at.

“Hey, what happened?” You sat next to him, hooking your fingers under his chin and pulling it up to make him look into your eyes.

“I told him, (Y/N). I don’t know what got into me but I told him.” He looked down ashamed and felt my heart dropped.

“You told Stiles…what the fuck, Scott! You promised this would be a secret.” You got up slowly, hurt filling you that he went against your own wishes.

“I didn’t know what go into me, I was just so mad that you are so scared to be with me, scared of Stiles-” he rambled but you cut him off.

“I’m not scared of Stiles.” You said, crossing your arms.

“Yes you are! You hid our relationship for months, you even hid it from Lydia for a while because you were scared Stiles was going to find out from her! Your own best friend.” He looked at you and just felt so frustrated.

“That didn’t give you the right to go behind my back and tell him Scott.” You let out a breath to calm yourself from breaking down right there.

Scott didn’t say anything back to you as he just bouncing his knee and that made you even more mad. You got up from your spot and looked down at him, glaring at the boy who had just broke your heart.

“I can’t do this, Scott.” You mumbled. “I can’t be with someone I can’t trust.”

“(Y/N), no. Please don’t walk away. Don’t fucking walk away from me.” He said as you started to head towards your car.

The one thing you didn’t hear was the old Jeep start up and roll towards Scott as he entered the road.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry…please I lov-”

The blue jeep hit Scott at quite a fast pace, causing Scott to be thrown against the pavement and the Jeep to come to a stuttering halt. Scott let out a howl of pain, causing people around you to notice the scene of your brother running over your boyfriend. Scott started to bleed profusely, his skin turning red but also healing at the same time. You tried to move towards him but the pure shock took over you and it felt like your feet were stuck in cement. You finally felt like you were free and ran over to him quickly, grabbing his hand. Tears falling freely from your cheeks as you whimpered, seeing the damage.

“S-Scott…” you said frantically and he didn’t say anything back.

“Scott…wake up…please..” You heard the car door open and Stiles stepping out, walking up slowly behind you.

“(Y/N)..” he whispered softly, looking away from you and Scott.

“Call Dad, Stiles.” You looked at him brokenly, your heart breaking as your didn’t see your brother but more of a monster, as you slowly felt Scott wake up in your arms. You wiped your tears and caressed his hair.

“(Y-Y/N), you don’t know what he s-”

“I don’t give a fuck Stiles! You ran over you’re fucking best friend! Call dad…” you yelled and saw the pack come out of the high school.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know what was happening.” He whispered.

“Don’t talk to me Stiles…I hate you.” You looked at him numbly as Isaac quickly ran over to gently  grab Scott and help you get him in your car and race him to the hospital. You left Stiles in that parking lot, wallowing in the guilt that he had potentially just lost his best friend and little sister and wondering if he was not better than the Nogitsune that had possessed him months before.

dexphagus  asked:

Hi! Could you please do a no. 10 for SuperCat? Thanks and happy new year!

(The happy new year just showcases that it’s been 84 years since I last posted anything but I thought I’d try seeing if I could still make the words do the Thing I am sorry this took so long).

10. “I just want this.”

& bonus 19. “Come home with me.”

It starts with a messy kiss on Cat’s balcony, as Supergirl tells her goodbye and wishes her luck on her latest adventure.

They’re stood close together, arms pressed against one another as they both gaze out at the city, and Cat can’t help but revel in being so close to the woman that has come to mean so much to her over the past few months.

Kara might think that Cat is only interested in the Supergirl side of her, but that is far from the truth – and Cat would tell her so, if only Kara would tell her the truth. But her final fishing attempt had been brushed off with a soft smile and an amused laugh, and Cat isn’t going to push it any further.

If Kara wants to keep up the charade, then so be it.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Thanks for your blog! Can I make a request where MC is playing stripping poker with some her friends (not only girls) and is winning, but then RFA + Saeran comes in, she is distracted and loses the bet right in front of her s.o. eyes? You don't have to write it if it doesn't sound interesting. Thanks again!

YShame on me for almost rejecting this request just because I know shit about poker, I did some basic research and it became one of my favorite requests so far, thanks for the great and creative idea, anon. It was interesting af!

I still know shit about poker, all I got is that Royal Straight Flush is the biggest deal on Texas Hold’em, but these aren’t probably very accurate, so let’s forget poker and focus on the stripping thing, ok? lololol


Common: You became great friends with them, and you invited them to this party at your place. They never confirmed they would make it, they been acting really weird around you for a couple of weeks now, so you were pretty sure they wouldn’t show up. So you relaxed and when your brother’s friend suggested playing Strip Poker, you said “why not?” along with two other girls and another guy. You had no idea how to play Poker, but you found out that you were pretty good at it, maybe you were very lucky? Doesn’t matter, fact is everybody was half naked and you still had your skirt and tank top.

But then… they came in. They realized it was stupid trying to be away from you if they liked you so much. Who knows? Maybe that was the night they would finally confess their feelings for you… it’s so embarrassing being at a party they don’t know any one, where were you?

Your eyes locked. They see you among these semi-nude people, what’s going on? And you… you feel your heart stop for a minute only to race like it never did before… oh crap!

“MC? Your turn!” your brother’s friend tries to call your attention, you are quickly took aback. “I… I… Flush!”, you say, tripping or your own words. He smirks, showing his hand “Straight Flush!”. Shit! There goes your tank top…

Another round, and you notice you went out of all of your luck, or maybe you needed to have some strategy, after all? Now you are half naked, and your s. o. is right there staring at you? Disappointment? Disapproval? Or… are they enjoying this?


  • He was rooting for you, he suffered as much as you did when you showed your hand, and somebody had a Four of a Kind, making you lose your bra.
  • From his point of view, there was a girl blocking the view, so he couldn’t see your chest… unfortunately? No! He was a gentleman! He was never going to stare at your naked body!
  • Both of you were relieved when you said out loud: “Straight Flush!”  That was it! Nobody could have an upper hand! Unless… “Royal Straight Flush!”, his mouth opened in full surprise, how was that possible? You… lost?
  • You got up and hooked your thumbs on the waistband of your panties… since you were here, why not make the best out of it? You looked straight at Zen…
  • Why has he been acting weird around you? Couldn’t he see how much you liked him? Fuck that! His eyes were peering through you. You had his attention now…
  • You rocked your hips back and forth in a teasing manner, looking at him, and letting the panties slide down your thighs. Zen’s breathing was getting heavy, his eyes looked darker…
  • Seeing you like this, teasing him so shamelessly… you obviously were putting this show for him now… did you… like him as much as he liked you?
  • He didn’t even have time to think of that… he just saw how the two guys were looking at you…
  • “MC, I finally found you!” he was trying so hard not to look, now he was that close to you. “Sorry, gentlemen! I’m afraid I have to steal her for a moment…”
  • You gathered your clothes and followed him, without even thinking. You weren’t sure if you were feeling more embarrassed there with those people or with him now.
  • You two went to your room. He turned his back on you. “Put your clothes on. I won’t look, I swear.” His voice was cold, nothing like him at all.
  • “Why are you acting like this?” “Why are YOU acting like this? Getting naked among those hungry wolves… are you out of your mind?”
  • “Why do you even care, Zen? I was just having fun! I wasn’t uncomfortable till you showed up! By the way, what are you even doing here?” you asked, putting your bra and panties in an angry way.
  • “You invited me!” “Well, I didn’t think you were actually coming, considering how distant you’ve been… did I… do something wrong?”
  • “N-No! You did nothing wrong! Except for accepting playing Strip Poker… I’m just… I guess I’m just… jealous, MC.” “J-Jealous of me?”
  • “Well, yes, I… I have all these feelings for you, and seeing you like that just… makes the beast inside of me go insane! You drive me insane, MC!” your heart skipped a beat, was he…confessing to you?
  • You came close to him and made him turn to look at you. “Goddamit, MC! I told you to put your clothes on, not only your lingerie!” “Oh… so you don’t like my bra?” “What? No! I like it, I like it very mu… wait, no! I’m…” ERROR “It’s fine, Zenny… you can take it off if you don’t like it…” “MC, the beast…”
  • “Show me…  I guess I saw a hint of the beast when I lost back there, and… I’m very curious to see the whole thing…” “MC, I… I…” you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and he gave up. “If you insist that much…”


  • He didn’t even know how to play Poker, let alone Strip Poker, he just figured it was something naughty when he saw all those half naked people… and you…
  • He blushed and tried to look away, but something kept pushing his eyes back at you, he never saw this much of your skin and it was… even better than he could imagine.
  • And your breasts were so… oh no! He wasn’t going on with this, this was wrong! He couldn’t look at you like this, you were always so sweet to him, and how was he repaying you? Thinking of you in such a naughty way?
  •  “Straight Royal Flush” the guy said out loud. Yoosung didn’t know what this meant, but he could only assume it was bad, judging from the look at your face… oh no, did you lost? WAIT! If you lost, that means… OH HELL NO!
  •  You closed your eyes as you took your panties off, you weren’t sure if Yoosung was still watching, but you wouldn’t risk seeing his flustered face, you liked teasing him, but this was beyond any teasing you’ve ever done to him…
  • “Oh! Get off, dude! You’re ruining the game!” you heard the guy who made you lose complaining and opened your eyes.
  • Only to find Yoosung standing in front of you, his arms and legs open trying to cover you, you could not see his face, but you bet he was doing that adorable angry face…
  •  That wasn’t that adorable when he turned his head to look at you, you couldn’t see his whole face, but you felt a shiver going down your spine, he looked PISSED
  • He gathered your clothes on the floor and handed to you, his head was low this whole time. “Yoosung… I…”
  • “Can I talk with you? Alone!” he looked at your poker buddies when he emphasized the word “alone”. You obliged, you wouldn’t dare to counteract him right now…
  • You took him to your bedroom and quickly put your clothes back on, you didn’t want him to feel even more embarrassed. “W-Why were you doing this, MC?”
  • “Yoosung, it’s just a game… it’s… it’s no big deal!” “Well, it is for me! How do you think I felt seeing those guys looking at you like that?” “I don’t know, how did you feel?”
  • “How did I feel? I…” he was blushing again and his eyes didn’t seem that dark anymore, he was going back to his usual self. “I… felt angry and… really jealous, MC.”
  • “Why would you be jealous?” “Because… I… I… really… I… likeyouverymuchMC! “ he spoke fast and closed his eyes, like he was waiting to be hit or something.
  • “I like you too, Yoosung.” You said, and he opened his eyes to find you smiling at him, oh… it was so sweet… he just felt this urge to hug you. “So… you never played Strip Poker?” you asked him through your embrace. “No.”
  • “Do you want me to teach you?” although you couldn’t see him, you felt his grip getting tightened on your waist and his face burying in your hair. “Yes, please”


  • She noticed that before she came in, you still had your clothes on, so was her the reason of your bad luck? She felt bad for you…
  • Seriously, as if it wasn’t enough she treating you so coldly the past few weeks, when she gathered courage to see you, she made you lose your game.
  • She wasn’t mad at you or anything. She knew she had no right to say anything, you were a grown up woman having fun at your own party, who was she to say anything?
  • However… she found herself struggling not to look at your body, it was exactly like she imagined, maybe even better… and now she realized how much she imagined your body, what was going on with her
  • “Straight Royal Flush!” she was aware this was the ultimate upper hand and it was almost impossible to get one, and if you didn’t have one of that, it could only mean…
  • You looked at Jaehee, how long has she been standing there? Oh, she looked so beautiful dressed this casually… you didn’t even think as you removed your panties, you only had eyes for her having her eyes for you…
  • “Oh my, MC! What a nice body you have! You almost making me gay over here…” the girl who made you lose said that, you blushed.
  •  “You can’t ‘make’ someone gay, young lady.” You heard Jaehe’s voice behind you. Shit! This woman was a ninja! “Chillax, I’m just messing with her! Who are you, her mommy?” the girl shrugged.
  • “No… I’m just… a good friend who’s aware of the rules of the game, and you can not cat call other players.” “Yes, she has a point” one of the guys pointed out.
  •  “Okay, whatever! I’m sorry… jeez, people are so touchy those days…” “Jaehee, are you okay?” you asked her, she was blushing and trying not to look at your butt.
  • “I’m fine, MC. How about… you? I was wondering if we could talk a little, alone…?” “Yeah, sure…” you picked your clothes and got out of there, it wasn’t fun anymore standing there with such a weird atmosphere… you went to your bedroom.
  • “MC, I… know it’s not my place to butt in, but you should be careful with your friends, some of them can get the wrong message if you don’t say anything…” “How do you know it would be the wrong message?”
  • “Pardon?” “How would you know I wouldn’t like having my friend complimenting me?” “I’m… I’m just assuming you’re not interested in women, MC.” “And why would you think that?”
  • “I… I don’t know, I just… keep telling myself you aren’t, so…” “So…?” “So it’ll hurt less if you reject me, because… there’s nothing much I can do if you don’t like girls, but if you do, I… have to recognize there’s something wrong with me…” you were so thrilled right now, you couldn’t believe she was as insecure as you…
  • “Jaehee, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about you! Butm you’re right, I… I don’t like girls…” “Yes, I already was expecting it…” “I like only one girl… you!”
  • “Me? Y-You like me?” you went to kiss her and you felt her face burning, since you never put your clothes on. “Will you take this as a ‘yes’?”
  • “I… yes, MC. I will…” and you two hugged “So… you seem to know a little about Strip Poker! Where did you learn it?” “I already told you I’m not that innocent, MC…”


  • This wasn’t what he was expecting of a party thrown by you, it looked like a frat party, and how come there was no wine?
  • He knew how to play Poker, it was a social skill acquired being a business man, but Strip Poker? This was new…
  • He wasn’t sure about how he felt. He was angry, but not really at you? He was angry at himself for not talking to you properly and showing up like this to your party where he clearly didn’t belong? But… at the same time, he wasn’t pleased at you sharing a poker table with another two men… were you out of your mind?
  • “Straight Flush!” you said, he nodded in satisfaction, you were good at this! “Royal Straight Flush!” uh oh… you were in big trouble, weren’t you?
  • You saw Jumin staring at you and felt a shiver. His eyes felt… hungry? Oh, so maybe this was what Zen was talking about. “Even Jumin is a wolf, MC! Don’t let your guards down around him.”
  • But you didn’t care, seeing him looking at you like this stirred something inside you. You wanted him to keep looking… it was the least he could do after practically disappearing from you the past few weeks…
  • As soon as you got rid of your pants, you felt something resting on your shoulders, it was a coat… a man’s coat, Jumin’s coat., and he was behind you, looking away…
  • “Hey, dude! What the fuck?” the guy who made you lose complained. “Sorry, sir. I know how bets work, but I’m afraid I need to end this game for her right now, as I really need to talk to her by ourselves.”
  • You went to your bedroom, he refused to come in with you. “Jumin, what’s going on?” “You tell me, MC! Are you messing with me on purpose? Reminding me of what I can’t have?” you were talking through the door.
  • “What are you talking about?” “I just noticed how different we are, MC. And although I cherish you so much, I don’t think I can stay around you without losing my control. And I noticed how uncomfortable you got when you saw me…” “I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was just… caught by surprise seeing you here, I never thought you would show up to a party like this… you are right, we’re very different, but… the way you looked at me, I… I felt really good…”
  • “You did?” he was relieved you couldn’t see his face blushing… “Oh… so by any chance, you… feel the same way as I do?” you didn’t answer. “MC?” Silence… he just saw you opening a little gap on the door and handing his coat to him, he couldn’t hide his frustration. “Okay, I understand… sorry for barging in to your party… I’m going now…”
  • You opened the door, your clothes stayed at the poker table… “I never said you should leave.” And there was that look again… and it kept getting closer and closer as he closed the door behind him.


  • He tried to play some poker online when he was really bored and trying to ditch work. He was very decent at it, but it wasn’t really his thing.
  • But now it was, strip poker? Featuring you? He’s down for that. He would have come early if he knew he had the chance to join this match.
  • He would love to be the one that makes you lose your last piece of clothing, but… somebody else had that honor.
  • “Royal Straight Flush!” oh… judging by your face, this was no honor. Yeah… he wouldn’t like to make you feel embarrassed like you looked right now.
  • And then your eyes met his, and all your embarrassment went away. What was he doing here? It took a lot of guts to show up like this when he’s been barely talking to you…
  • So yeah, if he’s gonna be looking at you with those puppy eyes, you might as well enjoy this and tease him a little, or will he ignore your naked body right in front of him?
  • You took the stripping thing very seriously, asking for your friend to hum the Pink Panther’s theme and rocking your hips very teasingly before taking your panties off.
  •  You felt a cold hand on your shoulder… Saeyoung was beside you, holding the clothes you left behind. “Sorry, fellas. Game is over.” He took your hand and dragged you away from there.
  • He already knew where your bedroom was, which made you blush, he turned his back on you so you could put your clothes. “Don’t get any wrong ideas, MC. I’m just helping you.”
  • “What if I don’t need your help?” “Judging by the way those guys were looking at you, yeah, you would need my help pretty soon…”
  • “And you are different from them? Because I saw you looking!” “Yeah, but it’s different because… because I respect you, ok?”
  • “Ignoring me like you did all those weeks? Yeah, I wouldn’t say you really respect me, Saeyoung.” He took a deep breath. “I did it precisely because I respect you, MC.”
  • “Really? Why is that?” you sounded mad “Because… I like you so much, you have no idea how much I like you, and… I’m so afraid I’m going to hurt you, I couldn’t live with myself knowing I could be the cause of your pain one day…”
  • “So… it didn’t really occur to you talking with me would be the right thing? Because I can understand if you don’t want to be in a relationship with me, what you can’t do is coming to my party as if nothing happened and try to lecture me about respect! And look at me when I talk to you!” you made him turn away to face you.
  • “You’re still naked!” “What? You don’t like it?” “No, I… like it very much… I like you… very much…and I…” “My eyes are up here, Mr. Respectful.”
  • “S-Sorry, I just…” and then something clicked on his mind. “I have a straight, MC!” “What?” “I’m not bluffing! I have a straight! What do you have?” “I… I don’t know, a full house?” “Oh no! It looks like I lost!” he took his hoodie off.
  • You got it what he was doing pretty quickly. “I have a flush…” you told him. “Darn it! High Card!” and there goes his shirt… you kept on going with this until he was in the buff with you.
  •  “So… what do we do now?” you asked, trying not to stare at his amazing abs “Well, if I’m Mr. Respectful, you must be Mrs. Respectful looking at me like that, so now we do what happy married couples do?”


  • He hated: parties, drunk people, people generally. He liked: free booze and you, mostly.
  • He never played poker, but he knew the basics. Strip poker? What a lame idea!
  • Or maybe it wasn’t…? He saw your bra flying and then he got the appeal of this, it was… pretty cool.
  • Your body was even better than what he tried so hard not to imagine, but he did more than he would like to admit it. He was trying so hard to be a cool guy who respects you and your personal space and not to look like a pervert weirdo.
  • “Royal Straight Flush!” oh shit! Were you really…? No, you didn’t have the guts to do it, did you? In front of those guys? Those disgusting, weird guys looking at you like a piece of meat?
  • You saw Saeran looking at this very curious. His widened eyes looked so cute, you almost forgot you were mad about him just pretending you didn’t exist.
  • It was like… “Oh, now that you can look at my tits, you notice me? Alright…” and then you took your panties off, but as soon as you did, you felt something wrapping your whole body, you looked behind you, and there was Saeran hugging you and covering your body with his jacket.
  • “Ah, come on, dude You ca-“ Saeran just glared at the guy and he shut up, scared. “What the fuck, Saeran?” you asked him, you could feel his body against you, so could he and now you were both blushing.
  • “I… I … we should talk.” “Ok, let me go first, so I can pick my clothes.” “But then they will see you…” “Just let me go, Saeran” you hated talking like this to him, but it was necessary, he backed away, trying not to look again.
  •  You went to your bedroom, he was still a little flustered. “No need to be like that, we’ll only talk, Saeran.” “W-What? What are you saying? I… I know that… I wasn’t thinking… what you’re thinking… I… am going to stop talking now.”
  • “Oh? So this is pointless, you said you wanted to talk!” you put your clothes on very angrily. “I better go back to my party before they…” he grabbed your hand and looked down. “Please… please don’t go, MC”
  • “Why?” “Because I… like being alone with you, I… like when you have all those people and you sill choose me to be alone with. I… enjoy your company very much.  I… enjoy you… very much…so much I know I need to be away from you before I do something stupid. But I… want to be with you?” you were feeling bad for getting angry, the poor thing was only trying to confess…
  • “Saeran, so do I, but… you can’t just ignore me and show up like this, I know you have your problems, and I’m more than willing to help you, I told you a million times. So let me help you, don’t just… do things that concern us by yourself, please?” “Yes, of course, MC, I’ll… yes, I promise.” “Thanks”
  • And you hugged him, you felt his breathing stop for a second, but you smiled when he wrapped his arms around you. “So… what were you thinking when I brought you to my room?” “Oh, I… you know, MC! You were naked and… it’ just us on your bedroom and… don’t make me say it!”
  • “Okay, I won’ t.” you let him go, but he was still holding you “I would rather show you.”  


V was requested later and you can see it here! ~

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I just reaaally love your hcs! Aand what about the bois with mc coming to their houses at late night crying? ^^

Author’s note: THIS IS SO SO LONG IM SORRY!! 


  • Even though he had a test in the morning, he was still excited to see you at his door
  • “MC, hey! What brings you here at this time of night?”
  • You looked up and he saw the tears in your eyes
  • “Yoosung… I-I think someone broke into my house.. and I got scared…”
  • His eyes widened
  • “Are you okay? Was anything stolen? Here, come inside!”
  • He let you in and closed the door, pulling you into a hug
  • You explained that you were getting ready to go to bed when you heard a door slam shut
  • You ran out to your car and drove straight here, too afraid to investigate
  • “I’m so sorry, MC. I-I don’t know what I would do if anything had happened to you…”
  • You both shuddered at the thought
  • You took a big breath and pulled out of his hug
  • “C-could I stay here tonight?”
  • “Oh, of course!! I was about to suggest that myself! I’ll sleep on the couch and-“
  • “No. I don’t want to sleep alone. Sleep with me?”
  • “O-okay…”
  • You grabbed his hand and lead him to the bedroom
  • That night he cuddled with you until you fell asleep
  • It wasn’t until the next day that you two figured out it was the air conditioner that blew the door shut


  • He answered the door with his sleeping mask pushed on the top of his head
  • “MC? You know how important my beauty sleep is… what’s going on?”
  • “S-sorry to wake -“
  • “Wait. Have you been crying?”
  • You looked down at your shoes
  • “I was a-at the grocery store, a-and  one of your fans saw me.”
  • He nodded, putting his arm behind you and ushering you in to his house
  • “A-and she approached me and asked if I was your g-girlfriend. I said yes, of course, a-and…”
  • He walked you over to the couch and you two sat down
  • “And what?”
  • “She started trash talking me… she said I wasn’t pretty enough, or funny enough, or smart enough to be with you. I tried to walk away, but she just followed me. I had to run out of the store, I didn’t even get the chance to shop… it was so humiliating!”
  • Zen put his arm around you and pulled you into him
  • He grabbed your chin and stared at you
  • “Yup… Uh huh.”
  • “Zen, what are you doing?”
  • “Well, you graduated from one of the best colleges in the country, so you’re way too smart for someone like me. Yesterday, when you made me laugh so hard I spit out my tea, proves that you’re too funny for me as well.”
  • He leaned in closer
  • “And upon further inspection, you’re actually the most beautiful women I’ve ever met, so looks like you’ve got me beat there too. My fan had it flipped. I’m not smart, funny, or handsome enough to be with you.”
  • He kissed you, and just like that, you weren’t sad anymore


  • She was actually coming home from a late night errand when she saw you sitting on her front door steps
  • “Hey MC! What are you doing here?”
  • Instead of hearing your chipper voice answer she was greeting with a hug
  • “Are you okay, MC?”
  • “Jaehee… my cat died.’
  • She knew that cat meant the world to you
  • She hugged you back and then grabbed your hand
  • “Let’s go inside… I’ll make some put on some tea, and we can talk about plans for a funeral.”
  • “A funeral?”
  • “Well, when you love something, don’t you give it a funeral?’
  • “Yeah but… he was a cat…”
  • “And? He will get the proper goodbye, like he deserves. Now come on, it’s cold outside.”
  • “Thank you, Jaehee.”
  • “I’m just doing something for the person I love. No need to thank me.”
  • “Love?”
  • & that’s also how Jaehee accidentally said she loves you for the first time


  • He answered the door in his cat pajamas
  • “It’s late MC… what’s wrong?’
  • You stayed silent, looking down at your feet
  • He pulled your chin up to look at him
  • He opened his mouth to repeat his question
  • But the stream of tears in your eyes stopped him
  • “T-there was a rumor going around… that y-you cheated on me… I couldn’t sleep without-“
  • he put a finger against your lips, stopping you
  • he pulled you into his house and closed the door behind you
  • now trapped between him and the door, you raised an eyebrow
  • “J-Jumin?”
  • He stared at you, smiling
  • two seconds later, his lips crashed on to yours, backing you against the door
  • You tried to deny him, but soon found yourself kissing him back
  • When he pulled away, he smirked
  • “Does that answer your question?”
  • “… not really.”
  • He gave an exasperated sigh
  • “I guess you’re going to make me say it. I love you. I love only you. With you and Elizabeth taking up so much space, do you honestly think my heart is big enough to love another person? Now stop crying, it’s making my stomach knot up.”
  • “I love you too, you big idiot.”


  • He was still up when you knocked on his door
  • “Who the hell is at my door at 2 in the-“
  • He stopped when he saw you, eyes red and puffy from crying
  • “MC?”
  • “I-I had a really bad nightmare…”
  • When your voice cracked he could swear his heart did too
  • He moved out of the doorway
  • “Come in and make yourself at home.”
  • You walked in and he closed the door
  • He turned around, expecting that you went and sat on the couch
  • but his breath was taken away when you gave him a tight hug
  • when your body started to shake and he felt your tears seep through his shirt
  • he wrapped his arms around you and stoked your hair
  • “Shhh… It’s okay… I’m right here…”
  • “I-I dreamt that y-you forgot about me.” (reverse reset theory ooooo)
  • He pushed you off of him and held you by the shoulder
  • With a completely serious face, he looked you in the eyes
  • “I could never forget about you. The way you close your eyes when you laugh too hard, the way you crinkle your nose and hold your breath when you take out the trash, the way you toss and turn in your sleep because you get too hot, the way you pick at your nails when you’re nervous, the way your voice gets high and squeaky when you lie-“
  • “It does not!!”
  • He smiled as you proved his point
  • “I could never forget about, no matter how hard I try. Not that I would want to. Why would I forget the best thing that’s ever happened to me?”
❝ 100+ f.r.i.e.n.d.s starter sentences
  • “well, no problem, we’ll just use it to stop the bleeding.”
  • “this is huge! this is bigger than huge this is - what’s bigger than huge?”
  • “oh i’m so sorry, i just gave away the ending didn’t i?”
  • “i mean - how, how did this happen?”
  • “i mean isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?”
  • “so what the hell happened to you?”
  • “there was always this little voice inside my head that kept saying its never going to happen.”
  • “i never would’ve gone for it with her if it hadn’t been for you.”
  • “how is that a silver lining?”
  • “you want to know what i’m thinking?”
  • “i was trying to spare your feelings.”
  • “okay, you have to stop the q-tip when there’s resistance!”
  • “okay, sweetheart, i’ll see you later.”
  • “you think you could close your eyes for just a sec?”
  • “i sort of did a stupid thing last night.”
  • “okay, ______, why don’t you just go get dressed and be on your way.”
  • “you’re not pathetic, you’re just sad.”
  • “this is about your horrible mistake.”
  • “okay, you’re going to have to not touch my ass.”
  • “you’re sure he’s going to be able to crack that code?”

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Shunk! Stuck in an elevator :D

( ̄▽ ̄) anon after my own heart

Today was not Hunk’s day.

First, his alarm didn’t go off and he ended up missing his usual train and having to wait for the next one. Then, some businessman spilled his coffee on Hunk’s shirt. And when he finally got to work, his boss yelled at him for being late and then yelled some more over a project that wasn’t even his. (It was Carl’s, whose desk was next to Hunk’s, but who looked nothing like Hunk, so Hunk wasn’t really sure why their boss always got them confused.)

Suffice to say, today wasn’t one of Hunk’s best days. However, there was one thing that Hunk clung to like a lifeline that made the otherwise shitty day take on a hopeful tint. 

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A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 23

“I’m going to do it this time,” Marinette said, squaring her shoulders.

“Uh-huh,” Alya hummed, not even bothering to look up from her phone.

“I mean it, Alya!  I’m going to tell Adrien how I feel about him!”

Alya glanced up briefly, a tiny smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.  “Sure.  Just like the past hundred times you’ve said that.”

“It has not been a hundred times!” Marinette huffed.

“You’re right.” Alya tapped a few things on her phone.  “It’s been a hundred and seventeen.  Well, eighteen now.  My mistake.”

“… I am shaming you for the fact that you have been keeping track.”

Alya gave a full-blown smirk.  “And I’m shaming you for the fact that you’re all talk and no action.”

Marinette’s jaw dropped, and she squawked indignantly.  “Alya!”

“Just calling it like I see it, girl.  Face it, you’re too chicken to actually confess.”

“Too… too…” Marinette threw her hands up in the air and huffed.  “I’ll show you, I’ll tell him!”

“Uh-huh.” Alya was already looking back at her phone, and so completely missed as Marinette stomped off. It took a moment for the prodding from her hair to break through and prompt her to look up.

Alya blinked at seeing that her girlfriend was gone.  “… Marinette?”


“-And the woman has no taste!  None! Her wedding colors are green and orange for crying out loud!” Chloe huffed as she paused in filing her nails to check her work, then went back to it.

Adrien blinked, then hummed thoughtfully.  “I don’t know, with the right shades it could probably work.”

Without saying a word, Chloe pulled out her phone, flicked through a few photos, then handed it to Adrien. “Those are her colors.”

Adrien immediately recoiled. “Ugh, I see what you mean.  Is she colorblind?”

Nino blinked as he looked over Adrien’s shoulder.  “I don’t see what’s so bad about them.”

Adrien and Chloe stared at Nino for a moment, then Adrien sighed and slung an arm around Nino’s shoulders.  “It’s okay, Nino.  We’ll make sure you aren’t a fashion disaster.  Anyways, both of these colors are too bright and bold, that makes them clash with each other.  Especially for a wedding, you’re going to want at least one of them to be a softer color, or darker.  And definitely not colors that make people think of vomit.” Adrien grimaced as he handed Chloe’s phone back to her.

“And the less said about her dress, the better.” Chloe winced.  “For once, I agree with the wedding planner.  It makes her look like a walking pumpkin.”  She snorted.  “If she wants a fall theme then she should say it and go ahead with it, with the right colors and decorations it could be nice. But definitely not the way she’s doing things.”

Nino looked up as he heard footsteps, and lightly nudged Adrien with his elbow as he spotted Marinette walking up and stopping nearby.  She looked more nervous than usual, standing there and fiddling with the small purse she always carried.

“Marinette?  Is everything okay?” Adrien tilted his head a little in confusion, ignoring Chloe’s soft mutter of ‘stupid cats too adorable for their own good.’

“I… um… can I talk to you for a moment?  Alone?”

Adrien blinked, then shrugged.  “Yeah, sure. Be right back, guys,” He said as he got up to follow Marinette.

Nino was just wondering what that was about when Alya hurried up, looking worried.  “Guys, we may have a problem.”


“So, what did you want to talk about?” Adrien asked as he leaned against a wall.  While Marinette being nervous was adorable, it did have him a little worried.

“I just… I wanted to tell you…” Marinette fiddled with her purse, looking at the floor.  She slid a few fingers into the purse, and a moment later relaxed and took a deep breath.  Seeming to have found some form of courage, she lifted her head and met his eyes.  “I wanted to tell you that I like you.  A lot. And have for a while.”

Adrien froze, his brain blaring ABORT!  ABORT! in large red letters.  While he was certainly happy to hear that his girlfriend liked him, none of them had planned for what to do if Marinette actually acted on the crush she was harboring.

And outside of fights, he didn’t act well under pressure.

Which was probably he could be (mildly) forgiven for what came out of his mouth next.

“I’m sorry, I’m already dating someone…”

Marinette flinched, then plastered on a clearly fake smile.  After spending so much time with her as Chat, he could easily tell the difference.  “It’s… that’s okay.  I just wanted to let you know.”  She took a deep breath, smile wavering slightly before she steadied it.  “I need to go.  I’ll see you… around.”

Adrien knew he had fucked up, but had no idea how to fix it as Marinette turned and, for lack of a better word, fled.  Belatedly, he reached after her, but she was well gone and turning the corner by then.  A short moment later, and three heads poked around the door to the classroom as Nino, Alya, and Chloe all fixed him with unimpressed looks.

“Nice going, genius.”


Afternoon classes were torture, especially knowing that Marinette was sitting behind him and hearing the occasional small sniffle.  And then once class let out, Adrien had to endure being driven home, then wait until he was left alone in his room before being able to call on Plagg and transform.

If he hadn’t broken his fastest time in heading to Marinette’s, he certainly came close.  As he landed on her balcony, his ears perked up at the sound of a soft sob, and Chat found he couldn’t get the hatch open fast enough.

Inside, Marinette was curled up on her chaise, and Vixen and Queen Bee were cuddled around her.  Nino was sitting at the head of the chaise, gently stroking Marinette’s hair from where her head was pillowed in his lap.

Chat dimly registered Vixen and Queenie shooting him glares as he tumbled in through the hatch and nearly fell off the loft in his hurry to get to Marinette. He slowed as he approached, carefully climbing onto the chaise and butting his head up underneath her chin with a loud purr of comfort.

“I’m so sorry, Princess.  So sorry.” His whispered voice vibrated with the force of his purr, even as he pressed his forehead to Marinette’s.

Marinette sobbed softly and hugged Chat close, burying her face against his shoulder.  Chat felt another harsh stab of guilt.  He had done this to her, him and that stupid need to keep his identity secret.

At this point, he’d take whatever lecture Ladybug could dish out if it meant stopping Marinette’s tears.

“I’m an idiot,” Chat murmured, closing his eyes and ducking his head to softly kiss Marinette.

And then he let his transformation drop.

Character Profiles

Height: 152cm
Weight: 50kg
Birthday: 25th July
Age: Over 3000?
Magic: Full Counter, repelling magical attacks
Weak point: Elizabeth
Birthplace: Demon Realm
What he likes about himself: His ahoge
Dream/Hope: Lifting his curse
Regrets: That he couldn’t save (people I guess?)
The most embarrassing thing in his life: His past self
What he wants the most right now: Skinship with Elizabeth
Favorite animal: Elizabeth (I’m not kidding here, it says animal, omfg)
Favorite scent: Elizabeth’s body
Power Level: 32500 (at the end of volume 22)
Magic: 2700 Strength: 27700 Spirit: 2100


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goal celebration mutual appreciation post

alright so i hit 200 followers and im very happy about that and you people are awesome so i decided to make a little appreciation post (ive only actively talked to a very small amount of people so i wont be able to elaborate on why exactly youre awesome but just know that you are very awesome)

@slytherin-salazar i just love your blog Ewa, it’s amazing and very organized and you post great stuff and your edits/gifs are awesome, you are also an incredibly nice person and im glad were mutuals

@wlfstar so we became mutuals because i loved/still love your url and we’re wolfstar trash and i loved your blog from the very first moment and honestly, Cat, you have A+ content and your art is fantastic and youre overall a great person

@txmriddlx okay Mitch, you were one of the first people i followed on here and seriously, your advice is incredible, youve helped me out on so many occasions and made me feel better about myself and i just really appreciate that. also i love your blog and your posts and yeah youre so amazing

@dracolucivs alright we dont really talk but can i say that i generally just appreciate your presence, Kate. i really do. i love your blog and your posts (and also youre really pretty wow) and youre just really great

@totally-ravenclaw so, Madison, you were also one of the first blogs i followed here and i have absolutely no regrets. i love the ravenclaw pride because honestly, ravenclaw is awesome. your blog is fantastic, your theme is very pretty and i love your posts and you are a really cool person

below is a list of all my mutuals (i dont know you well enough that i could write something) but you guys are amazing and i love following you and seeing your things on my dash and im very honored that you follow me

@roxannweasley, @pickettandnewt, @nacrissablack, @fjrebolt, @longbottomed, @jamespottersbutt, @diaqonalley, @hermionesmenacinglook, @fredweazlcy, @yes-you-are-just-as-sane-as-i-am, @flintxwood, @hermiogne, @regulusblqck, @acciolunalovegood, @domlnique, @pottergoldstein, @rxmuslvpin, @heromiqne, @foreverjily, @fixedglare, @littlenifflers, @backgroundhufflepuff, @dailysprophet, @hevanlypotter, @hjppogriff, @expectopatronuz, @nymphadxra, @wlweasley, @potterhappy, @siriusisntdead, @newtshvfflepuff, @avooda-kedoovra, @hclenaravenclaw, @weosley, @newtscamder, @narcissxblack, @siriusbllck, @jamessblacks, @tardisly, @pomonasprowt, @ri-ddikulus, @lunalocegood, @credxncebarebone, @godrichollow, @hexmionegranger, @anyexcusetowritemorelies, @sirriusly, @hufflepuffpoof, @fcrbiddenfcrest, @marvelousmckinnon

i think thats all (i hope i didnt forget anyone, if i forgot you im sorry i still think youre awesome and ily), thank you so much guys for following me and reblogging my stuff, i love you all and i hope youll all have a great day

(oh and i just noticed that today is valentines day so happy valentines day to you all!)

You Know What They Say About The Young…

Me: Good evening, *vet hospital*, how may I help you?

Woman: How many techs do you have tonight?

Me: Pardon me?

Woman: How many techs are there working tonight? I need to speak to one. Or a vet.

Me: Okay…Well the vet is currently in an appointment and is unavailable but I can certainly help you. What’s going on?

Woman: Are you a tech?

Me: I’m still a student, but whatever question you have I will do my best to answer it.

Woman: No. I need an actual tech, an experienced tech. The vet would be even better!

Me: …Is this an emergency?

Woman: I just need to talk to someone! My cat has been urinating all over the house!

Me: Okay, well I would definitely recommend having them seen to make sure it’s not a medical issue. There are many different reasons your cat might be doing this and we can’t make a diagnosis over the phone. Once they’re seen and if there’s nothing underlying I would be happy to follow up with you and go over some things you can do at home to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Woman: You sound way too young to know anything about this! I’ve owned animals for over 50 years and I want to talk to someone who has the same knowledge I do! I’ll just call back later when the vet or a tech is available. *hangs up*

Me: …..

Originally posted by thegifsshop

(She did call back hours later and got through to the vet, who, shockingly, told her the exact same thing I did.)

Okay, so I just watched episode three a few hours ago, courtesy of a wonderful human being @miraculous-joanne ! Anyways, I was sooo pumped to be watching the next episode in the series and I gotta say, it was a great one. But can we talk about Nadja and basically the whole of Paris assuming that #ladynoir is for real? I swear to you, my insides just wanted to burst. I particularly loved the scene where Chat Noir freaked when he saw the picture of him and his ‘bugaboo’ kissing. He was too cute. And also the parts where he tries to make a move on Ladybug were plain gold. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

I actually feel a little bad for Chat because we all know he has this major crush on LB, and he just heard her say that ‘that they weren’t dating’ and she basically said that they were professionals who didn’t have time for the 'love game’. But still, it was ammmaaazzziiingggg

anonymous asked:

Hey could you write a thing (fluffy) where the reader is really insecure about how she looks on camera and stuff but Ryan is super supportive?

Summary: Ryan helps reader through the difficult time of seeing herself on her computer screen.

Pairing: Ryan Haywood x reader

Word Count: 732

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Isn't he?! He's beautiful, has a cute little charm, and a flattering personality, Yoongi! Imagine what you guys would do together, holding hands, nice picnics, other enjoyable dates, cuddling/snuggling.. - Spade *insert wink* ( I'm Yoonmin trash haha )

Jimin: Hey guys! What are you talking about?

Yoongi: Nothing! Nothing! Just… Mister Mini Sprinkles…?

Jimin: I thought his name was Kuro?

Yoongi: You were literally the person who named him.

Jimin: Yeah… I just… you wanna date your cat?

Yoongi: Uh… yes?

Jimin: Isn’t that illegal?

Yoongi: Yes.

Jimin: Right… hold on — is that my shirt? I’ve been looking for that everywhere! How long have you had that?

Yoongi: Since the night I slept over… when we were working on the… y’know…

Jimin: Oh right! You can keep that one anyway. I have another that looks exactly the same anyway.

Yoongi: O-okay…

Haunted Chapter Eighteen

A/N: Um…so…surprise?  I opened the file to see if I remembered something right and next thing I knew I’d written the rest of the chapter so I thought I might as well post it.  Bye-bye writing hiatus?

Chapter Eighteen

Seungri’s hand started shaking, and he almost dropped the phone when the message alert sounded again.


At that he did drop it, and you threw yourself at him with a terrified scream, hiding your face against his shoulder.  He let out a decidedly unmanly squawk of his own and clung to you just as hard, pulling you several steps away from the harmless-looking phone on the floor.

A door across the hall swung open and Jiyong asked curiously, “what on earth are you two doing?”

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“Oh please, I’ve based jumped Mount Killimanjaro do you really think you scared me? Well, you did okay? Yes, you did. You scared me….Personally I don’t believe in failure, not if you get up and face the music. It takes time, but if anybody can win this city back, it’s you.

Okay, this is how you respond when you’re facing someone you care about whose momentarily broken. With real talk, honesty, and support. To have this interaction right after James’ underwhelming response just highlights the range relationships can go and illustrates how much any show can have two female characters support and care for each other. I’m so glad we got to end the episode on this quite moment between the two most powerful people in National City.

Okay so like can we talk about sal’s cat gizmo for a sec? Like have you seen how big that fucking cat is? He’s huge. Like looking at him laying on sal’s bed, if he sat next to sal I swear that cat would be almost as big as him. Like??? Gizmo is a big fucking cat dude. Is it just me who’s thinking this or????????