okay can we just talk about the cat


okay okay okay. i’m not even sure what to say about this animatic by P Holstwiik on youtube because it is so fantastic you just have to see it. please witness the beauty. so much work and time and effort went into this, i can’t believe how fortunate i am to see this with my own two eyes. the colors! the music! the emotions! the feels! 

this is what we’re talking about when we say we’re accepting multimedia submissions for issue two! there is a huge creative space to explore and so many mediums to try — and we want to encourage more beautiful awesome work like this!

if you have not seen this yet, please see this now and leave comments to the creator! thank you OP, and to everyone else, please enjoy and be inspired!

Let’s have a serious talk...

Okay, I feel the need to talk about this. Let’s talk about ships, specifically, Septiplier. Now, there’s been some… tension this weekend about ships. During the livestream, we all noticed that both Mark and Jack felt uncomfortable whenever their ship was mentioned, which is okay. They ship it for us, so that they can laugh at it and just have fun with some “flirting;” however, it has come to my attention that everyone, whether you ship Septiplier or Jelix or whatever, is starting to growl and hiss at one another like cats and dogs. 

Let me state this now: I ship Septiplier, although I have a realistic perspective. This means, I know that Mark and Jack are never ever going to get together because they have two beautiful girlfriends, who they may marry one day, and have little Marks and Jacks running around, yet I like to draw cute art of them. I know how adorable septiplier can be; although, it will never happen. Now let me state another thing: I don’t know Mark and Jack on a personally level, but I would like to think that just because they get uneasy at the thought of septiplier, it does NOT mean that it ruined their friendship!

 Let me further this with an example: My boyfriend thinks that my best friend and I would be cute if we got together, however, this does not me that I am gay nor is my best friend gay. My boyfriend sometimes will make little innuendos towards me and my friend because she and I are so close, and while it is a little embarrassing, it doesn’t ruin my friendship with my friend. I would like to think the same for Mark and Jack. Mark and Jack love each other platonically. It’s okay to ship septiplier, but we must remember that they are real people, who have girlfriends and are attracted to the female species. They always have and always will be attracted to the opposite sex.

Okay now let’s talk about something a little more: The Communities. I am really surprised at everyone lately! Just today, I took a stand for an artist, who draws septiplier, and I got attacked by a person who spoke harshly to me about why septiplier is wrong. Okay, well, I do not want to fight with anybody, but attacking a person because they took a stand for someone else is not cool. You have an opinion, as do I, but telling me that my opinion is wrong will not really attract me to really want to come back to the community. I’m going to state this: This is no one’s fault! It’s not Mark’s, or Jack’s, or the shipper’s or anybody! I do think as shippers, we could tone it down with the um… *ahem* NSFW fanfics and art. And the non-shippers could tone it down with the attacking. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Do not pay it any mind. If it bothers Mark or Jack, surely to God they have the courage to go to that author or artist and politely ask them to not draw or write that kind of stuff as it makes them uncomfortable. I know if I was in their shoes, I would be blushing and hiding my face if I saw my body written or drawn in such a provocative manner.

What I am trying to get at is… We’re not perfect, and that’s fine, but fighting and blaming each other is not going to help anything. Okay? People will do things that make others uncomfortable, but attacking each other like a bunch of rabid animals is not going to solve how we fix it. We may not know each other, but by God, we are a family. A community of people. We took a promise to help those in need. I don’t care if you come from Mark’s community, or Jack’s, or from both, if there’s a problem, we all need to band together and figure a way out to solve it. For if we don’t…. I fear that the communities will tear each other apart and I don’t really want to lose my community families like that. Neither do Mark or Jack. I love you guys, but listen to me. I’m not saying this to make people mad, or to hurt people, or to make someone hate me. I’m saying this to save the communities. To help people understand Jack and Mark better. Remember my words okay guys? Love you <3

Your community sister,

Ladybug and Chat Noir

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Does this mean that we have to wait a whole freaking year for the next attack of feels…

Can we just talk about this moment for a second? 

I just, it makes me so sad but like at the same time happy and now im conflicted with my emotions.

I just love em’ so much.

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look at them they are sooooo together, my babies.

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okay okay okay okay 

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how can you not 

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like every time i see chat noir EVERY TIME.

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and im like 

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So in conclusion

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whether its adrienette

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ladynoir *breathing instensifies*

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marichat (my respect to the gif drawer)

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or Ladrien

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its totally happening.

goodnight fokes i’m done - S.

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okay but are cat and ruberiot a thing?

{{ meows in french ⇝

im laughing omg this is the best ask ever,,,, in all honestly this just started out as me and my friend who owns the Ruberiot blog wanting the two to interact because we thought they may be good friends,, but then we just started talking more and more about the two and needless to say we started to ship them all in all and well,,,, yeah,, i guess you can say they are because,, if you saw them behind the scenes they are just,,,, very gay.

Okay so are we not going to talk about how Sirius Black can apparently TALK TO CATS?? Like, how is this not a bigger topic of conversation?? Can he communicate with all animals or just felines??

Here’s the part to which I refer, from POA:

     “[Crookshanks] tried to bring Peter to me but couldn’t…so he stole the passwords into Gryffindor Tower for me… As I understand it, he took them from a boy’s bedside table.” 

Okay, so here I just assumed some kind of animal/animagus non-verbal communication. But THEN:

     “But Peter got wind of what was going on and ran for it… this cat - Crookshanks, did you call him? -  told me Peter had left blood on the sheets…

TOLD HIM?? I know Crookshanks is part Kneazle but he’s not going around telling stories to Harry so I’m fairly confident this is just a Sirius thing?? AND NOW I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Okay so people are like “but how can she fit all those people into a 4 minute video I mean it may be longer but it will premiere at the billboard awards so I doubt she’ll have that much air time” but guys lets be real, it’s fucking taylor swift we are talking about. She could probably walk in like “hello I would like all of your air time to show videos of cats and my tumblr friends” and the people would just bow down and deal with it.

Things I said in 2015

“I am a fancy boy who wants to wear skirts and fight people”

“*about to kiss partner* *starts laughing* sorry I thought of a meme”

“i am broke please let me feel my purchases  so i can become human again”

“*talking about cat* she is unsatisfied and demands more ham…my child has learnt well from me”

“okay they’ve sent me ‘hey’ 'hello’ 'hi’ like three times in a row… who tf is this adele ass bitch??”

“we have no cat food, i am an awful mother”

“you look like you just dropped a sick pun by that one friend who /will/ beat you up for it and i love it”

“*talking about my new name* its said like aries, but he’s the god of war or something and i was like yes this is mine now”

“i just cry and apply hairspray”

“i just am like ’ i must be chivalrous ’ even though neither of us are gendered ??? im just 'i need to be the bara in this relationship’ i guess”

“I channel my rage into being kawaii”

“This picture of me sadly throwing a peace sign in full cosplay in the car displays me current emotional state pretty well”

“If you love me you’ll ignore the unpainted arms and low quality”