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ooc; open plot call

/shoots FIREworks— get it, literal fire. works./ okay Hi, I’ve been MIA for a week or two, school has just been really heavy but since it’s college week, I have the whole week to catch up and revamp things that need revamping.

Aside from that, Hanbin needs more plots— aka he’s starting to be a loner /cries fire/ so If you want to interact with this psycho, pls like this post or message me or comment, then I’ll quickly come to you with a plot idea (as I would read through your chara’s bio and come up with something fun i’ll try my best though no guarantee also if you’d want an interaction with him for Hongdaefest, just tell me! although he’s hardly free cause he would most likely be working— he’s p much broke.

That’s all! I’ve said so much sorry for wasting seconds of your life that I cannot give back to you hehehe, xoxo.


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This is a cruel world, and yet… so beautiful.