okay but wut are you even saying

Shit People Say After You Tell Them Your Sign
  • *actual events by actual people
  • Aries: "Damn that explains your muscles"
  • "No wonder you have a temper hahahhhaa ok don't hit me"
  • "But you don't like sports????"
  • Taurus: "Okay nice so are you hungry now?"
  • "But you can't even decide what shoes to wear today wut"
  • "but you're always too lazy to argue COME ON FIGHT ME"
  • Gemini: "Lmao you two-faced hoe what did I tell you"
  • "Okay but if like you have a pair of gemini twins...would they both have one face each or four"
  • "You're loyal for one OR ARE YOU hmmmmm"
  • Cancer: "I've never seen you cry though"
  • "Stay away from me I might get cancer"
  • "You're not even selfish thoughhhhh"
  • "That's why you a thot"
  • Virgo: "But you never study wut"
  • "You don't even clean your room this is a lie"
  • "So are you a eternally a virgin or"
  • Libra: "This is why you can't decide on what to eat. Like, ever."
  • "What happens if two libras go on a date omfg how to you choose where to go fuck this is giving ME a headache"
  • "I don't care if you flirt with everyone don't steal my gurl fam"
  • Scorpio: "But you're so nice"
  • "Is this why you're always dressed like you're going to a funeral ahaaa- okay sorry"
  • "That explains your horrifying tweet damn"
  • Sagittarius: "Stop liking every girl you meet man you're more of a hoe than libra"
  • "But you're scared of heights"
  • "But you don't even go out of your room what do you mean adventure is this a sick joke"
  • Capricorn: "But you is the biggest party peep I know"
  • "no wonder you do so well without studying fuck you"
  • "is this why you never find dates"
  • Aquarius: "....so what does your sign do"
  • "Aren't you basically Sagittarius? What's the difference"
  • "...okay nice"
  • Pisces: "isn't that why you're so adorable awwwWWW"
  • "so are you and cancer like. TItanic buddies"
  • "Wow all my pisces friends are art people how are you good at science"

rwby-theater  asked:

Ozpin: Okay Oscar, time to introduce yourself to that little red riding hooded girl. But try to be cool and mysterious, make her curious about you. Say, "Hello Ruby Rose" enigmatically. Oscar: Hello Ruby Rose enigmatically. Ruby: Wut? Ozpin: (loud groaning)

“Come on man, you’re a living plot device and one of the world’s strongest warriors. If you can’t keep up an air cryptic intrigue and act like you know what’s going on at all time, what’s even the point?”

talesfromcallcenters: It didn't work for 10 days so I didn't pay my bill

A call comes in from a store location, and the rep tells me a customers device broke. He wants to get a new device, and he has an outstanding balance. Policy is if you’re late, no new stuff.

Basically calling to verify policy. No problem on my end with that. So I state exactly that. Rep says okay, customer wants to speak with me. No problem with that. I explain the policy. At this juncture, I’m pretty mentally checked out of this call. Claim the payment, end call, flirt with coworker.

“My device broke for 10 days, so I don’t feel I owe for the bill.”

Wut. That’s not how it works. Even if it was, you’d have to report it to even consider crediting or adjusting your bill.

“Well sir, I’m sorry to hear that, but you still owe X. I can’t do anything about that.”

“But why should I pay for something I couldn’t use? And I really need to replace the device.”

Mentally, because you still have 20 fays of used service, and you didn’t report it.

“Let me get you to customer care to see what they can do.”

So usually we do a cold transfer because half the time it’s just explaining a bill. No reason to explain why they’re being transferred. But I warm transfer because I need to make sure that I’m not the crazy one. For my sanity, I needed to know this was as stupid as I thought it was.

A lovely woman answered, really reassured me.

“Hi, this is lawadnorder with Financial, I have a customer whose device broke and wants to replace it. He has a substantial overdue balance, but because his device broke 10 days ago, he doesn’t feel he owes his bill. Can you field this because I have no idea how to handle this and I can’t do anything but ask for a payment.”

She busts out laughing. Because who wouldn’t, this is fucking absurd. She regains control, and says to transfer him over. I do so, and go into not ready to notate this.

I’m trying to reconcile this still, because, hey, I understand, can’t use your service, why pay for it? But to think just not paying it is in anyway smart just doesn’t make sense.

By: Lawadnorder

GOT7 reaction to a random guy excessively flirting with you

JB: *wraps his arm around your shoulders and glares at the guy* “Who the hell do you think you are? Back the fuck off and leave my girlfriend alone. I swear if I ever see your disgusting face again, I won’t hold back… You should get out of my sight before I get really mad, you worthless scum.” 

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Jackson: *grabs your arm and gently pull you behind him* “Woah there, what  do you think you’re doing? She’s my girl and she’s clearly not enjoying any of this, so, please, just piss off and never let me see your stupid face ever again. Thank you very much, asshole.” 

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Junior: *sneaks an arm around your waist* “Well excuse me for interrupting your fascinating conversation with my girlfriend, but we were actually having a fun date before you decided to come and ruin the mood. If you’re too stupid to  understand what I’m trying to say right now, I just want you to get lost.” 

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Bambam: /actually quite proud bc his girl is popular, but still kind of jealous/ “Listen dude, I know she’s really hot, but you gotta control your dick: she’s off limits. Now, byyyye!”

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Mark: *deadliest glare ever* “Let’s just go, y/n. I don’t want a nobody like him to ruin our date. Just breathing the same air as him makes me feel disgusted…” *takes your hand and pulls you with him*


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Yugyeom:  *walks up to you without even sparing a glance at the guy* “Let’s go, babe. It’s really boring here and I heard there was this one ugly creep roaming around here who can’t keep his dick in his pants. Disgusting, isn’t it? Anyways, you should stay close” *gives him a thumbs up and mouths ‘Good job, really’ (sarcastic af)*

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Youngjae: ‘Wut. What is he doing? Is he flirting with y/n? Omg what am I supposed to do? I need to do something! Okay, Youngjae, be manly for once and just…

“H-Hey… Hum… L-Let’s go, honey.”

Literally his reaction right after:

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Omg it was legit so hard to find a suitable gif for the Mark one. He’s always acting like a cute little puppy (well that is when he isn’t trying to fuCKING KILL YOU WITH HIS SEXINESS). Anyways, it took an insane amount of time to find all this shit so you better have enjoyed the hell out of this GOT7 reaction or I swear I’ll come for your ass. 

Lol jk jk I love you ❤️

Exo Reactions To Their Girlfriend Teasing Them About Their English

Their reactions to their English-speaking girlfriend making fun of their pronunciation 


Baekhyun: *after you tease him* “I thought I did good…”

“Oh well, we’ll just have to spend more time practicing tonight.”

Chanyeol: “Y/N, I think you need your ears checked, it sounded perfect to me.”


“Guh, I can’t exprain wut I feer”

You: *starts laughing uncontrollably*

Chen: “Bitch, don’t even get me started on your Korean…”

D.O.: *hides himself in shame*

Kai: “English is too hard. There are too many words. I’m hungry.”

Kris: “Oh please, you know my English is flawless~” 

Lay: *listens to you teasing but doesn't know why*

Luhan: “Okay, then.” *walks away*

Sehun: “That just means you suck as a teacher so…” 

Suho: “I didn’t say anything bad, did I?” *blushes*

Tao: *pouts & doesn't talk for the rest of the day*

Xiumin: “Oh well, good thing I’m Korean & it doesn't matter* 

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

You can always tell when someone reblogged a post even if they didn’t get the joke because it had notes because those people will always tag the post with “wat”. not “wut” or “what” but specifically “wat”. To those people I just wanna say, it’s honestly okay to not get the joke, wat are you trying to prove