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Batboys X Reader- Welcome to the Family (Part 2)

Welcome To The Family  (Part 1)

I’ll be alternating with requests in my inbox and the series you guys voted on!! I feel like I have ignored all of these requests.  Enjoy!!


“Has anyone seen (Y/L/N)?”

“I thought (Y/N) was supposed to go walk Titus with you,” Dick said with a frown, trying to remember the last time he saw you.  “I saw (Y/N) in the living room a few hours ago, but I highly doubt she’s in there now.”

“Tt, I guess I’ll go on the walk without her,” Damian stated.  “Tell (Y/L/N) that I left if you see her.”

“Okie dokie,” Dick responded, returning his attention to organizing the groceries Alfred bought.  “Say hi to the lady with the German Shepherd for me!”

“Shut it, Grayson!”

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The complete list of punishable offenses committed inside Wayne Manor, April 2016:

  • placed a fake suggestion box inside the batcave, encouraged siblings to submit requests (note: box quickly filled with suggestions) (further note: most suggestions were unnecessarily sarcastic)
  • ate only the chocolate side out of a full gallon of neapolitan ice cream that did not belong to them
  • subsisted on Hot Cheetos for 72 hours
  • purchased a small doll of a sibling’s superhero identity, used it as a pincushion (note: guilty party proceeded to use said pincushion in a public space, for a prolonged period of time, with evident delight)
  • punctuated a threatening conversation by constructing a shank out of an empty soda can, waving it at a sibling
  • “I haven’t been completely honest with you” “shocker”
  • excessive bat puns
  • excessive cave puns
  • excessive super puns (note: guilty party had already been banned from all wordplay for a two month period)
  • swapped the caf/decaf coffee jars
  • referred to a sibling as “pocket-sized” (note: resulting conflict chipped assorted china, a chair leg, and the instigator’s tooth)
your fav is problematic: Tim Drake
  • every time a family member comes to him for help with a piece of tech he only responds with “have you tried turning it off and back on again”
  • @ damian: “shut up you’re like 12″ 
  • [bland-faced] “im super excited!” [dead-pan] “that’s the funniest thing i’ve ever heard”
  • once when he was running on only 2 hrs of sleep over the course of 3 days, he accidentally used jason’s toothbrush and when he realized what he did, he panicked and went and bought jason a new one that looked exactly the same and jason still doesn’t know
  • “tim what’s your status” “tired” 
  • “tim look at this” “very wow much cool”
  • he learned to fall asleep with his eyes open to avoid listening to bruce’s lectures
  • in the background of a lot of pics and videos recordings of ‘Brucie’ Wayne, tim is there, doing something really weird
  • usually he’s dabbing 
  • bruce never realizes it until later when he’s watching the recordings on tv later and the camera pans to focus momentarily on tim in the background, and bruce is just. he’s so tired. where did he go wrong.
  • jason calling the manor like “WTF I JUST SAW THE NEWS AND TIM IS THAT YOU IN THE BG” “YEAH IT IS. here im texting you a pic of Bruce’s disappointed face”
  • doesn’t realize it’s not okay to sleep in a laundry bin it doesn’t matter how warm the clothes in it are Master Tim
  • [does something really mundane] “witness me”
  • Bruce: [recounts something that happened a while back] Tim: “we get it, you’re really old”

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Have u seen the Batman adventures #50) comic where Bruce is having a really, REALLY (seriously injured, mentally messed with by joker, mourning his parents) bad day, but in the end makes Tim and Dick pancakes?

Sorry, it’s Gotham Adventures #60. That the one with the pancakes. Ave you seen it?

Okay. First of all, anon, HOW DARE YOU. 

I have been emotionally compromised this whole week and did not need this mix of angsty hurt and comfort in my life.

But I’m sorry… can we just??????

Bruce going from crying while beaten and bloody and looking at his parents’ painting on the anniversary of their death….

…..to smiling and making pancakes for his adopted sons and surrogate father just makes me feel so many things? 

And I am 10000000% DONE. 


Alfred sticking his tongue out while looking at those pancakes, because same Alfie… same. 

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Hello!! I'm officially done with Prime Earth after this week. Which title would you recommend for someone who's only focused on books with Dick as a main character before? Preferably New Earth & Batfam related :)

Yeahhh, it looks like the general consensus is that this week sucked for comics.

But alright. If you want something light, casual, happy, and easy to read, I’d recommend Li’l Gotham. It has a [Vol 1] and [Vol 2]. It’s affordable, very cute, and has a Batfamily focus.

Otherwise, my favorite era of comics is the Dick!Bat era. I think Dick had a solid couple years in the cowl, and his relationship with Damian is one of my favorites due to the dramatic character development Damian undergoes. I made [this trade guide], because it’s honestly pretty confusing figuring out how to collect runs. It’s definitely not intuitive to new readers, but you can purchase those trades in chronological order with some confidence. I already mentioned [The Black Mirror] in that post, but I really feel that it deserves to be mentioned again because it’s probably my favorite comic of all time. The story is so thoughtful and symbolic that I would consider it a literary masterpiece, which is not something I say about most comics.

Next, I’d recommend [The Batman Files], because I’ve actually bought it five times. It’s not a ‘comic book’ so much as it’s a personal scrapbook of Bruce Wayne’s life. I think it offers an invaluable insight into the Bat mythos, and I [ramble about it a lot here].

If you’re interested in Dick as Robin and Babs as Batgirl, we have [Robin: Year One and Batgirl: Year One]. One of my favorite comics of all time is [Teen Titans: Year One]. I’ve read it at least six times, but I definitely recommend it for its emphasis on Dick’s roots with the Titans since they’re like a family to him. We also have [Scarecrow: Year One], which features Dick as Robin. I want to be clear and say that I’m not recommending the Scarecrow story so much as I’m recommending this comic for its insight on Dick and Bruce’s relationship. Most Scarecrow fans that I know aren’t impressed with this origin story in terms of Jonathon Crane, but I feel the rest of the comic makes up for that (minus the womanizer angle) because I’m a biased Dick Grayson fan and it should be illegal for Bruce and Dick to be this cute. 

Let’s see, what can I throw at you next… The Nightwing Dixon run. Here’s [Vol 1] and here’s [Vol 2]. [Vol 3] will be out in January. [Vol 4] comes out in April. I really wish DC would release these faster, but unfortunately we’re stuck waiting. This era is where we see Dick gaining complete independence as Nightwing to protect his own city. It’s a story about his growth as a character, and it’s where you go if you want to see Dick as a police officer. (I said the Dick!Bat era was my favorite, but Officer Grayson actually holds my heart and soul.) This is where you go if you want to read about the DickBabs relationship, because Oracle features in this title frequently. What’s more, Tim Drake drops in every now and then, so you get some exposure to him and Dick being bros. Nightwing trades from the 90′s do exist, and I’d definitely recommend searching for them on Amazon or E-Bay if you’re impatient for the next volume. While you’re waiting for the other trades to get released, you can always check out [Nightwing: The Target]. Another random comic I want to recommend is [Birds of Prey #8] for Dick and Babs. That link goes to the kindle edition because the actual comic sells for over $40+ (which should give you an idea of how good it is).

The 1980′s isn’t for everyone, but I’m fond of New Teen Titans, and I think it’s a great era if you’re open to it. The Titans had a profound impact on Dick’s character growth, and Marv Wolfman is the co-creator of Nightwing. He’s one of the most influential writers of this character, hands down, and spent over a decade shaping Dick’s characterization. [Vol 1], [Vol 2], and [Vol 3] were recently reprinted. [Vol 4] comes out in January. This is where you go if you’re interested in the DickKory relationship. It’s also a title I’d recommend to people who were fans of the Teen Titans animated show, since that show was heavily based off of this era of comics.

I often talk about how Donna’s death had one of the greatest impacts on Dick’s life, and I do recommend this era for anyone who wants to see this play out. I think it’s nice if you read some NTT first in order to get exposure to Dick and Donna’s relationship as friends, but this isn’t required. You can start with [Graduation Day] and then move onto Outsiders [Vol 1], [Vol 2], [Vol 3], and [Vol 4], which are written by Judd Winick. Some highlights of this era are Dick and Roy’s relationship (definitely go here if you’re interested in that). This title is also strong in terms of LGBT and PoC representation. Anissa Pierce is a black, lesbian woman. Grace Choi is bisexual, a bad ass, and Asian-American. They end up living together, and I really think this title is underrated in terms of how progressive it is. Be aware that this title explores a lot of dark themes (tw for sex trafficking).

I’m going to move away from Dick Grayson now to highlight some other Batfamily members. [Lost Days] and [Under the Red Hood] offer a quick and easy introduction to Jason Todd, written by Judd Winick. Unfortunately, it’s harder finding the trades for Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain. Cass is getting her trade reprinted in January, starting with [Vol 1], but it’s a ways away. Until then, I’d recommend No Man’s Land, which is really the way to go for Cass anyway since it covers her first appearance. You can find [Vol 1], [Vol 2], [Vol 3], [Vol 4], and [Vol 5] here along with a nice introduction to Helena Bertinelli (For more Huntress, you can try [Huntress: Cry for Blood] and [Huntress: Year One]. Cry for Blood is more highly recommended for being in character, but it’s also more expensive). Oracle is another major focus in NML, as well as Bruce. Dick and Tim both make appearances too. If you find that collecting No Man’s Land in print form is too expensive or too much to read, then I’d like to direct your attention to Graphic Audio, where you can listen to the novelization of this story with voice actors for over 11 hours. [Part 1] is here and [Part 2] is here. I honestly cannot recommend this enough, because it’s an amazing experience to listen to. The voice actors are spot on (you will melt at Dick Grayson’s voice just because), and the music and sound effects are seamlessly integrated as well. If you have to spend your money on one thing on this list, I’d say this is your best investment, particularly if you’re looking for a story that involves the entire Batfamily. Moving on, I’d love to offer some Tim Drake stuff, but DC is lagging here. [Vol 1] of his Robin solo goes into reprint this November, and [Vol 2] comes out in March. This is also where you’d go to see Steph as Spoiler. Finaaaally, to draw this to a close, I want to offer another Bruce Wayne focused story. [Bruce Wayne – Murderer?] comes first, followed by Fugitive [Vol 1], [Vol 2], and [Vol 3]. Dick, Tim, Cass, Steph, and Babs all feature here.

-deep breath- Okay. So this definitely isn’t everything New Earth has to offer, but I feel like I hit a lot of the major stuff, especially from a Dick Grayson / Batfam centric viewpoint. I did my best to focus on stories that are affordable, well-written and easy to collect. <: I hope these characters devour your soul.

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okay so for the tim drake snapchat one you did the walmart, but the one I really wanted was "the one where they’re at disneyworld and bruce gets increasingly frazzled culminating in him actually physically picking up gaston for reasons no one can entirely recall"

hahahaha i feel like that poor gaston was doing pushup contests and whatnots with other park guests, completely unaware the bruce was Not In The Mood, and rather than even fucking bother bruce just PICKED UP GASTON ENTIRELY AND BODILY and probably LIFTED HIM OVER HIS HEAD like he was going to throw him off a goddamn castle balcony right then and there to show him what he thought of his goddamn pushup contests and that poor actor was probably fucking terrified until bruce put him down and even afterward. just. traumatized by bruce wayne.

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How about Bruce or Dick do something shitty, forcing Tim or Jason to be the good older brother to Damian until they apologize?

Ye. Hope you enjoy!

Really, Tim thinks furiously, A person would think that Bruce would learn his lesson after having as many kids as he has.

Apparently not, because Damian is doing his whole not-upset-or-hurt routine, and Tim can see right through it.

“He’s such an-an-” Damian starts, scrunching his face up.

Tim sighs and cautiously runs a hand through his kid brother’s hair. Damian snarls at him, and Tim retreats.

“What happened?”


“Wait.” Tim holds up a hand. “They?”

“Yes, they!” Damian replies, and punches the pillow that he’s laying on. “Father and Grayson!”

Tim goes very, very still.

Oh, so it’s not just Bruce. Oh no, it’s Bruce and Dick.

Tim pulls out his phone and calls Jason.

“What’s up, Tiny Tim?”

“Code B and D.”

“Shit.” Jason swears, and Tim nods.

“Demon Baby is at my house. Where are they?”

“Coming your way.” Jason says, and Tim rubs his forehead.

“Of course they are. Stall them while I move him.”

“You got it, Baby Bird.”

“What’s Code B and D?” Damian asks, and Tim looks down at him.

“Just a thing. Come on, we need to go to Jason’s.”


“Never mind why!” Tim snaps, and pulls on a hoodie. “Do you want to face Bruce and Dick?”

“…No.” Damian says sullenly, and Tim throws him his jacket.

“Then hurry up. Jason’s stalling them, but we need to go now.”

“Okay, what the hell did they do now?” Jason asks as soon as he walks through the door.

“I don’t know and I don’t care.” Tim replies, crossing his arms. “This is the third time in the last two months. I don’t want them around him.”

They glance down at the sleeping boy on the couch. Damian had finally wore himself out ten minutes ago, and frankly Tim is glad he did. He needs the rest.

“What’s the game plan, Replacement?” Jason finally says, and Tim faces him.

“We fucking don’t let them near him. Not until they apologize, and even then he won’t be going back.”

“So, we’re taking custody and they get visits?” Jason says with a spark of bloodthirsty glee in his eyes.


Jason grins. It’s not a nice grin.

Tim smiles back.


They shake hands, and a pact is made.

Frankly, Tim was having a terrible day. He’d broken his wrist a week ago, which meant no patrol, and he’d finished all the work he could do from home. He was going stir-crazy— wandering aimlessly around his apartment, checking and rechecking his equipment. In the end he’d driven to the manor, hoping for something to do, but the house had been empty all night. He’d clicked through Netflix episodes until the early hours of the morning, fallen asleep on the couch, and woken up exhausted.

At least Dick wasn’t doing any better. He called to check in while Tim was headed downstairs, complaining about a streak of murders in his neighborhood that he hadn’t been able to solve. Tim put him on speaker when he hit the kitchen, set his phone on the counter, and nodded to Damian, who was already at the table. Damian didn’t look up from his newspaper.

“Drake. You look half-dead.”

“You’ve looked worse.” Tim pulled the pancake mix from the shelf and turned around in time to see Damian slowly lower his paper, clearly scandalized. Tim decided he was too tired to care.

“We need to work on your sense of self preservation,” sighed Dick. “Hey, Damian. Try not to stab anyone.”

“No promises.” Damian glared pointedly in Tim’s direction and went back to his paper.

“Anyway, Tim, listen— I have to go. I’ve been awake for forty hours, and this isn’t getting any easier.”

“Have you considered taking a break?”

“This was my break.” Dick stifled a yawn. “I’ll be fine.”

Tim figured he probably would be, until he saw Damian’s eyes narrow. Uh oh. As Dick clicked off the line, Damian folded up his newspaper and made for the door. Tim followed him into the hallway, grinning. He was pretty sure he knew what was about to happen.

“So what are you going to do to him?”

“Go away, Drake.”

“Slip him sleep meds? Break into his apartment and badger him into submission?”


“You’re not going to physically fight him, are you?”

“No.” Damian swept inside his bedroom, slamming the door in Tim’s face. “Mind your own business.”

“Damian, c’mon, I just want to know if I have enough time to make popcorn.” No answer. Tim leaned against the doorframe, listening to Damian clatter around inside. “If this is about what I said in the kitchen, I’m sorry about the dead joke.”

Damian’s voice came out muffled behind the wood. “No you’re not.”

Okay, fine. He wasn’t. “Seriously, tell me what you’re planning to do.”

“I’m going to ask him politely to go to sleep.”

“That’s it?” Tim pulled away from the wall, disappointed— and maybe a little irritated. He knew from personal experience that if he went that long without sleeping, Damian started pulling out sedatives. As tired as he was of Damian’s over the top interventions, Tim had always assumed they were over the top because that’s how Damian did things. From the right angle, he was almost being nice. But if he wasn’t going to do it to Dick…

“How come you don’t—” Tim cut himself off as Damian’s door swung open. 

“Because Grayson values my opinion and me as a person, so if I ask him to take care of himself, he will. Because Grayson listens to to me.” Damian swung his laptop bag over his shoulder, shot Tim a look that said (very clearly) unlike some people, and marched back up the hall. 

“That’s not…” Tim stood for a few seconds, arms crossed, then hurried after Damian. “Okay, that’s not fair. I listen to you. Or at least I would if you ever asked me for anything.”

“I do,” said Damian. “You don’t.”

“Since when?” Tim couldn’t remember ignoring any requests— Damian didn’t talk to him that often, and most of what he did say was insulting. Tim could remember a few comments about his life habits, sure, but no questions. Damian never asked.

Alright, maybe that was Damian’s version of asking. 

“Fine.” Tim caught up with Damian at the front door, while he was fishing for his keys. “I’ll pay more attention next time.” 

Damian rolled his eyes. “I’m thrilled. Can you drive me to Grayson’s apartment?”

“Yeah. Sure.” Finally, something to do. He’d been lying around for days, and he was starting to feel like dead weight. Useless. Anyway, Tim wanted to see how this played out— Dick was stubborn, and Tim wasn’t sure that he would cooperate as easily as Damian predicted. He was as much of a workaholic as any of them.

“I’ll get my keys.” 

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Hows it going lovely?? Could you do an imagine where batsis's boyfriend cheats on her and she's really upset about it and the batboy plot revenge??

Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates today! I went for supper earlier and now I’ve checked at the hotel I’m staying at. The internet speed is pretty slow so updates might be slow too! Rest assured, I will try to finish some of the requests so when I have decent internet, I can post them up! Anyways, thank you for sending in your request! Hope you enjoy!!

Tim blinks a couple of times as he stares at his brothers. All of them have very tight expressions on their faces – except Damian because Tim thinks that’s just his normal expression – and the atmosphere in the room is grim. They rarely have meetings like this – it’s mostly held in the batcave or at the diner, but this is new. Having a meeting with just the four of them in Tim’s old bedroom – which probably means that the subject for the meeting is you.

“Did something happen to Y/N?” Tim finally voices out his concern.

The pen Jason had been holding broke in half as he glowers. Tim’s alert now – if something had happened to you, why wasn’t he told about it? You are in fact his sister too! “Come on, what’s wrong?”

Dick clears his throat, placing a hand on Tim’s shoulder to calm him down. “Nothing too dire.” Dick reassures Tim and he relaxes a bit. Still it concerns him because he had seen how Jason had reacted earlier so even if something dire did not happen, something must still have happened to you.

“Tt.” Damian shuts his book and puts it aside. “Drake, it seems as if that bastard sister has been dating cheated on her.” Jason lets out a string of curses and this time, Dick had to place his hand on Jason’s shoulders instead. “So this meeting is being held because we want to get revenge.”

Tim’s mouth opens and closes before he stares helplessly at his brothers. “But she… Y/N really liked him!” You have talked to him about this boyfriend – ex-boyfriend! – of yours and Tim was so sure you had been really happy and thinking about your last conversation with him, Tim feels the pain in his chest. You had told him then that you thought you may be in love with the man.

“That fucking shit cheated on her and now Y/N’s really upset and she hasn’t been leaving her room at all!” Jason bursts out. The moment Alfred had told him that you had broken up with your boyfriend because he had cheated on you, he had demanded entry to your room but you only told him to leave you alone for the next few days. It’s almost been a week and he hasn’t seen you at all! In fact, none of your brothers have seen you at all.

Damian shakes his head. “Tt.” He crosses his arms. “I am ready to take my sword to that man – he deserves more than what he has caused sister to go through!” He seethes angrily.

Dick shakes his head. “The reason why we are here is because we don’t want to be killing anyone – (“Don’t lump me with everyone!” Jason protests) – Jason, we really don’t want to be killing anyone. I don’t think that’s what Y/N would want.” Even though he shares the same sentiments as Jason, he still doesn’t think they should be killing anyone. That would just make it all too easy for the man who had made you suffer.

“Okay, so, can anyone run me by what the bastard did then?” Tim asks as he takes out his tablet. “I am going to look him up and uncover all of this dirty secrets! We should hit him where it hurts the most.” Tim is typing away on the tablet.

Dick sighs. He had managed to see you that day you returned – in fact, he had been the one to pick you up because you couldn’t drive due to crying too much. “Y/N found out that he only wanted to date because of the name she carries, the benefits she brings and not only that, Y/N also found out that he’s been screwing one of her closest friends because Y/N – in that bastard’s words – would not put out.”

All hell broke loose then. Everyone is just shouting at everyone and Dick is trying his hardest to calm his brothers down and “Damian, don’t you dare bring Goliath out!” and he is just about to lose when the door slams open and you are standing there looking at your brothers in confusion and annoyance.

“You guys are too noisy.” You tell them before walking in. Everyone is staring at you – treating you like glass – and you let out a sigh. “If you guys are planning on plotting revenge, allow me to be in it as well!” You never like being played as a fool and this guy certainly played you like one!

“Sister, are you alright?” Damian asks, approaching you and you place your hand on top of his head, ruffling his hair.

“I am fine now – I was extremely sad and hurt but now, all I have left is just burning anger.” You should have seen it coming really. He had been very interested in a lot of things about your dad’s business, about your own business, events and everything. You should have trusted your instincts better. “So fire away all of your ideas! I want in.”

Jason sends Dick a smirk. “Now you can’t say no to any of this anymore, not if Y/N wants in too.” He throws an arm around your shoulder. “Don’t worry, Y/N – we’ve got your back.”

You smile for the first time since your breakup. “I know and I’m glad for that. Thank you, everyone.”


Request: “hello, first of all i love all of your imagines and think u are a great writer. next i was wondering if you could write a damian wayne imagine where he breaks up with the reader for like no reason but like stalks her as robin (she doesn’t know about the whole robin thing yet). and then like dick or jason tell him to get back together with her, so they help him win her back. pretty please and thank you for taking the time to read this.”

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

A/N: REQUESTS ARE CLOSED and keep in mind that Damian and the reader are both grown up like in their 20’s

Warnings: None

Originally posted by daddy-ashton-irwin1994

Damian had broken up with you let’s just say you weren’t happy. You had gone home crying but after a couple of days your sadness had been replaced by anger. You decided not to mope around and do your usual routine. After doing some work for your job in the morning and making dinner/relaxing afterwards it was now around 7o'clock. You decided to go shopping because why not you deserved a treat.

Little did you know Damian was standing above on the roofs of the stores. He was dressed in his Robin suit watching and protecting you from afar making sure nothing happened to you. Even though he had broken up with you he wanted to make sure you would be alright.

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hello! i love your work! may you please make a joshua scenario where they fight, almost break up, and then make up in the end. thank you so much!

Hi there,  I hope you enjoy this request! Requests are currently open and we are now writing for more blogs other than Seventeen. We now write for Wanna one, BTS, Nu’est and GOT7 so please send in your requests! Everything is welcomed!

Originally posted by wonshu

If there was one word you would describe yourself with then it would be “friendly”.  You love meeting new people and learning about their stories but most importantly you just love socialising. Your boyfriend on the other side… has the opposite personality to you, he is shy and quiet. He doesn’t normally express his feelings unless you try your hardest to dig it out of him.

You love him with all your heart and you couldn’t imagine your life with him missing, but sometimes things get very difficult when he just would’t open up to you.

“I’ll be going out with Tim today” you informed Joshua as he was getting ready to cook. “Where are you guys going?” He looked at you and asked. His expression didn’t look too pleased but you didn’t really pay much attention since you and Tim has been best friends for many years.

“He just recently got a new job and he’s taking me for a date… you know~ just to catch up on things” you shrug your shoulders and slipped on a short black dress. The time you had set to meet up with Tim was getting very close, you hurried to get ready without noticing Joshua’s mood.

You put on your make up, curled your hair and touched up on your look with some red lipstick. “I’ll be home by 10, have a great day today babe! Sorry, I will spend tomorrow with you” leaning in to kiss him briefly, you stepped into your heels and rushed out into Tim’s car which was waiting outside. “Wait- I…” before Joshua finished his sentence, you already disappeared from his sight.

“Where should we go?” You asked Tim with a happy voice. “Um, just to a restaurant and maybe a movie after?” Tim answered but kept his eyes on the mirror which shows the reflection of Joshua standing in front of the house. “Did you tell Josh we were going out?” “Yeah, I told him before I left” “oh okay? But he is still standing by the door?” “Nah, he’s fine probably just sending me off, he’ll go inside soon.” You looked back but couldn’t see Joshua anymore.

“So? How have you been?” Tim was driving but started the conversation, he knew you since uni and its been many years. He can tell straight away when something is wrong… you tried to hide it by being cheerful but you know he won’t let you off unless he finds out what happened.

“Yeeeeeah… it’s been good I guess?” “Woah, Mrs Hong, what happened? You don’t sound very positive” he teased you. “I guess me and Joshua has just been a little awkward around each other but I have no idea what happened, he came back from his tour and became all weird…” it was so easy, the words and the true feelings hiding inside you just slipped out of your mouth without you realising.

“Have you tried talking to him” Tim suggests. He looked over at you and you raised an eyebrow. “Oh right… almost forgot… he is a busy idol! you will have to get a shovel and start digging if you want to find out about things” “Yeah exactly, so no. As long as he doesn’t say anything and I just go along with it it will all be fine” A fake smile displayed on your face, that was the only thing you could do to stop yourself from breaking down in front him.

The catch up went reasonably fast. The food was delicious and talking to your best friend after so long feels very relaxing. He is just so easy to be around, you don’t have to think about too much before you speak or act. You let out all the bad energy you had. You had to complain to him how hard it gets being an idol’s girlfriend and how hard it is to maintain a relationship. Before you noticed, the time was striking 10 o’clock.“Should probably get you home!” Tim says to you as he shoves you into the car.

Approaching the house you and Joshua shared, you hopped out of the car and Tim followed behind. “Thank you! I had such an amazing night, hope to catch you soon again” you reached out to hug Tim which he accepted by pulling you into his arms.

“Ahem…” You turned your head to see Joshua  standing by the door. “Thanks for bringing her home…” Joshua thanked Tim quietly and grabbed you by your wrist to pull you closer to him. “No worries! Have a good night! Bye” Tim waves goodbye to you and left.

As soon as Tim leaves… Joshua’s face dropped. He let go of your hand and made his way inside the house without greeting you. “Okay then…” you mumbled to yourself as you took of your shoes and walked in.

Joshua was sitting on the couch with the TV playing. You looked around to see the dining table filled with food Joshua has cooked. “Babe? Did you not have dinner?” No answer… “Babe? What happened?” No answer… “Babe?” Still no answer.

You walked over to the living room and you just couldn’t hold it any longer, he was testing your limits, but today you just don’t have the energy to deal with any of that. You snatched the remote out of his hand and turned the TV off. “What is wrong with you?” You question Joshua. “Nothing!” He replied as he tried to walk off. “Don’t lie… I know something is wrong… tell me! You have to tell me otherwise I wouldn’t know, I am not a phycologist” your voice was raising unintentionally but your words were coming out much stronger than you thought.

“Nothing is wrong Y/N, don’t worry about it” he rested his hand on your shoulder to assure you everything is fine. “Okay. I’m done with this bullshit, don’t touch me” you flicked his hands off. “Honestly… I hate myself for saying this but I feel like if I don’t say something I will hate myself even more. You really need to tell me your thoughts! I don’t read minds, you annoy the shit out of me when you give me the silent treatment, ever since your world tour finished… theres like an invisible wall between us and I don’t know what is causing that to happen” tears began to form in your eyes.

Looking up to the ceiling to prevent them from escaping you continued. “I really do love you Josh, it just gets very hard when I have to keep guessing what you are thinking. I know you are mad about something but I don’t know what…” “Y/N-” he tried to interfere. You held up your hand for him to stop, “If you don’t tell me whats wrong, this is the end of us… I can’t handle anymore of this stress, you are not the only one living the hard life…” staring into his eyes you spat out the words.

Joshua’s eyes widen when you mentioned ‘THE END’. “Fine! You asked so I will tell you… I hate Tim! I fucking hate him” Your heart dropped hearing those words and the fact Joshua swore surprised you. “I hate him. There is no other words I would use… I hate seeing other people with you, I hate him for taking away your attention from me and I hate him for being able to spend lots of time with you” His face turned bright red as he spoke.

“When I was on tour, all I could think about were the most horrible things he could do to you when I’m absent… I could not concentrate… I was worried” he slowly steps closer backing you into the wall. “He is always so close to you and you never take caution when you are around him! How can I not be worried? I love you way too much to loose you Y/N… I want to punch myself for not trusting you but I don’t want to risk losing you… it will all be too late when it gets to that point”

There was a small gap between you and him. His breathing was fast due to his angry confession. The long pause after his words cooled you both down.  “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to take it out on you” Joshua covered his face seconds after he realised what he has done. “Thank you” you replied to him as you take his hands. “Thank you so much babe… I never knew this was what upset you, I’m really sorry too for making you think this way! But you really have nothing to worry about. YOU! JOSHUA HONG is the man I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with, do not ever question yourself! And I love it when you express your feelings and tell me what you are thinking”

Joshua tucked you tightly in a hug. You could feel his heart beating against your chest, you pulled away to give him a kiss and assure him. He picked you up then crushed his lip against yours. He kissed you eagerly as if he wanted to label you his territory.  And that night… he surely did 😏

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Hidden Rooms - Part 2

Part 1 

Jughead has followed a mysterious new girl to a room that provides students with escape. He starts to learn more about the girl to only find himself infatuated with her.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 2,578


Taglist: @sgarrett49

It was the final bell and I was off to my locker. As I turned a corner, there she was again. She was leaned up against the wall of lockers and upon seeing me, perked up from her position.

“You knew where my locker was?”, I gave an eyebrow.

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Tim and Ken

           Tim walked passed strong smells of Abercrombie and the reflective lights in Swarovski and found himself right where he wanted to be: the Trans-Atlantic Mall Food Court. While this wasn’t his first time being here since he dropped out of college, he loved to observe the people who lined up at Panda Express and McDonalds after a long day of shopping. His favorite thing to do: scope out the chubby guys. You wouldn’t be able to tell this by looking at Tim. He was six foot nothing and weighed a steady one hundred and seventy-two pounds and had always been slim. Alas, he was fascinated by bigger men. From being a small boy who would stare at his uncle’s bouncing gut, to his past experience in a frat house with guys whose bodies were built on beer and buffalo wings, he loved big men who never hid the fact that they were big. His other liking was big men who couldn’t help but get bigger.

           Today, while in line for a salad and diet coke, someone struck his eye. The stranger’s face was hidden from view, but everything else was clearly visible. The man wore a black Harry Potter shirt that was pressing very firmly around his ample belly. He had muscular arms, probably a weight lifter who took bulking a little too seriously. His thick legs were exposed in a pair of basketball shorts, which clung to the man’s bubble butt. Tim’s eyes widened as he recognized the blue and yellow Yin Yang tattoo on his ankle.

           Before he could stop himself, he walked over to the stranger and said, “Ken Richardson.”

           The man turned around, surprised someone here would know who he was, but smiled when he saw Tim. “Holy shit bro, no way!” He stepped away from the counter and hugged Tim. “How are you! I haven’t seen you since last semester.” That seemed like a lifetime ago to Tim.

           “Not too bad. Just taking a break. Got a small apartment a few minutes from here. You?”

           “I came home from the summer, but due to family issues I had to leave. Hey, how about you go get a table and I’ll join you in a sec. Gotta order my lunch.”

           Tim took his salad and sat in the empty section of the food court, around the corner from the Dairy Queen. He watched as Ken walked towards him with a tray stacked with Burger King. Two whoppers, a medium fry, four chicken nuggets, and a large coke. Tim ignored the swelling of his dick as Ken sat down.

           “What’s going on at home,” Tim asked, opening his salad.

           “Oh, just some bullshit, nothing Important.” He looked up at Tim and smiled. “Same old Tim. The only healthy man in Kappa Theta Nu.”

           “Well, someone had to be. One guy out of twelve had to remain sober and somewhat healthy. By the way you’re looking good,” Tim said smiling at him. Tim could tell Ken seemed down, so he thought a compliment would lift his spirits.

           “Thanks man. To be honest, I’ve been feeling off lately. Had an issue with my ankle after you left and haven’t been able to work out as much.” He placed his hand on his stomach. “The freshman fifteen caught up with me I suppose.”

           “Nah, you look fine.” Tim watched as Ken finished one Big Mac and made his way to the chicken nuggets. “The fifteen never killed anyone. And you’ll be able to lose it in no time.”

           “Eh, whatever. So why did you leave school anyway? What did you parents say?”

           As he recanted the story for the tenth time about how he left school due to unhappiness and was kicked out of his parent’s house, Tim watched Ken as he ate the food on his tray without so much as taking a breath. He took the lid off his soda and seemed to pour the contents down his throat without even swallowing. Tim’s heart started to beat fast as he rubbed his belly and leaned back.

           “Fuck, that hit the spot,” he said, followed by a loud belch. “Hey, do you live alone?”

           It took Tim a few seconds to break from the trance Ken’s gut had put him into. “Umm what? Oh yeah, I live alone. Why do you ask?”

           “Well, I left yesterday and slept in my car last night. I don’t have a ton of money and don’t have anywhere else to go. I was wondering if I could crash at your place.”

           “Shit yeah, that’s cool,” he said, getting up and grabbed all the garbage. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Tim left him sitting there digesting his feast, while he went to Dairy Queen. Tim grabbed a small cone for himself, and bought Ken a large double chocolate cone, partly out of kindness, and also because he was eager to test Ken’s limits.  

           Ken’s face lit up when he saw his treat. “Man, you shouldn’t have. I don’t think I can finish this myself.” He took the ice cream anyway and took a chunk off the top.

           The two of them walked around the mall and ate their ice cream. Tim took whatever chance he could to look at Ken’s stomach, which was now pressing tighter against the fabric of the shirt, which was now riding up just enough to see part of Ken’s belly.

           “Tim, you know this is like the third time you’ve looked at my gut, right?” Ken asked him, before biting into the empty cone.

           Tim couldn’t speak, but was luckily cut off by Ken’s loud laugh. “I’m only kidding. But yeah, it is a bit different.” He slapped his gut, which sounded like a tight drum. “Took me a while to get used to. Not to mention the family.” Then he stopped talking and got a sad expression on his face.

           “What’s up?” I asked him.

           “Nothing, can we leave? I’m tired.”


           Later at Tim’s apartment, Ken went straight to the shower and took a nap on the couch while Tim took care of some bills. Frustrated with his credit score and his dipshit boss at the bakery, he looked over at Ken and watched him sleep. Ken’s bottom half was wrapped up in a blanket, and the rest of him was squeezed into a plan white tank top. Probably a medium, it was practically a second skin on Ken’s body. Chest hair rose at the top and his nipples pokes through the fabric. His stuffed belly lifted and sank in the tank top, his belly button looking like a small crater. Tim felt his dick again get hard, which was now hard to conceal in his boxers. He thought about Ken stuffing himself on McDonald’s earlier that day and how he went from athletic with abs to below an ex-jock with muscular arms and a college man’s belly. His dick poked through the hole of his boxers as he imagined Ken eating more and more, his belly becoming rounder and harder to hide in his shirts. His chest would become covered in a layer of fat, maybe his nipples would get puffier, his ass getting bouncier. And all the while there Tim would be, rubbing Ken’s fattening body as they kissed.

           Ken began to stir and wake up, forcing Tim to run out of the room to cover up his boner. Scrambling for something baggy, he heard Ken holler “Hey, is there anything for dinner?”

           Tim walked out, dick fully hidden. “There is a lasagna from my mom in the freezer. It’ll be a while before it’s done.”

           “Hmmm,” said Ken as he sat up, pulling on his tank to cover an inch of exposed belly fat. “I’ll be back in a few then. Please bake it.” He put on his flip flops, grabbed his keys and wallet and was out the door.

           Ummm, okay, Tim thought. He grabbed the lasagna and put it in the oven, deciding he would nap until the timer went off. No knowing where Ken went.

           He quickly dozed off and was woken up by the sound of crumpling wrappers. He rolled over on the couch, his vision going from blurry to normal, as he saw Ken devouring a sandwich.

           “You know, I did put the lasagna in the oven,” he said to Ken.

           “Yeah. And I’ll still eat it,” he said in an annoyed tone.

           “Is everything okay? You seem a little upset.”

           Ken looked up at Tim, red eyed as if he had been crying for a while. “Yeah. I’m fucking fine.” The timer went off, and before Tim could get up, Ken put on oven mitts and placed the steaming hot lasagna on the stove. They sat in silence as the lasagna cooled enough for it to be served. While Ken scooped out hearty sized portions into bowls, Tim went to the table and saw five empty Wendy’s wrappers on the table. He looked up as Ken turned around, bowls in hand, and an even fuller belly barely covered by the tank top. The tank had risen up past his belly button, hair exposed, belly out in the open.

           “Stop staring. Yes, I’m a fat fuck now.”

           Tim took his bowl. “You can lose the attitude. I didn’t mean any offense.”

           “Oh right. You don’t mean it. My parents didn’t mean it. Who the fuck is next?”

           Before Tim could reply, Ken took his bowl and went into the spare bedroom.


           Tim woke up a few hours later, this time to the sounds of clinking and groaning. He rushed onto his feet and ran into the kitchen, what he saw stopping him dead in his tracks. There, on the floor, in just a pair of underwear was Ken. His gut was big and swollen, most of the lasagna gone. One hand was placed on his gut, the other clutching his fork.

           “Ken! What happened to you?”

           Through sobs, Ken explained. His dad was angry when Ken came home, chunkier than when he left. “No star athlete son of mine will be a fat hog.” So Ken left, eating whenever he became upset. When he left the apartment earlier, he got a call from his dad saying how he was now disowned and his college wouldn’t be paid for anymore.

           “I don’t know what I’m going to do anymore, Tim. I really don’t. And now I’m some fat lardass who can’t stop eating.” Tim felt for the poor guy, knowing how far parents’ disapproval and disappointment can push a person. And there was Ken, sobbing on his kitchen floor, lasagna sauce around his mouth, little less than half a lasagna sitting next to him. That’s when Tim got the idea.

           “I know what you’re going to do.” He took the fork out of Ken’s hand, scooped some lasagna, and brought the fork to Ken’s quivering lips. Ken, wide eyed, opened up and swallowed the chunk whole. No words said.

           As the clumps of lasagna got bigger, and Ken managed to stuff more into this already stuffed gut, Tim’s clothes started to come off, and his free hand explored Ken’s body. He felt the bit, tight gut that was still being filled with lasagna. He felt the pecs that began to feel soft, rubbing his hand over Ken’s perky (and sensitive nipples). He looked below Ken’s belly and saw a rock-hard cock, constricted by a pair of tight underwear. He grabbed ahold of the cock and said “That’s right. Finish all this food big guy.” All Ken could do was groan in compliance and as he ate bite after bite, his cock began to get harder and leak pre cum. Tim managed to get Ken’s underwear off his chunky thighs and slowly stroked the big man’s cock as the lasagna was at last devoured. Tim leaned in and kissed Ken, tasting lasagna as Ken breathed deep. He sighed and came thick streams all over Tim’s arm. They kissed some more before Tim helped the stuffed and bloated Ken onto his feet and into the bedroom.

           In bed, right before Tim dozed off, Ken scooted down the bed and plopped Tim’s dick in his mouth. As the fat man worked Tim’s dick, thought of fattening up Ken took over his mind. Smaller clothes, stretchmarks, a bigger ass was all it took to make Tim shoot into Ken’s hungry mouth. As Ken got up on his knees, Tim swore Ken looked bigger than he did a few minutes previously.

           As his vision got blurry and his eyes heavy, Tim muttered, “I love you.”

           The last thing he heard as he felt a stuffed gut press against him was, “I love you too.”

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Timothy + angst please.

WELL IF I MUST alright so

  • Damian plays the violin, right? Tim likes to listen to him play. Obviously, that’s not something Damian needs to know about, so Tim usually sits outside Damian’s door to listen, where Damian can’t see him. 
  • That’s where Bruce found him the day after Damian died– sitting outside the empty room, staring into the silence. And you know what he did? He walked right on by.
  • You see, Bruce remembers what happened after Jason’s death: Tim. Tim was the one that made things okay again, and as much of a gift as that was, Bruce couldn’t handle the thought of it happening a second time. Letting go of his grief would be like letting go of Damian, and to let Tim help him through it… well that would be a betrayal. Damian and Tim didn’t get along. 
  • So he left Tim, also grieving, by himself with his guilt– because Tim would know exactly what Bruce was thinking. Also Dick fake died after that, and I can’t imagine that Bruce would want to spend time with Tim while he was trying to hide a secret that big. So odds are Tim had to get through that one by himself too.
  • And speaking of: I already mentioned that I think Dick, Jason, and Damian text Tim every morning to check in. During the bit where both Damian and Dick were gone, waking up must have been hell. Especially if Jason had to drop off the grid for a while– Tim grabs his phone every morning, and there’s nothing there. No little red number by his messages. Nobody talking to him. All alone. 
  •  Tim figures he’s not going to live much longer. It’s statistically unlikely, right? He gives himself a year. Not as a countdown, mind you, because it never gets shorter than a year– he just expects that whatever day it is, by that time next year he’ll be gone. He uses holidays as markers. By next Halloween… by next Christmas…. by next Easter…. It’s funny how he’s always wrong.
Toddler Bruce (Part 1)

Toddler!Bruce x BatFam


“What? Who-how?” Babs asks seeing the small child in Damian’s arms, as he gets out of the BatMoblie, which he had apparently driven home.

“Tt father was hit by some sort of ray,” Damian says grumpily, walking over and handing Bruce to her, and he goes willingly.

“Great, and during the one week a year which Alfred decided to take a vacati-”

“Eeeeee,” is heard and Damian turns around to see who made the noise upon seeing Bruce, you’d expect it to be Steph, but no it’s Dick making that horrible noise. “Where’d you find a baby?” He asks, and Bruce scowls at him. Dick hadn’t been on patrol that night of for a few weeks because his leg was broken, so he limps over with his crutches and holding out his arms to Bruce.

“Dick. This is Bruce,” Barbara says, as Bruce eyes Dick crutches and leans away from him and into Babs as he decides he doesn’t want to go to Dick.

“Thats…Bruce…?” Dick says looking at the toddler, “Oh my goodness! He’s so cute!” Dick says, and he would reach out and steal Bruce from Barbara’s arms but she’s siting too far away and he’d fall down because of his crutches.

“Dick, could you go find him some clothes besides his…cape?” Babs asks looking at Damian when she said cape.

“Tt, it was all there was.”

“Oh, yah, I can go do that,” Dick says, sounding a little upset that Bruce didn’t want to go to him, and he leaves and heads up the stairs.

“Okay,” Babs turns to Damian, “How did this happen?”

“Tt, we were staking out the building and this beam of light came out of the sky and hit him.”

“Out of the sky? So you didn’t see where it came from?” Babs asks.

“Tt, I would have told you if I had,” He says condescendingly.


“So, thats Bruce?” Jason asks.

“Yes,” Tim says struggling to hold Bruce because he wants down.

“Here,” Jason says holding his arms out, “You’re holding him wrong.”

“Okay?” Tim says handing Bruce to Jason.

“Does he have any clothes?”

“I sent Dick to find some, but that was almost an hour ago,” Barbara says turning around in her wheelchair.

“And you aren’t worried about him?” Jason asks.

“Worried about who?” Dick asks, finally coming back with some clothes.

“You and your sanity,” Jason says.

“Haha, thats so funny,” Dick says sarcastically, as he limps over, with a bag in his hand.

“What took you so long?” Babs asks.

“Well, I didn’t think that he would fit in any of our stuff,” Dick says tossing the bag to her.

“What-” Barbara starts laughing as she looks into the bag, “This is wonderful!” She continues, pulling one of the shirts Dick had bought out of the bag. “He gets to wear this one,” she says holding the shirt up so the others can see the design.

“Pfft,” Tim laughs when he sees the purple shirt with the yellow bat symbol on it.

“Whys that funny Tim?” Barbara asks somewhat threateningly.


“Did you really only buy hero shirts?” Babs asks.


“Can we put the clothes on him and get him out of his cape?” Jason asks, and Bruce reaches for the shirt that Babs is still holding.

“Yah, here,” Barbara says reaching over and helping slip the Batgirl shirt over his head, as Bruce makes a happy babbling noise apparently not able to speak very well.

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Okay but, Tim, Cass, and Steph’s period cycles all match up. And once Steph learns this she makes an event where at least one day that week they pile into a blanket fort with chocolate, movies, and heating pads. And this goes on for years

And the first time Tim and Cass have their cycle while Steph is dead, they keep the tradition going. They know Steph wouldn’t want them to stop. It’s bittersweet, there are some tears and a lot of chocolate. But they’re glad they did it. 

“The family’s girl” (Batfam x reader) Part7

Hello my lil’ wings!

So how i promised in the response to @cecedot  here it is the part 7 of “the family’s girl”! And also @redbird-97  and @hamsterforlive  who messaged me and gave me encouragment to update!

Wednesday is my last day of college, so i’ll publish more stories this week!

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You were officially screwed.

Who knew the youngest Wayne was capable of falling for someone? In a couple of days?

Worst thing?

He was possessive.

To make the scene worse.

Tim had decided to come every.day.

Super great.

“Seriously Drake, (y/n) has a better taste than you regarding clothes, so let her choose what she wants.” Damian glared at Tim, who had been holding a rather ugly dress.

“Excuse me? This is all the rage!” Tim exclaimed.

“Sure, makes designers rage, that’s for sure.” Dami scoffed

You looked at them an amused/done expression on her face.

“Boys, please…”

“But! Have you seen his taste in clothes?! You deserve so much better!” Damian exclaimed.

“Im going to try this one I choose. “ You changed quickly, the red dress hugging your form nicely. You smiled at your reflexion and went to see the boys.

When the two saw you they stopped fighting, they blushed and Tim smiled at you.

“You look beautiful, (y/n).” Tim praised you. Damian blushing scoffed.

“She looks beautiful every day.”

“Awwww” you coed and hugged Damian. “ I knew you liked me!” Damian plushed you away, blushing.

“Of course I do. If not, I won’t put up with Drake and you.” Dami looked away.

“Anyway, why are you buying a fancy dress?” Tim asked.

“..I got a date, remember? With Jason? He invited me to have dinner.” Tim eyes widened and Damian broke one of the mannequins.

“Dami?” You asked looking at him.”Why-“

“I didn’t like the outfit it wore”


Tim mentally raged on Jason and his stupid bad boy charm, and his stupid leather jacket.

“It’s the hair and the jacket, right?!” Tim shake you. “I thought our kiss mean something!”

“What’ Timmy of course it meant something! But our date isn’t like that! Im sure someone like Jason has a lot of girls on his feet!”

“You sure?” Tim pouted.

“I am” You got out of Tim’s hold and started walking to the changing room. “And anyway, I’m not your girlfriend” Tim bite his lip and Damian smirked at him.

“Such a coward, Drake”

“Shut up, demon”

Jason was gonna get it tonight.


“HEY HEY HEY! TIMBO WHAT YOUR DEAL?!” Jason tried to block all of Tim’s punches.


“WELL, I LIKE HER SO WHAT?” Jay blocked a fierce punch from Tim .

“SHE’S MINE!” Tim kicked Jason.



“WHAT GOING ON OVER HERE!?” Batman growled.


“LANGUAGE!” Batman growled at his sons. “now what the hell is going on?!”


“shit, who was talking to him?”


“Oh look, Scarecrow is on the loose!” Tim yelled. “lets go!” They turned their communicators off so Batman couldn’t hear and the robins disappeared.

“…” Batman batglared at his computer.


You were getting dressed for your date when Damian knocked on you door.

“Come in!” You smiled at Damian who stiffened when he saw you “Ah, Dami, could you help me with the zipper?” He zipped it up and you turned around. “You need something?”

“Why are you going out with Todd?” Damian asked.

“Well, he asked me out so we could know each other’s better.” You smiled and the boy frowned. When he opened his mouth to say something a bike’s Clackson was heard.

“Oh that must be Jay! I called Tim to look out for you, I’ll be back in 2 hours. Please don’t break anything!” You hugged a blushing angry Damian and opened the door.” Tim come in! I’ll be back in 2 hour! Please try to not break anything” You kissed Tim’s cheek and ran outside.

Jason whistled at you as you walked to him, he gave you a spare helmet and you sat behind him on his bike.

“Where to?” You asked.

“To my favorite (f/f) restaurant” Jason said.

“Oh, I love (f/f)! “

Jason speed up while Tim and Damian observed by the windows, they glared at his brothers back until it wasn’t visible anymore.

“We are following him, right?” Tim smirked

“Dam right” Damian smirked.


You and Jason were eating (f/f) peacefully, laughing and meeting yourselves better.

Jason liked what he saw.

He liked it a lot.

“Why did you decide you we’re coming to Bludhaven?”

“oh, well…”You bite you lip, shyly “ I wanted to get as far as possible from home”

“Why?” Jason held your hand and you blushed.

“….” You sighed “I wanted to show my parents than I can live on my own. That I’m older”


“You think that’s childish?” You sighed.

“No…I can relate somehow. There was a time I wanted to overcome the shadow of another” Jay looked away.

“Did you did it?”

“…” for a moment, he looked pained.

“No need to tell me, really” You smiled and Jason smiled back.

“Thanks” Jason moved his chair so he could be closer to you.

Jason and you talked and laughed for an hour, ignoring the two jealous birds stalking you two.


“Do you want me to show you something?” Jason smirked.

“What?” You asked curious.

“My favorite place when I was a kid.” Jason and you entered an alley where he jumped on a fire escape. You grabbed his leg and he pulled you up, he grabbed your hand and the two of you go up to the stairs to the rooftop. The two of you laughed as an old lady opened her window to yell at you two. Once you two where up, Jason covered you eyes and helped you up, he asked you to keep your eyes closed and he set his jacket on the ground.

“Sit and lay on your back” You did as told and you felt Jason lay next to you.

“Open your eyes now” Jason asked and you uncovered you eyes.

You were looking at the sky of Gotham, illuminated by the lights. Colors flying around, the loud sound of traffic blocked by the height.

“It’s beautiful…” You awed.

“Its where I came to relax when I was younger. I felt safe, felt free….You are the only one who knows about it.” Jason looked at you, your face illuminated by the lights.

“I’ll keep as a secret!” You smiled “I promise” Jason smiled back and you grabbed his hand and he blushed. “This will be our safe haven”

“Yeah…ours” Jason looked up again, smiling and his hold on your hand tighten.


Jason gave you a ride back to your home, you two decided to meet again next week to go to the movies. And that you could anytime go to his secret haven as it was yours too.

You gave him a kiss on the cheek as goodbye and entered your building. Once inside you let the blush and the silly smile free. Jason had make you all tingly.

You opened your door to find Damian sitting in the dark, he turned on the light as you entered the apartment.

“Where were you?”

“umm, out?” You closed to door and turned the lights on, then walked towards your room. Damian followed you.

“You said 2 hours!”


“You were out for 3!”

“oh Damian, I’m so sorry! Did Tim leaved an hour ago? Have you eaten!?”

“He leaved half an hour ago and yes. I cooked as Drake can’t even do an omelet.”

“Can I do something to make it up to you?” You hugged him.

“…Take me to the zoo”


“AND you take me to eat on the new vegetarian place.”


“Now, go to sleep, (y/n).”

“Okay…good night, dami” You kissed his forehead and he quickly kissed your cheek.

“Night, (y/n).” He opened his door and closed it behind him.

You smiled at his cuteness and closed your door, you changed into your pajamas and fell face first on the bed, you hugged your pillow.

Now you had even MORE conflicting feelings.

You felt your eyes closing from the tiredness of the day, your muscles relaxing and you fell asleep.

The last thing you saw was a mop of black hair setting next to you on the bed and hugging you, their head buried in your neck.


Oh snap.

It was Damian.

If you wake him up he’ll be all ashamed you found out and he will be angry.

On the other hand

If you pretended you were sleeping until he wakes up you’ll be late for your classes.


To be, or not to be: that is the question


Maybe you could wake him up AND preted you are asleep!


Thank you!

Softly you kissed his cheek and kicked him, when he started moving you turn your back to him and pretend you were asleep.

He woke up, looked as if you were asleep and leaved your room sneakily.

You smiled when he closed the door and high fived the air.

Your plan has worked!

You quickly got up, showered and brushed your teeth.

You prepared a quick breakfast for Dami and when you saw him enter the kitchen you bid him goodbye.

Damian started eating and contemplating how to ask you to come to his father’s gala next week.

With him


He was cleaning his dishes when someone come in thought the windows. Damian glared and grabbed the broomstick, ready to kick the ass of whoever dared to enter HIS house-I mean (Y/N) house!

He sneacked up to the living room, and prepared to attack when the figured turned around.


To be continued!

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Maybe where they go to a "haunted house"?

I decided to go with the batfam for this one :)

“I haven’t gone to one of these in a long time.” Dick looks up at the sign of the haunted house, the wood dripping fake blood, screams coming from inside the building. He can’t tell if it’s recording or if there are actual people in there.

“There’s no point to it, Gotham’s a year-round horror show,” Jason replies snidely. “I bet you it’s not even scary, but Damian, are you even supposed to be here with us?” He turns back, eyeing Damian Wayne suspiciously. The boy jumps up from behind Tim, shoving popcorn into his mouth.

“What Father doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Besides, he’s going to be out the whole night beating up goons. He won’t even know I’m gone.” Damian cracks his knuckles in anticipation like this is just another challenge to overcome. And Dick guesses it is, for him.

Dick notices Tim doesn’t say anything, staring at the building with wide eyes. He’s shaking.

“Tim, are you okay?”

The man nods up and down, though Dick can see the apprehension in his eyes. “This place just looks kind of familiar. Where did you find the flyer?”

Dick shrugs. “It was just kinda there, it seems legit though.”

Jason rests an arm on Tim’s shoulder. “Yeah. And there’s nothing to worry about, it’s entirely fake. See, the way I figure is anything is less scary after you die, you know?”

Damian rolls his eyes. “You and I are the only one’s who’ve died, Jason.”

“Me and Tim have both almost died,” Dick argues. But Jason’s right, this should just be a joy ride compared to everything else. So why is Tim hesitating?

“I’ll hold your hand if you want,” Damian offers, only half-mocking. They all wait as Tim seems to steel himself.

“No, no. I’ve got this. It still looks shifty though,” Tim says as he pulls away. He steps towards the door, taking a deep breath.

The building is pitch black save an occasional flashing light. Damian runs ahead of the group, though Dick vaguely remembers one of the rules being against that. Not that anyone would listen. Fake spiders crawl down the walls, shadows looming over them. Tim clenches his fists. But this isn’t even bad. A couple props and strobe lights never hurt anybody.

“You doing okay?” Dick murmurs as Tim steps closer to him.

“I’m fine, it’s not scary so much as I have no idea what to expect. Doesn’t this place seem run down to you?”

Dick looks around. It does look run down, but that’s usually just an effect haunted houses have. From what he remembers. “I think that’s normal.”

Tim sighs. “If you say so. I think it’s weird though.”

“What the hell!” Jason springs back as a person lunges at him, and Damian grins, appearing from the shadows.

“Scared Jason?” he asks, trying to hold back giggles. He dodges Jason’s fists with ease. “I thought you said everything was less scary after death.”

“You sounded pretty terrified,” Dick adds. Jason just grumbles under his breath. Poor Todd, he’s been found out as a scaredy cat.

It gets worse when the actors come out, and Dick knows it reminds them all of the villains they fight on a regular basis. Costumed freaks pacing around them, jeering at them, waving weapons at them. Damian scoffs, Jason looking like he’d rather beat them up then have them hovering around him. Dick doesn’t feel scared, it’s like any other night. But he does wonder where the rest of the people are. Surely they can’t be the only thrill-seekers here.

When he looks at Tim he sees the man looks fine, if a little pale. Maybe he was just jittery earlier. Maybe he had a completely different view of how a haunted house would be. But it’s funny, the closer Dick looks at the actors the more familiar they seem… He shakes off the thought.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel they travel, upon travelling closer through a room full of smoke they find themselves in a blank white room.

“This is boring,” Damian complains. “Richard, take me back.”

Jason freezes. “Guys? Is there supposed to be a thug room?” Tim looks past him, fear still there, but almost expecting it. He sighs, seeing the men in masks.

“Goddammit, I knew this was a fake haunted house.”

The Trying Threes

prompt: I’d like to request where the reader got de-aged to a toddler and the whole YJ team has to deal with them but reader is one of those toddlers that will start crying over small things and such. by anon

All heads turned as Conner entered the room. However, they weren’t as focused on him as they were what he held in his arms.

“Who’s the kid?” Bart asked bluntly. Nobody was quite sure what to do as none of them really expected to see a toddler in the hub.

“It’s Y/N. She got hit by… something and now she is a toddler.” He said, leaning to put her down. Instead of just standing though, the little girl lifted her feet as if the floor was lava. Conner sighed and lifted her again.

“So…. what we going to do?” Bart asked.

“For starters, we are going to call Zatanna and see if she can help.” Nightwing said as he walked into the room. “Conner, I need you to debrief you. Hand Y/N over to M’gann and come with me.”

M’gann stepped forward to take the little girl from him, but Y/N was having none of it. Her little hands gripped his shirt and she buried her face in his shoulder.

“She doesn’t know any of you anymore. The only reason she knows me is because I was there when she was changed.” Conner explained as he handed the now crying child to M’Gann and walked out of the room.

M’Gann bounced the little girl until she calmed down. She looked up at M’gann with big teary eyes and asked “Where’s Conner?”

“He’ll be right back. He needed to go talk to Nightwing about something.” M’gann answered, trying to make her voice as calm and soothing as possible. Y/N nodded and laid her head down on M’gann’s shoulder.

She was almost asleep when Conner came back into the room. She jerked her head up and started wiggling. “Down! Down!” She commanded.

As soon as M’gann put her on the ground, she ran as fast as her feet could carry her over to where he stood. She wrapped her arms around his legs.

“Y/N, let go. I can’t walk.” Conner said, slightly irritated. The little girl release one of his legs in favor of wrapping her body around one of them.

Conner sighed and started walking. He would have been irritated at the extra weight in his stride, if not for his super strength and the giggle he heard every time he lifted his leg.

He had made it all the way across the room when Tim walked up to them. “Hey, Zee is here and we need Y/N.” He leaned down as if to grab her, but she quickly moved out of his reach.

“No.” She said, her brows furrowing her face into a frown.

“Come on, Y/N. We need to go make you an adult again.” Tim said, reaching for her again.

She dodged him again, running back to hide behind Conner.

“Really, Robin? You going to try and argue with a three year old?” Conner said as he lifted her in his arms again. She smiled and patted his face.

“Smile.” She commanded. He lifted the corners of his mouth in response. She giggled and patted his face again.

She looked over his shoulder at Tim and stuck her tongue out at him. She laughed when he stuck his tongue out back at her.

“All right, let’s get you normal again.” Zatanna said as she walked into the room. “I need her to stand over here, please.”

“You are going to want to do this quickly, she is a bit clingy.” Conner said as he put her down and quickly stepped away.

Zatanna quickly said her spell and Y/N became an adult again. She wavered where she stood for a moment, blinking rapidly. Conner surged forward and held her steady.

“Welcome back, Y/N.” Bart said, speeding into the room to see her as an adult.

“What do you mean ‘back’? Where did I go?” She asked, turning to look at Conner.

“You don’t remember?” He asked. She slowly shook her head.

“Well, that is okay. Nothing really happened.” Conner said quickly. “Right, Bart?” He stared pointedly at the redheaded speedster.

“Oh, yeah. Nothing at all.” He said before speeding away. He had better delete those pictures on his phone of Conner holding Y/N. That would probably be best for everyone.