okay but has there ever been a more affectionate fictional couple

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Hi! Sorry to bother you... I love Carol and Wanda, but I'm relatively new to Marvel comics, and I was wondering if you had a rec list for comics that feature both of them?

Hi! It’s no bother at all – there’s nothing I love more than talking about Carol and Wanda.  And I’m in the perfect mood for it, because I just arrived in Chicago for C2E2.  If any other Carol/Wanda fans are here and want to meet up at the convention, let me know!

Okay, so first of all, Carol and Wanda don’t actually interact all that much.  But when they do, it tends to be amazingly affectionate or heartbreakingly sad. They’re obviously close friends, but most of their friendship happens off-panel, where the reader can’t see it.  The moments we do get are rare, but are great at showing a close relationship.

Ms. Marvel #16 (1978) Carol and Wanda first meet

If you don’t mind comics from the 70’s, this is a great place to start.  Or you could read all of the original Ms. Marvel run. It only has a couple appearances by Wanda, but Carol is amazing in it.  It’s dated, sure, but it’s still a lot of fun. Anyway, in this issue, Carol bursts into Avengers mansion looking for help for a rescue mission, and ends up in a fight with Beast.  Wanda intervenes.  It’s beautiful.

Avengers #171 (1978) Carol and Wanda fight Ultron

I love this issue so much.  I might do a full post on the joys of this issue.  But for now, all you need to know is that Carol saves Wanda from physical and psychological torture, and then Wanda destroys Ultron.  Also, a random fashion shop employee tries to hire both Wanda and Carol as models.

The worst storyline ever Avengers #200 (1980), Avengers Annual #10 (1981)

Reading “The Rape of Ms. Marvel” is mandatory before reading these issues. There are very good reasons to skip reading these issues altogether.  That said, there are deeply emotional moments between Carol and Wanda here.  In issue 200, Wanda comforts a scared Carol, and Carol reveals her real identity to Wanda for the first time.  In Annual 10, Carol specifically calls out Wanda when accusing the Avengers of betraying her, and Wanda cries when she realizes how deeply she hurt Carol.

The best Avengers comics ever written, Avengers vol 3 #01 - #56 (1998)

Comics were weird in the 90s.  Tony was a teenager, the Wasp was an actual wasp, and Wanda had her worst costume and haircut.  Then in 1998, The Avengers started over at issue 0 for the third time, making this run of comics “Avengers volume 3”, and things got good.  Kurt Busiek is the writer, and he cares so much about nuanced characterizations and complex relationships.  Wanda gets the spotlight in many ways, as she deals with her separation from Vision, a new relationship with Wonder Man, and of course her friendship with Carol.  Carol comes and goes as she deals with the loss of her “Binary” powers, alcoholism, and recovery.   There are missteps, sure, but overall it’s stellar storytelling and Carol and Wanda love each other so much. If you need physical copies, you can find the whole run collected in five enormous books.  Search “Avengers” and “Kurt Busiek”.

World Trust, Avengers #57 - 61 (2002)

This storyline is…okay?  Honestly it might end up giving you Hank/Jan feels whether you want it to or not.  But Wanda gets briefly possessed (what’s new?) and Carol subdues her, all while they’re wearing revealing nightgowns.  So there’s that.

Red Zone, Avengers #65 - 70 (2003)

The morals of this story are heavy-handed as all hell, but I love the creepy atmosphere of the red cloud of death into which the Avengers venture, and it’s got the AMAZING mouth-to-mouth scene between Steve and Tony, so that’s worth the price of admission alone.  Carol comes to Wanda’s rescue in one scene, and later they go off alone together to use Wanda’s magic to contain the deadly cloud.  Wanda ends up naked.  Fan fiction speculating what happens next has been written.

Avengers Disassembled, Avengers #who even knows, they switched back to volume 1 numbering. (2004)

I don’t like Disassembled because it erases the part where Wanda grieved and healed over the loss of her children.  But Carol’s reaction to Wanda’s terrible acts in this storyline are so revealing of how much Carol loves Wanda.  Plus there’s the part where Pietro says to Carol, “My sister loved you.”

Read House of M (2005).   I kind of wish it had never happened, but it’s compelling and the art is gorgeous.

Ms. Marvel: Binary (2007) and Ms. Marvel: Storyteller (2009)

After House of M, Carol thinks a lot about how she was the most beloved hero in that reality, so Wanda is kind of spiritually there, in the background, even if she isn’t mentioned all that much.  When Carol meets a young boy named Gavin with reality warping powers, however, Carol talks about Wanda to him.  Although the issues themselves aren’t spectacular, the idea of Carol trying to save Gavin where she couldn’t save Wanda is heartbreaking and good.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #0 (2013)

Kind of a prequel to AvX, this single issue has the only significant interaction between Carol and Wanda I’ve seen since Wanda’s return. But what amazing interaction it is!

I hope that helps! Feel free to ask any more questions.

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rovinsky for the headcanons pls


also requested by kav1nsky

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

  • k would do this the fucking dipshit
  • he’s probably trashed and sort of teasingly flirting with ronan and bein all super provocative
  • and he just. walks into the door. didn’t even know it was there 
  • and ronan is like oh god look at my embarrassing trash boyfriend I’m gonna throw his ass to the wolves

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

  • again, this is K 
  • he will shamelessly vandalize any and all school property but like?? its probably actually really good graffiti??
  • there’s probably a whole wall of the bathroom with ‘motherfucking thief’ decorated on it beside a drawing of Chainsaw and both their cars 
  • k shamelessly turned himself in and got 3 weeks of detention
  • ronan has never been so touched in his life 
  • he took a picture for art hoe noah czerny who literally had to wipe away a tear 

Who starts the tickle fights

  • but like. if anyone ever asks this he will obvs deny it into oblivion
  • but k still has v bad depression days where he’ll just lie in bed and feel hopeless and not move and not talk to anyone 
  • and ronan knows that ambushing him with a tickle war won’t solve everything, its such a small thing
  • but when k is laughing uncontrollably beneath him begging for mercy between hiccups 
  • he thinks its a damn good place to start 
  • HOL D M E 

Who starts the pillow fights

  • it starts because k will literally NOT SHUT UP whenever ronan is trying to sleep 
  • like he’ll just talk about the randomest things 
  • “do birds think in a language like humans do?” “we should TOTALLY teach Cabeswater about memes. Parrish could help” “why won’t Skov throw lit matches off the roof with me anymore?”
  • and ronan has finally HAD IT and he just hits him in the mouth with the pillow to shut him up 
  • and then k gets so excited and hits him back and it turns into a full on pillow war
  • they’re both a little drunk and it gets a little too intense tbh 
  • im laughing thinking about a horrified gansey going into ronan’s room the next morning and finding white feathers all over the floor 

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

  • he’d just think about how young and vulnerable K looks when he sleeps 
  • and how no matter how much he tries to front that is always just beneath the surface 
  • and Ronan can recognize that from deep inside himself. and he loves it
  • goD

Who mistakes salt for sugar

  • both of them tbh. these boys are literal trash disasters 
  • k has probably poured sugar in the washing machine and bleach in cookies before 
  • ronan lynch can flawlessly execute the locative case in Homeric Greek but cannot tell the difference between salt and rat poison
  • they’re so embarrassing. gansey is always so embarrassed 

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

  • when k sleeps, he SLEEPS. like a bullet train could come speeding through the room and he’d barely even notice 
  • but ronan is the lightest sleeper in the universe when he even does sleep so its usually him
  • then again due to k’s depression he often has irregular sleeping patterns so sometimes he’ll be awake and get up just to have something to do 

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

  • there has never been a question better suited for joseph kavinsky
  • literally 90% of their relationship is k making up cheesy punchlines and ronan groaning in agony
  • how cheesy, you ask?
  • “did your daddy take the stars and put them in your eyes?” “if i could rearrange the alphabet i’d put U and I together” 
  • and that one thing where you drop all those limes and then try picking them up in front of the other person and then say “I’m sorry, I’m really bad at pickup limes”
  • yeah. its that bad. he’s basically a walking meme

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order


Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

  • once they finally get their shit together enough to make actual food, this is probably ronan
  • k is weirdly intense about cleanliness when it comes to kitchens and stuff 
  • ronan will go to lick the spoon and k will hit him with the rolling pin or something 

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

  • honestly its hilarious okay he gets his art hoe ways from blue sargent and all of a sudden everything has to be “aesthetic” 
  • it’s not so much for dinners as to sort of chill in his room
  • while the candles float ominously in the night at carefully staged distances
  • k makes fun of him for about 6000 years

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

  • joseph kavinsky, art hoe extraordinaire 
  • he probably does little playful doodles on his arms and shoulders and chest 
  • vines and ravens and fires and cars and empty beer bottles 
  • ronan likes how it is a physical reminder of the bond they share, how they can know each others thoughts before they even think them 
  • because they’re in each other’s heads 
  • and all those little doodles are a reminder of the weekend that they discovered that about each other 
  • oh yeah and also k looks cute when he draws. 
  • but don’t mention it or ronan will dismember you 

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

  • im gonna change this to dream thing
  • bc tbh i love the idea of both of them just dreaming up little things for each other??
  • k gives ronan a little miniature star suspended in dark matter 
  • but like it goes through the cycle of birth and death and collapse into a black hole 
  • when ronan can’t sleep it always comforts him
  • ronan gives k a cigarette and when he blows out on it the smoke forms words 
  • ‘you are valid’ ‘you deserve to live’ ‘there are people who care about you’ 
  • it helps him when he’s depressed and ronan can’t be there 

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

  • this is DEFINITELY K 
  • if ronan has to fill out one more “What Fictional Couple Are You?” he’s sleeping in Gansey’s bed, goddamnit 
  • that stops k pretty damn quick (he’d never admit it but he’s still jealous sometimes)

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