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Pairing: Eventually Klaus Michaelson x Reader

Word Count: 2477

Warning: Language, talk of depression

A/N:  A witch loses her parents and is trying to make sense of her much altered world. What happens when she meets the vampires of Mystic Falls and New Orleans?

“How far from Mystic Falls are you?” Your sister was checking on you for the second time since you left Salem.

“About forty-five minutes. You know I am perfectly capable of driving ten hours.  I’m a rather good driver; I even stopped to fill up my own gas tank.”  The sarcasm would not be lost on her.  There was a drawn out sigh from her on the other end.

“I know.  But I am allowed to worry about you, you know. You are all I have left and I will be really pissed if I have to clean out your bedroom after you die.  That closest alone probably has something that would devour me whole.”  A giggle escaped as you continued down one of the back roads in Virginia.

“Not in the closet.  I would stay out of my greenhouse though.” Since the death of your parents, you and your sister were the only ones left of you family.  Yes, there were cousins and probably a distant great aunt or something but no one close.  Just you and Scarlet.  Your big sister worried over damn near everything now.  While it was nice to be living in the same house again it got old when she checked up on you multiple times a day.  In time you hoped she would calm down a bit and give you space to breathe. It had been about six months since their murder and Scarlet had not eased up one bit.

“I try and stay away from that place as much as possible.  I don’t want to kill anything in there.”

“I appreciate that.  I don’t know how the Gods could have created a witch that kills any plant she touches.  I mean I feel like it’s sin against nature at the very least.”  

“Hey maybe it’s my super power or whatever.”  Knowing your sister as well as you did you knew there was an eye roll in there.

“That is a really shitty super power.  You know if you actually let me teach you some better spells or something you wouldn’t have such an issue with magic.”  

“No I’m good.  I like the almost magic free life I live thank you.” Now it was your turn to roll your eyes. There had always been some resentment from your big sister regarding magic.  By blood, she was your half-sister and had never been as powerful as you or your mother.  Growing up it had caused issues until the day when Scarlet decided that she was completely done with it all.  She only tolerated it now because you two lived together in your parents’ old house.

“Whatever you want, Scar. I am going to go I want to enjoy the rest of this drive before I drop this stuff off.”

“Fine, just please be careful.”  Just another time she wanted to take the motherly tone with you.

“I will.  I will call you later.”  Ending the phone call quickly, you did not want her to start in on something else.  You loved her, she was your big sister but damn she was trying to suffocate you.  It was one of the reasons why you wanted to take the road trip to deliver the orders yourself instead of sending them through the mail as you usually did.

You grew plants, flowers, and herbs to sell to mostly witches and covens throughout the world. Many of the items you grew were rare and it made it easy for you customers to find them.  The money was decent and you loved what you did. Working with your hands and digging in the earth made you feel connected to everything.  Today you were delivering an order to Sheila Bennett in Mystic Falls. She was a loyal customer, as she had known your family for many years.

Finally, driving into town after the long trip, dusk was falling, cooling the air.  It felt even better in your opened cover Jeep.  The center of town was alive with all the lights and people.  It was a peaceful looking town.  The feel of it all was refreshing compared to Salem.  Maybe you just needed to get away from home for a few days.  The last six months had taken its toll on you.  You were worn down and exhausted all the time. It was affecting your everyday life.

Sheila’s house was ten minutes from downtown and before you knew it you were walking up to knock on the front door.  A beautiful girl opened the door with an inquisitive look.  “May I help you?”

“Hi, I’m here to drop off an order for Sheila.  Is she home?” The girl raised a brow for a moment before turning back into the house.

“Grams, someone is here about an ‘order’.”  You could hear from somewhere in the house Sheila’s voice as you stood with yours hands clasped behind your back.

“An order?  All right I’m coming.”  As soon as she saw you standing, at the door a wide grin broke across her face.  “[Y/N] Avery! Child what are you doing here? Give me a hug.”

Her embrace was comforting, as she held tight.  “I can’t believe you are here.  I did not expect personal delivery service.”  You laughed as she pulled back to look at you.

“I know.  But I wanted to get away for a little while and thought this would be a perfect time.  I’ve filled all my big orders and the smaller ones have been put on hold for now.” Sheila cupped your cheek looking you over carefully.

“Honey, you look tired. You should use some of your own herbs and make something to help you sleep.”  You sighed before shaking your head.

“Too many nightmares. Every time I close my eyes… But that isn’t why I’m here.  I will grab your stuff from my Jeep.”  Wanting to avoid that conversation as much as possible, you turned back to the vehicle and the two boxes that were belted safely in the backseat.

“Bonnie help her, there shouldn’t be too much.”  The girl followed you out towards your Jeep, waiting patiently next to you as you unstrapped everything.

“I’m Bonnie, by the way.” You smiled over at her as you handed her the lighter of the two boxes.

“[Y/N].  Nice to meet you.”  Taking the second box, you headed back to the house.

“What is all this?”

“I grow herbs and other plants.  I sell mostly to witches who use it for their spells and practices.”

“Oh so you are a witch too?” Nodding, you entered the house.

“Yes, I’m a witch too.” Sheila motioned for you to set the boxes on the table.

“[Y/N] comes from a long line of witches just like us.  Her mother was a very powerful practitioner.”  She rubbed your back as a grandmother would.  “Now my girl what do I owe you for the personal delivery?”

“Nothing.  You already paid for everything.”  Her brow raised mirroring Bonnie’s from earlier.  

“Seriously. Nothing.  I just wanted to get out of town for a few days and was coming down this direction anyway.”

“How about if you are around tomorrow you come have dinner with us.  You can have a home cooked meal and we can catch up.” Hugging her tightly you agreed.

“That sounds wonderful.”

Once you had left the Bennet’s, you found the little bed and breakfast you had registered at online. It was a quaint little place you could see having a honeymoon at someday.  However, that would require a significant other of some sort.  Your plan was to stay there for three or four days to explore the town and perhaps the surrounding area.  Maybe a bit of hiking and shopping before you headed home.  You had not told your sister yet and you knew it was not going to go over well.

A little after nine pm your phone rang signaling it was time to let her know just that.

“You can’t be serious? You aren’t coming home tomorrow?” The ‘mom voice’ was in full effect.

“I am taking a few days for myself Scar.  I need it. A change of scenery and peace.  I am a mess and I can’t take it anymore.” There was a pause from her before the sigh.  No doubt, she had a lot to say but she refrained from saying it.


“Okay? Really? Just okay? No demanding I return home this instant? Who cast a spell on my sister?”  Her quiet laugh sounded in your ear.

“[Y/N], I love you. You are right about everything you said. Get out of town for a while and see what the rest of the world looks like.  I can’t keep you all to myself without hurting you further.  I thought I could make you better but you are right. You’re a mess and you need to the time to fix yourself.  Just be safe please.”  The defeat in her voice hurt.

“Scarlet, it’s not like I am not going to go home.  I just…”

“I know [Y/N/N].  Take the time sweetie.  You need it.  Look call me tomorrow or whenever you want.  I will back off, I promise.  Let you be yourself.  Love you.” The call disconnected before you had the chance to respond.  You thought you had hid your depression and exhaustion better.  Obviously, you had not and people were seeing through the front. The guilt that swelled inside of you made your stomach turn.  No other being should have to take on the chaos that swirled around within you every moment.  Especially your sister.  She too, had to deal with the death of her parents.  

It was difficult to fight back the tears but you did it.  Swallowing them down and pushing against the darkness that tried to take over your thoughts.  The exhaustion this caused only furthered your desire to rest and find some sort of peace with the new day.  As you lay in bed trying to find comfort in the strange place a few of the errant tears streamed onto the pillow.  “Goddess please give me the strength to find what will bring back the light.”

Your hopes had been that you would feel completely better after a good night’s sleep.  That the heaviness in your chest would no longer plague every breath you took.  It was not what would happen.  Though, you were slightly more rested, it all remained.  There was a text on your phone from Scarlet wishing you a good morning. It took a lot of will power to not call her sobbing.  You wished it would all go away.  The exhaustion, the depression… Was it too much to ask to feel human again?

Once you stood up from the bed, you took a few long deep breaths to assist with pushing on through your day.  Calling on your powers, you tried to fill yourself with light in an attempt to reenergize yourself.  Even if it was only for a short time.  As you made your way downstairs, the woman who owned the B&B met you at the base of the stairs.  “Morning Miss Avery.  I have breakfast ready and waiting in the dining room.  Would you like any coffee?”

You could smell the sugary sweetness of syrup coming from the direction of the other room. “Actually do you have any tea?”  The woman beamed at you as she nodded.

“A girl after my own heart. I have a lovely mint, chamomile and a black tea.  Which would you prefer?”

“Mint please!  Thank you so much.”  That little bit of comfort in the form of hot liquid and a pinch of sweetness, helped make the rest of your morning.  With the belly full of food and tea, you set out to explore the little town.

You knew there was a lot of history in this town just as there was in Salem.  But in Mystic Falls, there were just as many stories of vampires as there were witches.  Walking along the streets it was easy to feel the power the emanated from everything.  Perhaps before you left you would perform a ritual to see some of the old events, see what had been covered up in the history books.

Being out in the clean air helped your mood a great deal.  Paired with the tea and breakfast you had, everything did not look as dark as it felt the previous night.  By lunchtime, you were starving from all the walking.  The Mystic Grill was downtown and looked to be fairly busy.  Busy by this little town’s standards at least. You found a quiet booth off to the side of the main dining area.  It gave you the vantage to people watch around the room and private enough for you to read one of the books you had packed in your bag.

A good-looking guy, who introduced himself as Matt, came to take your order.  “What can I get you?”

“Umm how about… a burger and fries, a water and two shots of chilled tequila.”  He laughed at the combination.

“Sure thing.”  As he walked off a group walked in, talking loud and all over each other.  Bonnie was talking to another pretty girl with long dark hair.  Your eyes made contact, causing her to smile and wave. You returned them both as she told her friends she would be right back.

“Hey, [Y/N].  How goes the exploring?”

“Actually not bad. This town is beautiful and so much history.  I have had a good time.  Now I am going to eat and decide what I want to do for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe explore more, maybe nap. Who knows.”  Matt returned with your drinks as he said hello to Bonnie. Of course, everyone here knew each other.

“Oh a little liquid lunch?” She laughed as you downed one of the shots.  The cool liquid burning as it slide down.  It was wonderful.

“Nope just an appetizer.”

“I need to get back to my friends but don’t forget Grams wants you over for dinner tonight.  She said six sharp.”  

“I will be there.”  The burger was delicious and it hit the spot.  Combined with the two tequila shots you felt ten times better.  You left Matt a big tip and a wink as you waved goodbye from across the room.  As you left the Grill, you were not paying attention to where you were going and walked right into the solid chest of someone else.  Your bag fell to the group as a flurry of apologies flew from both of your lips.

“I’m so sorry…”

“I’m sorry!”  When you had the chance to look up to see who you had run into, all you could see were forest green eyes, wide with shock.

“Mary…”  Hearing the name of your mother sent your heart racing.

“How do you know my mother?”

Part 2

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