okay but actually the popes are the worst

So, let me get this straight, Olivia can go off on Fitz and accuse him of not putting her interests in heart? Did we forget about helping her mother, or Joke, or Pastor Drake? All the favors he did for her, everything he’s done for her, and she basically says he doesn’t care about what she wants or needs. Okay, Liv. Just keep forgetting about what Fitz has done for you when he DIDNT HAVE TO. When HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN IN TROUBLE FOR IT. When he could have let Joke die, your mom stay imprisoned, you get arrested for the whole Pastor Drake deal. But you know, he didn’t because he actually cares and loves you. But Shonda doesn’t seem to want to include that because she seems hellbent on destroying them and making Fitz seem like the worst man.