okay believe it or not this started out as a red wedding graphic


So I hoped that putting it into a real graphics would help…

But… I’m not convinced it did much good.

Okay so let me elucidate you:

I’m going to start from Frozen! 

  • The king of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona have very similar appearances (see numerous posts about them), so I believe they are related. I am also a firm believer that it was Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding that the king and queen of Arendelle were headed to when their boat hit troubled waters. 
  • Chris Buck recently said (joking or not) that the king and queen of Arendelle survived the boat wreck, landed on an island, gave birth to a baby boy and then got eaten by a leopard, which is where Tarzan comes in. I also put pictures of his parents against pictures of the king and queen and they could definitely be the same people give or take a year or two, ya know? They also never really told us just how long the boat ride was and way back when those boat trips could have taken ages so.. Yeah that is pretty much that. I’m not super firm in my resolve on this one, but I figured I’d include it!
  • So let’s go into Tarzan-verse for a second. I saw a post a while back about the potential of Jane being related to belle (see the teacup and tea pot and their totally similar appearances). I think that Belle and Adam could definitely have been the mother and father of Jane’s mother who could have then married Prof. Porter and had Jane. 
  • Prince Adam is next. I decided that it made sense for Adam to be related to Cinderella and Charming! This one I had a bit of fun with. Cinderella came from a household where she was constantly mistreated and I felt like she would probably be the type as a parent who would have loved to spoil her little prince when he was born. When he started to get out of hand, I could see her turning to her fairy godmother who could have appeared as the old hag and then turned him into a beast as punishment. He could have easily been in another one of their palaces when it happened and Cinderella, thinking that it would be good for her son to learn lessons about life and love, could have very easily allowed it to transpire. 
  • Charming’s mother is related to Snow White’s prince’s mother! For.. Well they look the same. They are related and no one will tell me otherwise.
  • Charming’s father, on the other hand, is related to Prince Philips father because.. They look similar? I mean really, they could be twins haha.
  • I have it that Prince Eric’s father was also a part of that family, but maybe it was his mother instead? Either way, Philip and Eric are related in some way or another because at one point there is a painting in the big hall of a couple that look a lot like Aurora and Philip and why would you hang a strangers portrait on the wall if you weren’t related? 
  • Now let’s go to Ariel. Her father is Triton who is the son of Poseidon (along with his sister Ursula) who is siblings with Zeus in mythology, so I have them as related, making Hercules and Ariel second cousins!
  • Ariel and Eric’s daughter, Melody, marries someone and together has 13 sons because she was like “wow my mom had so many siblings I wish I had that”
  • Number 13 of Melody’s children is Hans, carrying on his grandmothers lovely red hair and his grandfathers seafaring tendencies, making him quite the great naval officer. Plus, his grandmother was the youngest in her line and ended up queen by marrying someone in another kingdom. Where better to get that idea than in the family?!

And that concludes my disney family history lesson. I put far too much thought into that.


Picture Perfect

Characters – Sam x Reader

Summary – The reader is stuck djinn-induced dream world

Word Count – 2,384

Warnings – Threat/implied self harm at the end; not a suicide attempt, but just trying to get out of the djinn dream. Not sure if that needs a warning, but better safe than sorry!

A/N – Written for the #SPN Creatures Challenge. Italics are the reader’s thoughts.  This is my first published SPN fanfic.  Please let me know what you think!  There may be a second part to come!

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Your name: submit What is this?

You were still trying to figure out what was going on and where you were.  Blinking, you took in the large, airy kitchen and dining area you suddenly found yourself standing in.  The stainless steel appliances and a large granite topped island looked like they were directly from your “Dream Home” board on Pinterest.  There was also a large butler’s pantry next to a full wine rack.  You could see three framed pictures lining a shelf in the dining area and moved closer to examine them.   

In one photo, Sam stood behind you, grinning, with his arms wrapped around your waist.  Behind you, you could see what appeared to be an ocean and a beach.  In another, Sam and Dean were both sitting on the impala’s hood, with beers in their hand, laughing at something.  Looking at the last photo, you gasped; you and Sam were sitting on a leather couch, Sam holding a little girl of around two or three on one arm, with his other around your shoulder, while you cradled an infant. Dean and a pretty brunette were standing behind you with a pre-teen boy and a couple you recognized as Sam’s parents stood behind Sam.  All of you were smiling happily up at the camera.

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Day 26: Wedding Night

Hinata fidgeted from her spot on the bed. Today was her wedding and throughout the day she was pulled from one conversation to the next. She was complimented too many times that she lost count and took many pictures that it was all a blur to her. But the one thing that stood out was the moment she was pronounced Uzumaki Hinata and kissed the love of her life. She was finally married to Naruto and she still couldn’t believe it.

Now, sitting in a cabin paid by Kakashi-sama for their honeymoon, she was nervous for their wedding night. She was a virgin and for most of her life, she stayed away from hearing and doing anything sexual. Her mind was always focused on training and Naruto that she didn’t really have time to think about the needs she’ll have when she became older. Dating Naruto for that year and a half brought a new experience for her. She began to feel this need when she saw Naruto shirtless or when he was close to her. Her body heated up when they kissed and he was on top of her. They had many steamy make outs that left warmth between her legs. Her eyes would be drawn to his lips or outlining his figure. At times she’ll have very explicit dreams that she’ll wake up breathless with a flush face. She began to day dream about sex and she’ll start to reprimand herself when she realized what exactly she was thinking about.

She also began to grow curious about sex. How would it feel like? How does it exactly happen? Would it hurt? Would she feel pleasure? She was almost tempted to ask Ino or Sakura about it but she’ll always back out because: 1) either of them would come to the conclusion that Naruto and she are going to do…it or 2) she was afraid of what they’ll say. She tried reading books about it but the graphic images made her squeak and turn cherry red. She couldn’t finish any of them. She sought out Kurenai-sensei and the young mother welcomed her with open arms. As Hinata explained her situation to Kurenai-sensei, she felt her face burning with embarrassment but she felt slight comfort that she was talking about her problems with her teacher and mother figure.

That night, Kurenai-sensei talked to her and made her change the way she saw sex. It was an amazing experience, her teacher explained. Especially if you do it with someone you really love. You’ll feel connected and you start craving them more and more, and that’s normal mind you. So it’s okay to just let go when you’re ready, Hinata. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

It was going to finally happen and Hinata didn’t know if it was normal to feel this nervous. The door opened and Naruto stepped in, his kimono loose. He looked sheepish and his face was flushed. Was he nervous as she was? He took small, slow steps towards her and Hinata felt her heart race. He sat beside her leaving little to no space and his eyes focused on his knees. Hinata took a chance to glance at him and she couldn’t help but stare at his jaw line. Her body burned when she thought about the things that will most certainly happen tonight and she was surprised to feel excitement.

“Hinata,” began Naruto, his voice high and shaky, “I’m no expert in this and I’m going to be honest. I’m very excited and nervous for the…uh…sex and if you’re ready then I’m all for it. If you’re not, just tell me and I’ll stop, dattebayo.” He was up front about it like always.

She took in his words and slowly nodded, her sweaty hands interlocking with his bandaged hand. “I-I’m ready, N-Naruto-kun,” she whispered and her body buzzed when Naruto gave her a dazzling smile.

“I’m glad,” was all he said before kissing her hotly. His lips moved desperately against hers and his hand went to grab the back of her neck. He pulled back and purposely swallowed her saliva. She blushed and covered her face. She pressed her thighs together in embarrassment when she felt heat between them, now understanding what that meant.

Naruto kissed his way to her neck and she whimpered, her hands fisting his short, yellow hair. She arched her back, exposing more of her neck, and he grinned, leaving bite marks all over her pale skin. His hand traveled down to her breasts but he pouted when the folds of her kimono stood in his way.

“Damn this kimono,” cursed Naruto, now sitting up and trying—but to no avail—to take off her wedding kimono. Hinata giggled and she, too, sat up.

“I-I’ll do it, Naruto-kun.” She shooed away his hands and proceeded to take off the layers of her kimono.

“Hina-koi, you’re a life saver.” They both blushed due to her nickname but Hinata smiled almost instantly.

“It’s all for you, Naruto.” He kissed her when the last piece of fabric fell and it revealed her chest. She crossed her arms over her breasts and she turned the other way, her cheeks burning. Would he like what he’ll see?

“Wow…so beautiful,” she heard him rasp out. He shifted closer and she felt something hard press against her naked thigh. What was that?

“N-Naruto, do you have a kunai on you?” she asked curiously.

He froze on top of her and she felt the heat of his blush. “Uh, no, H-Hina, that’s not a kunai.”

“O-Oh, what is it?” She was innocent and she was really, genuinely curious. She shifted and felt the hardness against her thigh again. She pressed against it and she heard Naruto grunt loudly. “A-Are you okay? What’s wrong?” She cupped his cheeks when she saw his eyes shut tightly and she glanced down to see what exactly was pressing against her thigh.

She blushed madly when she saw that, no; it wasn’t a kunai but a…appendage of Naruto that was making a tent in his kimono. “N-N-Naruto-kun!” she said scandalous.

“Hinata, don’t freak out it’s just I’m really turned on!” Naruto looked down, his face flushed, and Hinata was breathing heavily, both arms still covering her chest.

“Oh.” Her body burned when he confessed that he found her attractive to the point that his…member got erected. The heat between her legs returned once more and to her slight horror, she felt a bit of wetness down there too. Did she just pee?

Before she knew it, Naruto was stripping his kimono off and Hinata could do nothing but watch as her new husband became naked in front of her. During their year of dating, they were careful not to initiate anything sexual—though the times they had heavy make out sessions were excused—and that included seeing the other naked. When she started craving Naruto in a primal way that scared her, she was tempted to use the Byakugan every time her Naruto would take a shower. But then she’ll become mortified of the thought that just passed through her mind and she’ll faint.

Now, however, she didn’t need the Byakugan to see him naked, and up close too. He was well fit, not with bulging muscles, but with a lean and gorgeous body that had just the right amount of muscles and broad shoulders. And by god, did he look amazingly beautiful. Her eyes involuntarily looked down and blushed madly when she saw a tuft of blond hair. She snapped her attention back at his face and tried to calm down her erratic heartbeat. His blue eyes turned dark and his pupils dilated as he watched his wife check him out. He felt his ego soar when her blush reached her neck.

He pushed her down slowly, his palm relishing in the touch of her soft skin, and he put some weight on her, careful not to press his erection against her just yet. She whimpered when he grabbed hold of her arms and tugged. But he was patient, watching her for any kind of negative reaction. She gave none and she moved her arms, baring herself in front of him. It felt odd having someone’s full attention on her body. She felt his hands reach for her breasts and she moaned quietly when he touched the tip of her nipples. Her body arched and the heat between her legs grew to an ache.

“N-Naruto,” she breathed out, her body arching and her skin getting goose bumps. It felt great and the nervousness she felt was gone. However, she was still shy about this.

“Hinata, can I have you all to myself?” he whispered, his eyes turning glassy. She knew how much this meant to him as well as how much it meant to her. He never imagined that he’ll come this far with someone romantically and now that it was happening, he was becoming emotional.

She cupped both of his cheeks and brought him close, their noses rubbing against each other. A few tears landed on her cheeks and she kissed him, her lips moving against his. “Naruto, you can have me. I’m yours and you are mine. Tonight, we promise our bodies to each other and I don’t think I’ll have it any other way. I’m ready for you.” She buried her face on his neck, embarrassed that she just said that she was ready to have sex.

A deep rumble came from her husband and she was pushed back. Her breathing came quick when she saw the lustful way Naruto was looking at her and she squeaked when she felt his erection on her inner thigh.

“Then, Hinata,” he nipped her earlobe, “let’s have fun, ne?”         

Rain Tears - Requested (Michael)

Requested by Anon (Can you do an imagine of any of the boys where he picks you up from a party when it’s pooring rain and you’re crying) Think i might have took this in a different direction than you wanted but hopefully you ENJOY!!

You rush over to the door reaching behind you and zipping your dress while walking, you open the door to see Michael with a huge grin, ‘Wh..’ his lips hit yours before you can finish one hand coming to the back of your neck. ‘God I missed you’ he mumbles pulling away a little his eyes closed before he pecks your lips one last time, ‘Yeah I think you told me’ you tease, but he ignores you walking past you and towards your living room. ‘So I bought snacks annnnd..’ he reaches into one of the bags pulling out the new game you have been gushing over. You rush over taking it from him eyes wide, ‘Holy shit, best boyfriend ever’ you cheer sitting on the edge of the sofa with the case in hand, reading the back.

‘Well I try’ he chuckles making you smile a little, ‘Looks pretty good’ he tells you, ‘Dude, this has the latest graphics on, this will literally blow you fucking mind’ you correct him making him laugh, ‘Sometimes I forget I’m dating a game fanatic’ he speaks, ‘I make you look like your standard gamer my friend’ you tease him, making him laugh as he snatches the case from you, taking out the disk and dropping the case on the coffee table.

‘What snacks you bought?’ you ask jumping up and grabbing the bag from the floor and looking in, ‘So what you been doing?’ Michael asks as he sorts the TV, ‘Work’ you tell him, taking out the Jaffa cakes and opening them, ‘Babe’ you call, he looks over his shoulder and you throw one too him, he catches it winking as he puts it between his teeth, ‘So how come your dressed up?’ he asks, you frown looking down. ‘Oh shit, fuck, ball’ you growl.

Michael chuckles as he stands raising an eyebrow, ‘What?’ he asks, ‘I’m going out’ you sigh, remembering you were getting ready to leave when Michael arrived. ‘What?’ he asks, ‘Yeah a party for Carrie, I’m so sorry babe’ you sigh pouting a little. ‘What, a hen do?’ he asks but you shake your head, ‘Nope, they broke up, she threw him out, found out he was cheating so the wedding is off and the girls have decided to throw her and not getting married party’ you laugh  little.

‘Can’t you ditch?’ he asks, you laugh a little until you realise he is being serious, ‘Michael don’t be a dick, you know we don’t ditch friends for each other’ you remind him, he shakes his head, ‘I can’t believe you’ he huffs. ‘What? Michael are you being serious?’ you ask astonished by his odd attitude.

‘I’m only home for a few days and you’ve planned to go out?’ he continues, ‘Michael I didn’t think okay, they asked if I was free and I said yes, I didn’t even think about you being back’ you defend but your answer doesn’t seem to settle it as he scoffs. ‘Right’ he nods and you realise he took it the wrong way. ‘That’s now what I meant’ you try but he interrupts you.

‘No, no its fine, you know every fucking day I’m not with you I’m thinking about you, waiting to spend time with you and you can’t even ditch one thing for me? Your fucking selfish’ he snaps at you, you shake your head, ‘I’m selfish?’ you snap, ‘I’m far from selfish Michael’ you defend but he isn’t really listening as he starts to walk for the door. ‘Michael where are you going? Why are you so pissed at me?’ you try but he ignores you. ‘It doesn’t matter, why would it matter, enjoy yourself’ he tell you before walking out and slamming your door on his way.


‘I know things haven’t worked out for me but you and Michael are for keeps’ Carrie slurs as she hugs you, you laugh a little picking up your drink, ‘It’s only been ten months’ you remind her but she waves her hand at you, ‘Shut up, ten months will soon turn to ten years’ she tells you, ‘I honestly never thought you would get a boyfriend, your to stubborn’ she laughs, ‘But Michael is defiantly the guy for you, you two are amazing together’ Carrie continues.

‘Car please stop’ you beg her, she pouts, ‘Whyyyy? Have you two had a fight?’ she asks, ‘You and the rock star?’ she makes you laugh but you shake your head seeing Kelly walk past you grab her wrist, ‘I need air and Car need watching’ you tell her making her laugh as she takes your seat and you head out with your coat. You find yourself sitting on the wall and before you can stop them, tears are rolling down your cheeks; you feel a couple of drops on your head and look up realising it had also started to rain. You tug up your hood staying             where you are and letting the tears fall as you think about the argument with Michael.

‘(Y/N)?’ you look up trying to dry your tears but they are still falling, you squint in the dark to see Michael’s red hair, ‘Michael? What are you doing here?’ you ask standing and moving closer to him so you can hear him over the rain. ‘Why are you in the rain? Are you crying?’ he asks. ‘Well it’s your fault you idiot’ you blame him, but see a small smile on his face as he takes your face in his hands. ‘I couldn’t relax knowing we had argued so I came to apologise’ he tells you, you frown a little ‘How did you know where I was?’ you asks, he smiles a little, ‘I called Hanna’ he tells you sheepishly making you laugh a little, ‘You’re an idiot, I mentioned that right?’ you ask locking eyes with him.

‘Yeah, but I’m all yours’ he whispers bringing his lips to yours as the rain splashes on and around you both.

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