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Okay, maybe not that long…but this has been in my inbox for soooo long… but I finally decided to write it and MAN! I’ve missed writing Gutair…I feel like I’ve learned a little more about Gudrun since I last wrote her? But it’s also been so long since I’ve written her or Bay that it was a challenge to write them again…but it was fun too! I hope you like it!!!

“I never meant to hurt you.”

The words rang around in Gudrun’s head. Words that she had wanted to hear for so long, but words that she couldn’t believe, couldn’t let herself believe. Bhatair had her so much, he had torn apart her life. And now he was back. He was here in her life again. It was something she had dreamed about, had imagined so many times. It had helped keep her sane in some horrible way. But now he was here, actually here. And the pain in her chest - pain she had lived with for years - weighed her down. He hadn’t meant to hurt her, but he had.


His voice filled her ears again. A voice she had never thought she would hear again. Against her better judgement, she glanced up at him. He was so different than when she had last seen him. His hair was white, there was a weight in his step, scars that bordered on unnatural. But it was undeniably him.

“It still hurt.” Gudrun could barely hear her own voice, but he must have heard it because his gaze dropped to the ground.

“I know…” Bhatair’s voice trailed off, then he stepped forward.

Gudrun’s first instinct was to step back, her mind telling her not to trust him again. But her heart – even broken and bruised – still cared about him. So her feet stayed put.

His hand gently wrapped around hers. “I know I don’t deserve a second chance, but if you could give me one…I promise I won’t mess it up again.” His other hand reached up and brushed a strand of hair out of her face, only to rest on her jaw. “Please, Gudrun.”

Closing her eyes, Gudrun savored his touch. For a moment, she was a teenager again - eager, full of love and hope. She knew she might regret this. He could break her again. But she knew she if she didn’t then she would always wonder what might’ve happened.


Then his arms wrapped around her and she found herself burying her head in his chest, letting her pain be soothed by his presence. Regret may come, but for now, he was here, and that was enough.

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“She’s just so… so wow. Dean she’s so pretty, and smart. She’s really, really smart. And I’m a dead man walking.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yeah man, I am. She’s too smart to want a monster.”

“Okay you lush, I think it’s time for bed.”

Lil Pearlmethyst Things I need; A Compilation

- Pearl stroking Amethyst’s fringe back so she can see her face properly
- Both of them just casually hanging out but spending 99% of the time touching
- A pearlmethyst duet (please let this happen in canon)
- Epic fusion dance and then Opal forms but after the mission is done she sticks around for a while because she loves being her so much
- Kisses on their actual gems
- Pearl dreaming about Amethyst
- Pearl saying aloud that she’s let Rose go, that she’s ready for a future with Amethyst
- Pearl leaning her elbow on Amethyst’s head and smiling at her playfully then Amethyst gently poking her in the ribs. Both of them laughing and giggling carelessly. Silly stuff like that
- Spontaneous compliments
- Amethyst taking Pearl’s hand and kissing her knuckles or her palm cuz she can’t reach Pearl’s face without pulling her down or fetching a stool though she does that too
- Pearl playing with Amethyst’s hair (its my weakness)
- Cat Amethyst sleeping on Pearl’s lap
- Regular Amethyst sleeping on Pearl’s lap
- Ridiculously jealous Pearl and highly amused Amethyst
- More cute nicknames from both of them
- Nose kisses!
- Just kisses in general actually please @ god let them smooch