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Your Denki and Seri get me so shook i'm act considering them so much it's unhealthy

Nothing unhealthy about that ship anon!!!! *O* I’m glad you decided to consider it!!!!

Anon said: Just wanna say, I really like the way you colour your art!!! It’s really nice

OHHHH!!!!!! ;O; thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! This actually means a lot omfg <3<3<3

Anon said: Fatgum being a Dad to Kirishima and Tamaki gives me life, they’re such a gOOD family.

They’re the best family I’m so glad they both have Fatgum tbh !!!!!!!! He’s such a great man I love him a whole damn lot

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(there’s obviously gonna be some angst in this one)

“Earth is our home now! Isn’t it worth fighting for?”

Lapis overhears Peridot’s lax and arduous voice, slowly turning back to glance at her and takes the apprehensive expression off of her face. Her pupils enlarge quickly to some extent and takes a moment to grasp the petite gem’s proposal. She perceives Peridot, staring directly and heartfelt at her with an affectionate smile, along with her small hand conveyed as she waited for a response to her most amorous partner.

“Please, don’t do this…” she whimpers in her head. A deep sigh was heard the more she stood.  

As much as she wanted to leave, she was brusquely struck with a suffocating decision. Clasp Peridot’s hand and partake the revolt with her, or fly away and avoid the uprising, leaving her closest partner in earth and the Crystal Gems in the course. The blue gem’s fist shudders while trying to solve this dilemma, and an anxious look comes back to her again and shuts her eyes heavily. She only had a second to decide before she could suffer any longer.

…. …..

 “Forgive me, Peridot…”

 …. ….


Without hesitating, she faces away from the green gem and quickly disregards her. She ascends awfully high with her water wings and soars while still trying not to look back. But just after taking off, a tear drop leaks out of her eye and weeps soundlessly in the firmament. Even though Peridot will probably never hear her, she still murmurs her feelings as she flies away.


“I’m so sorry…”


“I really don’t want to leave you…”


“I can’t and won’t do it. But don’t worry about me.”


“I love you Peridot…”

The grin on Peridot’s face disappears solemnly as she watches the blue gem fly aloft in extreme doubt. Her hand was still brought up, only now she was reaching for her twice as much than before.

“Lapis…?” she says disbelieved. Her heart and gem slowly felt like cracking, trying to clench the fact that she was vetoed and abandoned. Something that she thought would never happen. Soon, she felt her body collapsing and crashes on her knees.           Lapis is gone now, she couldn’t be certain of it.

“She…She left us…She left me…” The green gem sniffles but tries to force herself to stop sobbing. In the end, she fails to, and her tear drops slowly plunge to the ground.

“But…Lapis, you wouldn’t…” she laments stridently. Peridot stops looking up at the sky and now down the surface. She never had to whimper about denial before, and more tears fall out of her visors the more she thought about Lapis. Was that the last time she was going to see her? It couldn’t be. She didn’t want it to be. She thought they were going to stay together no matter what. But whatever the gem war did to her, it gave her something Peri couldn’t heal. And comforting her until she felt better was what she wanted more than anything.

Her tears were finally wiped away. “It’s fine…it’s not like this is the first time something like this has happened…” The green gem looks up at the sky again and reminisces the blue gem. Lapis had flown far enough to be out of sight. She officially left the barn.

“Be safe out there, Lapis.” Peridot laments. “Please come back when this is all over…”

“I love you, Lapis.”

song tag

10 songs you currently love

tagged by: @zerozerostuff (thanks dude !!)

  1. Crystals - Of Monsters and Men
  2. My Type - Saint Motel
  3. Be Calm - Fun
  4. Echo - The Hush Sound
  5. Can’t Sleep Love - Pentatonix
  6. Babel - Mumford and Sons
  7. You Say Run - BNHA OST
  8. Lonesome Dreams - Lord Huron
  9. As You Cry - The Hush Sound
  10. La La Latch - Pentatonix

i guess i’ll tag @mukais-mom @nastycrimechild @rosenmarille @rider-phantomhive @fanbottherobotperson and @pundeserving (if you guys wanna do it anyway you don’t gotta do what i tell you lmao)

Bitty’s not-so-secret Patreon

Bitty sets up a patreon with a low monthly goal to offset the cost of his baking supplies, offering rewards like early video access, Skype cooking lessons, and personalized recipes. At higher tiers Bitty will actually cook for you: $75 gets you an overnighted dessert, etc. 

His normal viewers snatch up the rewards quickly, but it’s still not quite enough now that he’s baking for SMH and several Falconers.

Jack himself has been banned from pledging, but that doesn't stop him from telling his teammates about the site; wealthy, young, hungry teammates who promptly start trying to one up each other to get the ‘best’ rewards.

But the Falconers pledges are soon dwarfed by an anonymous donor who’s French and French-Canadian dessert rewards must be delivered by courier to an unknown destination. Since these requests seem to coincide with Jack’s home games, Bitty is sure the donor is actually his boyfriend and he plays along, dutifully handing off secret packages several times a month. 

At least, Bitty thinks this is the case until a few months later when Alicia comes for a visit and asks that Eric please stop sending food because Bob’s been cheating on his diet using Eric as a middle-man.


“The Boltons are dead. Jon Snow came down from Castle Black with a wildling army and won the Battle of the Bastards. He’s King in the North now.”


☁️ phil + cotton candy skies ☁️