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I've got this weird impression you like happyds's art. Just a theory tho

two nights ago or something i got really drunk in an attempt to boost my creativity because i was having trouble writing dirk, but for some reason my brain got super sidetracked and i couldn’t stop thinking about swimming (i think maybe because i was texting my friend who’s a professional mermaid and whenever i talk to her i start thinking about the water and shit). but since i was also thinking about dirk, i ended up thinking about both dirk and swimming. so naturally i combined them and started thinking about dirk swimming. and then like the underwater ruins of houston texas and dirk diving in those and that one song “austin, atlantis” and really it was just a huge mess.

but anyway as all this was happening i kept going back to this one piece of art that i absolutely love??? it’s so pretty and dimensional and i love the details and idk man i just have a lot of feelings about this one art piece. and it’s a picture of dirk swimming in the underwater ruins, of course, so like drunk em’s brain just kind of amplified the whole thing. the problem is that i had no idea who drew the picture, and since i dont tag shit anymore i couldnt find it that way, so i ended up going through my archive. and then looking up all the artists who had a similar style and going through all of their art tags. and googling it (which was hard bc i didn’t have the original picture saved on my comp or anything to reverse image search) but that didn’t get me anywhere. in total i probably spent three hours teetering on the edge of wasted trying to track this picture down like a man possessed (not my finest moment honestly)

i dont actually know how i ended up on happyds’s blog, it was probably through a string of clicked source links that i’ll probably never be able to retrace because i was so far deep into this shit, fucking entrenched in it, but i ended up going through their whole homestuck tag and lo and behold, the heavens opened up and there it was. i was so fuckin happy–like that indescribably delirious happiness that only comes with the help of alcohol and no sleep–and also really tired, so in some weird twist of drunken logic my brain decided that the only way i could possibly thank happyds for drawing that one picture without actually talking to them would be to queue up all eighty-something posts from their homestuck tag


mutual appreciation post <3

I am going in a semi-hiatus for about a month; my exams start next week and I will need to take some distance from tumblr bc unfortunately procrastination is a thing that exists (it’s a good thing that tonight was the last ep of the 100 bc otherwise I couldn’t survive this) my queue is filled (I almost hit queue limit to be honest) and I will be active, just not that often

sooo a quick mutual appreciation post (okay no this took forever my mom is going to kill me) I love all of you, and I really hope I didn’t forget anyone!

my irl friends <3

@unofficialmateriation​, @mynameisnotthepoint

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Whoops I wrote a thing for this, and it was not even the thing I was supposed to be writing this afternoon.

Digijacks and Jackothy, probably not sfw but not explicit.

“No, come on, let me see that for a minute.” Jack grabs for Tim’s wrist and Timothy tries to pull back but Jack is too quick. “You mean to tell me you never tried this? You’re missing out, buddy - look what they can do.”

Jack holds Tim’s wrist firmly in one hand as the other accesses the wristpad that summons the digijacks. They shimmer into existence in front of Tim as Jack’s fingers fly over the keypad, and he’s not sure exactly what Jack’s typing in but those subroutines don’t look familiar. The digijacks blink in unison as Jack executes a command and a faint ripple goes through both of them as Jack shuts down the wristpad and lets go of Tim.

The digijacks look at Jack and at Tim, and then at each other. They smile together, which - has Tim ever seen them have real facial expressions before? He doesn’t think so - and then they’re turning toward each other and wow, that’s a hand on a digital ass and they’re fitting their lips together and suddenly it’s a lot warmer in here.

Jack’s rubbing his hands together next to him, a gleeful smile on his face, and - this is weird, right? This should be weird. But if he’s honest Tim passed weird a long time ago, and the sight of the digital Jacks making out in front of him is a lot less strange than some of the things he’s seen. Jack’s an attractive guy, Tim can admit that, and watching the digijacks sigh into each others mouths is - well. Tim shifts a little, wondering if he can surreptitiously adjust his pants.

Jack elbows him in the side. “Pretty great, right? I know, I’m a genius.” Jack glances sideways at Tim, adopting a thoughtful tone. “They’re just a preview, though - I bet they’re nowhere as good as the real thing.”

Tim doesn’t know what Jack means by that until Jack turns him with one hand on his hip and another coming up to cup his face. Out of the corner of his eye he can see the digijacks lift their mouths from each other, and then he’s hit with three identical smirks, although the two on the side pale in comparison to the one staring him down from inches away.

“What do you say, handsome?” Jack says, thumb brushing Tim’s cheek. “Interested?”

Tim gulps. He feels like he should say no to this - but he doesn’t want to, and he’s far away from home and everything that used to make sense, and sometimes it feels like Jack’s the only stable ground in a world that’s constantly shifting.

Jack’s watching him intently, waiting. His hands are warm on Timothy’s skin.

They’re the same height, so it’s easy to step into him, to watch Jack’s eyes light up as Timothy leans in.

Interested,” Tim says, right before he presses his lips to Jack’s. “Yeah, you could say that.”

Okay I don’t even know why I’m thinking this right now, but do you ever just think about how one day you’ll find someone special? I’m not talking about the one or anything. Just a significant other. And whether it be three months or three years, it’ll still be amazing. And iunno. I just think its amazing that one day ill wake up and be like wow this person is mine.

extended hiatus

heyooo so i’ve forbidden myself from tumblr and skype completely until everything is done and i know i said end of month but it’s going to be a liiiiittle longer because i cannot do three pages a night w/ school haha.

also i feel awfully out of the loop and have no idea what’s going on, but i hope you’re all doing okay and i can’t wait to catch up

Oh my god.

So, there was this little protest in my school against the dress code called “‘Slutty’ Wednesday” (note that slutty is in quotation marks on purpose, nobody actually wants to be seen as a slut here) where a few hundred(?) students dressed in tank tops and shorts to try to make a stand against the biased dress code (basically, the administration targets mostly the girls, and usually of a certain body shape). Somehow, this isall over the fucking news.

I just don’t understand why the media even cares. Slow news day? I heard from someone that there was even some news of this in Korea or something?? I’m just… ahaha I find this hilarious.

http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/07/nyregion/stuyvesant-high-school-students-protest-dress-code.html?_r=2 Honestly. This is just… pffft.