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ibisangelus asked:

“I… I… I’m losing myself…”

  “That’s not true.” Chuami muttered. 

  She ought not to have spoken at all; talking to the pris– to the sorceress was forbidden. Her job was to make sure no one broke into the chamber before it could be sealed. No more, no less. And once that was done, once this girl was ready to be fired into space, she was to join the effort to clear Esthar of monsters and secure Tears Point. But, there was something maddeningly pitiful about her. Nothing like a sorceress at all; nothing terrifying or world-ending.

  “It doesn’t happen all at once,” she continued, reasoning aloud to herself more than anything. “It took Adel many years to become what she did. And Edea, too. The point of this is to suspend you in a state where you’re not like them.”