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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot:  The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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LMAO RIP QUALITY OF GIF. HELLO ALL!!! This is my thank you to everyone who decided to follow me and help me hit 3K+ followers!
So this is my second followers forever. Since my first one a few months ago, this blog honestly grew a lot bigger than I ever imagined it to. You guys really fill my day with joy, regardless of how negative my views on life can get and I really thank you all so much for dealing with my ass. This is also a post to say that I’m probably going to be a lot less active (as some of you may have noticed) because school is starting soon and I’ll be focused on my college apps and getting good grades for the next 4 months. IF I FORGOT YOU WERE A MUTUAL PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE IM BAD AT THIS

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A few small messages for my dearest~

@bokutcho - Gab, you were my first friend I made on here and I’m so thankful for you. I miss you sosososo much and I really hope uni is going well for you 

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“It ends in blood, as it began,” said Lady Nym. “It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within.” (For Ashley)

heylo i’m halsey but also ashley or assley or baldsey or burpsley, it just depends on the day. i’ve been thinking about the dentist joke for a couple weeks now and i’m hoping someone will ask what it is so i can tell it. i’ve also got a dog named jagger but i stole some y’s and gave them to him so i also call him jaggyy. i haven’t given up on trying to get him to do a sploot either even though he’s very Over It but it’s okay cos i still lovadubdub him. there’s also like a fifty percent chance that if you like this i’ll mssg you with a random fun fact but if i don’t come to me my gh is targettios.

Love is hard - Chapter twelve

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: Ashley comforts you and you talk with Maddie.

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2100

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

A/n: Once again, thanks for all the support! Love you all

You politely chitchatted with Chris, Kelly and Madison in the car and once you were back home. You didn’t want to talk about what you’ve heard, especially with them. After a cup of coffee, you went upstairs, ready for another sleepless night, overthinking everything that happened. “So, did you have fun?” Maddie asked you as she also got ready for bed. “Sure, they are very nice people and the dinner was lovely.” You replied. You had already decided you weren’t telling Maddie anything. First of all, you didn’t want to talk about ‘Josh-problems’ with her and second, you were kind of annoyed by her attitude lately, though you couldn’t put your finger on what exactly rubbed you the wrong way. “I had a great night as well. Laura and Bill have always been so nice to me and I’m so close to them; I love hanging out with them.” Maddie said. “Anyway, I’m meeting up with Annie tomorrow, so I’ll probably be home late. Goodnight.” She turned off her light and rolled over in bed. You were wide awake, staring at the ceiling in the dark. Once again, your mind started racing. Question after question came up; Why don’t Bill and Laura like me? Why didn’t Josh invite me for the dinner? What is the deal with Maddie? And why did I panic? You texted Ashley, asking if she wanted to meet up tomorrow. You figured she was the best option to talk to, hoping she could shine some light on the issues you were having.

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It’s been a hot minute, @taylorswift. A lot has happened since we’ve chatted last. I’m TWENTY NOW! An adult. Like for real. I’m a manager at my workplace now which is really cool. I’ve grown a lot and CUT MY HAIR OFF? AND DYED IT RED? Like OKAY ASHLEY NICE WORK. anyway I really miss you and I can just tell how happy you are. And all I want if for you to be happy. And honestly, you being happy just makes me /so/ happy. I love you so much and I hope we get to hug again soon.


Happy 4th of July to all my American followers and visitors!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm currently stuck in a giant reading slump and I've literally first stopped reading in my first language and now I've stopped with English books as well but I still really want to read The last thing I have really enjoyed was crime or contemporary but both are gernes where I know nothing about and just bought the books randomly (the best and worst possible decision) So it would be amazing if you could recommend me some books, ofc you don't have to and I hope you have a great day 💙💙

Ohh, I could definitely recommend some contemporary books, as well as a couple fast paced/crime books.

Current contemporary faves:

  • Noteworthy by Riley Redgate
  • How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake
  • The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
  • Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera
  • We Are Okay by Nina LaCour
  • Autoboyography by Christina Lauren
  • Coffee Boy by Austin Chant (super quick queer romance novella)
  • Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde
  • The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

Some thrillers you might like:

  • Intensity by Dean Koontz
  • With Malice by Eileen Cook
  • The Wheelman by Duane Swierczynski
  • The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death by Charlie Huston
  • Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
  • Final Girls by Riley Sager

These are all pretty excellent books! Plus, I have to mention a book I recently read called Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore. It is coming out tomorrow (September 19th) and it is absolutely fantastic. It is a contemporary book, sort of. There is also an element of crime! But then it is also a bit fantasy, a bit sci-fi, maybe a tiny bit psychological horror… it is a weird, many genre-d book but I adored it and I can’t stop thinking about it. Happy reading!

the-jade-goblin replied to your post “okay im sorry for starting shit all the time i’m deleting everything”

Did people seriously start shit with you for defending Ashley? Holy crap that’s bullshit, you made good points that like made me think and turn me around on the way I think about Ash, so I hope you don’t feel too bad, you’ve changed my mind about her that’s for sure

i mean people always get mad when you defend characters most of the fandom doesnt like but like. i was being rude and i felt bad for lashing out just because your post was the one that tipped me over the edge after all the other posts ive seen this week that also bothered me

Roger’s aftermatch presser

Q. Does it mean a lot to you to put some more distance between you and your greatest rivals with this title?
ROGER FEDERER: That’s the smallest part, to be honest. For me it’s all about the comeback, about an epic match with Rafa again. Doing it here in Australia, that I’m so thankful to Peter Carter and Tony Roche, and just people… I guess my popularity here, their support, that I can still do it at my age after not having won a slam for almost five years.

That’s what I see. The last problem is the slam count. Honestly, it doesn’t matter.

Q. Had you ever envisioned winning a Grand Slam on a challenge?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I guess I’ve been there before at some point. I can’t tell you which finals or – not a finals maybe, but some matches end this way. So we’ve seen it before.

I mean, you have to challenge it. If you’re Rafa, what other option do you have? Good would have been if he had gotten there, played the lob, and then challenged. Then it’s at least replay the point, isn’t it?

Of course, it’s slightly awkward to win this way. Nevertheless, emotions poured out of me. I was incredibly happy, as you can imagine. Then, of course, I was also seeing my entire support team, Mirka, everybody else going bananas. It was cool.

I knew from that point on, like, I actually did really win. That was a great feeling.

Q. Winning 18 would have been special regardless of where you had done it. Can you tell us how special it is doing it here in Australia.
ROGER FEDERER: Like you said, I think it would have been special regardless of where it was going to be. Look, this is a tournament I’ve not missed. I’ve not missed the French. I’ve missed the US Open last year. This is the one I guess that is my most consistent slam potentially.

It all started for me here. I played the quallies here in ‘99, the juniors in '98. Won my first match maybe against Michael Chang here back in 2000. I go way back. Always loved coming here, you know.

When you win down here, the journey home is not a problem. When you lose, it’s just brutal. That’s why I feel very fortunate tonight.

Q. After the semifinal you touched upon the fact that you might have tensed up a little in the final set. How were you able to focus coming from a break down?
ROGER FEDERER: I told myself to play free. That’s what we discussed with Ivan and Severin before the matches. You play the ball, you don’t play the opponent. Be free in your head, be free in your shots, go for it. The brave will be rewarded here. I didn’t want to go down just making shots, seeing forehands rain down on me from Rafa. I think it was the right decision at the right time.

I had opportunities early on in the fifth, as well, to get back on even terms. I could have been left disappointed there and accepted that fact. I kept on fighting. I kept on believing, like I did all match long today, that there was a possibility I could win this match.

I think that’s what made me play my best tennis at the very end the match, which was actually surprising to me. I went through a little bit of a lull in the fourth and the beginning of the fifth set.

Q. I assume it’s fair to say he’s your greatest rival. What does it mean to win this against him?
ROGER FEDERER: We go furthest back, you know. Novak also has been one of my biggest rivals. So have Roddick and Hewitt. I don’t like to leave anybody out, to be honest. But I’m sure I’ve left a couple out. They know who they are.

But Rafa definitely has been very particular in my career. I think he made me a better player. Him and a couple more players have done the most to do that to me because the way his game stacks up with me, it’s a tricky one. I’ve said that openly. It remains for me the ultimate challenge to play against him. So it’s definitely very special.

I said that also before the finals: if I were to win against Rafa, it would be super special and very sweet because I haven’t beaten him in a Grand Slam final for a long, long time now. Last time I guess was 2007 at Wimbledon in a five-setter. Now I was able to do it again.

We’re both on a comeback. Like I said on the court, it would have been nice for both of us to win, but there’s no draws in tennis. It’s brutal sometimes.

He should be happy. I would have been happy again to be in the finals, like I said on the court. I think this one will take more time to sink in. When I go back to Switzerland, I’ll think, Wow.

The magnitude of this match is going to feel different. I can’t compare this one to any other one except for maybe the French Open in '09. I waited for the French Open, I tried, I fought. I tried again and failed. Eventually I made it. This feels similar, yeah.

Q. Millions of people across the world saw this match. This tournament has been so wonderful with you, Rafa, Venus, Serena. Do you see this as a kind of celebration of spirit? In some uncertain times now, an event like this can help people and pick people’s spirits up.
ROGER FEDERER: I mean, I don’t know to what extent. At the end of the day, it remains sports. But sports is a powerful tool. Makes a lot of people happy. They forget about their sorrows sometimes. Not always, though, clearly.

But I feel like finals of this magnitude, big Masters 1000s, World Tour Finals, you name it, they are supposed to be a celebration of tennis. That’s why I think it’s so nice again, to have Rod Laver out on the podium. For us, I was expecting Ashley-Cooper. But Rocket’s okay, too, I guess.

It is, at the end, regardless of the outcome of the match, it’s like a Super Bowl, whatever it is, it is tennis that is at front and center.

I’m happy we were represented that well tonight with Rafa. He’s always great. That’s why I hope he’s still going to be in the game for a long time and represent the way he does.

Q. This is your first Grand Slam with Ivan Ljubicic coaching you. What does it mean to you?
ROGER FEDERER: It’s obviously special for the entire team. It was his first Grand Slam final as a player or as a coach. Obviously he was nervous all day. I tried to calm him down (smiling). The same thing with my physio, too. I think I can sense that this is not something that he’s seen so many times. Where Severin, he was totally relaxed about it.

It’s beautiful for all of us. I know how happy they are because they are more than just a coach or a physio or whatever. They’re all my friends. So we spent a lot of time, you know, talking about am I going to get back to 100%, and if I did, what would it require to win a Grand Slam.

Now we made it. We’re going to be partying like rock stars tonight. I can tell you that.

Q. The medical timeout, there were some quite adverse comments about that.
ROGER FEDERER: What is 'adverse comments’?

Q. Critical comments. I think Pat Cash said it was legalized cheating. Can you tell us what was going on there, what the reason was.
ROGER FEDERER: Look, I mean, I explained myself a couple of days ago after the Stan match. Yeah, my leg has been hurting me since the Rubin match. I was happy that I was able to navigate through the pain. For some reason against Stan I had it from the start on both sides of the groin.

After he took a medical timeout, I thought I could also take one for a change and see if actually something like a massage during the match is actually going to help me. It did a little bit potentially. I’m not sure.

And then today after probably – well, I felt my quad midway through the second set already, and the groin started to hurt midway through the third set. I just told myself, The rules are there that you can use them. I also think we shouldn’t be using these rules or abusing the system. I think I’ve led the way for 20 years.

So I think to be critical there is exaggerating. I’m the last guy to call a medical timeout. So I don’t know what he’s talking about.

Q. We know you’ve been asked about retirement for about 10 years now.

Q. Your comment on the court where you said, If I’m back next year, it does invite some comment on that. How much should we read into what you said there?
ROGER FEDERER: I mean, this is all about, you know, knowing that I have only so much tennis left in me. If I do get injured, you know, maybe if I miss next year. Who knows what happens.

So it was just a way… You never know when your next Grand Slam is going to be, if ever. You never know if you’re going to have an opportunity at this stage, I felt I could thank so many people at once. It’s a live audience. It’s a moment for me to be appreciative of them.

Yeah, I mean, look, I’ve had a tough year last year. Three five-setters are not going to help. I just meant it the way I meant it. There wasn’t something planned behind it, that this is my last Australian Open. I hope can I come back, of course. That’s my hope right now.

Q. You touched on it before briefly. How does Roger Federer at your age celebrate tonight?
ROGER FEDERER: I’m a bit more experienced about it. You know, I just don’t show up and look for something. We’ve organized a party. The good thing is always to have enough people around to make a party. I have a lot of friends over here now. Made a lot of friends also locally. Then also a lot of people have just been on this trip for some time now. So we’re going to be about, I don’t know, 20, 30, 40 people depending. It’s better to party in a big bunch than all alone with one glass of champagne. I’m sure it’s going to be good fun.

I liked the days when we had the day finals, like 2004, so it wouldn’t would be almost 2:00. I still have doping to do. I have a bit of pressure to get that done.

anonymous asked:

tumblr girl names that are famous and roleplayable please? tyy ☺

I deal with this problem all the time bc i tend to play underused fc’s like these.. wow okay here’s a few INTERNET famous girls, not necessarily tumblr…

  • Maggie Lindemann
  • Olivia Moore
  • Sarah Ellen
  • Savannah Montano
  • Orion Carloto
  • Sam Fazz
  • Emma Curto
  • Lina Edwards
  • Renee Herbert
  • Elisha Herbert
  • Alicia Schrock
  • Sofia Olivera
  • Madison Beer
  • Acacia Brinley
  • Mahogany Lox
  • Alexis Renn
  • Ashley Frangipane
  • Stella Hudgens
  • Alli Simpson
  • Samantha Clarke
  • Joanna Kuchta
  • Pyper America Smith
  • Charlie Barker
  • Elizabeth Jane Bishop
  • Claudia Sulewski
  • Melissa Sandoval
  • Tia Valentine
  • Sophie Harrison
  • Hailey Baldwin
  • Sophia Richie
  • Pia Mia Perez
  • Tatiana Maya
  • Jordyn Woods
  • Alexa Losey
  • Telena Nicole
  • Kaykay Blaisdell
  • Anastasia Karanikolaou
  • Lindsay Demola
  • Morgan Demola
  • Regan Wingo
  • Cheyenne Marak
  • Kelli Scott
  • Josephine Nicole
  • Payton Rae
  • Savannah May
  • Lycia Faith
  • Madison Iseman
  • Courtney Dickerson
  • Kylie Watkins
  • Nicole Meljia

I know this is a lot but I wanted to give you as many options as possible! Hope I helped, babe.

Things Happen

Anonymous Requested:

Can you do one where y/n is dating cc and it’s kind of like a freaky Friday theme? They switch bodies and there is a concert that night and both are freaking out but they switch back before the concert. Does that make sense?


Sorry that it took so long to write this.


“CC can’t we work this out?” You asked, tears in your eyes.

“No, I don’t think that we can.” He said, taking the bag that he had packed and heading for the door. “I’ll come back for the rest of my stuff after we get back from the tour.” He assured you, and you started crying in earnest.

“Babe, please.” You pleaded, taking his hand in yours, “We can change, we can make it work, we’re having a rough time, but things can get better.” You pleaded, but he wasn’t hearing it.

“The bus is here, I’m going to go load up.” He told you, but you refused to let him go.

“Please, CC, don’t.” You begged, and he just shook his head.

“I just can’t anymore (Y/N).” He told you, but you refused, following him out to the bus.

“CC, you can’t just do this to us, after four years we at least deserve to try and talk this out. We owe it to the relationship we’ve already built to at least try and-“

“No! (Y/N)! I don’t owe you anything!” he yelled at you, storming onto the bus.

“Whoa, something the matter?” Jinxx asked, and you shook your head.

“Here.” Jinxx said, pressing something into your pocket and kissing your forehead. “Everything will be fine.” He promised you, and you shook your head.

“I don’t understand, Jinxx, why would he-“

“It’s going to be alright.” He assured you, steering you away from the bus as he got back on. “Just trust me.” He winked and you nodded, never having been given a reason not to trust Jinxx. You figured he would talk to CC, make him see sense. Whatever panic attack he was having would subside, and the two of you would be fine, you just had to be.

You watched the bus pull away, tears in your eyes, and reached your hands into your pocket, looking for something to give yourself some closure, and found the thing jinxx had shoved into your pocket.

“What?” you asked, hearing the crinkling of cellophane as you pulled it out of your pocket. “What?” You said again, seeing a plastic encased fortune cookie in your hand.

“Okay, that’s weird.” You whispered, shoving the cookie back in your pocket.

You went back into the apartment you and CC shared and curled up in yours and CC’s bed, inhaling his scent that was still there.



I just couldn’t face her. I was so guilty, I couldn’t do it. She deserved better than me, she deserved so much better. I threw my bag into my bunk and climbed in, not in the mood to deal with the guys, or anyone. I just wanted to sleep for a fucking minute, and not feel like a piece of shit.

“Hey, CC,” Jinxx said, and I groaned.

“What the fuck do you want?” I asked him, and he chuckled, pulling my curtain aside, he threw something into my lap.

“You need to chill, have a nap or something.” He told me, and I glared at him.

“Whatever, just get the fuck out.” I told him. I knew that I was being a dick, but I couldn’t let him what was up, what I had done to (Y/N). I thought it would just be better for her to think that I didn’t want to be with her, rather than knowing the truth, the way that I had betrayed her.

“Okay, relax.” He chuckled before leaving, closing the door to Ashley and I’s private room.

I groaned, looking down curiously at th fortune cookie in my lap. What the honest fuck? That was Jinxx for you, fucking weird.

The Next Morning

You were in a less than comfortable position, and when you tried to stretch out you found yourself nearly falling off of a bed. Your eyes flew open and you screamed as you looked down at your masculine hands. You knew for a fact that this was not right.

“Shut the fuck up, CC.” Ashley’s voice yelled at you, and you went silent.

Your voice was so masculine. Ashley had called you CC. You were in a bunk, CC’s bunk, and you weren’t you. This wasn’t normal, this wasn’t okay. You were not okay with this. You thanked destiny that he was still clothed, or that you were still clothed, you weren’t even sure how to think about it. You scrounged around for his phone, dialing yourself, hoping that this was all a dream. You pinched yourself as your phone rang, and were more than a little freaked out to hear your own voice freaking out.

“(Y/N)??” Your own voice asked you, and you nodded.

“CC?” You asked, panicking.

“Yeah,” He said in your tiny voice. It seemed so wrong to be hearing yourself, and not him.

“What happened?” You asked, tears breaking out.

“Shh, don’t cry, don’t cry, it’s going to be okay.” He said, the strength of his tone not matching the tiny little voice he was using to convey it.

“CC, I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t understand.” You started to sob, and he shh’ed you, cooing to you, trying to calm you down as you began to hyperventilate.

“Breath, (Y/N), breath,” He reminded you, and you tried to get your breathing under control, but you were having a panic attack.

“CC, I-“ You couldn’t breath anymore, there was no oxygen getting to your brain.

“You’re going to be okay.” He promised you. “Everything is going to be okay, (Y/N), just calm down, please. You’re going to hurt yourself.” He tried to warn you, but that just made you panic more. He was in your body, what if he saw your scars? He’d never take you back if he knew what a freak you were.

“CC, -“ You croaked out, grasping your throat. “CC.”

“I’m right here, baby, I’m right here.” He said, but it was so strange to hear him saying it with your voice. You knew it was him, but it didn’t sound like him.

“You’re okay, baby, say it with me, alright. You’re okay, you’re okay.” He repeated, and you glanced at Ashley glad to see his curtain was still pulled back.

“You’re okay.” You told yourself. “You’re okay.” Hearing CC’s voice say it started to calm you down, even though it was your own voice, technically.

“Thata girl.” He murmured lovingly. “You’re okay, (Y/N), I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

“CC, I’m scared.” You told him, and sighed.

“Me too, babe, but don’t worry about it, okay, we’ll figure it out somehow.”

“I hope so CC.” You said, small tears falling. “I don’t know what to do.” You whimpered, and he cooed, trying to calm you.

“Just stay in the bunks for now, okay, I’ll drive up to the next venue now, and we’ll try and sort this out, I promise.”

“Thank you, CC.”

“No problem babe, I’m going to head out okay, I’ll call you when I get to the venue.”

“Okay, I love you.” You said, forgetting for a moment all the things that had happened last night. He was silent for a moment, and your heart lurched.

“I love you too, babe, I’ll see you in a little bit.” He promised before hanging up. He’d said it back, he’d said that he loved you. How could he break up with you if he loved you? You laid back down, crying silent tears as you pondered on that, on what he’d said. CC had always been so good to you, so patient with you. In the four years that you’d been with him never once had he pressured you about sex. You knew he wanted to, but you just couldn’t… you just couldn’t. You ran your hand over CC’s thighs, his clothed thighs that probably didn’t hold any secrets, not like yours did. You hoped he didn’t look at them. He’d never be able to love you if he knew. He’d never be able to understand. He thought you were strong, but you weren’t, and once he knew that…

You disliked the strange extra appendage that seemed to shift with you, and you flushed when you realized that it was his penis. You were certainly not going to go to the bathroom like this, you would wait until the end of time if you had to, you weren’t going to touch it, or look at it, or even acknowledge it’s existence.

“This is so weird.” You croaked, hugging the pillow beneath your head.

You hiccupped and wondered what CC was doing


Holy shit. I couldn’t stop staring. I knew that I should’ve closed my eyes when I tried to change, but I didn’t and… I was glad I didn’t but I wish that I had. How long had she been keeping this from me? Some of them were still scabbed over, some of them were fading scars, and some of them were in between those stages. She was cutting herself, hurting herself. Why? Was it me? How could I have done this to her? It had to have been me. Was I hurting her? None of them looked fresh, so she hadn’t done any after we broke up, but…

She didn’t tell me. Why didn’t she tell me?

I started to cry softly. How could she not tell me?

Why would she tell me? I wasn’t trustworthy. After everything that I had done, all the shit I had pulled, even if she didn’t KNOW, I’d bet anything she knew.

I had done this to her. I should’ve been helping her, but I didn’t even know. How could I have been so blind? I put her little fist straight through the wall, cursing when I realized that I’d hurt her hand. Hadn’t I hurt her enough already? Hadn’t I caused her enough pain?

I swiped away at the tears with her good hand, and started looking for something to wear. It was a good thing all she owned was skinny jeans and band tees, because I wasn’t actually sure how to wear anything else. It was weird to not have a dick and have boobs, but it wasn’t necessarily unpleasant, just abnormal. I pulled on some black jeans and whatever tee she had laying around and grabbed her keys and her purse. It was weird to carry a purse, but it was what she had, so I guess I’d have to make due.

I knew where the first venue was, and hopefully I could get there before the show started. It wasn’t far away, but it wasn’t too close, either. I should be able to get to her before the show starts, but what if didn’t? And even if I did what was the likelihood that I could actually do anything to switch us back? It didn’t matter, I just needed to be there to comfort her, and if all else failed I’d just find a way to go on instead of her. She didn’t need that sort of stress. I ran my hand over her thighs, my heart aching from thinking of her dealing with this sort of pain for so long without me ever realizing it.

My drive to the venue was plagued by thoughts of her and fear for her. I’d done this to her. It was all I could think. I had to make this right, I had to stop screwing everything up.

When I pulled up to the venue a couple of people recognized me and I tried to be as nice as possible as I brushed them all off as I went in search of my girlfriend… boyfriend?

When I found her she was in the bus, practically in tears.

“Babe,” I murmured, closing the door to my bunk and holding her close to me. It was awkward with the strange newfound height difference, she was bigger than me now, and I had to get over the fact that I was actually holding myself.

“CC, what are we going to do? I- I can’t play the drums, and, I really have to pee, CC, but…” She shook her head and I pulled her close to me.

“It’s okay, (Y/N), everything’s going to be okay, we’ll work this out, alright,” I promised her, kissing her on the top of the forehead, my forehead, the forehead I had to reach for. This was so strange.

“Where was this attitude yesterday?” she asked with a hiccup, and I felt guilt consume me. I knew she was just joking, trying to play it off, but it still hurt me not to tell her.

“We’re still broken up, (Y/N),” I told her, feeling stupid as soon as I’d said it. That was fucking dumb.

“Obviously,” she said, sounding harsher than I knew she could be, and weirdly in my voice. Neither of us were ever really harsh come to think of it.

“I- (Y/N), if you would just try to understand-”

“I don’t want to understand, CC,” she said, my teary eyes looking at me. “I don’t want to know why something I thought was so good turned out to be so bad. I don’t want to know why the best thing in my life is suddenly disappearing, I don’t want to understand!”

There was a knock at the door before I could answer her.

“Who is it?” (Y/N) asked.

“CC, tell (Y/N) what happened. Stop being such a fucking pussy,” Ashley said through the door.

“Hey, you don’t get to tell me- I mean, him what to do!” I said, remembering that I was actually (Y/N) at the moment.

“Quit the shit, CC, we know that Jinxx switched your bodies, and if you want him to switch you back then you better fucking tell her, preferably before the show starts, thank you,” Ashley said before walking away.

“What happened?” (Y/N) asked in my voice.

“I- I didn’t want to tell you. I didn’t…” I couldn’t even think of the words. I ran a hand over my face, and she was looking at me expectantly, her eyes not wavering even once, she was determined for me to answer.

“That night when I didn’t come home until late, when I told you I was out with the guys I… I was really drunk, (Y/N), and that’s no excuse, and I hate that I was so stupid, and I- I didn’t want you to think of me like that, and-“

“You cheated on me, didn’t you?” She asked, not meeting my eyes.

For a second I couldn’t even make myself say it.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I was stupid, and drunk, and I didn’t want you to know because I knew that you’d hate me. I love you so much, and I want you to have someone better than me. You deserve someone who isn’t a drunken idiot. I’m sorry, (Y/N),” I tried to tell her, but she still wasn’t looking at me.

“Why didn’t you just tell me? Why did doing me wrong twice make what you did right?” She asked, and I shook my head.

“I don’t know,” I admitted to her, and she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me against her, the way I usually did.

“CC, if you’re really sorry I’m willing to forgive you,” she murmured, and I bumped her chin in my rush to look up at her.

“What?” I asked, not able to believe my ears.

“I know that things happen, CC, it’s okay,” she said, tears in her eyes, and I knew then she was too good for me.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry,” I told her, holding her tightly, “I’m so sorry. You- you deserve a knight in shining armor. I’m sorry you got stuck with a frog.”

She laughed and stroked my back, comforting me the way I was supposed to be comforting her.

The bus started shaking suddenly and I felt like I was about to puke, and became almost entirely disoriented. When I was finally able to catch my bearings I was bigger than her, and myself, and I really had to piss.

“CC?” she asked warily, and I nodded, kissing the top of her forehead.

“Yeah, (Y/N), it’s me,” I murmured, holding her to me when she tried to pull away.

“Are we un-broken up?” she asked me, and I chuckled.

“Only if you want to be. If still want to leave my dumb ass I wouldn’t blame you. I suck.”

“No, you don’t,” she whispered, just lying against my chest. “You’re only human. You make mistakes, CC.”

“You’re an angel,” I told her, “I don’t deserve you.”

“Well that’s too bad, because you’re stuck with me,” she laughed, and I smiled, kissing her lips softly.

“When I got dressed this morning I saw the scars. Tonight, after the concert I’m going to skip drinks with the guys and we’re going to talk, okay? You can spend the night with us on the bus and head home in the morning,” I told her, and she pouted.

“CC, I don’t want to talk about it,” she murmured, and I kissed her forehead.

“We need to talk about it, at the very least I need to know if things that I do are making it worse.”

“No, CC, it had nothing to do with you, please, just, leave it be,” she pleaded, and I shook my head.

“This isn’t good for you, (Y/N), and if I have to I will drive home myself, pack a bag, and make you come on tour with us if that’s what it takes, okay? I don’t want you to suffer in silence, or to suffer, period. I love you too much to let you bear this alone.”

“CC, you wouldn’t understand,” she pleaded, but I shook my head.

“Help me understand,” I said before Ash knocked on the door.

“We’re starting sound check soon, get a move on, CC.”

I sighed and looked at her intently, grabbing her purse from where I’d dropped it earlier as well as my wallet. “Come on, you’re not going anywhere, until we talk.” I told her, taking her hand and leading her to the door.

“CC, you’re not dressed,” she said, and I chuckled at her.

“Don’t worry about it, babe, come on.” I said, kissing her cheek and smiling at her brightly before tugging her out the door towards the venue.

Hey! I love the story you’re writing, so here goes some fanart ·w· Giant!Sans looking trough a window of the house for Ashley, hope you like it ^^

“Ash? You awake?”

“Wha-Sans?! What’s…why are you here??”

“I, uh, know it’s kinda late, but I was just…feelin kinda bonely and was wonderin if maybe you wanted to talk for a bit?”

“…Let me go get my shoes on, I’ll be out in a second, okay?”

“Heh, alright…thanks.”

I love my bestfriend:) we just had a two hourish tarot meet thing & idek how many I just saw her face and was like… I luv u bitch & I ain’t never gonna stop loving you bitch


YOU WON (Ashley Purdy Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely sleepingwithsexicans03 :3}

A/N-How hot does Ash look in that pic? 😜

You were driving home from yet another stressfull and exhausting day from your job. Since you got a job at a very famous clothing store, it was always very busy.
The only thing that did put a huge smile on your face was fact that your boyfriend Ashley was comming home early today.
In fact, as you looked at the time in your car, he should be home right now. Usually he would come home very late because he was so busy with the guys on band things. So finally being able to see him was the happiest feeling to you.
You quickly pulled up to your driveway and rushed out of the car and locking it.
Your smile kept becomming bigger and bigger as you inserted your keys in the front doorknob.
You finally stepped inside and quietly closed the door behind you. You starting taking very tiny footsteps to your living room, when you got there you the back of your boyfriend’s head as he was sitting on the couch.

The glow of the t.v screen shaping him perfectly to you. His lucious hair waterfalling over the back of the sofa, and his muscular tatted arm resting on the edge, his fingers tapping it.
You bit your bottom lip and attempted to sneak up on him, but sadly it was not a success.
“(Y/N) sweetheart I know its you.” he says not even turning his head.
Your mouth dropped open and you frowned in defeat, “How the hell did you know it was me?”
you questioned, crossing your arms above your chest and pouting like a little five-year-old kid.
You heard him chuckle and saw him stand up from the sofa, he turned and walked over to you taking you into his strong arms.
He burried his face into your neck, the air comming out of his nostrils tickled you, you could even feel the goosebumps rise.
“Your sweet perfume gave it away.” he whispered in your ear, and to make your goosebumps rise even more, he took the liberty of nibbling at your ear. You giggled and leaned away smiling at him.
“Well you should know my scent its your favorite.”
“Mhmm and it believe me it makes you extra sexy.” he says biting his bottom lip

You blushed and looked down at his feet for a bit. Ash chuckled once more and tried to duck down a little to look straight at your face.
“What? What did I say?” he asked.
“You know I dont want you to look at me when I blush so hard.” You replied.
“Silly girl.” he says gently lifting your chin back up so you could look at him again, before you could even say anything else his lips beat you to it by pressing against yours and embracing them so sweetly and passionately.
You kissed him back and felt yourself blush even harder than before, you felt like your face was going to start smoking anytime now with the way it became all hot.
He carefully caressed your cheek, “cutie.” he softly muttered while gazing into your pretty eyes. he leaned in and kissed you once more, this time a little more seductively, he even sneaked his tounge in for a little bit.
It felt so good to you, you swore he could work magic with that thing.
Suddenly before you even realized it he had already leaned away, slowly you opened your eyes once more.
You gave him a “why did you stop?” expression.
Ash bit his bottom lip and smirked at you,
“What? hungry for more?” he asked.

You felt your cheeks and glared a little, “You make me blush any harder my face is gonna melt off.” you tell him.
Ashley laughed and pecked your cheek, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the sofa with him.
You snuggled up against him and watched t.v with him for a bit.
“I didnt know you liked to watch wrestling.” you say keeping your eyes on the screen.
“Yeah, its pretty okay I guess.” he responds.
“Really? its a little stupid to me.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Oh please look at those guys, I can for sure take them down.” you striked.
Ash looked down at you surprised, “Is that so babe?”
“Mhmmmmm.” you hummed with a sassy attitude.
“Maybe those guys but for sure not me.” He challenged.
You sat up for a moment and looked straight at him, “Excuse you? and what makes you so sure?”
He smirked once again and lifted up his black shirt sleeve and flexed for you.
You bit your bottom lip a little, you could never resist his hot as hell muscles. It was pretty much the biggest turn on to you, but you shook your head and snapped out of the sexy fantasy you were about to have in your mind.
“Doesnt matter how nicely built you are I can still take you down.” You striked once again.

Ashley nodded, “Okay, then lets do it.”
“Lets wrestle, lets see who wins.” he challenged.
“You serious?” you asked a little stunned.
He nodded in response, “Why you scared?”
“Hell nah!”
“Then come on lets go (L/N)!”
“Oh its on Purdy!” you yelled tackling him, surprsingly you managed to tackle him down on the floor, you have been tiny compared to him but you sure as hell had some good body strength in you.
Ashley was completely shocked but he grabbed you and pinned you down on the floor.
“Thats the best you got?” he asked.
The match between the two of you guys was pretty intense, it was serious at first but then it just turned into play fighting and you even ended up laughing about the whole thing.
Ashley grabbed you making you laugh, especially because he was basically grabbing you by your breasts.
“Ash let go of my boobs!!” you yelled laughing harder.
“Nope theyre nice and squishy.” he says.
You laughed a little more and finally managed to push him away. “Doesnt matter what you grab of me I still won this little match.” you declared. You looked down at yourself and became wide eyed to see that your shirt was missing, you were only in your sexy black lace bra. Which was a little see through as well.

Your boyfriend turned his head and starting gazing at your body.
You looked around for your shirt, “Love? where did my shirt go?” you wondered as you were looking around.
He didnt even answer, he was too busy looking at your radiant body, he was starting to want you bad.
“Ash?” you asked, when you turned your head and saw the way he was staring at you, you giggled and shook your head.
“Dont even think about it Purdy.” you warned him.
His eyes looked from your boobs to your face, he crawled over to you and his hands started feeling your thighs. You felt them tingle in pleasure already.
“Ashley…” you said in a warning tone.
“Oh I love it when you say my name, now Im gonna make you scream it.”
“Wha..aaahh!!” you screamed when he pulled your legs against him. they were now opened and around his waist, you became shocked but you loved it when he tamed you like that. He grabbed your wrists and pinned them down to the floor like before.
“Im guessing you want me..” you said.
His hand started to trace your right boob and squeezing it a little, you became turned on by his sexual touch, He leaned in closer to your lips and whispered, “Oh I want you badly baby…”
He deeply kissed you, both of your breathing becomming hot and heavy, your tempurature rising very quickly.

His lips then proceeded down to your neck, his tounge substituting for his lips at moments making you moan quietly, then loudly when you felt his teeth pull down your bra exposing your full globes.
Your body became even more heated when you felt his lips sucking on your nipples.
You moaned even more, the volume of it getting louder the more he touched you.
He unhooked your bra and took off the rest of your clothes leaving you completely nude, he took a moment to stare at your gorgeous body,
“You are beautiful..” you breathlessly whispered.
You took off his clothes as well, your hands feeling the hardness of his chest then going down to his abs tracing his outlaw tattoo.
“So are you Ashley..” you also whispered.
Ashley continued to get you heated, his hand tracing your inner thighs, your hands gently grasping and scratching his smooth back.
You felt his area getting hard as his hand was feeling yours, “aaahh.” you moaned as you felt yourself getting wet. His touch was like heaven to you.
This moment was truly beautiful, there was no one else you would radther give your body to than Ashley.
He opened up your legs a little wider, and without a second thought he connecting himself with you. Thrusting his hips and his length went deeper and deeper inside of you.
The deeper he went the more beautiful your orgasm sounded to his ears.
He started to pick up the pace and sure enough you screamed his name once or twice or maybe even three times, your hot and sweat dripping bodies rubbing against each other, no space in between you whats so ever.

He kept going inside of you until you reached your climax and he as well.
Gently and ever so carefully he pulled himself out of you,
You took a deep breath and you both were finally able to catch your breath.
He gazed at your beauty and swept away your sweaty hair from your face.
He tried to breath a little more before speaking,
“Did I hurt you honey? I felt like I went too hard on you.” he asks concerned stroking your cheek.
You just smiled and shook your head, “Im okay love.” you softly replied.
“Good I was worried.” he tells you.
“Come here.” you say pulling him down, laying his head on your bare chest and running your fingers through his sweaty long locks of lucious hair.
“That was intense. How did it go from wrestling to this?” you comment causing the both of you to laugh.
“Well next time keep your shirt on.” he tells you.
“Will do. I still won though.”
Ash lifted up his head, looking at you and raising his eyebrows. “Excuse you?”
You rolled your eyes, “Okay! fine..you won.”
He smiled in victory and laid back down on your chest, and his last words before drifting off to sleep were..
“Dam Straight.”

(Sorry for being so late on this but I really hoped you like :3 ❤️)

Fanfic: The Fight

Okay so I decided to write a fanfic for the first time… I know it isn’t the best so I would love feedback. Also, @femmynazi helped me with some ideas and dialogue, so thanks Ashley!! :) 

I hope you enjoy it haha..


You woke up to the sound of your alarm buzzing away. You sighed, reached over slowly, and turned it off. You picked up your phone and checked the usual social medias. The bright morning sun shone brightly on your face, and you squinted your eyes. You looked to your left side and found the cute love of your life snoozing away. Calvin slept like an angel, you thought to yourself. He laid on his back, and his arms were stretched towards you. His collarbones were so defined and his eyelids fluttered gently. He must be in deep sleep so I better not wake him up, you thought. After a few minutes of laying in your sweet haven that you called bed, you decided to get up.

You got out of bed and your feet touched the freezing floor. You pulled on Calvin’s onsie that he used in his facecam video a while ago. You walked downstairs and brewed some coffee. A few minutes later you heard the stairs creaking and you saw a sleepy Calvin smile at you.

“Hey.” He said in that his tired, morning voice.

“I made you some coffee, toast, and fruit.” You smiled and hugged him. You inhaled his lovely scent.

“Thanks. I’m so fucking tired. That rant I was making turned out like shit so I have to re-film it.” He sat down at the counter and started eating. His hair looked so messy and greasy but you loved it. You sat down with him and just stared. “What?” He laughed, his eyes crinkled, making you smile.

“I don’t know I just really like spending time with you. I can’t believe you’re mine…” You blushed and sipped your coffee, avoiding eye contact. He pushed your hair out of your face and kissed your forehead.

“Well fuck me. A pretty girl likes me. I guess I’m not such a fucking faggot after all.” He chuckled and said in your ear, “I love you Y/N.”

You ate the rest of your breakfast in silence, watching how the birds hopped on the fence outside, or how the trees gently swayed in the wind. Everything was so beautiful when you were with him. He made your heart pump wildly, even after being with him for one year, you couldn’t get over the fact that he chose you. Breaking the silence, he said, “So what do you want to do today? I was just gonna edit a video but I want to take you somewhere. Do you want to go to the space needle? I went a while back and it was really fucking cool. I think you’d love it.” You nodded excitedly and ran upstairs to change. You loved when he finally left the house. He ran up after you and hugged you from behind. “Are you wearing my onsie?” You giggled and turned around, peering into his big, brown eyes. His piercing gaze caused you to look away, he grinned and held your face in his hands. You raised your eyebrows.

“Calvin, we can go, but jesus, you need to take a fucking shower.” You ruffled his hair teasingly. He raised his dark eyebrows and said,

“I just took one last night, it’s called fucking gel you moron.” You pushed him away playfully, and went to your room. He ran after you and kissed you passionately. You grabbed his hair and melted in his arms. You guys teased each other as you got dressed. He jokingly withheld your bra from you while you stood there, half naked, and wrestled him trying to get it back. Kind of embarrassed, you said, “Dude you’re such a pervert. Give it or else I’ll expose you.” He held in his laugh and said, “Fucking do it. Keemstar would love the drama.” You pouted and turned around. He threw it at your head and fell to pieces laughing. It made you blush. You picked it up and put it on. You both continued the teasing until you finally made it to the space needle.

You looked up and felt intimidated. “We have to go up that thing?” You gulped and he jokingly said, “Yeah. Don’t be a pussy Y/N it’s not that bad.” You guys made it to the restaurant and got a table. He said, “Okay I’m gonna update snapchat.” He grabbed his shitty android phone and said to the camera, “So, I’m here with Y/N on the fucking space needle so if I die, delete my browser history. Also, this was totally her idea. Not mine. 100% truth.” And it ends there. You give him raised eyebrows and a glare. He shrugs and says, “I’m funny alright.”

You get up from the table with a grin and go up to the glass where you can see an entire view of Seattle. Your breath is taken from the view. He comes up behind you and says, “See? It’s fucking beautiful.” You nod and snap a few photos. A few seconds later two boys around the age of 15 approach you and Calvin.

“Are you leafyishere?” They scoff. He looks their way and says, “Yeah, why?” They laugh and start taking photos of him. “You really do have no chin! Idubbbz was right. You’re such a fucking pussy too. Your content sucks ass.” Calvin kind of scoffs and says, “Let’s go.” You don’t want to go though. Your blood starts boiling and you ball your hands into fists so hard.

“What the hell did you just say?” You raise your voice. The boys raise their eyebrows and laugh.

“His girlfriend has to defend him. Pathetic, but expected from a pussy like him.” Then you start to laugh uncontrollably.

“Did you actually stalk him from his snapchat? Wow, you really do have no life.” The smile fades from their thin lips and they stutter, but are unable to form words. One of them finally says,

“Dude, you need to break up with leafy. You deserve better than that greasy dickhead. You’re actually pretty hot too. Kind of slutty for my taste, but hot.” He looks at your body up and down and that’s when Calvin intervenes.

“What the fuck did you just say to her?” He aggressively pushes the guy down and punches him. Your eyes widen from shock. “Don’t you fucking look at her like that again. And don’t you speak to her like that either.” His dark eyebrows are now furrowed and you see a fury in his eyes you’ve never seen before. His jaw is clenched and he is breathing hard. The taller boy throws a punch in his face to your surprise. Calvin holds his eye in shock and as he’s about to punch back, you put a hand on his arm and you feel his body relax. His eyes soften when he looks at you. By now everybody in the area is staring and the two boys are long gone. You bury yourself into his arms and whisper “It’s alright” over and over again.

Later that night you watch Netflix on your tv and he sits next to you, icing his swollen eye. “I’m sorry for what I did earlier. I fucking ruined our day.”

“It’s fine Calvin. They lowkey deserved it.” You snuggled into his arms. His soft hand wrapped around yours and his thumb gently stroked the back of your hand. You admired his long, delicate fingers until he suddenly ripped them away from you. “Fucking hell.” He sighed as he looked at his phone.

“What is it?” You peered at it and saw that there were at least three different drama channels broadcasting things like “Leafyishere attacks young boys” with video footage. He gets off the couch and makes his way to his gaming setup.

“I’m gonna film a video okay? I need to explain this literal bullshit.” He starts off by saying “Hello and welcome back to a brand new video on the fucking shithole that we call the internet.” You chuckle at his words and drift off to sleep at the sound of his voice.

It’s around 2 AM and you wake up to his warm body wrapped around yours. You realize that you’ve woken up from a nightmare. You hold his hand tightly and he says, “What’s wrong?” You peer at his dimly lit face and see how dark and sunken his injured eye is. You gently touch it and he winces. “I’m sorry” you mumble and kiss him on his lips. He kisses back, rubbing your face with his chin subtle. You inspect his face and also notice a cut on his right cheek. “What is this? Calvin you need to treat this with something.”

You get up from the couch and grab something to fix his injuries. You sit next to him, his eyes closed, twitching slightly. You grab a disinfecting wipe and gently put it on his cut.

“Fuck,” He squeezes his eyes and bites his lower lip, exposing his small but adorable tooth gap. “That shit stings, what the actual fuck is that?” He grabs it from you and reads the package. You sigh and say, “You need to treat it. Stop being such a pussy.” You hold back your laughter. You place it back on his cut and he grabs your thigh and squeezes it. You hold his face in your hands and push his hair back. He blinks slowly and looks at you.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”

You smile and say, “I wish I could say the same to you.” He laughs a little and closes his eyes. You kiss his injured cheek and fall asleep by his side, curled up, and feeling content.