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It is hard to tell in this photograph, but Ariel was signing to me! I am hard of hearing and there are times where I have to use ASL for communication. My mom told her that I couldn’t hear and immediately she turned asking (in sign), “You are deaf?”. I started sobbing, ugly happy sobs. In the time slot allotted we signed the entire time and it made my trip to Disney absolutely incredible. Think about that. Five minutes of just being able to communicate with a character made the long plane ride, long car ride, etc. worth it. The bonus is that Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. I felt included in a world that is tailored to the “norm” and it meant the world.

it calls me

for @pemasea and @preatorpercy - i’m so sorry it’s taken so long and still isn’t finished, but here’s a start on that ariel and moana fic for you!!!

“I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and restore the heart to Te Fiti.” She pulled the sail around, grunting slightly with the effort, and repeated the mantra again. “I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat and -”

Something interrupted the chant that had been running through her head since she’d set out on this voyage. A voice in the distance, high and sweet and - singing?

Moana froze. When she concentrated, she could clearly hear the song, carrying over the waves. It couldn’t have been that far away. She mustn’t have been so utterly surrounded by water as she’d thought. The voice was heavenly, sweeter than anything she’d ever heard before, and Moana felt drawn to it by something beyond her control. The same longing she felt whenever she stood on the shore of Motunui surged within her again now, this time pulling her over the sea and towards the strangely beautiful sound. Barely hesitating, she changed course and headed straight for the voice. 

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19 w/ Seungyoon pretty please :) 💗

Things you said:  (19) When we were the happiest we ever were.

Seungyoon sat across her, leaning comfortably with his legs stretched out, long fingers playing the edges of the Café’s menu. It was the persistent staring that edged her.

“…what?” She scoffs lightly, sounding more impatient than she intended.

His lips curled to a lopsided smile, not taking his eyes off her for a second, “Nothing.”

“You don’t just look at me like that and say nothing.”

He leaned in, curiosity weaving through the fatigue in his features, “Like what?”

“Nevermind, forget it.” She felt shy for some reason, brushing him away with a small shrug because it felt silly all at the same time. They’ve been together for two years after all.

Despite her subtle protests, Seungyoon continued his silent assault, leaving her to chuckle into her palm and stole a glance at him across the table.

“Yoon, stop. You’re doing it again.”

“You’re just really pretty.” He said, tone honeyed and real as he beamed up at her, sleepy eyes disappearing into a smile.

It warmed her heart and she sighed, tilting her head to one side, “And you haven’t slept in two days.”

Indeed, it had been a while since the two of them had the chance to sneak an impromptu date. Though she wished that it didn’t have to be right the very second he left from work that kept him up the past few weeks.

“You know we could just go home, get you some rest?” She urged gently only to give in when Seungyoon shakes his head innocently. Eyes brightening like a kid when the bowl of steaming pasta arrived almost heavenly at their table.

The soft jazz mingled with their overdue conversation, the murmur of fellow customers becoming a backdrop that he didn’t realize because Seungyoon only had eyes and ears for only one.

With their stomachs and hearts full, Seungyoon refused her efforts to drag him home once again. The two of them miraculously ending up on a park’s bench with her hand in the pocket of his coat.

“You know what they say about human existence? That we’re merely just dead stars looking up at the sky.” Seungyoon said quietly after a while.

She turned to see the soft glow of distant street lamps casting the side of his face as he blinked up, a million and one things swirling through his mind.

“Now, I’m no scientist but don’t dead stars shine too? At least for a little while, I don’t know… that’s what I heard.” He added with low chuckle as he propped back onto the bench.

“And your point is?”

Seungyoon looked at her, greeted with her questioning eyes and everything he’s ever wanted. It made him smile silly, feelings bursting like pop rocks from out of the blue.  

“That for a dead star, I’m too much alive.” Seungyoon wondered why his heart hadn’t bled out of his chest from being this happy.

“What’re you saying, you dork.” She laughed quietly, dropping down to squish her cheeks onto his shoulder.

“I’m saying I love you. I love this… us, everything.”

Não necessariamente amar, mas eu sinto algo.

[01:14] Arrow: nem uma das minhas histórias possue final feliz,
vou contar
[01:14] Ariel: okay
[01:14] Arrow: a mais recente
[01:14] Ariel: to ansiosa.. 
[01:15] Arrow: Eu era apaixonado por uma linda garota desde meus 17, mas n conhecia ela e nem sabia seu nome.
Aos poucos comecei a falar com ela, todo atrapalhado por estar apaixonado, e porque as vezes parecia que teríamos algo e com a mesma frequência que conversávamos achava que ela falava cmg por educação..
até que ela começou a me ignorar, sendo grossa cmg e me tratando de uma maneira bem idiota, detalhe sempre tratei ela muito bem,
acontece que deixei de falar com ela, essa semana, e está sendo meio complicado
Jp+garota = friendzone
[01:21] Arrow: triste?
[01:22] Ariel: triste.