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The Houses During Finals Week

*As things I’ve observed this week as we are all dying*

Hufflepuff: Secretly really stressed but keeping it together anyway. Seeks out friends to be cheered up and honestly just ends up making everyone feel better. Notices when other people are upset and gives them hugs. “Are you okay?” is a common thing to hear them say. Maintains a good attitude. Deals with stress later, when they are by themself.

Ravenclaw: You’re average Ravenclaw during finals week is in one of two states. 1). Has headphones in and isn’t talking much, and is just internally containing the stress. 2). Is hysterical, basically. Uses ridiculous things as a coping method, like vines and stupid jokes. Laughs the stress out but looks like a complete maniac. Also, possibly frequently commenting on how tests “don’t measure intelligence.” 

Gryffindor: Most are at the point where they literally don’t care anymore. Can calmly announce their test scores without giving a crap. “I got a 95%.” and “I got a 55%” will both be announced in the same “eh” tone. Honestly just not as stressed as the other houses. They understand that test scores aren’t everything.

Slytherin: Is stressed but won’t admit it. Keeps it all together, and has the same outward indifference as Gryffindors… but really they care alot. Works hard to get a good score and is disappointed if they don’t but still maintains that “whatever, I don’t care.” attitude on the outside. Tries to distract themself with humor but eventually all the stress builds up and they blow up. They can be found either roasting someone, yelling at nothing, or scolding themself for being “so stupid.”