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Hello! So I was at a party tonight, and this woman told me this great story about how she met her husband. She was the PR person for the local university. He was the sports editor for the local paper. He kept getting the school's mascot wrong in articles, and she would have to call him every time to correct it, growing increasingly frustrated every time. This was one of those moments when all I could think was LARRY AU, LARRY AU.

oh my god, thank you so much for sending me this message! It just made me so happy and I love it.  Like, I love these actually people you met and I love it as a larry au!!!!!! 

I feel like it works both ways so well for larry that I can’t even really pick one. example:

Louis as the university PR person, grumbling to Niall about the mistake the first time it happens.  Waving the sports sectionaround and stabbing a finger at the picture of their mascot at a basketball game.  “What the fuck!!! look at this photo of Ferdinand!?!!  Look at this caption!!! A hawk???? A hawk??” (they are the falcons) And then like, because in this version louis is immediately over-frustrated, instead of increasingly, he’d call up the paper in a big huff and then immediately be disarmed by Harry’s calm, deep voice and seal bark laugh once he finally got him on the phone.  Then he’d flirt-email him a link to an article about the differences between Hawks and Falcons as soon as he got off the phone, thrilling at his own daring as he did it! And after like the sixth time Harry got it wrong, they would go on a date and after they got married they’d always collected both stuffed hawks and stuffed falcons. 

oh my god how killer, because opposite way around, Harry the PR guy calling, he’d be immediately disarmed by Louis’s voice, too!!  Like all flustered, and then like he’d get blushy when louis teased him, but also tease back.  oh my god and then seven or eight calls in, Harry finally loses it and is like “you just don’t care about our sports teams because we’re not division one! Well, tough! you live in this city too, Louis, you should know our mascot is a turtledove by now god damn it!” and then louis would ask him out.  

i’m just smiling a lot.  like i can also imagine either of them as the sports editor, starting to get it wrong on purpose and feeling like “oh no, my journalistic integrity!” but also “i need to do this flirting very bad!!!!” 

okay sorry i rambled so much.   

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19 with Paperhat please?

“I’ve missed this.”

Blackhat glanced up from his newspaper to look at Dr.Flug, who was standing by the kitchen stove, stirring a pot of pasta.

“You’ve missed cooking?” Blackhat asked. Flug snorted and shook his head.

“No! I’ve missed it being just you and me having dinner and getting a chance to talk, sir” Flug said while giggling. “I’ve missed us spending time together.”

“We spend time together everyday, why is this different?”

“‘Cause it’s just us, Blackhat! No Dementia and no 5.0.5 since she decided to take him along on her date with her new girlfriend.” Flug took the pot off the burner and grabbed two plates from the cupboard. As Flug laid everything out on the table Blackhat set the paper down and really looked at his scientist.

“So you’re saying that you’re glad to have me all to yourself?” The mischievous grin inching it’s way across the eldritch’s face made Flug snicker.

“Yes, that exactly what I’m trying to say,” the doctor stated jovially as he pulled out the chair opposite of his boss. “‘Cause that mean I can do this.” And with that, Blackhat’s breath hitched as Flug removed his bag and goggles. Deep green eyes pinned him down from across the table, and a sharp toothed smile flashed.

Without a sound, Blackhat stood up and moved around the table to kneel by Flug’s side. No matter how many time he’d seen the man without his bag, he was still awe-struck by his beauty every single time.

Blackhat reached up to run his thumb along the burn scars covering the left half of Flug’s face; then through soft and curly, chestnut colored hair. The doctor covered Blackhat’s grey hand with his own when it returned to his cheek.

“Do you see why I miss this?” Flug whispered.

“Definitely,” Blackhat mumbled. Then suddenly, the eldritch was snapped out of his reverie and he stood quickly, pulling his hand away as if it had been burned. His cheeks began to darken as Flug beamed up at him with a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

“Let’s just eat,” Blackhat grumbled, and then stormed back this his side of the table and sat down with a huff.

The two ate in relative silence, pausing only to glance up at each other from across the table. Flug seemed to always be smiling, his eyes crinkled into half moons, whenever Blackhat looked at him, and Black hat always seemed to turn a darker shade of grey everytime Flug looked at him.

Once they finished, Flug cleared the dishes away and went to wash them. Blackhat volunteered to help dry, but Flug said he could handle it. When he was done, the doctor returned to the table and leaned on it.

“Do you want put a movie in?” Flug asked. Blackhat looked like he wanted to say no for a second, but then he sighed and rolled his eye.

“Why not, at least we can pick something decent without Dementia around,” he said. Flug grinned evilly. “WE ARE NOT WATCHING THE IRON GIANT AGAIN!”

In the mansions large living room, under a maroon blanket, Flug burst into quiet tears as the iron giant bent down and said,

“You stay, I go. No following.” Then Hogarth’s quiet ‘i love you,’ made the doctor’s heart clench. He turned to Blackhat, who was obviously trying to hide his own emotional conflict, and threw his arms around him to press his face into the eldritch’s chest. Blackhat stiffened, but then quietly put his arm around Flug, and patted his back gently.

As the movie credits rolled, Flug cuddled into Blackhat’s side and said,

“You know that since we’re dating, Blackhat, there’s really no reason to hide your emotions when no one else is around.”

“Flug…” Blackhat said warily..

“No really, sir. You don’t need to act cold around me when we’re not on camera, and nobody’s around.” Flug shifted to stare Blackhat down.

“Flug…You know I’m not good at expressing human emotion, right?” Blackhat slumped in his seat, and pulled back his arm that was around Flug so he could cross both of them in front of his chest. “You remember when I first started liking you, I thought I’d become sick with some virus or another because the feeling was foreign to me?” Dr. Flug nodded. “Well, I’m still learning how to express my emotions, and I get flustered or overwhelmed by them sometimes. You humans… you’re used to wide ranges of emotions, but I’m still trying to figure out why sorrow can be expressed in 50 different ways! All that said I also… well…” Blackhat grimaced, sighed, rubbed at his arm, and then looked Flug in the eye.

“I don’t want to express the wrong emotion at a time when we are under public eye, and then for someone to realize how much you mean to me and use that to their advantage. I don’t want you to end up hurt because a fellow villain decides to use you to get to me.” Blackhat gazed at the now dark T.V. screen. “And so I need to learn to control my emotions before I learn to express them, or I might end up doing something stupid.”

The feeling of chapped lips against his cheek startled Blackhat out of his brooding thoughts. He turned to find Flug smiling fondly at him, his eyes filled with love.

“When you put it that way, it make a lot more sense,” he said softly. Flug reached out to cradle Blackhat’s cheek. “We’ll work on it together then, okay? If you need help, I’m right here.” Something in Blackhat’s chest squeezed.

“I’d appreciate that, Flug.”

“And that’s all I could ask for.” As they sat, curled up on the couch in the dark, 4 words escaped into the night before they both fell asleep.

“I’ve missed this, too.”

Here come that good fluff cause apparently that what I feel like writing! I hope this is to your liking anon, and this was good for me to write! Thank you for the request!

Brilliant ~ Cedric Diggory imagine

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation


Oh okay I totally understand!! <3 I’m the Cedric anon! In that case could u write one where they’re together and they plan on getting married and having kids then? I’m sry I’m sooo domestic lol :P maybe something fluffy where they’re just looking up at the stars one night and talking about the future! </i>


A whole lot of fluff!


“Babe, I don’t think this is a good idea,” you whispered, grabbing onto Cedric’s arm.

“Oh, come on, don’t be a scaredy cat,” Cedric teased, continuing to walk forward.

“I’m not a scaredy cat! I’m just saying… What if Filch comes out here or something?”

“Filch isn’t gonna come out here. You’re with me; I’ll keep you safe,” he said sweetly, putting his arm around you.

Cedric and you were heading out to the quidditch field, and since it was way after hours, you were worried you would get caught.

Finally, you reached the field. The two of you walked to the center of the field and laid down in the grass next to each other. You snuggled up into his arms and looked up at the stars.

“It’s beautiful,” you said softly, gazing up at the stars.

“Yeah, you are.”

You quickly turned your gaze to Cedric and saw that he was looking at you.

“Oh, you meant the stars. Yeah, they’re all right,” he said, looking up at them. You laughed and playfully slapped his chest.

You and Cedric have been together for 3 years, and have been friends for even longer; since your second year at Hogwarts.

He was one of the students chosen for the Triwizard Tournament, and you were scared to death.

The tasks were incredibly dangerous; for the second one, you were the treasure he had to save from the lake. You were worried something bad would happen to Cedric.

“Don’t die in this tournament thing, Ced,” you murmured, looking back up at the night sky.

“I’m not planning on it, love,” he paused. “I’ll tell you what I am planning on, though.” A smirk grew on his face.


“Marrying you.”

A big smile grew on your face. “Really?”

“Mhm. We’re gonna get married and have a big wedding. You’re gonna look gorgeous like you always do, and I’m gonna tear up watching you come down the aisle,” Cedric said, making dramatic hand gestures that made you giggle. He then stood up and pulled you up with him.

“Our first dance, is gonna be so romantic,” he added, placing one arm around your waist, and holding out his other hand for you to take. You placed one arm around his neck while your free hand went in his.

“We’ll sway around like this for a bit,” you two began to slowly sway. “Then, I’ll spin you around a few times,” he then spun you. “And then, I’ll do this,” he spun you once more, dipped you, and planted a kiss on your lips, making you laugh. “And the crowd will go wild.”

“That does sound romantic,” you winked, resting your head on his chest.

“I know right?”

“And we’ll have kids, right?”

“Oh, definitely. We’re gonna have, like, 20 kids,”

You pulled away from his chest. “Okay, Ced, I love you and all, but I’m not birthing 20 children,” you stated, causing Cedric to laugh.

“I know, babe. I’m only joking with you,” he chuckled, pulling you back towards his chest.

“We’ll have two. A boy and a girl. Our daughter will be as beautiful and wonderful as her mother and our son will be just as charming and dashing as his father,” he jokingly made a superhero stance, getting another laugh from you.

Cedric lifted your chin up and placed a gentle kiss on your lips.

“Our life is going to be brilliant, (Y/N). Absolutely brilliant.”

Thank you for requesting!

Getting Lost In A Crowd

Sup, he, how ya doin!
anon ask; bts reaction to you getting lost in a big crowd?

thanks for requesting!
okay, so, i literally have nothing else to say so i’m just gonna start with the reaction now.
so…. let’s get going!

Namjoon; he’d be extremely worried, and would come looking for you straight away. i don’t think he’d stop looking until he’s found you and knows your safe.

Taehyung; i think he’d get really panicky and start freaking out. he’d be like;

“where has she gone? what if someone took her? oh my god, i can’t,”

And then he’d get the boys, if you’re with them, to help find you because he can’t find you on his own.

Yoongi; i think he’d blame himself for not “taking care of you properly”, as if he puts it. he’d make it his responsibility to look for you, and when he finds you he’d apologise and say how sorry he was fro not looking out for you.

“_____, i’m so sorry. i should have been watching you, i’m so sorry baby,”

Hoseok; he’d be super worried, and i think he’d just sit there and cry. personally, i think he’s a sensitive guy [that’s not a bad thing] and he would get emotional over it. and, when he found you again, he'dprobably just cry and hug you.

“please don’t ever leave my side again, i don’t want you to get lost,”

Jimin; like taehyung, he’d freak out. and he wouldn’t stop working himself up about it, even if you got lost for 2 minutes he’d be coming up with the worst case scenarios in his head.

“what id she’s hurt? i don’t know what I’d do if she’s hurt,”

Jin; i think he’d get a little emotional like hobi, but he’d also blame himself like yoongi. he’d feel awful for not “protecting you properly” and he’d say it was his fault you got lost in the first place.

“oh, my, gd. _____, i’m so sorry, please forgive me,”

“jin, you did nothing wrong. i was the one that got lost,”

“yeah, but i didn’t protect you properly,”

Jungkook; he’d be so worried, literally running around looking for you everywhere. kookie might even cry if you’ve been lost for a while.
but the moment he finds you and see’s you’re okay he’d take the piss out of you. he’d just laugh at you saying how shook up you looked.

“haha, how could you get lost? this crowd is so small,”

sup, so… anon, i really hope you liked this and im sorry it took me about 9 million years to upload;
my wifi is literally satan!

also, what kind of au’s do you guys want me to do? I’ve been thinking about doing some more after i come back off holiday, and i was wondering what you guys wanna see. so, go and request them right here, as well as moodboards, ships and mtl’s!

love ya all!
~ kala

The Tale of A Jealous Dwarf. [Kili x Reader.]

Part 1: here (PART TWO TO: Imagine: Kili getting jealous when he see’s an elf, - in Rivendell-, flirting with you.)

Originally posted by anunexpectedhotdwarf

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Requested by: Anonymous.

Based OnHi. I just read that jealous Kili imagine you wrote and I was wondering if you could please do a follow up where maybe you see him walk off distressed as he does at the end of the first one and follows him to see if he’s okay and he confesses.

A/N: Sure, lovely! Thank you for requesting and I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with. Sorry that I changed some of your request, my imagination just started going full speed and I couldn’t stop myself from creating this piece as it is. Nevertheless, please enjoy, anon! - Kat

Part 1: here

Pairing’s: Kili x Reader.

Word Count: 1,916. (oops.)

Warning’s: Jealous Kili, angry Kili, possessive Kili, sweet Kili, fluffy Kili. Kili being rude to the reader. (Let me know if I forgot anything.)

Disclaimer: Kili and any other characters from the LOTR and The Hobbit universe do not belong to me, but they do belong to Tolkien.

Irked and irate, Kili, the Prince of Erebor, traipsed and trudged from his company’s sleeping quarters with a fierce expression dormant upon his complexion. He wandered with blazing anger through the city of Rivendell, content upon avoiding you at all costs.

A permanent scowl was carved upon his complexion, darkening his gorgeous brown eyes substantially. He rounded the corner harshly, his cloak giving a stridulous hiss behind him as it flapped and fanned with his feverish pace. Suddenly he froze in place, becoming as rigid as the frozen stone in Erebor’s ruined halls.

Your orbs caught a glimmer of hasty movements from the corner of your eye, to which caused you to avert your (e/c) orbs from the handsome elf. Distracted and astonished, your gaze found itself upon a fuming dwarf. The rage within Kili’s eyes were inferno’s, scorching hot, broiling you to a vibrant lobster red. Though before you were able to utter a single word, the prince had whipped around and began stalking at full speed away from you. He would rather much take his brothers unrelented teasing than have you witness his outburst.

“Excuse me, kind sir; but it seems as though I have to deal with a temperamental dwarf.” You sighed tiredly, sending an apologetic gaze the elf’s way.

“Not a problem at all,” the elf began, his brows furrowed, “dwarves are definitely a handful.” There was disdain within the elf’s voice, contempt for the dark haired prince who had rudely interrupted the two of you.

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hiya friend, i was just wondering if you could come up with any headcanons about the egos and snuggling (or link me to some if youre busy and can) bc I've been craving a good cuddle lately and cants get one. thanks love! 💕 ~🌱anon

i’ll whip up some for you, sweetheart! 💖 hope these are okay!

  • the biggest snuggler out of the ipliers would definitely be bim. with wilford in a close second.
  • bim absolutely loves the feel of affection, whether it be through hair pats, hugs, handshakes, kisses on cheeks, holding hands, what have you! it’s more of a reassurance to him that he’s liked amongst people and the other egos.
  • bim loves to snuggle, especially after a long day at work. he’ll curl up on the couch with his s/o and watch tv. he prefers having his head against their chest and enjoys tracing shapes on their arms. he’ll snuggle for hours on end!
  • bim also enjoys being the little spoon.
  • wilford’s like an excited puppy and will gladly curl up with his s/o. he also likes leaning down to kiss his s/o’s cheek, but his mustache usually ends up tickling them and that typically leads to a tickle fight.
  • don’t be surprised if wilford ends up falling asleep on his s/o. if there’s one thing that wilford loves just as much as candy and murder, it would be sleeping.
  • almost always wilford ends up sleeping on his stomach with his arm draped over his s/o’s waist.
  • dr iplier doesn’t mind snuggling. he’ll drape his arm over his s/o’s shoulders all casual to pull them in closer. they’ll lean their head against him and he’ll lean his cheek softly against their hair.
  • out of the septiceyes, jackieboy man absolutely loves being cuddled.
  • after a hard night of fighting crime, he tends to come home a little battered and bruised. but laying with his s/o always cheers him up. especially if he’s lost a fight. 
  • he tends to allow his s/o to lay with their head on his chest just tucked up underneath his chin. he also enjoys running his fingers through their hair as well. it calms him. 
Melting Of The Ice Cream Girl [ pt.2 ]

PD101 / MXM’s Im Youngmin X Reader [fem ver]

part one

TW: use of vulgar language, mild violence i think… better to put these up anyway

Fluff, mild angst

bullet-point ver.
[ scenario ver. : coming soon ]

• some stuff happens that makes you go all ICE princess where is ice cream girl
• your stare could freeze Youngmin
• can Youngmin still melt you?

oMGgg guys idk what’s wrong with me i’m on a roll right now but i literally re-read part one and got super happy after that like it didn’t even feel like I wrote it okay bye

- admin L
PS: sorry but scenario ver. might take a long time :(((

• it’s pretty awkward still
• you can’t stop blushing
• Youngmin can’t stop talking to you
• and chuckling when you barely nod out a reply
• your face is like a tomato
• what is a regular heartbeat anymore?
• Youngmin’s so perfect you can’t even breathe the same air as him it isn’t possible
• but he seems happy sharing the same table as you
• as much as his sunbae + chaebol™ clique is yelling for him and Donghyun to return to them
• they stay rooted to their seats
• and somehow it makes you really happy on the inside
• but on the outside, it looks as if your glare can get hell to freeze over
• you try to get Woojin or Daewhi’s help but they’re so engrossed in conversation about something personal with Donghyun
• that Youngmin feels that he shouldn’t interfere with because he isn’t interrupting
• he’s just admiring your face and picking at his fries
• also trying to start a conversation with you
• at least he’s trying and you really appreciate it 

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Hi ^-^ Could I request Eldarya boys reactions when they find out you ran away from the HQ and thats when they realize how much they love you?

Hello, Anon! I hope these are okay!

Ezarel –

  • How stupid can you be? To run away in a world you don’t know, you’ll probably end up dying in a ditch or something. It’s probably best to leave you to your own devices.
  • At least, that what he says, but Ez is scared, terrified that you’re never coming back.
  • The fear and worried pile up as he searches for you and he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he never sees the girl he loves-
  • Wait. Loves?
  • Nope. Nada. Not happening.
  • He’s already scared for your wellbeing, if he loves you…
  • You could be dead, or well out of his reach by now. Any way he looks at it, loving you is a one-way ticket to heartbreak station.
  • But he can’t change the way he feels.
  • So Ezarel searches, growing more and more frantic with each passing day.
  • Though everyone tells him you’ve long gone, he doesn’t stop searching, won’t stop searching.
  • It’s all he has left.


  • Nevra’s spend the last two hours searching for you, and though he’d been confident when he first started, the distinct lack of you had dampened his spirits considerably.
  • When he’d heard you’d ran away, he thought it was a joke.
  • Why would you want to leave the guard? It was only safe for you in Eldarya right now.
  • But he begins to understand you’re really gone, and he’s panicking.
  • You can’t leave. Not before he’s told you how he feels.
  • He already knows he loves you, he’d figured out a while back, but it takes the your cold trail to make him realise he’s never going to find you. To truly hammer home how much he loved you.
  • It’s the small nugget of desperate hope that he can’t let go of that keeps him going, but he never finds you and each failed search attempt breaks his heart anew.

Valkyon -

  • One of the first people to find out you left, Valkyon’s been with the search team for hours now and they still haven’t found you.
  • The team keeps saying it’s time to give it up, but Val isn’t ready to quit.
  • He’s not going to stop searching until he finds the girl he loves. Until he finds you.
  • He doesn’t notice when the team, one by one, return to the El, or when the sun sinks below the horizon. Doesn’t notice the stars twinkling or the moon shining; he’s too preoccupied looking for you.
  • But he can’t find you and as time passes and you don’t appear, he slowly falls into despair.
  • He doesn’t want to imagine a world without you in it, let alone live in it, so he keeps searching, refusing to quit until the sun is high in the sky and it’s only then he collapse and accept the truth.
  • You’re gone. And there’s nothing he can do to bring you back.
Good Luck

Requested by @zederz - Hello! I really appreciate the Bull fan-fiction you write. The fandom is so small! From the May prompts, could I request a Bull x Reader fic for #11 and #22?
Prompts – 11 – ‘The sun hasn’t even come up yet and you want me to do what?
                  22 – ‘Do you have any idea of what you’ve just done?’

Requested by Anon – Okay I’ve never done this before so my request might be shit but would you do a bull x reader where the reader brings him a donut and coffee before court to wish him luck? He is always having donuts and coffee before court and I love it 😍

Word Count – 530

Characters – Reader x Bull

You were lying in your bed when you heard your phone going off on your bed side table. You groaned and rolled over to reach it, you didn’t look at who was calling you.
‘Hello?’ You said trying to hide the yawn that was going to escape.
‘Y/N.’ You heard the deep voice on the end of it.
‘Jason.’ You said as you rolled onto your side, bringing the covers up around your neck.
‘Did I wake you?’ He asked. You chuckled.
‘J, it’s 4 in the morning, so yeah.’ You replied using his nickname, as you rolled onto your back.
‘Sorry, I need you to do something for me.’ He said and you sighed sitting up, knowing you weren’t going to get back to sleep now.
‘Could you do the good luck thing please?’ He asked over the phone, you opened your eyes wide and shook your head.
‘The sun hasn’t even come up yet and you want me to do what?’ You asked him.
‘Please bring the donuts and coffee.’ He pleaded, you rubbed your hand over your eyes and nodded your head.
‘I’ll try but I don’t know if anywhere will be open.’
‘Thank you so much, you’re the best.’ He said into the phone before you mumbled a goodbye and hung up.
‘Why do you work so awkward times?’ You asked he darkness of your rooms.

You had found a shop that was just opening by the time you made it downtown and you were so grateful, you tipped them a large amount which they were expecting. You walked out and placed your purse into your hoodie pocket and headed towards the offices. When you entered, you were shocked that the whole TAC team was still there, you were glad you got extra food and drinks.
‘Y/N thank you so much.’ Jason said as he walked out of his office, rubbing his eyes behind his glasses.
‘Do you have any idea of what you’ve just done?’ You asked Jason and he looked at you before pulling you in placing a gentle kiss to the top of your head.
‘Woke up the best girlfriend in the world.’ He said and you couldn’t help but smile.
‘Yes, but also gotten yourself into doing stuff for me now.’ You said as you fixed his shirt. He chuckled,
‘Of course, anything for my sweetheart.’ He said as he placed another kiss on your head.

Jason, lead you away from the rest of the team into his office where you both sat on the couch together.
‘Why do you need the good luck thing anyway?’ You asked him as you cuddled into his side.
‘The case starts at 6 tomorrow and I knew I wouldn’t see you until the following night, I didn’t want to chance it.’ He said. You smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek.
‘Well, good luck baby. You won’t need it but I’ll have everything crossed for you.’ You told him as he took a sip of the coffee and sighed.
‘You really are the best.’ He said into your hair. You smiled as his warmth, spread through your hoodie and smell of coffee surrounded you.

anonymous asked:

Do you think in the larger scheme of things that Taylor didn't need to go all out with the extensive stunting since the start of her career? She could have still written songs and done publicity and done light stunting instead of putting so many men on the map whose sexuality will be questioned when she comes out. I'm sure the more popular beards (Calvin, Tom, Harry) knew what they were signing up for but what about collateral damage? I feel like Taylor could have chosen a better career strategy

Okay two things, anon. First, you have to remember that she was sooo young when she got started, so of course some of the strategies were maybe misplaced, but she didn’t really have the experience to veto them.. And also, let’s remember that she was not the one coming up with this stuff, it was a series of managers and publicists. (we have paula to blame lmao). 

But anyways, of course I don’t think the stunting was a 100% good idea because it brought waaay more damage to her name than good. But I also understand why it happened. Think about it this way, she was a young gay teen trying to make it big in the country music industry.. Those two things are not very conducive to a successful career.. So to some degree, some stunting was necessary to hide the fact that maybe she isn’t singing about guys.. I honestly think it could have been done a lot better and a bit less excessively.. Maybe cut out like half of the stunts and don’t make them such a huuuge deal.. Because now she is in a worse spot because everyone knows her as the “man-eater”, so her ever coming out would be seriously scrutinized because it would be SUCH a flip for some people who aren’t necessarily paying too much attention. 

Shane McMahon - “I’m proud of you”

Prompt: Shane and Kevin’s promo this week obviously. Could be seen as part 2 of I’m okay but also not. 
Requested: No
Warnings: None
Words: 1200+

“Are you coming?” Shane asked as he pulled his top over his head. You sat up in bed, pulling the covers up to over your chest. 

“Do I want to?” You spoke to yourself 

“Are you finally going to let me out of your sight?” Shane smiled, ever since the helicopter crash, letting Shane loose near a ring wasn’t your idea of a good idea. “I can get mum to watch the boys” 

“I’ll be ready in 10″

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3 500

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Blood, Reader and Sam get kidnapped.

Request from Anonymous: Hey! Could you do a Sam x reader where she is quiet and he’s mistaken it for shyness. Sam and the reader get kidnapped and she turns in to some witty, sarcastic, sassmaster until Dean helps them escape. Thanks!!

Author’s note: Okay Anon, I hope this was what you were looking for! I wasn’t sure why the reader was supposed to act shy all the time so this is what I came up with, and I hope the “sassmaster” parts are sassy enough! I’m personally very shy and being witty doesn't really come naturally for me, so I hope I did it justice. And just as a side note, the final part of Angel Rising will be up next week!

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        Your hands gripped the steering wheel of your white VW Bug as you sped down the highway, heading towards a sleepy little town where you were supposed to meet two other hunters Bobby was forcing you to work a case with. You didn’t really like the idea of working with strangers, especially in a dangerous situation where you needed to trust the people you were hunting with, but you had to admit you were grateful for the backup. You’d taken out nests by yourself before, but never one this big, and it would be nice to not have to constantly be looking over your shoulder.

        Once you’d arrived in the town you pulled into the first motel you saw - just like Bobby had instructed – and parked beside a black Chevy Impala, which you wouldn’t have actually been able to spot if you hadn’t looked it up, but no one needed to know that. Then you stepped out of your car, straightened the skirt of your yellow sundress, and walked up to the door with the number 12 stuck to its face, which was directly in front of the Impala. After you knocked on the door you braced yourself for the impending looks of confusion and doubt when these hunters saw you, but it’s okay, you were used to it.

        You heard shuffling behind the door and then heavy footsteps on the ground as one of the hunters made their way towards you, the door then creaking open on its rusty hinges and revealing a tall – no seriously, tall –man standing in the doorway. He had slightly wavy brown hair that almost came to his shoulders, green eyes that were just bordering on brown, and impressive muscles that you could see under his straining plaid shirt. And wow, was he attractive.

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Okay what the actual hell is wrong with you guys coming up with shit like that? "I wouldn't be surprised if Fucky rapes the poor child" or "Ohhhh my god Fucky is SO going to murder Thiccy!" But do we really know that?? Like one anon said, Fucky was great with kids, so how should the way he is now change that? Its obvious Fucky doesn't even wanna lose Thiccy. I mean there could be a possibility that Thiccy could change him. Y'all are honestly sick for even thinking Fucky is gonna rape the kid.


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Hi! Can I get a fluff kuroo x female scenario where kuroo is trying to work up the courage to ask reader to marry him but backs out when he's just about to pop the question? With a little help from the captains from the other schools, he manages to pull it off? Please and thank you!

Helloooo! I hope you like this anon-chan! I loved writing it <3 


Okay, Kuroo. You can do this. The captain takes a deep breath. He could do this.

“You’re such a nervous wreck.” Bokuto laughs loudly and slaps Kuroo’s back., receiving a glare from the bedhead.

“Yeah, what happened to the overly-cocky jerk?”  Daishou props up his feet on the couch. They’ve come to visit to help their friend out. You were currently out with your girls, who were obviously in with the surprise.

“Shut up, Daishou…” Kuroo slaps his foot and proceeds to look at the box in his hands. He opens it and Kuroo stares at it.

He was going to marry you.

“You can’t marry her if you don’t propose, you idiot.” Daichi chuckles as he smiles at the boy in love. Kuroo sighs and looks at the fellow captains.

Tetsuro bites his lip and looks at his phone.

‘Hi Tetsu, I’m on my way home.’

His eyes widen and panic strikes his mind.

“Oh my god…” He stands up and looks at himself in the mirror. His red and black plaid shirt fit his shoulders and his black jeans were tight against his legs.

The rest of the captains check all of their decorations and proceed to hold the assigned signs. Kuroo gets a bouquet of flowers on the dining table and tries not to pop any balloons on the floor. The captains say their last messages to Kuroo and proceed to walk behind the dining table, away from the door.

“Good luck dude.” Daishou slaps his back and hides behind the dining, holding his sign.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll say yes.” Daichi smiles at him and he smiles back sheepishly.

“Kuroo, my man, she loves you, you love her, it’ll be fine.” Koutarou was rarely serious. This meant that he really meant it.

The next few minutes felt like an eternity. What if you said no? Was it too soon? 6 years isn’t too soon right? OH my god but what if you say no?

He felt his heart be crushed by his own doubts.

“Maybe I shouldn’t-“

The door opens and his sentence is cut short. His eyes widen and he could barely breathe. He takes a deep breath.

“Oh my god, what’s all this? Tetsu? Where are you?” You give a huff of happiness and a smile is plastered on your face. You walk towards the living room, a blush on your face. You walk towards the living room and see your wonderful boyfriend, all dressed up and smiling sheepishly.

“Hey, what’s all this for?” You walk towards him, a smile on your face.

He scratches the back of his neck. It seemed like the whole world stopped.

What does he say? He’s practiced this a thousand times! What happened to his voice? He could just say it was all for nothing, right?

Your eyebrows scrunch as you receive no response.


He glances at you, the dining table full of eyes watching the scene in front of them.

Koutarou shows his whole face, a big smile on his face as he raises his thumb up. Daishou nods at him. Daichi gestures for him to go ahead.

He takes a deep breath and looks back at you. His heart pounded against his chest as he smiled happily at you.

“_____,” he hands you the bouquet and you hold it in your arms.

“Yes?” You laugh at his sudden change in mood but you roll with it anyway.

“You are the love of my life.” He stares into your eyes and holds your hand. Your heart beats against your chest, anticipation filling your body.

He gathers his courage and signals the boys to raise the posters. “I would do anything for you.”

You feel your heart almost burst at his words. He glances behind you and your eyebrow raises. The posters were up and it was merely a few seconds before his whole life changes.

You turn around and gasp as you see the words ‘Will you marry me?’

You look back around and see Kuroo on his knee, a box open with the most beautiful ring you have ever seen.

“Will you marry me?”

You feel tears swell in your eyes and you cover your mouth. You slowly nod your head and his face lights up.

“Yes,” it was a whisper, then an exclamation. He slips the ring on your finger and stands up. He takes you in his arms and you hug him tightly.

It was the start of something new. This meant a new life, new experiences. You are so in love with him.

It was something new with him.

And you couldn’t be happier.


Bad Reputation

Originally posted by your-local-killjoy

Shawn Mendes x Reader

Trigger warning: sexual assault

Word count: 1,371

A/N: IT’S HERE… I hope this lives up to people’s expectations and I know that there was two different views of how the girl described in Bad Reputation could be portrayed but this one is what I ended up writing. I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think :)

P.S. Thank you to @shawns-love@shit-to-kinda-okay , @mrsnickclark and all the anons who had a part in this (ily)


Sitting around a table at my friend’s house, drinking, talking and listening to music is nothing out of the ordinary. What is, however, out of the ordinary is the topic of conversation. It’s been coming up a lot lately and not only in my friendship groups but others as well - everyone’s talking about this girl. And not in a good way. The most popular thing people seem to label her as is a “pessimistic psycho bitch”. I don’t understand how people can just throw labels like this around, knowing fair well that the person they’re describing can and will hear about it. I used to be friends with the girl they so crudely describe. We were always in the same classes, even in college. She disappeared from college for a while and that was when we grew apart. I knew that deep down I always had feelings for her, I’ve always just been intrigued by her but we were just friends and then nothing. Now, when I look at her, I see the dark hurt in her eyes and I see the bags under them. I see the way her hair falls perfectly on her back and the way she always wears long sleeves. I see the way she politely smiles at strangers and how she avoids eye contact at all costs when it’s someone she knows of. I see that she’s hiding something, that she’s built a wall so high that people mistake it for a negative and strange personality.  I’m sure she hears that endless rumours about her. People were first saying that she was an orphan, then they said that she moved countries, then people decided that she moved schools because she’d slept with everyone in her year. The rumours still haven’t stopped, they’re regularly updated and changed yet constantly untrue. People don’t get too close to her yet think they know her whole story. When I look at her eyes, I see the pain they hold and it makes my stomach hurt and my lungs struggle to breath. I hate not being able to do anything about it but her wall is built up too high and she won’t trust me anymore.

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if you could assign your mutuals/non mutuals with fanfic AUs what would they be (ex soulmate au, flowershop au, etc)

fjsldshf this is so hard omg. i just picked some random friends of mine that i could come something up with. also, i hope i answered the way you intended me to do, dear anon!

@dat-town reminds me of fairy tale/fantasy aus and @lthyl makes me think of fantasy as well but also really dark concepts. they both are amazing at creating these different worlds and letting them come to life!

with @dailydoseofdia everything angst comes to mind, and paired with her amazing writing i think of really grand themes. like royal aus or not so happy soulmate aus !

for @chimdeer i want to say neighbor aus. like with lots of pining and some fluff in there bc she is such a bright person and it’s a cute concept and i could see her working with that really really well.

@celestialjoon fits with artistic concepts imo. like something about music or theater or something like that. she could pull off these things amazingly. also bookstore aus.

@trbld-writer i could see with friends-to-lovers aus?? idk why??? i just see it. also something very mature like business aus or smth.

bonus bc she is the only non writer on here: i will say college/coffee shop aus for @ilovpcy bc i can see her do all kinds of campus shenanigans and cute (study) dates in her fave coffee shop where she charms the barista that she shares some of her classes with or smth!


Request from anon: Could you do an angry sex imagine? Idk if this means mad angry at each other sex or rough sex. LOL welp… 


“Babe,” Sam called from the doorway while i lied on my stomach on our bed, “The guys are coming over.” His eyes traced up and down my body, “So you might want to put on some pants?” He lifted his brows at me. I just looked up at him from my laptop, “Huh? Yeah okay.” My mind wandering, not paying attention to what he was saying and went back to my laptop. “What did he say?” I went back to typing my essay. 


“Y/N, THE GUYS ARE HERE!” I hear Sam yell from the living room. “OK!” I yell back, not moving still. “Yo Sam, where’s Y/N?” I hear one of the guys say to him as they entered the apartment. “She’s in the room, working on an article or essay or something.” I hear him say. Footsteps started getting closer and closer, “Wow Y/N, nice ass.” I look up from my laptop and see Rupp standing at the door way smirking. “Oh hey.” I smiled, not minding his wandering eyes. Soon after, the rest o the guys started coming through the door, staring at me. “Whats going on?” Sam walks in the room to the guys whispering about me. “Oh my god.” 

Sam says pissy, “I told you to put on pants!” “I’m wearing panties! Does it matter? I’ve seen all their butts and some balls and more. It’s just my ass!” I fight back. “Yeah Sam, what’s the problem?” Rupp jokes, and slapping and grabbing my ass. 

“NOT YOURS!” I swat his hand off my ass, and kicked him in the stomach. “Yeah but you’re MY girlfriend!” Sam throws a blanket over the bottom half of my body. He bends down next to my ear, “We will talk about this later!” 

“Now,” Sam walks back in the room, after the guys leave hours later. He closes the door, and locks the door behind him. “Let’s talk.” His eyebrows scrunched together, in a mad voice. “I didn’t think them seeing my ass would be a problem. I didn’t know it would bother you” I started to exit my homework websites. I tried lifting my body up, to swing my legs under me but Sam pushed my hips back down and hovered over my body. “What bothered me was their eyes glued to this,” And he aggressively grabbed my ass, “And Rupp grabbing what’s MINE!” He squeezed it. 

“This is MINE!” He says. “SAY IT!” He said in a husky voice in my ear. “It. Belongs. To. You.” I huffed in between breaths. “What else is mine?” “My breast?” I questioned. “This.” His hands goes between my thighs, moving my panties to the side, and slides his fingers up and down my forming wet slit, as I whimper, melting to his touch. “Mine.” He says, “Not Rupps, mine! Who makes you this wet, HmmMMmMMm?” He hums in my ears. “Rupp.” I teased, smirking to myself. He instantly stuck 2 fingers in me, catching me off guard, causing me to let out a loud moan. I start to move my hand down, playing with my clit to pleasure myself even more.

“Does Rupp make you moan like that?” He kept going in and out, faster and faster. “Yeah,” I huffed out, making him huff in anger. “What?!” He yells. He removes his finger, and quickly replaces it with his length, fully going in. “Oh my fucking god…” I moaned loud, as his pelvis smacked onto my ass. “Holy shit Sam,” I gripped onto the bed sheets. 

He kept pumping in and out of me, as I felt him reach the right spot, “AHHHHHH,” I moan at the top of my lungs, “Right there baby, right there.” I lick my lips, biting the bottom of my lip. “Like that, baby, yess please, oh my god.” I kept moaning. “You like that?” He rasped out. “Tell me what you want,” he started breathing hard. “I want you to fuck me,” I gritted my teeth together. 

He lifted up my waist, and upper body, fucking me doggie style. 

He slaps my ass with easier access since it’s up in the air, “Fuck baby you’re so wet. Only I can make you feel like this! Got that! Not Rupp!” He started going in faster. “Oh fuck, Ruuuupppppppp!” I pretend to orgasm to his name, as I turned my head to look at Sam’s face turn tomato red. He gritted his teeth together, grabbed my hips and started slamming into me. My back arched at the pleasure that I have been craving, “Oh daadddddyyyy,” I screamed, “Yess yes yes please yes like that! Yes daddy,” 

“Ughhhhhh,” Sam grunted in pleasure. “You’re so fucking tight baby, so wet. Fuck baby, yeah, oh yeah,,,” I saw his eyes roll back. I smirked again as I started grinding my ass back and forth onto his ass, making him stop his movement, letting me do all the work. “Fuck me baby, fuck me with that ass,” He says seductively, throwing his head back. His eyes starts to roll again, as his grunting started getting more deeper, stuck in his throat knowing he’s ready. 

I get on my tiptoes and push my ass hard so he falls as I end up on top and he’s on his back. I start riding him reverse cowgirl, 

He rests his hands around my ankle, letting me finish the job. “Finish me baby girl. Cum for me baby, ugh,” He groans out. “Yes daddy,” I said obeying him. “I felt my stomach tie up in a knot, and clenched, making him groan even louder. “I’m going to cum daddy, oh my god, holy shit” i said at the top of my lungs. He sits up a little and wraps his arm around my leg to reach to my clit, and started rubbing it to help me. The touch of his skin on it made me quiver, and the motion of his finger, sent me off edge. I rode him even faster, “Oh my god baby, i’m cumming, i’m fucking cumming baby!” I threw my head in pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhhhh ughghhhhhhhhhh,” I heard him moan at the same time as me. “FUCK BABY GIRL..” I start going slower as I felt his dick pulsing inside of me. 

I came to a complete stop and slowly got up, making his dick flop on his lower stomach, cum dripping out of me. I face towards Sam, leaned my face to his, and planted a long passionate kiss on his lips, as he grabbed onto my ass. “Yours.” I said out of breath. “Not Rupps.” “Mine.” He smiled, pulling me into another kiss. 


Requested two separate Anons, but I decided to start combining a few of the requests to see what I could come up with.  My first time writing Bushi in his own story, so hopefully I did him justice

Pairing:  Tetsuya Bushi/FC

Category:  Fluff

Tags:  @lclb13 @lunaticfringe216 @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @lahey-trash @houndofjustice-imagines @swedish-strong-style @tvrnbvckle @keep-ydgn @phyreblue @devittsbalor @artemisapalla316 @narwhalneglect @brezhonegselkea @irish-newzealand-inian-dutch @theworldiscolorful @earl-01 @sjbh @wrestlingismyfavourite @laziestgirlintheworld @wrestlingnoob @kurominonsense @i-ship-it-okay @anerdysouthernbelle @smolsassynalilsmartassy @blondekel77 @spot-of-bother @indywrestlinglover-life​ @imagineyourwrestlers @shadow-of-wonder

“Will you marry me?” and “I’m going to keep you safe.”

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Lost and Found (Louis x Injured!MC/Reader) [Request]

This was requested by an anon some time ago, and is also what I’ve written for @camilafett, who asked if I could write another story for Louis. I hope this is okay, and I have your Sid fanfic coming up in a few minutes as well~ enjoy!

Standard warnings, of course! Drama, blood, graphical (sort of…) violence, hurt/angst, all that jazz. Carry on if you’re happy with all this! 6,445-ish words~

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