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Harry: “Guys, right now your mother is in stable condition but the doctor says it looks serious. With the breathing problems she was having earlier upon arriving it might be linked to that, they said possible COPD. We aren’t too sure yet but they are going to run more tests. At the moment your mother is sleeping as best she can.”

Donna: “But will she be okay dad? I mean it seemed pretty bad when the paramedics came.”

Phyllis: “Sis, of course she’ll be fine! People get breathing issues all the time during the Winter months I heard. Whether it be from the air or a sickness. She could have Bronchitis for all we know.”

Harry: “Girls, hush. I’ll check on your mother with Donna and Phyllis. Go home or get something to eat, they said it might be awhile till she awakens.”

[While Harry, Phyllis, and Donna go to the room where their mother is, Susan and Angelo decide to go down the hall to find the vending machine and grab a snack. Luckily there are cold sandwiches. Susan grabs one from the machine as Angelo begins conversing with his sister]

Angelo: “You know our sister Phyllis isn’t trying to be stuck up right Sue? I mean yea she can be a wisecrack but she means well. People get sick all the time, but mom is tough!”

Susan: “I know, Phyllis can be a really annoyance but I think this time is bad. Mom may not pull through so we have to prepare for the worst..”

[At home after they decide to leave for the night]

Harry: “I don’t want to get upset in front of my children. I know it’s natural to be upset but I don’t want anything to happen to her.. to my wife, their mother. God please help me.”



Because I love this child and he needs more love, especially his relationship with Yuuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While Phichit is an incredibly friendly lovable cinnamon roll, he won’t stand for anything threatening his best friend Yuuri, even if the threat happens to be someone Yuuri loves. Yuuri clearly adores the Victor he knows now (just as much as he idolized the distant figure in the past), but Phichit won’t forget how much Victor hurt Yuuri in the past, unintentional or not.

I headcanon that on top of being a skilled figure skater, Phichit is an academic genius who skipped grades and entered college in Detroit super early where he met Yuuri, which explains their long acquaintance despite the age difference. He is very, VERY protective of Yuuri. I’ll put up a more detailed headcanon post later (and if there’s interest, possibly prequel comic of pre-YOI anime Detroit college days).

Also, extra:


My 2 cents on how Yuri on Ice is Hella Realistic

Okay so after episode 7 I had to cry and rant and finally sleep to clear my head a bit cuz I’m about to type out a novel on my feelings on this amazing character and show. 

Episode 7 really slapped me in the jaw and finally nailed the last nail with how realistic Yuri is as a character

When we first get introduced to Yuri he was at the end of college and is coming to terms that he might truly not be good enough to achieve his dreams of skating. He is 23 now and knows that a bunch of younger skaters are going to go out and create a name for themselves and outshine him quickly which helps lead into him considering to stop skating. THIS is what really grabbed me and kept me past the first episode.  So many people go through this! Especially college students and graduates that have dreams that are seen as “unrealistic” or “unstable” If you are in the arts, sports, or even any competitive field you know that your time in school and when you are young makes a huge difference in your future. And when you put all your heart, time, and effort into something only to have the door slammed in your face is enough to make anyone quit. not to mention that younger more talented people are going to come along and more often than not you begin to doubt yourself even more because of this. I myself gave up on doing art and one of the main reasons is because at a certain point if I wasn’t good enough for my own standards then what would be the point in pursuing this as a passion and throughout that whole journey of considering art schools and learning different mediums so many people were just as good or better at even younger ages than me. 

This is so important because in most sports animes when the main character isn’t good enough or lost a season they just get really motivated to do better on the next season because they are still YOUNG they are still in school and there is still a lot of hope. And for Yuri he’s seeing where his cut off is so he’s not die hard motivated to get back out on the ice he needs time to process his situation and what he’s gonna do about it. 

Now on to the crying scene!

Ugh how this moment had be reeling for a hot second! 

While it is extremely normal to cry when you fail at something you love like this what is so relatable is how he calls his mom, talks to her, and then waits til he gets off the phone to start pouring his heart out alone. He doesn’t really know if he wants to keep skating so why would he cry to his mom who is only gonna say something like “you’ll do better next time”. When the issue is that he’s putting everything he’s got into skating and it’s still not good enough to where everyone else is at. How everyone else is doing is insanely important and I’ll explain more when I get closer to episode 7. Yuri has a lot of emotional and mental hurdles to get over and the reason why he can’t get over some of them is because he does not have someone he can fully feel safe with to bring all of his personal problems too. While family is normally a safety net when it comes to certain situations they can’t really help him since they were never skaters (it would have been mentioned already if one of them were) so they can’t relate to him in this moment so Yuri doesn’t feel confident in telling even his mom about what he’s feeling right now because there isn’t much she could do about it. 

Now his relationship with Victor

This is what many people are watching this show for and I can’t blame them I’ve never seen such a heart to heart relationship with an actual plot like this in an anime before. 

What we quickly learn from Yuri based on his relationship with Victor is that he’s not that open and has a little bit of a trust issue and gets extremely anxious at times and is not that familiar with much physical intimacy. This is what leads down the road of all of the funny stuff Victor wants to do with him and ask him so that he can get a real feel for who Yuri is and what he’s about. And for a while Yuri was rejecting it because he literally had put this man on a pedestal all of his childhood and into his adult life. It was a dream of Yuri’s to be on the same level as Victor and here he was showing this side of himself that Yuri is not familiar with since Yuri only got to see him as a celebrity. But at the same time he wants to be able to see Victor as an equal which is why back in December he did not try to to talk to Victor when Victor was talking to him because he was afraid of Victor seeing how flawed he was and didn’t want to be seen as weak or below Victor or as a fan since his real end goal is to be as good as Victor and even better. Yuri’s auto pilot tells him to avoid the situation until it is assessed and he can come to terms with it. 

  My favorite thing about their relationship is that Yuri admired Victor. And since his dream was to become as good as Victor his first test was to prove that he was good enough for Victor or in other words that he is able to not quiet be on the same level but to a place that Victor can actually help him. After wining against Yurio which makes sure Victor stays and coaches him he of course has his doubts. Victor isn’t just staying because of Yuri he’s staying because that was a deal of the skate off with Yurio so he’s still unsure of his relationship with Victor. 

This scene was the most honest piece of communication that I’ve ever seen. Most shows, books, entertainment etc. use miscommunication as a plot in relationships and while there is always gonna be some miscommunication in any relationship this moment in yoi truly shows us the realistic side to their relationship in an honest way. Victor wants to know who he needs to be to Yuri so that he is able to flourish with Victor as his coach. And Yuri answers in the most straightforward answer which is just be you. And in any relationship this is what is healthy and normal is to not expect someone to be what you think they should be but to allow them to be who they actually are. This conversation hits home for any relationship romantic or platonic. And for Yuri and Victor this is one huge step to getting on equal levels. Yuri didn’t need someone who was going to force themselves and their ideas onto him he needs someone who will meet half way once he’s grown enough to get there. 

Up until episode 7 we see a lot of Yuri trying to prove that Victor is worth his time. After defeating Yurio he proves to Victor that he’s worth it but now he has to prove it to everyone else. This is so majorly important for Yuri because he lacked so much self confidence but through proving to everyone time and time again that he’s worth not only does it give him the drive to do well but it gives him the self confidence that he needs. And what’s even better is that Victor doesn’t need to constantly tell him to be confident he lets Yuri find it himself which is super healthy because finding self confidence in another person puts you kinda weirdly in debt to them. 

Now to skip, hop, and jump to episode 7 boy did some major stuff happen in this episode. 

So we’ve already established that Yuri is anxiety prone. But like he said there is a lot riding on him to do well this time around. And he alone cannot combat all of the negative thoughts that are going through him at the time. Victor, being a new coach has almost no clue how to handle Yuri which lead to his reckless last resort attempt to motivate him which was kinda tough love. But that did not fly well for Yuri. 

Now Yuri’s cried before as I stated but he doesn’t do in front of other people. This was proof that his relationship is strong enough and that Yuri feels safe enough to show this vulnerable side of himself to Victor and actually argue with him. If you haven’t noticed before Yuri isn’t that confrontational. He doesn’t even try to explain why he was so anxious or what Victor could do to help because he is used to dealing with his anxiety on his own. But when Victor pushed him he snaps because it was the exact opposite of what Yuri needed to hear from Victor.  Yuri already knows all of the negative things that could be said if he doesn’t do well so why would Victor add to the negativity? Oh it’s because Victor is very new at this so I need to give him so pointers on how to deal with your bae with low self esteem.  Now this scene is great because of how raw the feelings are from Yuri with the ugly crying, voice cracking, squeaky breathing, and yelling (kudos to those animators cuz when he starts crying it was like I was watching someone actually cry. Almost every time I’ve seen someone cry over emotional stuff they freeze up and tears just start rolling) but we get to see one of the final steps to an actual relationship between these two because 

1. Yuri finally is able to bring Victor on an equal playing ground as him. He says it clear as day. I need you to stand by me. Not be below me to hold me up not above me to carry me up to you because we’re here on equal terms already and I need you to be beside me. Yuri knows Victor will stay but he needs him to be the voice in his ear telling him he can do it because the weight is too much for Yuri alone. 

2. This is the first time we hear Yuri telling Victor what to do. Victor is more experienced in a lot of things and relationships too but apparently he doesn’t know how to deal with this level of anxiety that Yuri is experiencing. Yuri wants Victor to stop just observing him because he’s laid almost his entire self out for Victor to see and he should have realized that Yuri needs him to go lighten the load on Yuri’s back. This is an enormous step to them being seen as equals because now it’s not just Yuri realizing stuff he’s helping Victor realize stuff too. We’ve finally gotten to the point that Yuri has reached half way and now he needs Victor to fulfill his promise and grow as person too to meet him half way. 

And Victor finally gets it. Yuri has been living up to his expectation and is now surpassing them. Victor has been being surprised by how strong and talented Yuri is and now he’s finally going up to bat with Yuri and trying to prove himself to Yuri. 

Both people have to prove themselves to the other person, prove their love, their loyalty, their faithfulness, and that’s the only way a healthy relationship can be made is by both people making that effort. This is why their relationship is so stirring because we are so used to seeing one sided relationships where only one person is pursing the other and proving themselves to the other over and over again and it’s so refreshing to see some legit honest conversations about feelings and a healthy relationship in anime. 

I am sorry to the universe because this was hellaciously long and I’ve never done an analysis on shows before but I had too many feelings and I need to write about them.

The fairy of buttons

Our Rogue (who plays a small 16 year old human girl, and manipulative little mongrel) was in a small country inn and had sneaked up to try and pick pocket a drunk at one of the tables.

He proceeds to roll a nat 1 at slight of hand.

Me (the DM): You find a piece of moldy bread in his pocket and the man wakes up to stare blearily at you.

Rogue (IC) :Uhh….Hullo. I’m a fairy. 

(He rolls 18 on deception.)

Drunk (DM): Oh! Okay. I will keep your secret.

Rogue (OOC) :I push his head back onto the table, and tell him to go back to sleep.

DM: He’s now asleep.

Rogue (OOC): I try and pickpocket him again.

(Rolls a 14)

Dm: You find a few coppers and some buttons. The drunks shirt is a few buttons short and you assume they fell off. You done yet?

Rogue (OOC): ….Can i try and sew them back on his shirt?

(A few minutes while we discus this. The group decides he has to pass a slight of hand throw and a deception throw. The first to sew the buttons on and next not to get caught by anyone in the bar.)

He rolls a 17 on the deception, and then a nat 20 on the slight of hand.

After a few seconds of stunned silence I say,

Me (OOC): Congratulations. You have just successfully sewed the buttons you found in the drunk man’s pockets back on his shirt while he was asleep in the bar without anyone in the bar noticing.

Rogue (OOC): I wanted to make sure he believed I was a fairy when he woke up.

  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I'll go to bed after I finish this chapter
  • Ravenclaw: *finishes chapter*
  • Ravenclaw: Well, it's still early I can read one more
  • Ravenclaw: *reads the rest of the book*
  • Ravenclaw: *checks the clock*
  • Ravenclaw: Shit.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, there is no point in going to sleep now
  • Ravenclaw: *pulls out another book*
me as a parent
  • Son: Dad, I cant sleep
  • Me: Don't worry son, I'll sing you a lullaby
  • Me: Now listen closely.
  • Me: Here's a little lesson, in trickery. This is going down in history. If you wanna be a villain number one, you have to chase a superhero on the run. Just follow my moves, and sneak around. Be careful not to make a sound. Shhh. NO DONT TOUCH THAT! We are number one. We are number one. We are number one. Now look at this net that I just found. When I say go, get ready to throw. And Go! THROW IT AT HIM NOT ME! Ugh, lets try something else. Now watch and learn, here's the deal. He'll slip and slide on this banana peel. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? We are number one. We are number one. We are number one. We are number one.


So once again my creative juices went wild and now I have another dark skinned male sim…Someone take my game away from me.

Scared Omega Headcanons

-If an Omega is scared they will wrap up in a blanket and either tuck themselves up in their nests or drag a bunch of blankets under their bed and hide out there

-An Alpha convincing their Omega to play a scary video game and getting really excited when they know a jump scare is coming because the Omega literally shrieks and almost falls right out of their chair every time

-An Omega walking home from their Alpha’s house at dusk and after a few minutes they hear someone running up behind them and they tense up right before they take off sprinting. As they run their panic starts rising because the person behind them keeps getting closer…and then the Omega trips. They curl up on the ground gasping for breath and so terrified, and then someone drops down next to them and wraps them up in their arms and the Omega startles when their Alpha is suddenly crooning and scenting them and the Alpha’s heart is racing from the thrill of chasing an Omega. The Omega is so relieved that they start crying and sputtering out a “what the hell was that?!” and the Alpha sheepishly hands the Omega a sweatshirt, “you left this at my house and it’s cold out and I thought I could run and catch up to you but then you ran and I couldn’t help chasing you…and yeah” and the Omega wants to yell at the Alpha but they are too busy trying to breathe

-A pregnant Omega going through a phase of constantly being afraid to go outside because they think something bad will happen that could harm the babies, so they stay in the nest where they feel safe

-An Omega’s Alpha getting really into Halloween and convincing their mate to listen to old ghost stories. The Omega reluctantly agrees and pretends to not be at all effected by the stories but later on when they are trying to sleep they keep startling because they think they hear footsteps or stairs creaking and finally the scent of their distress wakes their Alpha who just sleepily rolls over and tucks the Omega firmly under their body, resisting the urge to tease their mate as the Omega finally drifts off to sleep

-An Omega hearing about people dressing as clowns and chasing people around local parks and they become so incredibly paranoid that their Alpha thinks it would be really funny to leave a clown nose on the Omega’s doorstep one night before ringing the doorbell and running off…the hysterical crying on the phone at 2 AM wasn’t very funny and neither was the enraged screaming once the Alpha explained their prank

-An Omega waking up to a weird noise and then shaking their Alpha awake because it sounds like someone screaming outside the window and the Omega is really scared so the Alpha checks and then laughs because the “screaming” was just an angry cat, the Omega is relieved but pouting about being laughed at

-Omegas are most afraid when they think something is wrong with their mate or child

-If an Omega mother is scared they will tuck their children into a nest with them because it reassures them that everyone is safe

-A lot of Omegas low key disliking the Halloween season because everybody thinks Omegas are easily frightened so they always end up being targets for pranks and scares

Translation: Kollektivet (The Flat Chat) - at 20:40 - 11.12

Who took my frozen pizza?

Not me.

It was me, had to fix some food.
I’ll transfer money, Linn. Sorry.

Okay, how’s Even?

How is Even doing?
Linn, you owe me a cold coke with ice.

Better, I think. Or, it seemed like it was going better earlier. I don’t fucking know. He’s sleeping right now. But I was texting with Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s down. So, yeah. But he did eat half a pizza. So that’s good. 

Huh, I don’t owe you a coke? From when?

Ohh <3 Isak. To think that there’s so much care in that grumpy, little teenaged body of yours.


It’s just a saying, Linn.

But what are you guys doing tomorrow during the day? I’ve fucked up my 10% and have to go to school. But I don’t want Even to be here alone.

I’m home until 14:00 pm tomorrow, when do you finish school?


I’ll get home around one, so I can take over when Eskild leaves.


I can put together a week schedule. Report wishes and needs Linni and Nori, and I’ll add it in. Noora, you have Excel on your computer? 

It’s not certain he’ll stay the whole week, though..

Why doesn’t he wanna go home?

He might go home, but is it okay with you guys if he wants to stay here?

Yes, where there’s room there’s hearts.


Where there’s home there’s hearts.

Home is where the heart is.

Thank you

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