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NCT127 Reaction to Their Mother Showing Their S/O Their Baby Photos.

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TAEIL: Taeil would try his best to avoid the situation in the first place. As soon as he saw his mom handing over his baby album to you, he’d intercept the photos and take the book. Once his mom was able to successfully show you his photos, he’d be very silent and flustered, unable to speak properly due to embarrassment.

JOHNNY: He would talk over everything, trying to take away some of your focus off the book. As his mom tried to explain a picture or as you tried to make a comment about one, he’d just talk over you. “No.No.Stop.That’s enough.We’re good.Stop now.Please.No.Ohmygod.” Eventually, he’d start to block your view of the album with his hands/body.

TAEYONG: Taeyong would actually enjoy looking back at some of his photos, embarrassing or not, remembering times, when life wasn’t stressful. He’d try to explain what was happening in each picture and talk about them with his mom, as they explained to you. “Oh! This was on that one family vacation took. Wow. I don’t even remember going!”

YUTA: I feel like Yuta would also like to look back at his photos and even make fun of them with you. But once the dreaded “baby’s first bath” pictures come out, he’s putting the album away. “Alright. That’s enough embarrassment for one evening.”

DOYOUNG: I could see Doyoung having mixed reactions to this. He wouldn’t exactly mind but he might not want to look at them, due to embarrassment. He’d sit next to you you while his mom sat on your other side as she was showing you pictures, with a strong shade of red on his face. If you ever burst out laughing at something, he’d lean his entire body over yours to get a glance at the album and figure out what his mom was showing you. “What?What?What?” (Did that even make sense? sorry if not)

JAEHYUN: He’d sort of be like Yuta, in a way. He’d enjoy looking back at some things, but he’s quickly turn the page in the album if he spotted something super super embarrassing.

WINWIN: He wouldn’t even be able to stand in the same room. (flustered baby omg) After all of his failed attempts of stopping his mom, he’d escape to the bathroom or kitchen, pacing around, too avoid to come back out.

MARK: He’d try to justify everything his mom showed you, finding excuses, etc. “I wasn’t crying because I was afraid of Mickey. My fish died that morning and I was still upset.” “Okay so I might’ve struggled back then but I know how to wear my clothes properly now!!” “My head wasn’t actually stuck in the bucket, I was just posing cause I thought it’s be funny.”

HAECHAN: Haechan would find something to brag about in every picture. Every picture. He’d laugh along with you guys and overall have a fun time with you and his mom. “Don’t I look cute there? I’m so cute. I still am. Wow.”

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Ash: "Yo, Misty.“

Misty: "Yes?”

Ash: "Look, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior at dinner the other night. I was just kidding around, but I took it a little too far.“

Misty: "That’s okay.”

Ash: "I just had one question, though. I hope it’s not too personal or anything.“

Misty: "What is it?”

Ash: "Well—have you always been this stuck-up, or did it take, like, years of practice?“

Misty: "You’re calling ME stuck-up? YOU’RE the one that’s stuck-up!”

Ash: "ME?!“

Misty: "That’s right, walking around frontin’ like you’re all that!”

Ash: "Oh, ‘scuse—oh excuse me, Miss Madame, but YOU are the one frontin’ like you’re all that, when in actuality you’re about—“ (*holds two fingers very close together*) ”—that mucha that. You’re so stuck up that your fingers gotta make an appointment to scratch your damn head.“

Misty: ”… Your mama.“

Ash: "My mama? Oh, what about my mama?!”

Misty: "Yo mama’s so fat they showed her a picture of her feet and she couldn’t identify ‘em.“

Ash: "Okay, you know what? Yo mama’s so dumb, she went to the movies, it said 'Under 17 not admitted’, so she went home and got sixteen of her friends.”

Misty: "All right. I shouldn’t be talking about your mama. I feel sorry for your mama, having such an ugly child.“

Ash: "Say WHAT?!”

Misty: "You’re so ugly she tied a porkchop around your neck just so the growlithe would play with you!“

Ash: "Oh, well, you’re so ugly your mama had to feed you with a slingshot!”

Misty: "YOU’RE so ugly that ain’t a fade on your head, it’s your hair running away from your face!“

Ash: "Oh really? Well, you know what, you’re so ugly—look, no, this is a good one—you are SO UGLY that if you … damn, baby, you’re so fine …”

Misty: (*smirks*)

I guess it was the wrong kind of film…

FINALLY I MADE A BIT OF MYSTERY SKULLS FAN ART. I really only wanted to have an excuse to draw the crew in silly poses but then surprise surprise it got kind of sad. :Y This little doodle comic has been on my mind for a while and i’m glad i finally drew it out!

(bonus points if you can figure out the prompts the booth gave them for poses.)

FIClet: gifsets will ruin your life if you let them

(aka: here, have some hypothetical 3b crapshit completely inspired by this gifset by @half-in-love-with.)

In the end, what gets Emma to stop calling them all delusional cult freaks are the photos Regina has in her wallet (still, always, forever).  Infant Henry and toddler Henry and just-turned-six Henry and nine-and-a-half Henry, and every time wrapped up in her arms or draping his whole small body over hers with love and trust that can’t be posed or Photoshopped.

She told them it would take photographic proof.  Imbecilic heroes, trusting in blind faith as if they’d never met Emma Swan before.

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