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for the cliche prompt thingys: late night swimming

-Bodhi and Cassian are swimmers from rival high schools

-Bodhi goes to the snooty private school and, whilst he’s never the fastest swimmer, is very consistent and always performs well

-Cassian is the fastest on his team, sometimes winning races by several body lengths. he is terrible at teamwork, however, and the relay team never does well when he’s there, despite him being the strongest swimmer

-they see each other all the time at meets and galas and barely talk other than to trade insults

-one time at a meet Bodhi sees Cassian get into a fight with his coach. he doesn’t understand much Spanish but it’s clear that Cassian is cursing the coach as he storms out. Bodhi can see his crestfallen expression and his teammates’ unwillingness to follow him into the changing rooms.

-Bodhi follows him.

-he finds Cassian, slumped in the corner of a bench in the empty room, eyes welling with tears that he wipes away with the heel of his palm when he sees Bodhi enter

-Bodhi sits beside him and offers a tentative smile, asking what happened

-‘coach kicked me off the relay team’ he explains

-Bodhi offers to help him before he’s even thought about what he said

-Cassian looks at the sweet boy’s face and reluctantly agrees

-the next week they meet just outside the gate of Bodhi’s posh school at 10.30pm and sneak into the pool area

-the facilities are amazing and Cassian is in awe of them; although not as much as he is in awe of the adorable swimmer in the water beside him

-it becomes a regular occurrence; sneaking into the pool at dark and staying until well past midnight

-Bodhi helps Cassian improve on relay skills and teamwork and in exchange Cassian pushes him to go faster than he ever has before

-they sometimes still mock each other and fight in the water and Bodhi is acutely aware of the slippery contact of their skin

-in the dark, the pool lights illuminate Cassian’s face and accentuate his strong jaw and attractive smile

-one day Cassian is acting unusually smug, practically giddy with something unknown to Bodhi. when he asks, just as they are getting out of the pool to head to the changing rooms Cassian grins and says ‘coach offered me back my spot on the relay team’

-Bodhi kisses him with joy and Cassian kisses back and it’s damp and tastes of chlorine and yet is still so sweet and unreal

-'why didn’t you tell me right away?’ Bodhi complains

-'because I thought that maybe once you knew then you wouldn’t want to swim with me any more’

-Bodhi rolls his eyes and shoves Cassian into the pool. of course he still wants to swim with him. Cassian surfaces spluttering and giggling with happiness.

We Are Okay review

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Short blurb: Marin hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind. No one knows the truth about those final weeks. Not even her best friend, Mabel. But months later and thousands of miles away, at college in New York, Mabel is coming to visit, and Marin will be forced to face everything that’s been left unsaid and finally confront the loneliness that has made a home in her heart.

I think the reason I put this one off for so long, despite being so interested in the cover and the prospect of a quick read, was because I knew before I even read the blurb that it was going to wreck me. I was crying by the end. Yeah, I tend to tear up a bit if a story gets sad, but this wasn’t tearing up. This was tears rolling out under my sunglasses, nose dripping, sniffling into my book.

What the fuck, Nina LaCour. It was a sunny day at the beach for God’s sake, and I was bawling my eyes out.

So what’s this book about? Grief, hope, romances cut short, friendships cut short, lives cut short. Secrets kept and discovered and broken open. So much familial love.

The story takes place along two lines: older Marin, alone in her dorm room over winter break, facing down the friend she left behind when she disappeared from her old life in California following her grandfather’s death. But also younger Marin, in flashbacks to the aforementioned former life, living her carefree life with her loving but slightly distant grandfather and best friend/eventual girlfriend Mabel. As the two story lines converge on each other to give us the complete picture of why Marin is who and where she is now, the reader and Mabel are led to a heartbreaking discovery about Marin’s past.

So of course it’s a slow book. It’s introspective and painful, alternately quiet and overwhelming. I loved Marin’s character arc, the bittersweetness of the healing she’s searching for throughout the book in awkward, halting progress. I loved Mabel’s fierce love and hurt and determination and her family’s importance to the story. I loved the duality of Marin’s grandfather’s characterization and the slow buildup to the idea that their relationship’s perfect habits hid deeper problems. I loved how even brief character appearances added an extra something to the story that I could really feel. I just really loved everything.


By Roo @validdan and Milo @demiboydaniel / @sexgodphil

Description: Growing up is hard; growing up as an angsty gay wizard is harder.

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut, so much plot, friends to enemies to friends to lovers

Content Warnings: Bullying, f slur, speech impediments, belittling of speech impediments, accidental omo, underage sexual content, anxiety, love potions, cursing

Chapter One: 3.6k

Phil’s tiny form was weighed down by his trunk and a cage holding a tiny, fuzzy black kitten with amber eyes. He was small, even for an eleven year old, and he had messy black hair that stuck up all over his head and large, inquisitive eyes behind chunky, thick-framed square glasses that made his pale face look even more wan.

He hugged his mum Katherine tightly as the train whistle sounded, indicating that it would be pulling out in five minutes. He wet his chapped lips as she ushered him onto the train, murmuring a constant stream of reassurance interspersed with reminders to write. He nodded mutely, too anxious to talk, and gave her a little wave before setting off down the train looking for a compartment.

Dan tapped his foot, a bit anxious but mostly just feeling awkward and uncomfortable. He puffed his cheeks full of air, holding it like that. Did this girl ever shut up? He had gotten stuck in a compartment with a first year like him named Cat, with mousy brown hair and an inability to contain her excitement, apparently, and he didn’t ask for this. She clearly didn’t know how to take a hint.

As she babbled on about how she was going to decorate her bed and where she got her kitten and what not, Dan’s eyes roamed to the compartment door. Through the glass he spotted a nervous looking boy with black hair and striking features. He grinned. They locked eyes, and Dan raised his eyebrows, rolling his and motioning at the girl who was sitting far too close to him.

Phil took a moment to understand the boy’s predicament but when he did he opened the compartment door and stepped inside, giving the girl a rather pointed look and seeing her pout, looking disappointed. He sat down on the boy’s other side, looking him over. He had straight, overlong chestnut hair–the kind that Katherine would have said needed to be introduced to a pair of scissors–and caramel eyes that danced merrily.

“Hi,” Phil said rather awkwardly, glancing between the two and stifling a laugh at how obviously put out the girl was.

Dan had to hold back a snort. “Hello.” He glanced at Cat, and back at him. “I, er… sorry, I know I said I’d sit with you…” he trailed off, trying to think of something else to say, hoping the boy would catch on and help him out.

Phil nodded, understanding. “Yeah, who’s this?” He asked quietly, looking at Cat again.

She was worrying her lip between her teeth and she stood up abruptly. “Sorry, I’ll um… I’ll go,” she mumbled, tucking her hair behind her ear and flouncing out.

Dan burst into laughter as soon as the door slid shut behind her, his dimples popping out against his rosy cheeks. “That was brilliant,” he got out when he felt like he could speak again. He brushed his hair out of his face, smiling at the boy, eyes twinkling. “I’m Daniel… but please don’t call me that. That’s just what mum told me to introduce myself as…” He realized he was rambling and bit his lip, holding out his hand for the other boy to shake. “You are?”

Phil huffed a little laugh, running his hand through his hair in an effort to smooth it and only making it stick up even more. “Phil,” he replied, taking Dan’s hand and squeezing gently before he withdrew. He pushed his glasses up his sharp nose only to have them immediately slide back down.

Dan flashed him another grin. “You’re first year, right? Me too. I suppose I’m excited… more nervous, though. What house do you think you’ll get? What house do you want…?” Dan coughed, blushing darkly at the fact he had started rambling again. “Sorry…”

“I don’t really have a preference, honestly,” Phil said with a shrug. “I kind of want Ravenclaw but I don’t know if I’m smart enough.” He sighed a bit and shut his eyes as the train started moving, his heart already aching with homesickness. “What about you?” He asked after a moment, realising he hadn’t asked.

Dan chewed on his lip, shrugging. His whole family was Slytherin, but he didn’t exactly know what he wanted… “I don’t know. I like to think I’m brave… but I’m probably not.” He shrugged again, glancing at Phil’s face. He didn’t want to say he was most likely a Slytherin… he didn’t want to admit it to himself or Phil.

Phil nodded thoughtfully. “I think all the houses have good and bad in them,” he replied after a moment. He winced when he lisped a bit on the word houses and hoped Dan hadn’t noticed. He usually avoided words with ’s’ sounds in them but Dan’s rambling was rubbing off on him, making him want to talk.

Dan nodded, searching his face. “Yeah… I suppose.” He had noticed the lisp but chose not to comment. He didn’t want to mess up his first possible friendship. “What animal do you have?”

Phil’s face lit up and he opened the cage, letting the little kitten step out. She stretched out her long limbs, yawning, and Phil scooped her up, setting her in his lap.

“Her name is Ash,” he said, fondly scratching behind her ears. He’d found her near the end of July, tiny and malnourished with a docked tail, in the streets and he’d bottle fed her til she regained her strength and was old enough to eat hard food.

Dan’s eyes widened and his grin did too. He leaned over a bit to look at her, his hand going out but pausing, hovering over her. “Can I pet her…?” He met Phil’s eyes.

Phil nodded, almost automatically saying ‘of course’ before he realised that would make him lisp rather impressively. “Definitely,” he confirmed.

Dan pressed his lips together, still smiling, and gently patted her head. Ash let out a tiny squeak, and Dan laughed. “She’s adorable…” He gently stroked her small little body. “I wanted a cat, but my parents only let me get an owl, but it’s alright. I love her just as much.”

He motioned towards his own round cage, a large eagle owl sitting inside, blinking at them with black eyes. She tilted her head, and lifted her wing to scratch behind it with her beak. “Her name’s Abi.”

Phil was rather awed by her, and he pointed out, “well, it’s pretty cool that she can deliver letters. I-I found Ash when she was really sm–little, and I raised her from a kitten.”

“That’s so sweet…” Dan pursed his lips. “I bought Abi. Mum would never let me bring home an animal from the street…” he realized that sounded prissy and quickly backtracked. “I mean, that’s not odd or anything-! It’s nice, she just… she doesn’t like dirt and she thinks diseases are everywhere…”

Phil scooped Ash up and placed her on his chest, hunching a bit so she had a flatter surface to curl up, right over his heart. “Ash isn’t diseased,” he mumbled, feeling mildly defensive of her. “She’s perfect. And I got her shots and everything.”

Dan frowned, confused. “Shots…?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah like… vaccinations?” Phil said with a wince as he tripped over the word and lisped noticeably. “They keep her from getting ill,” he explained.

Dan nodded slowly, still frowning. “I’ve always just done that with magic. Or just bought an animal who was already healthy…” He blushed. “Not that I’m judging.”

“Yeah…” Phil mumbled, focusing more on Ash than Dan. “So your parents are both magical then?” He asked curiously after a few minutes of comfortable silence, glancing over.

Dan nodded, leaning back in his seat, his hands resting on the back of his neck. “Yes. So is… everyone else in my family. We’ve always married pure.” He blushed even more at how that sounded. “I mean… I have n-nothing against muggles or…” he trailed off, gnawing on his lip. “What about you…?”

“My mum’s a muggle, dad was a wizard but… he left before I was born so…” He’d been over it for a long time; he didn’t feel any connection to his father so it didn’t hurt that he’d abandoned him–or at least, that’s what he told himself.

Dan nodded, licking his lips. How was he supposed to respond to that without seeming too insensitive or pitying…? He stared at his hands. “Do you think you’ll make friends easily?” He glanced out the window at the passing scenery, and the rain that was now pelting the glass.

Phil laughed softly and shook his head, his hair falling over his face before he pushed it back carelessly. “No, people don’t usually like me,” he said honestly. “I’m too weird.”

Dan pursed his lips, one side of his lips quirking up. “I don’t think you’re weird,” he mumbled. He offered him a smile. “And… I’ll be your friend.”

Phil beamed, face lighting up, his eyes sparkling behind his glasses. “You w-will?” He asked, hardly daring to hope, not even noticing his stutter.

Dan smile widened. “Yeah! Why not?” He pushed his hair back, and held his pinkie out tentatively. “Wanna make a promise…? That we’ll talk, no matter what house we get?”

Phil interlocked their fingers, still smiling gratefully. “Promise,” he said softly, bouncing slightly in his seat from excitement. “Maybe we’ll get the same house!” He added, grinning.

Dan beamed back. “I hope so. Then I wouldn’t feel so alone… it’d be less scary.”

Phil nodded solemnly. “We’ll stick together.” He fell asleep shortly after that, the gentle rocking of the train lulling him, and he subconsciously pressed a bit closer to Dan, his head leaning on his shoulder.

Dan smiled, glancing down at him. He was grateful to have a friend, he felt like he could relax a bit now. He brushed some of Phil’s dark hair out of his eyes, and let his head fall back against the seat and his breathing slow as he dozed off as well.

Phil blinked awake when the train lurched to a stop, yawning and carefully placing Ash back into her cage, where she promptly curled up and fell asleep again. “Dan?” Phil gently poked his arm and smiled when he started to wake up too. “We’re here.”

Dan nodded and yawned, stretching his arms above his head. “Okay.” He turned to Abi, mumbling some encouragement as a sort of pep-talk, half for himself and half to hopefully make Phil laugh. “We can do this, girl. Keep it together.”

Phil giggled softly, picking up Ash’s cage. A girl a few years older than them with blond curly hair tipped in pink poked her head into the compartment. Phil noticed a shiny badge with an embossed ‘P’ on her chest. “You boys can leave your things on the train, they’ll be brought in and put in your rooms when you’re sorted. She looked pointedly to where Phil was clutching Ash’s cage and said in a gentle but firm tone, “that includes pets. Come on, first years onto the boats.”

Dan squeezed Phil’s arm as a sort of reassurance when his head drooped because he had to give up Ash. “It’s alright. She’ll be safe.” He gave Abi a good scratch behind the ear before pausing in the doorway, waiting for Phil. When he didn’t move, Dan tugged at his sleeve. “Come on.”

Phil blushed and nodded, following Dan, hesitating before grabbing his hand so he wouldn’t lose him in the crowd. They approached an enormous wizard, at least twice the height of even the oldest students which meant Phil barely came up to his knees and Dan only reached about mid thigh. Phil looked up at him in wide-eyed astonishment as he yelled over the crowd, “firs’ years follow me.”

Dan squeezed his hand, giggling, noticing his surprise. “He’s big,” he whispered, leaning closer. He pinched Phil’s side teasingly. “And you’re really small.”

Phil pouted before he realised Dan was joking and tried to push away the rather nettled feeling. “Shut up,” he mumbled, bumping their shoulders together firmly.

Dan laughed again. “Alright.” He flicked some hair out of Phil’s eyes as they approached the boats that would take them across the glassy surface of the lake. There were already two boys sitting on the wooden bench, one with curly hair and one with shaggy and straight. One of them seemed to be teasing the other in a loud voice. “I can’t believe you fell! It was two steps, mate, get your shit together!”

Dan stepped into the boat and Phil followed more timidly, holding onto Dan’s hand tightly for fear he’d lose his balance–he was very clumsy and didn’t want to be subject to the same merciless teasing the curly-haired boy was enduring.

The two boys looked up as they sat down. The first one, the one who had been heckling the other, beamed, holding his hand out. “Hi! I’m Chris and I’m a Slytherin.” Dan shook his hand slowly, a bit startled by his loud and open manner.

Phil was surprised and curious. “How do you know you’re a…” Phil broke off, trying desperately to think of a way to phrase it without lisping. “We haven’t been put into our houses yet.”

Chris’s grin only got wider. “I don’t have to be sorted to know,” he explained matter-of-factly. He pointed at the other boy. “This is PJ. He doesn’t talk much.” PJ waved.

Phil smiled, immediately taking a liking to PJ. “I’m Phil,” he replied, adjusting his rather oversized robes, his mother’s words echoing in his head–'you’ll grow into them’. Well, maybe he would, but as it was they dragged on the ground and hung on him loosely.

PJ smiled, reaching out to shake his hand. Dan noticed Chris looking at them warily, and snorted to himself, covering his mouth with his hand. Chris glared at him.

Phil squeezed his hand warmly and gasped when the boats started suddenly gliding forward as if they were one entity, drawn irresistibly toward the castle.

Dan giggled when he heard the sharp intake of breath, but didn’t say anything. He stared across the water at the school, glowing with lights from the windows, nerves and excitement bubbling in his stomach until it was a semi-pleasant blur.

Phil grabbed Dan’s hand again, biting his lip and rocking subtly back and forth to soothe himself. About ten minutes later the boats all bumped up against the shore and students started stepping out, showing every range of emotion from excited to petrified. As soon as Phil stepped onto the shore he was jerked back by a tall, dark-haired girl stepping on his robes.

He immediately felt more anxious and he saw mud on the hem of them. Hagrid saw what had happened and made his way over, grabbing the neck of Phil’s robes and lifting him as if he weighed no more than a kitten. “Come on, lad,” he muttered gruffly, toting him inside.

Dan followed after quickly, not wanting to lose him, trying not to snicker at the sight. He was soon distracted, however, as they approached the huge castle.

Phil glared at Dan when he heard a burst of laughter and was relieved when Hagrid set him down in the entryway. An imposing woman stood before them with glasses perched on the end of her nose and her greying hair tucked back into a tight bun.

“First year students follow me,” she called, and spun on her heel, walking briskly down one of the large echoing corridors and to a heavy oak door, opening it and ushering them all into a small chamber to prepare for the ceremony. She explained the sorting briefly, and then placed them into alphabetical order by last name; Phil was pleased when he ended up beside PJ.

Then McGonagall led them out into the enormous Great Hall, in front of hundreds of other students. The sorting hat sat on a small wooden stool in front of the staff table under the flickering light of a thousand floating candles.

Dan played with his fingers nervously as names started being called. He realized he would be the first one sorted out of him and Phil, Chris, and PJ, and tensed even more. He glanced at Phil even though he was far away, but the boy wasn’t looking at him. He took a shaky breath as he awaited the inevitable.

He flinched when his name was called (a bit extra when they called him Daniel), and stepped up to the stool, sitting down carefully, his hands shaking. He clenched his jaw; he didn’t have a way to deal with stress other than panicking and rambling. He tried to block everything out, and the only thing on his mind was getting the same house as Phil, whatever Phil got. “Slytherin!”

Phil bit his lip when he heard where Dan was sorted; he’d never really considered Slytherin, but now he was hoping he’d get Slytherin too. He didn’t want to end up alone. Chris also ended up in Slytherin and then Phil was walking up to the stool on trembling legs. He heard a ripple of jeers run through the crowd at his size and his cheeks flushed brightly.

He sat down and the hat deliberated for a few moments before calling out, “Hufflepuff!” His heart sank and he took off the hat, setting it back down and walking to the table. He saw the blond girl from the train smiling at him and sat beside her. She gave him a quick hug before turning her attention back to the sorting.

Phil was praying PJ would end up in Hufflepuff so at least he’d have one friend, but the hat had barely touched his frizzing ringlets before it shouted, “Gryffindor!”

Dan smiled when Chris sat next to him, giving him a high five, but his heart was still resting in his stomach. He remembered the promise he had made with Phil, and it cheered him up a bit; at least, he remembered it now.

Phil felt very small and frightened and out of place. He missed his muggle friends and his old school and now he felt kind of hopeless about making new friends because people rarely sought him out to spend time with him, and it was hard for him to initiate conversations so he was worried he wouldn’t meet anyone. McGonagall gave a short speech and then the plates filled with food all up and down the long tables; Phil didn’t really feel hungry though.

Dan was too nervous to eat, so he sat on his hands, rocking back and forth a bit. Chris nudged him. “Why aren’t you eating?” He asked, leaning a little too close for Dan’s liking.

Dan bit his lip. “I’m not really hungry.“ Some other boy who had been listening in frowned, joining in.

"You should eat. It’ll make you feel better.” Dan doubted that but nodded reluctantly, taking a tiny bite of some bread, just so they would stop pestering him and no one would think he was weird or different.

Phil refused to eat even when the blond girl, who he learned was named Louise, encouraged him to. She nodded understandingly, giving him another quick squeeze. “It’s gonna be okay,” she promised sympathetically. “I know it’s hard, but you’ll make friends.”

Phil smiled gratefully. She was very touchy-feely but Phil oddly didn’t mind; he usually couldn’t abide physical touch, but she was sweet and smelled like peaches. By the time dinner ended and the headmistress gave another speech he was sleepy and ready to fall into bed. Louise was a prefect and she stood and called in a much louder voice, “first years follow me!”

She led them out and down a set of stone stairs and a long hall lit with torches at intervals. They passed an elaborate still life painting of a fruit bowl and to a large pile of enormous barrels. Louise explained that they had to tap a particular one to the rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff and demonstrated, the barrel opening up to reveal a round passage.

They followed her in and reached a cozy round chamber with several large windows situated near the high ceiling. Louise explained that this was the common room, and Phil felt a rush of happiness at seeing all the various potted plants set on every flat surface. She pointed out the round doors that led to the boys’ and girls’ dormitories and then seated herself beside one of the little fireplaces around the large round room.

Phil decided to bypass the socialisation of the evening and instead just went to his dormitory, finding another first year already there. He had short brown hair and neat features, accented by bright blue-green eyes, and he was almost as short and scrawny as Phil. He smiled brightly and said in a heavy Irish accent, “hi. I’m Sean.”

Phil returned the smile rather shyly. “Phil.”

When Dan got to his own room (after going through the rather bleak common room that was slightly aglow with soft green light), Chris threw a pillow at him. Dan tried to glare at him, but it was halfhearted.

“What’s wrong?” Chris asked him, walking over to sit on Dan’s bed even though he had definitely not said he could.

“Just… tired.” It was mostly true; but he was also anxious and sad and scared.

“Is it about that other kid? The Hufflepuff?” Dan blinked, surprised that he had seen through him.


Chris fell back on the bed, shrugging and resting on his arms. “Don’t worry about it. You’ll make plenty of friends anyways.” The boy’s eyes twinkled. “You’ll get over him in an instant.”




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I will not start actually creating until my work year is over on 26th November,  but will be responding to IMs and asks in relation to commissions beforehand.  Be sure to check out my samples blog as I’ll continue to update it with new psds and such,  but please do not contact me on there,  but my main HERE.  Payments via paypal.  Hit me up !! 

Abigail   xoxo

“ smile “

even when you think you can’t. 

@heavenfell-au @huntertale-au @survitale-au

(okay serious note: 

obviously the squad isn’t feeling quite well. 

The Queen has been really sick and the King, pretty down. 
Sweetheart had a really bad nightmare and though I haven’t been doing enough to cheer her up, hopefully this does, because I got a shoulder injury again. And yeah it was my fault I fell wrong in training and dislocated the bone, again. 

But whether it be physical, mental or emotional pain, we still feel it.

And yet, they bare this pain, and are strong enough not to burden others with it, not saying that they are. 

But I admire them nonetheless. 

Here, I’m whining like a child about this small injury and there they’re trying to overcome these hardships and trials in life. It’s not something I should be whining about. 

But back to my main point.

I love you guys so much, @heavenfell-au, @huntertale-au, and @survitale-au.

You guys deserve lots of kindness and hugs and smoochies from all of us, and are three of the kindest, strongest, most determined souls I’ve ever come to know in my life.

And despite everything, the pain didn’t quite change you guys.

Despite everything, it’s still you.

And I want to keep being there for you three, not really because I owe you guys anything. More like because you loved and accepted me for who I was and tbh I’m not as cute as I seem to be around here~ 

and I’d suplex any pain that was bothering you if i could..

So just remember, all of us, the six chicks, the children, G, Hope, Rose, your cats and bunnies, and followers, friends, family.

We’re all here for you.

*TACKLE HUGS but very very gently*

Ily guys a lot, so take care of yourselves for me,

‘Cause someone here really cares about you. )

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Hi. I came here, turned the Anonyme button on, took some time on my free time just because i wanted to let you know something important...: i've seen ur art and your fic and I think u're absolutely fantastic!! Your work is AWESOME. It takes courage to post something that u made, to share with people u don't even know, something that you've been working on for quite a time. Thank u, a million times. -> THAT is how u make the world a better place. That is a proper comment. We love u Aby!

okay, this is getting out of hand, don’t make me cry now! I don’t even know what to say to this and how in the world I deserve this kindness. just… thank you, also thank you for putting up with my work! and whoever you are: I love you too! 

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To anyone in the IT fandom!!

Hey y'all!! If you’re apart of the IT fandom and would like to be apart of a gc, we’re looking for two more members!! Please message me if you’re interested!


- Have to be willing to download ‘Bubble’ , it’s a group messaging app we use!!

- Be active!!

- This is NOT a roleplay. We simply only call each other by the nicknames we choose (In this case, we’re looking for a Richie and Eddie of the group. Once again, this is NOT a roleplay.)

- We do NOT sexualize the kids or the clown; we joke around a lot but it’s about each other, never the kids/characters.

- We love and cherish Abi okay?? (Don’t ask about this, you’ll understand if you’re apart of the chat.)

the curse of abi: a thrilling saga

vytas: nobody likes abi she’s an easy target

shirin: abi im sorry i left you alone please help me

peih gee: abi is such a bitch i hate her let’s vote her out please

jeff: abi i miss you we need to work together

woo: im sorry i wrote your name down twice i feel like we have a bond now

stephen: vote joe out tonight okay?

joe: abi is the most threatening person here she’ll coast to the end vote her out

Too soon?

Taylor paced back and forth across the living room in her Nashville apartment. Every so often she would look out the window at the spring blossoms starting to cover the trees. She was waiting for her best friend Abigail to get there. They were meeting this afternoon anyways, but not until 4pm when Abi could get off work. Taylor had been pacing for about an hour, ever since she was writing in meetings and appointments in her diary and noticed it had been way more than a month since she had last put a little purple dot sticker which she used to mark when she got her period. Since then she had been going through everything that was flying around her mind, trying to stop herself from panicking and calling her mom or asking Abi to come earlier. They were both very busy and didn’t need her worrying them…. Right?

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The Nogitsune Scratch // Teen Wolf

Chapter 1 ~ Revenge Spiral

~Teen Wolf Fanfiction Series~
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Word Count: 645
U N E D I T E D 
Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf/ this image or any of their characters which is sad because I really want a Stiles.

The clammy hand that tightly wrapped around my throat dragged me down towards the floor with ease almost as if he was merely tossing away a ragdoll. I fell with a loud thud but unusually I didn’t feel anything from the impact. “IM A THOUSAND YEARS OLD YOU CAN’T KILL ME!” A voice I knew too well boomed before an excruciating pain cut through the back of my left shoulder.

I sat up in the pitch blackness, my skin and tank-top drenched in cold sweat and the only thing I could hear was the loud pounding of my heart and my erratic, heavy breathing. Swiftly I dragged my moist hand against the back of my left shoulder blade. Nothing there. Again.

I pushed the covers off my sweating body and stood up slowly, my legs still shaking from the most realistic nightmare I’ve ever experienced; the only problem is that I’ve been experiencing it for the past month! Every night without fail I would have that same nightmare and wake up terrified like it was the first time I’ve ever had it.  

I switched on the blinding white light of my bathroom and turned on the shower. I looked down at my phone which I happened to leave on the bathroom counter and switched it on, 4:34a.m. I sighed and stripped myself of my now wet tank-top, black night shorts and my underwear.

I took a step into the open shower to be greeted with the cold yet relieving droplets of water.

Just as my hair became completely wet and my nerves completely calm I heard my ringtone echo through the unusual looking bathroom. I reached over and wiped my hand with my towel then I looked over to the name that lit up phone. Scott was calling.

I answered the call and put him on speaker, then returning to cooling my body
“Hey Abi, I wasn’t sure you were awake but now you are I need h- wait. Why are you showering at four in the morning?” I chuckled.

“I was really warm. Why are you phoning me at four in the morning?”
“Oh yeah, I just remembered that we have math homework due in today and no one else is awake, and I need serious help”

“Okay then, read out the questions” I said as I turned up the heat of the water

.   .   .

I’ve spent the past half hour explaining every trigonometry question to Scott, I listened to him scribble down the answers on the paper and I took this time to take a proper shower.
“Okay then you-“
“Abi, put me off speaker” Scott’s tone suddenly went serious and despite my confusion I dried one of my hands and picked the phone up to my ear.

“What’s wrong?”
“Is anyone at home?” he questioned.

“Not that I know of why?”
“Get out of your bathroom now!” I heard him get out of his chair. I laughed and turned off the shower.
“Stop trying to scare me Scott it’s not going to work” I rolled my eyes playfully as I grabbed my towel and wrapped it round my wet body.

“Abi I’m serious” he said in a monotone voice, before I could answer him back he started talking again.
“I can hear someone else’s heartbeat in your bathroom” I froze, a cold chill briefly washing over me.
Slowly I turned around to a foggy bathroom.

“There’s someone in your bathroom. I can still hear it” he repeated through the phone making goose bumps form all over my arms and a few on the side of my face.

My eyes fell on the fogged mirror. I gasped loudly,
“Abi? Abigail what’s wrong?” I suddenly lost all ability to talk, the only thing I could do was stare.

Stare at the revenge spiral drawn in the condensed fog of the bathroom mirror.

Chapter 2 
Its gets better don’t worry XD