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@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

So, um…. I made a full version of Dan’s ‘terrible Eurovision song contest thing’ from Phil’s new anime cosplay video. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I have no idea. It’s a little bit out of time in some places because Windows Movie Maker is a bitch, but I’m proud of it. Click ‘keep reading’ for lyrics~

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Okay so I need to make a post of my own because I’m too young to vote but it’s important to me

Third party voting does not work. Fundamentally, the system is flawed.
This is because of the electoral college
For those who don’t remember government or never took it, here’s a basic summary of how the electoral college works:

Each state has a certain amount of representatives, based on population. Arizona has 11, California has 55, Texas has 38, etc.
The representatives are supposed to vote for the candidate based on the popular vote of their state (this isn’t always the case, since the system is backwards, corrupt, and needs to be abolished, but that’s beside the point).

Arizona is a red-leaning swing state. Let’s say there’s a high millennial turn out and it swings democrat in popular vote. The representatives should vote majority democrat. And they do! Great! 7 of the 11 vote Hillary, 4 vote Trump. Because of majority rule, all 11 of the votes will be in favor for Hillary.

Hillary will need 270 out of the 538 votes in order to win.

So why doesn’t this work?

First of all, it’ll be damn near impossible to get the representatives to vote 3rd party, especially with Johnson and Stein only polling at 5 and 2 percent. But let’s say, hey, Nevada, a democratic state with 6 votes, manages to swing for Gary Johnson. All 6 votes go towards him instead of Hillary.

But at only 5 percent, Johnson will never get enough electoral college votes to win. It’s not “whoever gets the most votes wins!” It’s “whoever gets 270 votes wins.” He will have to get HALF of the votes in order to win. That’s impossible. And in such a neck and neck race, do we really want to risk taking votes away from her?

“I’ll write in Bernie!” No, Bernie told you not to do this. Listen, you are literally throwing your vote away. And I know you get sick of hearing that, but READ THIS. They will treat your write-in vote of Bernie in the same way they would treat a write-in vote of Donald Duck. They will throw it away. Trash it. They won’t see it and think “hmmmm they really like Bernie maybe we should reconsider” the system will just delete it. Even if, somehow, 60 percent of the population votes Bernie, he COULD NOT WIN. LEGALLY. Listen, I was a Bernie supporter too, let him go.

“I want to vote with my conscience.” Yeah, I get it. You hate both of them. But my conscience is telling me to keep trump out of office.
And if voting Stein or Johnson is your way of voting with your conscience, watch this video https://youtu.be/k3O01EfM5fU
Because just because they aren’t Trump or Hillary, it doesn’t mean they’re so great either.

And I know choosing between “the lesser of two evils” sucks, I really do. But listen, would you rather have a watered-down version of Bernie, or the fucking anti-Bernie? Would you rather have someone who is a white feminist or an openly sexist racist xenophobe? Someone who has experience vs someone who has NONE?

If you care about any of the marginalized groups who WILL be hurt with a Trump presidency, please don’t let him get into office. If you think BLM, if you think women should have reproductive rights, DON’T LET HIM WIN.

Finally, let’s say neither Trump nor Clinton get enough votes because of 3rd party voters. Once again, it’s not who gets the most votes, it’s who gets 270. The House of Representatives then chooses based on who got the most votes. And let me tell you, there are very few republican people swaying on trump, mostly due to towing the party line, but there are a LOT of unsure left millennials. If enough people vote 3rd party to sway the election like that, I’m going to bet Hillary won’t be the one winning.

Please, GO VOTE. Do not waste your shot at doing something good.

Band Class
  • Today in Band Class!
  • *class starts*
  • Tuba: *dicking around*
  • French Horn: Tuba! *turns around* Trombone!
  • Trombone: *emptying spit into flute case* What?
  • Everyone except percussion: SHUT UP FLUTE
  • Percussion: Lol ikr
  • Everyone else: AHHHHHH TUBA DROPPED IT
  • Clarinet: Goddammit Tuba.
  • Euphonium: Tuba, you okay?
  • Bassoon: Fuck *raises hand* BD, I don't know where my stand is.
  • Bari Sax: Horn, do you know where my ligature is?
  • French Horn: Check Flute's case
  • Trumpet: *plays as loudly as possible*
  • Clarinet: *dies*
  • Bass Clarinet: TRUMPET STOP IT
  • Tenor Sax: Bass Clarinet, I need a reed.
  • Bass Clarinet: Fuck you
  • Band Director: Hey guys, let's play scales.
  • Tuba: Are you alive, big guy? *whispers prayer* I swear, this is the last time I ever drop you--IT'S NOT DENTED WOOOHOO
  • Band Director: Hey guys, let's play scales!
  • Clarinet: Bad reed, bad reed, bad reed, ooh okay reed, bad reed, decent reed!
  • Saxophones: BD, none of us have our straps.
  • French Horn: *sigh* Check Trombone's case.
  • Band Director: HEY GUYS LET'S PLAY SCALES!
  • Brass Section minus Horn: *erupts into a rousing round of Humpty Dumpty*
  • Clarinet: *joins Brass*
  • Flute: Eww Brass. Ewww Clarinet.
  • Band Director: *transforms into fire-breathing dragon* EVERYONE PLAY CONCERT D-FLAT MAJOR SCALE NOW
  • Everyone: *plays scale*
  • Oboe: *sob* I broke my reed

ok one thing that needs to stop is people commenting on max’s pictures of him and katt saying stuff like “lol no max is mine” or like “that’s your girlfriend? i thought that was your ugly little sister” because that kind of stuff is so rude and so mean!!!! max is in a really happy relationship with her and she seems like a really sweet girl and it’s just so disrespectful to say stuff like that!!!! even if she totally sucked (which she doesn’t) that wouldn’t be okay because it’s his relationship and his business and just please don’t be mean in the comments 

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I'm late to the irl Yuri train but my bank teller's name is Yuri and before yoi I was like "ah, that's a cute name". And now, I need to stop myself from giggling everytime i need to go drop off my paycheck lol. Ironically enough, the branch manager's name is Victor

Okay, now I need to read a bank teller/branch manager AU!!

Can you imagine if they were dating irl omg

Owari no Suffering
  • Me: Okay time to sleep!
  • *five minutes on the bed*
  • Brain: Reminder that Yuu-chan is alone without friend and crying for four whole year.
  • Me: Not now brain, I need to slee---
  • Brain: Reminder that Mika's distrust of humanity is his trauma after he seen little child get experimented.
  • Me: Whoa whoa stop right---
  • Brain: Reminder that Shinoa only want to prove everyone that she worth something.
  • Brain: Reminder that Guren fucked the world just for few more years of being with his friends.
  • Brain: Reminder that all Krul want is to meet with his brother again.
  • Brain: Reminder that Asura sacrifice himself for 1000 years of being separated from his family, living in confinement all alone and his memories is lost, so he don't even remember---

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Hi. Can I get one of RFA+V&Saeran convincing MC to stop procrastinating and do their homework?

As someone who’s currently procrastinating and not working on that research paper I should definitely be working on…I’ll write this, lol.

I’m a terrible procrastinator (which is why I tend to disappear for a few days every once in a while because I need to make up what I procrastinate on)

I hope these are okay. Saeran’s and V’s feel a bit weird, I was pretty tired when I wrote them. 

Yoosung: He is beyond gifted when it comes to procrastination and can find basically anyway to avoid the work that he probably should be doing, so none of MC’s excuses for putting off the essay get past him.

“I’m just going to take a shower first. Then I’ll get started.” They assured him.

Yoosung rolled his eyes, pulling on MC’s hand. “You still haven’t started even though we’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes.” He pointed out and MC looked away. “It’s due in two days right?”

MC hesitated, looking at him. “I’ve done essays in less time.”

“And it’s almost killed you, hasn’t it?” He demanded. “You get it done, but you don’t sleep and spend the entire time panicking about what would happen if you didn’t get it done. It doesn’t have to be that way if we get even a little bit done tonight and I’m willing to help you.”

MC bit their lip, looking at Yoosung’s eager expression. He wanted to help them, the desperation was evident in his expression. He wanted to motivate MC like he always said they motivated him.

“So first I need a thesis.”

Jaehee: “It’s not going to get any easier to write the more time goes on. It’s just going to give you even less time to edit it and make it better.”

“But I don’t know what I’m going to write it on Jaehee!” They whined.

“You’re not going to know anymore than you already do now. It’s only going to hurt you to push this off MC.”

“But I’ve honestly tried to write it and I can’t. I don’t know what I want to say let alone how to compose it properly.”

“Then just talk to me. Say what you want to say in your paper. You don’t have a to write a single word, just talk.” Jaehee stood up. “Let’s go into the kitchen. I can make us some coffee and you can start talking. I can help you get your thoughts out on paper after that.”

MC nodded gratefully and took Jaehee’s hand to follow her into the kitchen.

“Once you have the paper done you can either stop or you can keep making it better, and that’s your choice because you’ll have it done. Just save yourself the panic of not having anything done the night before.”

Jumin: “There is no way this is going to go well.” He said, looking over the three paragraphs that MC had typed on their computer. The three paragraphs that it had taken them nearly an hour and a half to write seeing as they kept getting distracted.

I’m cold.

I’m just going to get something to drink.

Elizabeth 3rd looked lonely.  

“I’ve started it.” They said gesturing towards the computer.

“It’s a good start.”

“I can write the rest later, I normally don’t get this far before the night before things are due anyway.”

“You need to sleep.” He commented, seemingly out of the blue. He did that a lot, saying seemingly random things, only to hesitate and back them up a few moments later. “If you leave this paper to the night before it’s due than you’re going to have to rush to do the whole thing and you’re going to panic and won’t sleep.”


“You’ll thank me for this later on, please just hear me out and do this.”

Zen: “Love me Zen,” They murmured, wrapping their arms tightly around him and burying their face in his shoulder, humming happily as he ran his fingers aimlessly through their hair.

“How much did you get done?” He asked, glancing back down at the script in his lap that he was currently try and failing to memorise.

“I don’t think very much.” They sighed. “I stared at that book, but couldn’t take anything in. The moment I looked away I couldn’t remember a single thing. I think I just need to meet with someone who understands what’s going on in that class better than I do.”

“It’s not really a matter of understanding though, you know that. You just memorise what’s written down and then you write it down in a few days during the test.”

“I’m not very good at memorising.”  

“You have plenty of time. You don’t have to be good at memorising anything, you just have to repeat it over and over again and learn it until you can repeat it without the book.” Zen hesitated. ”If you start now it won’t be too bad MC, but you can’t put this off. You can not memorise this all in one night.

“You just told me that you’re not good at memorising. If you were good at memorising than maybe you could but you just told me you weren’t.”

“I just want to stay here with you.” They mumbled.

“You can then. I’ll help you study this, you don’t have to learn all this on your own. I wasn’t ever very good at school, but my brother was and he used to help me study all the time, and besides, I’ve gotten pretty good at memorising things pretty quickly what with all the scripts.”  


“So will you let me help you?”

“Let me get my book.” they pouted, reluctantly pulling away from him and standing up.

707: “It’s not like it’s really that hard, is it?” He asked as MC glanced away from their laptop, grateful for any distraction from their work. “You just learn the answers, go to class and the teacher passes out the paper and you write down the answers.”

“You really are a genius aren’t you?” MC asked in a faintly disbelieving tone.

He shrugged, laughing softly.

“Then how is it that you really don’t get it?” They asked with an overly dramatic sigh. “It’s not that easy for everyone else. We normal people don’t know the answers immediately upon seeing the question. We don’t memorise the fact the first time the teacher mentions it.”

Seven frowned slightly.

“It takes hours and hours of studying and we still normally don’t get perfect scores.”

“Then why are you putting it off to the last moment?” Seven asked, seemingly genuinely curious as to why they’d do something like that despite his own habit for procrastination.

“For the exact same reason you put off your work to play games with Yoosung or to make a robotic cat, because I don’t want to do it now.”

“If you want I’ll help you study it,” he offered, holding out his hand. “That might at least help make it more fun.”

“I was just going to do it later,” They mumbled, their argument seeming weak almost immediately. He didn’t even have to say a single word for them to give in.”

V: “I believe in you.” He murmured, his chin resting gently against the top of MC’s head. “I’m begging you, please don’t put this off MC.”

“I have no inspiration to do…anything on this project and nobody in my group has done anything yet. We have to come up with a plan before I or anyone involved can actually do anything.”

V laughed, pulling away. It was clear that he didn’t believe a single word of theirs, but he didn’t seem upset, just slightly disbelieving. 

“You could take initiative.” He suggested, “Get started and that way you know things will be done instead of panicking the night before it’s due when it turns out that nobody’s done anything even then.”

“But we’re a group, we’re supposed to do equal parts of the work.” They mumbled, knowing that they’d already lost this argument. 

“Just because you’re supposed to doesn’t mean that everyone will. You should at least get something started so that they have something to base their work off of. And you if you have to do the entire thing on your own later on, at least you have something started.” He frowned slightly, “I’m not saying not to have faith in your group. That’s not what I meant, I’m just saying that procrastinating on this isn’t going to help anyone.” 

Saeran: He knew that this would happen, mainly for the reason that, every time MC had been assigned any kind of school work since he met them they’d find some way to push it off to the last minute while making their excuses seem rather logical. 

“I have to finish this assignment first,” Was a common excuse of theirs, in reference to yet another thing they had procrastinated on, often followed by insisting that they hadn’t slept in a week which he knew to be a false statement though he never said anything. 

“I need to do some more research before I get started.” They said, a pathetic excuse to put off the work. 

It was a terrible idea to procrastinate by using the excuse of other work that you actually had to do. 

He rolled his eyes, muttering something under his breath that MC couldn’t quite make out followed by, “I can help with the research.” He spoke quickly, almost as if he were embarrassed or terribly afraid of somehow saying the wrong thing. “I mean, only if you want me to…” He added hurriedly. 

Maybe MC didn’t want his help. 

“Could you?” They asked, eyes widening. “I’m having trouble finding any decent resources, I keep feeling like I don’t have enough information to get started.” 

He gave them a small, rare smile, pleased that MC accepted his help. 

Not only did they accept his help, they were happy. They wanted his help, were excited to get it. Nobody had ever, as far back as Saeran could remember, been happy that he offered to help them. At worst he was a pain, at best it was what was expected of him, but the thought of MC wanting him to help make his face feel warm.

He was valuable to her.

She wanted his help. 

“I used to do a lot of research before,” He hesitated, not entirely wanting to talk about the past. Not now at least. “I was pretty good at it and I’d like to help you if I could.” 

He barely stopped himself from screaming slightly as MC pulled him into a tight hug, burying their face in his shoulder. He’d immediately tensed at the contact, but MC didn’t let go. He was grateful for that. 

Flinching away from touch from anyone was second nature to him, but now that he’d realised that it was MC and that she didn’t mean him any harm he managed to relax a bit and actually found the contact to be nice. 

“We should probably get started,” He mumbled, not entirely wanting this moment to end. 

SHINee Reaction: You Send Them Nudes *CRACK*

- i didn’t take this seriously lol. i’ll get kara to re-do this when she’s better. i’m not even adding this to the master list


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*him acting as tho he didn’t just see what he just saw*
JH: Onew? You okay?
ON: So naked… o_o
JH: whut


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he’s honestly done with you


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*aggresively stuffs food in mouth to stop from screaming*


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I DON’T KNOW OKAY *ugly sobbing*

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what really makes me upset is how jb said "have you changed" and "do i have to watch out" to yj and kept basically making no homo jokes and how a lot of igot7s are trying to defend his actions :/// theyre just brushing it off and its scary lol

okay, so, i was trying to stay quiet and stop answering asks about this whole situation but i think that i need to take this out of my chest. first of all, i love jaebum and i would never erase all the great things he did and continue to do on his daily basis, he’s a great leader and he brings much joy to my life. however, he’s a human and, breaking news, humans can fuck up – and i don’t say this to defend him, in fact, i say this so the people that were defending him can realize that it’s okay to acknowledge that some of his comments were a bit too much and affected negatively a whole community, which, btw, i make part of. 

after all, what really made me disgusted in this entire mess was the fact that people, before some koreans announced that those subs were mistranslated, tried to shut down the people offended by those comments, blaming on everything else but jaebum himself. homophobia is universal and it’s a big, tremendous issue. i was born in a conservative environment and yet, i got to grow up and educate myself about minorities and other things that my family wouldn’t talk about or tell me that it’s bad. jaebum travelled a lot, he met a bunch of people, he uses internet, plus it’s 2016 not 1916 so let’s, for once, not blame this on his culture (i mean, youngjae, who, as far as i know, was also born and raised in the same country, was right there and he didn’t have the same behaviour as jaebum). on the other hand, jaebum always had this necessity to keep his “chic and sexy” & manly image, which i don’t think it’s healthy for him, justly because it can lead him to be awkward and say stupid shit like these when it’s really not that deep. 

i hope jaebum educates himself and be careful with his words next time, because i watched the entire episode and, even after the mistranslation explanation, some of his comments continue to be unnecessary and suspicious. now, about the people bringing his anger issues past, which btw he has been working on for years and getting each day better, calling him ‘abusive’ (or doing these really stupid got6 jokes), they are just taking this too far; yes, jaebum fucked up this time, but this doesn’t give you the right to send death threats to someone you don’t know nor make assumptions like “he’s probably abusive to his members”. wtf is wrong with you.

lastly (and this is not only about jb): 

  1. call someone out =/= attack
  2. stan someone =/= defend
  3. send hate =/= educate

a) you can still love and support a person, even after they did something problematic.

b) if someone is offended about something problematic your fave did or said, stay quiet, listen to them and try to understand. don’t tell them to shut up nor how to feel. 

c) acknowledge that what your fave did was wrong and live with that. 

d) please, don’t send me more questions about this, three pimples popped on my forehead while i was typing this essay.

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"Help, my wife is my phone background and my phone keeps running out of battery bc I can’t stop turning it on to look at her" <- lol imagine Grantaire

okay but. he would tho?? 

Joly wonders why R always needs to borrow his phone charger around like 1 pm every day, until one morning Joly sees him take out his phone and stare at it, put it away, and take it out again 30 seconds later. He sees his background and suddenly it All Makes Sense

BTS Star Wars: The Taehyung Menace

Jimin: Jungkookie, wanna come to the studio with me?
Jungkook: yeah, sure
Taehyung: what about our game?
Jungkook: we can finish playing it later
Taehyung: but I wanna play it now
Jungkook: but Jimin-hyung needs me at the studio
Taehyung: he asked if you wanted to come, that’s all
Jungkook: well, I want to
Taehyung: so you’re leaving me for Jiminnie

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Oh my... okay Idk how to feel about myself rn. I always told myself I would never ever get a school teacher crush. Mainly cuz all the teachers at my school are like... weird and old. But my math teacher is in his 30s and he's kinda cute not gonna lie. He's not hot... just.. cute. But in like a dad way lmao. Idk his smile and jokes are actually the cutest thing ever omg I need to stop. Ik nothing will ever happen and I'll get over it but still. I need comport rn.

weird and old LOL i can’t say i know what you’re going through because i never had a crush on a teacher but I’ve friends who have so I can understand a bit of what that’s like :) I imagine that’s normal. and as you’ve said, nothing will happen. It’s just a crush and with time it’ll go away <3 just enjoy the ride and try to not rush it, it’ll give you some fun memories for when you’re older lol  

Okay so @dashtumbles totally convinced me (read: told me to stop being a pussy, but in nicer dash-terms :> ) to finally make this little thing public, which is my commissions page. :D

As of now, REQUESTS ARE CLOSED - Palettes are still open, because I love doing them, but anything else and I’ma need the food monies first. #FeedAzzy2k16

Any questions/you’re interested, bump me a pm/fanmail/ask/etc. My stomach thanks you! :D

UPDATE: http://ninjazure.tumblr.com/post/153303929272/updated-commissions-sheet-well-that-only-took NEW COMMISSION DEETS

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What's the most annoying thing your roommate has done lol

well well well where do i start, i’m just going to make a general list and bold the most annoying

Originally posted by scarecroe

First, when I moved in I was there for a solid four hours unpacking before she came out and said hello

she didn’t bring anything moving in so about 90% of the stuff is mine. 

For the first two weeks she would play her awful ass R&B music all the fucking time until like 2am until I told her she needed to stop. 

She also then thought it was okay to have her friends over washing their hair in our bathroom sink at 2am the night before I had a midterm and I’m trying to study in my room. She then still wouldn't kick them out after I told them I was going to bed. Also her friends are just as annoying as her and they all talk like drunk white girls 24/7

She is incredibly loud at night and for the longest time she would let her door slam. Oh did I mention she stays up ALL night. (I mean it I actually don’t know when she sleeps anymore because she’s up at 5am every night but up most of the time when i’m home. ) So this would happen all night. One time she was doing this shit and it woke me up and then I was so overtired I went to my midterm with 0 sleep. Pretty sure that’s why I failed it too because I was so messed up and tired that day. 

I’ve talked to her now on FIVE separate times like as a serious thing on all these this stuff like, not making yourself food at 5am or making popcorn at 3am. Or letting your door slam, also quite hours which she still fails to follow. But yet she still finds something new to do, so now at night I just yell at her from my room and tell her to shut up. Also her friends will knock at our door at 11am after St. Patty’s day when I’m hung af for a solid 5mins. ALSO SHE IS JUST SUPER LOUD i have never met a person so loud and inconsiderate. Also this bitch took my brownie and also once finished off my milk and stuck it back in the fridge empty. Also SHE BROKE MY POT LID AND LEFT THE GLASS ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND LEFT IT FOR ME TO PICK UP. 

I know you asked for the most annoying thing and the simple answer is her i have more but i’m tired and hate her.