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@koitoshi asked for Kenma and Kuroo wearing glasses and i was like siGN ME UP

Band Class
  • Today in Band Class!
  • *class starts*
  • Tuba: *dicking around*
  • French Horn: Tuba! *turns around* Trombone!
  • Trombone: *emptying spit into flute case* What?
  • Everyone except percussion: SHUT UP FLUTE
  • Percussion: Lol ikr
  • Everyone else: AHHHHHH TUBA DROPPED IT
  • Clarinet: Goddammit Tuba.
  • Euphonium: Tuba, you okay?
  • Bassoon: Fuck *raises hand* BD, I don't know where my stand is.
  • Bari Sax: Horn, do you know where my ligature is?
  • French Horn: Check Flute's case
  • Trumpet: *plays as loudly as possible*
  • Clarinet: *dies*
  • Bass Clarinet: TRUMPET STOP IT
  • Tenor Sax: Bass Clarinet, I need a reed.
  • Bass Clarinet: Fuck you
  • Band Director: Hey guys, let's play scales.
  • Tuba: Are you alive, big guy? *whispers prayer* I swear, this is the last time I ever drop you--IT'S NOT DENTED WOOOHOO
  • Band Director: Hey guys, let's play scales!
  • Clarinet: Bad reed, bad reed, bad reed, ooh okay reed, bad reed, decent reed!
  • Saxophones: BD, none of us have our straps.
  • French Horn: *sigh* Check Trombone's case.
  • Band Director: HEY GUYS LET'S PLAY SCALES!
  • Brass Section minus Horn: *erupts into a rousing round of Humpty Dumpty*
  • Clarinet: *joins Brass*
  • Flute: Eww Brass. Ewww Clarinet.
  • Band Director: *transforms into fire-breathing dragon* EVERYONE PLAY CONCERT D-FLAT MAJOR SCALE NOW
  • Everyone: *plays scale*
  • Oboe: *sob* I broke my reed

But Thomas Sanders has such an amazing vocal range. Not only for singing (which is amazing) but for speech in general. He can manipulate his voice so he can sound like a 16 year old girl to someone who’s only goal in life is to take you to Valhalla from a whole lot of pleasure. Like…WOAH….I can barely prank call someone without them knowing its me!. He’s truly talented when it comes to his vocal flexibility which makes hearing him 146 times better than it already is.


Okay so I need to make a post of my own because I’m too young to vote but it’s important to me

Third party voting does not work. Fundamentally, the system is flawed.
This is because of the electoral college
For those who don’t remember government or never took it, here’s a basic summary of how the electoral college works:

Each state has a certain amount of representatives, based on population. Arizona has 11, California has 55, Texas has 38, etc.
The representatives are supposed to vote for the candidate based on the popular vote of their state (this isn’t always the case, since the system is backwards, corrupt, and needs to be abolished, but that’s beside the point).

Arizona is a red-leaning swing state. Let’s say there’s a high millennial turn out and it swings democrat in popular vote. The representatives should vote majority democrat. And they do! Great! 7 of the 11 vote Hillary, 4 vote Trump. Because of majority rule, all 11 of the votes will be in favor for Hillary.

Hillary will need 270 out of the 538 votes in order to win.

So why doesn’t this work?

First of all, it’ll be damn near impossible to get the representatives to vote 3rd party, especially with Johnson and Stein only polling at 5 and 2 percent. But let’s say, hey, Nevada, a democratic state with 6 votes, manages to swing for Gary Johnson. All 6 votes go towards him instead of Hillary.

But at only 5 percent, Johnson will never get enough electoral college votes to win. It’s not “whoever gets the most votes wins!” It’s “whoever gets 270 votes wins.” He will have to get HALF of the votes in order to win. That’s impossible. And in such a neck and neck race, do we really want to risk taking votes away from her?

“I’ll write in Bernie!” No, Bernie told you not to do this. Listen, you are literally throwing your vote away. And I know you get sick of hearing that, but READ THIS. They will treat your write-in vote of Bernie in the same way they would treat a write-in vote of Donald Duck. They will throw it away. Trash it. They won’t see it and think “hmmmm they really like Bernie maybe we should reconsider” the system will just delete it. Even if, somehow, 60 percent of the population votes Bernie, he COULD NOT WIN. LEGALLY. Listen, I was a Bernie supporter too, let him go.

“I want to vote with my conscience.” Yeah, I get it. You hate both of them. But my conscience is telling me to keep trump out of office.
And if voting Stein or Johnson is your way of voting with your conscience, watch this video https://youtu.be/k3O01EfM5fU
Because just because they aren’t Trump or Hillary, it doesn’t mean they’re so great either.

And I know choosing between “the lesser of two evils” sucks, I really do. But listen, would you rather have a watered-down version of Bernie, or the fucking anti-Bernie? Would you rather have someone who is a white feminist or an openly sexist racist xenophobe? Someone who has experience vs someone who has NONE?

If you care about any of the marginalized groups who WILL be hurt with a Trump presidency, please don’t let him get into office. If you think BLM, if you think women should have reproductive rights, DON’T LET HIM WIN.

Finally, let’s say neither Trump nor Clinton get enough votes because of 3rd party voters. Once again, it’s not who gets the most votes, it’s who gets 270. The House of Representatives then chooses based on who got the most votes. And let me tell you, there are very few republican people swaying on trump, mostly due to towing the party line, but there are a LOT of unsure left millennials. If enough people vote 3rd party to sway the election like that, I’m going to bet Hillary won’t be the one winning.

Please, GO VOTE. Do not waste your shot at doing something good.

Lexa and Clarke
  • clarke: lexa pls no
  • lexa: fine you guys can stay but we kill finn
  • *clarke killsteal
  • Lexa: *sighs* close enough
  • *grounder gets beat for not letting clarke in
  • clarke: lexa no
  • lexa: let him live
  • *raven about to get executed
  • clarke: pls no lexa
  • lexa: ok don't kill raven
  • *lexa stops grounder from killing clarke
  • lexa: attack her and you attack me
  • octavia: lol whatevs clarke ur full of shit
  • lexa: go kill octavia
  • clarke: WTF NO
  • lexa: *sighs* okay...
  • lexa: but i got you out...
  • *clexa kiss
  • *at MW front gate
  • lexa: so you wanna come to capitol after this
  • clarke: not now lexa
  • lexa: we can have more kisses
  • clarke: lexa pls not now
  • lexa: i want more kisses don't you want more kisses
  • *moments later*
  • Lincoln: wha-
  • *moments later*
  • lexa: we're leaving. sorry clarke. i made this decision with my head, not my heart.
  • clarke: pls...
  • lexa: may we meet again
  • clarke: fuck.
  • lexa:
  • lexa:
  • lexa: im sorry clarke...
  • *lexa's heart shatters into small pieces
  • lexa: clarke im so sorry
  • lexa: im so fucking sorry
  • lexa: please forgive me
  • lexa: i love you
  • lexa: i attack you and i attack me
  • lexa: i fucking hate myself
  • *lexa rolls into a ball of emotions and tears

That moment when you take pictures of your new book and you’re done but the last countdown starts and you just randomly pose and it accidently turns out quite good.  ♥

book/tv/film series summaries

doctor who: probably aliens

sherlock: probably moriarty

supernatural: john’s a dick and cas is a precious baby

hannibal: omnomnomnom eatin’ up yo’ mom

the hunger games: cool hair but stop killing us please suzanne is doing a great job at that by herself stop encouraging her

harry potter: everybody: harry no harry: harry yes

lord of the rings: everybody: gandalf no gandalf: gandalf yes

the hobbit: where the fuck did all of those dwarves come from

chronicles of narnia: aslan where u at

twilight: bella: let me die save yourselves everybody else: no we need you rosalie and leah: sure okay lol bye

game of thrones: fans: stop that sex stuff you’re related characters: #yolo

beliebers: not even once

throne of glass: if people could just stop emotionally torturing celaena that’d be great

divergent: stop being angry okay i only sort of meant to kill them

marvel: [intense eye contact] [flirtatious sarcastic comment] [stuff blows up] [a supposedly dead character strolls in]

the mortal instruments: we ship it [sudden incest] uhm [lol jk] yay we can ship it again without feeling ew [sudden different incest] sigh

merlin: and they all lived happily ever after. apart from that one character. bc fuck you. lol.

the 100: kids rule adults drool

anything johnny depp has ever been in: depp: [smirk] fans: [collective orgasm]