I want to fucking be loved. No fuck that. I want to be craved. I want you to call me at 3am just to tell me that you fucking miss me. I want to feel your kisses alongside my neck while my breathing rapidly fucking increases. But most of all, I want you. I want you, to want me. Trust me baby, we could make this soo good.
—  im fucking lonely
I would tell you to leave him, but I know you’re in too deep to do that.
So I thought I might give you some advice on how to deal with his “tendencies”.
Don’t give your opinion on anything, even if he asks for it. It will always be wrong.
Don’t suggest what he should do. He’ll ignore it and keep doing what he was doing, saying it’s still right.
His biggest weakness is being called immature.
He wants to be successful, but he can’t define it so it probably won’t come to him anytime soon.
He’ll make you stay up until 1am on school nights. You will fall asleep. So don’t forget to turn your skype off, or he will watch you.
He wants to meet his birth parents one day. I never knew how to feel about that, so maybe you will.
He forgets things a lot.
He passed his driver’s test the 4th time. He’s not particularly gifted in “common sense”.
Don’t tell him your music tastes. They’ll be wrong, no matter what they are. You’ll feel ashamed for listening to the things that keep you alive.
He’ll try to make you move to his hometown. Don’t do it.
He’ll pressure you to have sex and he’ll always talk about sex. If you don’t want to, then please, please do not.
He’ll talk and talk and never let you speak.
Ask him how his day was, and you’ll get a string of negative responses.
If you decide to skype with him, don’t expect to talk with him much. He’ll play minecraft for 3 hours then comment on how nice it is that you can both work on things and still be in the presence of each other, even when you were just waiting for a response the whole time.
He’ll want you to leave your friends and family. He’ll want you to forget them and live with him.
He’ll joke about you always making him sandwiches.
He’ll always joke.
He’ll never stop joking and you will get confused. It will become impossible to tell if he’s joking or not.
He’ll be mean to your friends.
Your friends won’t like him, but you’ll keep trying to look for the good in him.
He’ll tell you that he was raped when he was 16 then ask you to fuck.
He’ll say that he just “fooled around” with 2 other girls before you, and that it didn’t really mean anything, so he’s technically a virgin.
He’ll tell you about his future and assume that you’ll be his cheerleader on the sidelines, with no life of your own.
He’ll try to be dramatic to make you laugh, but it will scare you instead of amuse you.
He’ll assume you always know what is going on around him at all times.
He’ll tear you down, one word at a time, until your day depends on him texting you at 3:30 pm and him driving home and skyping you on his phone at the same time.
He’ll make you feel ashamed for things you didn’t even do.
He’ll wrap rubber bands around his shattered phone in hopes of getting it to charge,
He’s not responsible with his possessions.
You will become his possession.
He’ll make you laugh and then you’ll freeze up the next, going “that’s not right” but you’ll feel bad for leaving, so you won’t do it until it’s too late for you to recover.
He’ll make you feel like you are nothing, and he’ll make you feel like your only future is with him.
You will look into his bright blue eyes and see a damaged boy who turns your blue eyes darker and darker everyday until you can’t see your life without him. He won’t appreciate your accomplishments, and he won’t appreciate you.
But you’ve been with him for over a year now, so he must have figured out how to draw it out longer until they get up and leave.
I hope you’ll be the next.
—  A Letter To My Abusive Ex’s New Girlfriend

imagine blaine owning an ice cream truck and driving around the suburbs with the cute little jingly music playing and all the kids running out to get ice cream, but really they’re just as excited to always see blaine because he’s like, the best ice cream man ever, and he always wears these super cute bow ties and just beams at all of his customers and it’s magical

and then single dad kurt who is new the neighborhood takes his kid out to get ice cream one day and thinks “damn this guy is cute” and then they end up falling in love ok


For everyone who thinks it would be okay to hate our ship is ignorant and delusional. For us - especially me - Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence are a thing. Yeah. They are really good friends (i think so too, my dear)… But omg. Just stop this. For us they’re not ‘Just Friends’. For us there is no friendly hand holding or just a lapdance for friends. It’s fucking real. It seems pretty real. And we’re shipping them, because those two dorks are so crazy and lovely. They’re making me and many others in this ship really really happy. Think what you want to think, ‘Rebel’, but let US think what WE WANT to think. So stay the fuck away from us, block the Joshifer-Tag, do whatever you want, but be nice and kind and whatever you want to be. It’s your opinion and all that stuff, but please.. please… don’t tag your opinion with Josh Hutcherson or Jennifer Lawrence and especially not with Joshifer. I hope you have a good life. Bye.

PS: English isn’t my first language. I’m not sorry.