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It must have been a dream come true when Okaro sang ‘Honest Man/Team Bth’ during Team K’s Shonichi (01/11/2012). Just so you know, this is Okaro’s favourite AKB song and also the song she loops when she goes jogging. Her reason for liking the song is - “It’s very cute.” Okaro’s such a tsundere ^^

Honestly, I feel so bad for Sayaka (Akimoto) sometimes… She created Twitter way before Acchan but within a day’s time, Acchan’s followers is already way beyond Okaro’s… Just a few days ago, she was still thanking her fans for 260k followers (Last time I checked, Acchan had 280k). This is too heartbreaking. Now, I really love Acchan but Okaro, you deserve so much more ;____;