Akemashite AKB New Year’s SP - Sayaka’s Maguro Kaitai Show

Another one of Sayaka’s legendary moments in AKB48, when she performed a maguro(tuna) kaitai on a huge 250kg tuna during the Akemashite New Year’s special in 2011.

A 250 kg tuna…whoa that’s big.

Maguro no kaitai is basically tuna filleting done live for events and restaurants. But what’s challenging for Sayaka here is that this kind of job is normally done by men.

But man is it awesome how Sayaka cut through that tuna to the end and used all those knives. A job fit for the strongest in AKB.

Also I can’t help but enjoy hearing the members doing the Sayaka cheer in the back. (I can definitely hear Sae’s voice leading the cheer.)


Shukan AKB Deserted Island Survival - Super Sayaka Moments

Another one of ‘Superwoman’ Sayaka’s greatest moments. Just when our stranded members are about to starve…Super Sayaka appears to the rescue!

I love how we see Sae and the other members shouting and happily running to Sayaka.

How awesome is Sayaka? The way she spears those fish and comes out of the water out of nowhere. As expected from AKB’s superwoman.

And after Myao tries to do some fish scale fortune telling with Sayaka’s fish, Sae anxiously asks Sayaka to help with building their escape raft.

And while Sayaka helps the raft team, the other team returns to camp and thought Sayaka was another instructor when they saw her, to which Sayaka casually replies, “I’m Girl Scout Akimoto.” XD

The last scene is quite funny because even after their raft failed to carry all the members, Yuko, Miichan and Mayuyu were desperate to get off the island that they and Sayaka (who just happened to be on the raft too), hurriedly tried escaping by themselves but Yuko and Sayaka ended up falling into the water. XD

It seems they’ve forgotten they were supposed to escape altogether.


Past TV Mock Trial-ers this is the Award video 2013 if you guys are interested in nostalgia.

(also Mitch this is my youtube channel so watch my videos)

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Sayaka playing ‘Okami Den’ DS game

I originally was searching the web when I saw this post showing a pic of Sayaka playing a DS and wondered “Where did that come from?” Fortunately I stumbled upon this vid that took place in the past.

It’s quite interesting for me watching Sayaka playing a DS, which I’ve never seen her do before. The sounds and comments she makes while playing were cute and fun to hear.

Watch on weirdconcoctions.tumblr.com

It must have been a dream come true when Okaro sang ‘Honest Man/Team Bth’ during Team K’s Shonichi (01/11/2012). Just so you know, this is Okaro’s favourite AKB song and also the song she loops when she goes jogging. Her reason for liking the song is - “It’s very cute.” Okaro’s such a tsundere ^^

Honestly, I feel so bad for Sayaka (Akimoto) sometimes… She created Twitter way before Acchan but within a day’s time, Acchan’s followers is already way beyond Okaro’s… Just a few days ago, she was still thanking her fans for 260k followers (Last time I checked, Acchan had 280k). This is too heartbreaking. Now, I really love Acchan but Okaro, you deserve so much more ;____;