The National Conscience Party kicks against relocation of mile 12 market

In the press statement made available to Www.kosofepost.com by the Lagos state chairman of the party by Mr. Fatai IBU owo advised the Lagos state government not to relocate the trader to remote areas that is as thick as sambisa forest but to upgrade the market to a world standard. Adding that the psychology effect of the location to customers is not good for their wellbeing and the distance will cause Increase in cost of commodity to end users.

Below is the full press statement.

National Conscience Party
(N C P) Lagos Chapter.
The Governor of Lagos State,
His Excellency: Akinwunmi Ambode

We are the National conscience party (NCP) Lagos chapter and we are writing in our capacity as Human Right Defender under (GANI

There have been several letters to Lagos state government concerning the temporary closure of Mile 12 market. The cause of the closure was
because of the tumult that occurred in the market environ (that is in AGILITY area),We heard on the news that Lagos state governor had closed Mile 12 market temporarily and we
thought for security reasons and it will be re-open for within two to three days instead it was closed
for three weeks. As a result of the closure, all the traders in the market could not sale their goods.

Those selling perishable food stuffs were crying all around and being helpless because of the perishable nature of their goods.

The next we heard on the news regarding the temporary closure of the Mile 12 market was the relocation of the Mile 12 market to IMOTA after

This will have adverse effect on both the traders and their respective customers. Due to the fact
that the new location impose more hardship on the traders and consumers considering the
distance and amount to be spent to bring the goods closer to the last buyer. This will eventually leads to inflation in the prices of foods.

Mile 12 market has been in existence since 1976 when Iddo market was over-crowed part of Iddo market was moved to Mile 12 market.However, Mile 12 when part of the traders in Iddo were relocated to Mile 12 market, the environment was already developed. Mile 12 market has been in place before Agility. Part of Jankara market was moved to Ijaiye and part of Gorodom market was moved to Owode Onirin. All past Governors before 1999 did not
demolish the people’s market but what happen since 1999 governor regime under the same current government is the forcefully seizure of the people market by the govt creating more hardship, poverty , fear in people and sending them on the street without hope. Jankara, Yaba, Oyinbo, Mushin, Sangross and other markets in Lagos were demolished.
Whereas, what happened in Mile 12 that claimed life’s the culprit has not being brought to justice.

Democracy cannot be practice by forcefully demolishing people source of livelihood. Enough is enough for taking market from the people by

This is our country, we have nowhere to go. Mile12 traders (people) should not be send into the bush. They are Nigerians and Lagos is for

Let’s take a look at MOKOLA market in Ghana, it is in the city and is as big as mile 12 market where you can buy anything you want. All over the world, markets belong to the people.Government must be trusted by the people.

We are calling on the governor of Lagos State MR. AKINWUNMI AMBODE to reverse the relocation of mile 12 market to Imota in Ikorodu.
Traders should be allow to sell in mile 12.

We have visited the newly proposed site and it is a very remote area in Imota where the governor
of Lagos State AKINWUNMI AMBODE wanted to relocate mile 12 market trader. The place is as thick as sambisa forest, the environment is not condusive and even the construction of the IMOTA propose market cannot be finish in the
next four years. This is not so in all over the world. The duties of the government are to provide market place, security, clean the market
environment and to maintain amenities etc. from the money collected from the traders. Due to the long closure of the market by the
governor five trader had die when they counted their loses. They were going around for the market to be re-open. Only for them to sign an
agreement under duress that they will vacate the market place to a new location.

We the NCP calls for urgent reversal of the relocation of mile 12 market.

Long live Lagos State!