People thinking their opinion of me was ever relevant. I was just trying to avoid the otherkin wrath in the early days, but this little project here is pretty much completed so it doesn’t matter anymore.

Also do note that it was specifically the so-called factives that caused the change of atmosphere here. If I’m openly hating on anyone, it’s the factives, (not every single otherkin and multiple). What they’re doing is unacceptable and that’s not even up to debate.

You’re only proving what a toxic community this is by choosing to ignore the factive bastards (and all the other problematic users) and deciding to “disapprove” of me instead – for daring to point this stuff out. Go on, shun me all you want. Excommunicate me. Tar me without any actual arguments. Keep acting more and more cult-like, this is exactly what I need to prove my point.

It annoys me that the latest incarnation of okamp is more like any other similar blog than its first go-around where it just did nothing but reblog.

Like, man, on the one hand that still sucked, but on the other hand it was fascinating. Given that the only purpose of existence is to be interesting, this is a major letdown.

“[Reposting this way because I don’t want this to be rebloggable. Fuck you, okamp.]”

It’s not like I haven’t reposted asks before, yknow. Screenshotting, copypasting, etc.

I think people should start taking responsibility for their own actions and take care of their own privacy, and not leave it up to a stranger on the internet to decide whether some sensitive content of yours will be made visible or not.

susitar asked:

Why did you make this blog? Are you otherkin? Do you have strong interest for them? Looking to make fun of them? I don't really get it... I hope I don't sound rude. Also, at first, I thought "okamp" was a play on ocampa, a race from Star Trek. But I guess you're not a trekkie... :P

Can we not talk about me?

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