Due to the sudden Inkblazers shutdown, Okamirai is moved to Tapastic now. They have a snazzy reader that enables soundtracks for each chapter! :D
Okamirai 狼雷 is all on Tapastic now!! Read all up to chapter 34, and the FULL chapter 35 is going up soon!

Read it Here!! tapastic.com/series/Okamirai

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Okamirai has hit 1000 fans! Fan Art Contest!!! Blog Entry on MangaMagazine.net

Okamirai has hit 1000 fans! Fan Art Contest!!! Blog Entry on MangaMagazine.net, the Premier Online Web Manga / Comic Site

Hey Everybody!! Today Okamirai hit 1000 fans! I don’t know how I can thank all of you who have supported Okamirai for the past year and a half here on MangaMagazine, but I want you to know that it means so much to me to have such amazing fans!!!

It’s been a long and hard road to get here, I mean we’re already at chapter 22, and in the Yokai World!! And this is only the beginnning!! I hope we can continue to enjoy Okamirai together in the years to come! =]

To celebrate, I would like to announce the second fan art contest, dubbed the Okamirai Fan Art Remix!!

Click the link below to check the details!!

- See more at: http://www.mangamagazine.net/blogs/Okamirai-has-hit-1000-fans-Fan-Art-Contest/detail-page/5390#sthash.FVj00pjm.dpufhttp://www.mangamagazine.net/blogs/Okamirai-has-hit-1000-fans-Fan-Art-Contest/detail-page/5390


Check out this awesome new trailer for Premium series, Okamirai!

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So only a few more days til Fan Expo

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I will have a table with my fellow mangamagazine.net artist,
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We’ll be giving out FREE bookmarks and buttons for Okamirai and other MM series! :3 Ashikai will also have Shamrock volumes for sale and we’ll both have lots of prints, posters, commissions and ON-SITE commissions OuOb If any of you are in Toronto this week and are going to Fan Expo, drop by!!
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FULL Chapter 24 NOW ONLINE!!

Okamirai 狼雷 Manga / Comic on MangaMagazine.net, the Premier Online Web Manga / Comic Site

Chapter 24 FULL Chapter NOW online!! http://www.mangamagazine.net/manga-and-comics/Okamirai-/detail-page/119?lang=en

Name: クヤドミ ラーンス Kuyadomi Lance
Age: Appearance of 26 year old. Actual age unknown.
Birthday: December 21
Favorite Foods: Pulled Pork, Beef Udon, Sweet Dumplings, Curry.
A yokai agent from the Kirikaze district. He is the White Tiger yokai, although his exact powers have yet to be shown. Lance has a strong history with Raiju and Kuruno that has yet to be revealed.

 Finally~ I decided on this for Jin’s print, him during his Yokai-Tou training. I think I’m really starting to develop Jin as character more then ever this arc and can’t wait to get into the thick of this arc’s story!
This is also the cover for Chapter 24 which you can read here: http://www.mangamagazine.net/read-manga/Okamirai-/119/0/0?lang=en If you aren’t subscribed to Okamirai but would like to read, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr and read it all for FREE! OuOb
Who do you guys think I should do a print for next? Ryouta? Ryuuga? Graihawk? Wolf Break form Jin?