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Okamirai 狼雷 is all on Tapastic now!! Read all up to chapter 34, and the FULL chapter 35 is going up soon!

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I’ve already shared this with matsudraws somewhere else (so sorry if you see this again), but I want to share this with you guys too because this is the first time I’ve colored my drawings with mostly markers and watercolor and I’m really proud of this ^-^ Check out Okamirai on Tapastic if you’re a manga reader!

Name: クヤドミ ラーンス Kuyadomi Lance
Age: Appearance of 26 year old. Actual age unknown.
Birthday: December 21
Favorite Foods: Pulled Pork, Beef Udon, Sweet Dumplings, Curry.
A yokai agent from the Kirikaze district. He is the White Tiger yokai, although his exact powers have yet to be shown. Lance has a strong history with Raiju and Kuruno that has yet to be revealed.