okami skin

I had a need to draw Okami Hanzo and wanted to use my decorative tape ♥


I saw this Tangled Au and I couldn’t resist, thought I did make his hair white (like his okami skin) instead of black like i’ve seen.

Now for some faves:

 Because of course they reunite!! (Hanzo thought he and his parents were dead because the villain told him so)

if you want to read xD

the clothes could use some work…

That huge lovely watermark in hopes this doesn’t get stolen too badly

Hanzo should stay away from whiskey.

You can imagine them saying a lot of things so that’s why I left it blank, but my boyfriend and I both thought of something along the lines of this.

McCree: you alright there darling?
Hanzo: I killed my brother
McCree: no, honey he’s alive…
Hanzo: he’s dead!
McCree whispering: holy fuck.. no more whiskey