okami tea blends

I think the Shiranui tea will be Oriental Spice black tea (similar to chai but sort of different?) with honeybush apricot, osmanthus, and rose petals. (The rose is mostly for looks; maybe I could cornflowers for the Solar Flare colors…) Hopefully it will be pretty to look at, and not just warm and sweet but hot and strong. It’s similar to Amaterasu with the spices and osmanthus, but still distinct.

Additional milk/sugar symbolize the light tendrils? XD

Anyway, I need to make a label for it and then I can probably publish it.

I can’t decide if I should name it Shiranui or The Rising Sun.

Got an order of tea today… needed to restock on Amaterasu, got a masala chai sample for brownies (hehe), and pictured is the Sakuya blend (peach oolong, osmanthus, rose petals). It’s too late for caffeine for me, but I couldn’t get over how beautiful this tea looked and smelled (and nor could my dog). Such incredible peach smell, I think Sakuya would be proud. Osmanthus has a light peachy taste and rose adds a nice fragrance and color, so I think they’ll pair well.