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Okami Shiranui
Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Okami OST
Okami Shiranui

Shiranui (「不知火」; ‘unknown fire’) is described by the Japanese people as an equivalent to the will-o-the-wisp phenomenon. It is, in fact, and optical phenomenon which hypothesized to be the after-effect of the setting sun.”

anonymous asked:

Forgive me for asking but, why are people climbing through your window???

Well, you see…
I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere in Canada made up of about 700 dying old people, alcoholics, druggies (though most of them only do weed and not hard stuff), and about a “handful” of kids (if you can call us that now since we’re all between 17-19, also it’s more than a handful but everything else in town outnumbers us so).
In such a rural area (since the nearest city is half an hour’s drive away and they barely qualify as a city), it’s quite common for any of the following to occur, based on my 18 years of experience:

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