Chinese New Year!~

Happy Chinese New Year to our followers! May you all have a prosperous year of the monkey!

Have a picture of the Okami Brush God group all the way back from 2012!

Can you find the monkey amongst them? :P

yuki-okami asked:

Hello, your majesty! I'd like to ask, do you have any stories about young Undyne?

The first time she summoned a spear was a momentous occasion! ..She wouldn’t stop “sneak attacking” me the rest of the night, and I woke up the next morning to her slumped against my dresser drawer, asleep, with one still in hand like the little guard-to-be she was.

It was adorable!!


classes have been pretty intense lately so I couldn’t really post these guys ‘til now hahaha,,,,,,,,, 

so some little creatures and the Lorax with his doble celestial mustache brush since he has no tail and it looked cool.
Now I can finally start doing some “Bosses”  i’ve been itching to do c:<

and i need a tag for this crossover OTL