Touken Ranbu x Okami unofficial fanbook, by me (art) and sotong2 (story)

The doujin will be released this weekend, for Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur 2 (Malaysia)

As of now, I’m not planning to sell this doujin internationally yet. But if you’re interested, feel free to send me a message :)


This is a collaboration between two trashes who love Touken Ranbu and Okami very much we HAD to do a crossover. We decided to do a doujin a little differently from the conventional style. The idea is inspired by Barbara Jean Hicks and Brittney Lee’s “Frozen A Sister More Like Me” and I have to admit I was heavily influenced by Hwei’s works XD

Basically it’s about Imanotsurugi and Iwatooshi’s past with their previous masters, their life before meeting saniwa who brought them back to life. Imagine how many history books (lies, we just googled everything) we had to go through to make this work! It was fun absorbing all the knowledge-porn yet so many tears were shed for our precious swordboys ;__;

Honestly i havnt enjoyed a games bossfight/ending as much as splatoons since i played okami. Even if most levels were just levels in this game, if you look around at scenary it all looks like destroyed/ ruins of human structures. And the music in the bossfight ,especially the squid sisters half, and the credits were so damn good. So like i said havnt seen an awseome boss that also was hard like that since okami. And look at that splatoon on wiiu and okami on wii. (I have ps2 ver too and okamiden which is not as good tbh). Wait ameratsu in okami uses ink….. and there are aquatic people in it, fucking hell THAT MUSIC THO

Edit> and the bossfights were similar in style in a way and both used what you know from the game.