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Hirako! que bueno es tenerte de vuelta.. [se refiere al nuevo capitán felizmente como un camarada de siempre, después de todo, si fuera por él, las leyes serían tan suaves como su carácter] Veo que llevas un nuevo corte ^^ …Sabes? creo que sólo dejo crecer el mio..nunca he probado nada nuevo en él heh~[tomando los mechones de su flequillo y riendo ingenuamente]

Something of Value 05

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Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairing: N/A

Warnings: N/A

Summary: Tsuna just wanted to be worth something to someone. He hadn’t expected seven babies to barge into his life and make themselves comfortable. Arco!Tsuna, Arcobaleno+Tsuna bonding



Tsuna closed the door behind him, slumping to the ground. Once again there was no ‘Okaeri’ to greet him upon his return.

A small ball of hysteria bubbled in his chest. An empty house. He didn’t know if was a good thing or not, if he was relieved or so incredibly lonely. An empty house.

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Oh, and another thing, JiHan reminds me of Miki (JH) and Udou (JS) from Gosan No Heart. -Bottom!JH anon

ohhhh really ?! I havent read it yet. Im gonna check it out tonight ! <3 ahhhh

there is also one manga my friend recommend to me recently because the cover look like jihan (and their kid lol). Its called Tadaima, Okaeri  

i havent read it tho~~~~ but im gonna read it now ahaha<3

commentary game

I was tagged by no one but I found it funny anyways.

rules: you have to go through the tags of one thing you reblog often and find 15 commentary tags (i.e. ‘they are so cute’, ‘they are so precious’) 

I chose Maru, because obviously he is a thing i reblog a lot.

  1.  #i love marus outfit
  2.  #he looks so dumb im in love 
  3.  #marry me #please
  4.  #maru is so ugly im lit 
  5.  #my girlfriend looks so cute 
  6.  #someone tame him 
  7.  #i love him #so fucking much
  8.  #maru is the sunrise in human form
  9.  #yodels
  10.  #???
  11.  #oh god that looks so good on him the hair
  12.  #tf dude
  13.  #why is maru so cute #why
  14. #maru in his natural environment
  15.  #LOOK AT TINY MARUS HAPPY FACE #he still looks the same

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i may or may not be lowkey bts trash oops, my lock screen is my fav lyrics from a bts song too ahaha, also the selfie isnt my best one sorry (/w\)

i got tagged by the beautiful @hikku and i shall tag @reery-red-love @dragon-sdaughter @vessl @tadaima–okaeri @iittsbrii @samuel-vimes i cant think of anymore rn, maybe i’ll tag more later

Japanese lesson #7: Useful phrases

Long time no see

ひさしぶりです, 久しぶりです

(hisashiburi desu)

Where are you from?

しゅっしんはどこですか, 出身はどこですか

(shushin wa doko desu ka)

Im from Tokyo
(watashi wa Tokyo shushin desu)

When is your birthday

たんじょうびはいつですか, 誕生日はいつですか
(tanjobi wa itsu desu ka)

Please wait a moment
ちょっとまてください, ちょっと待てください
(choto matte kudasai)

Do you speak English

えいごをはなせますか, 英語を話せますか
(eigo o hanasemasu ka)


わかりますか, 分かりますか
(wakarimasu ka)

I understand

わかります, 分かります

I don’t understand

わかりません, 分かりません

Have a nice day
いってらっしゃい, 行ってらっしゃい

Welcome home

おかえり, お帰り

I’m home

ただいま, 只今

Let’s eat

いただきます, 戴きます

• Note: いただきます, is used before you eat anything, no matter what occasion or if you are religious.

• Note 2: Once again, these phrases are formal, so you can use them anywhere at anytime.